TPE or Thermoplastic elastomer sex dolls are complete body replicas of real-life women that, in recent years, have become quite popular with men. The body parts of these dolls, especially the head, torso, and feet, can all be played with and touched.

Men across the board love sex dolls. The best part? They’re incredibly durable and can keep up with you as much as possible! A sex doll made of TPE is a great option if you want to have a sexual partner you can always rely on whenever you’re feeling it.

Today, let us know more about WM dolls, especially how you can clean them so that they can last and satisfy your sexual cravings.

Why a WM TPE Sex Doll?

Single people often feel that they are useless. It’s just the inner shyness. You, as a potential buyer, must try many things before you know if you can be good or not. Sexually promiscuous behavior, in people of all genders, is usually caused by suppressed sexuality. Sexual repression has a detrimental impact on physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

When you express your sexuality openly and confidently, you can enjoy sexual fulfillment, deeper emotional intimacy, and physical ecstasy. Life-like silicone dolls can help women and men bridge the gap between sexual suppression and sexual liberation.

Secondly, how much sex are you having with your sex doll versus how much sex you are having with your woman? It is understandable that sometimes, due to busy schedules, women get tired and exhausted and may not be able to have sex at that time. Even men get tired and cannot rise to the occasion, so it is normal.

But, do you have sex with your sex doll twice daily and once a week with your wife? This incident means you are having your priorities twisted. Sex has gradually become a basic need, and if you give your doll more of it than you give your wife, my friend, you are cheating on her. 

WM sexual dolls consider drop shipping dolls to put them in a horrible form potentially. They have warehouses where the dolls are imported to check before they go to the waiting customers. Now let us know how you can clean your WM sex dolls

How to Clean and Take Care of a TPE Sex Doll Guide

It is essential for a potential owner, like yourself, to take good care of your WM sexual playmate. Well-cared-for sexual playmates can last for many years. Because WM dolls are popular now, let us guide you on the specifics of your life-like sexual partners.

WM sex dolls are easy to clean. However, they are porous, so although they are for sale, they cannot be sterilized. Generally, you can wash them with diluted antibacterial or mild soap and warm water or sex toy cleaners.

Avoid using bleach, rubbing alcohol, boiling water, and dishwasher as cleaning solutions.

The Clothes

1. Make sure to wash any clothing before putting them on your TPE doll.

New, unwashed clothing has dyes that can stain your doll. Ensure you wash your doll’s clothing multiple times to remove any dyes from the fabric.

Note: All clothing is different. Some clothing can still stain your doll after being washed. It is best to test it on your doll for short periods or try it on a related sample.


2. Avoid using dark-colored clothing.

Dark-colored clothing can stain your doll even after it has been washed. It is best to avoid dark-colored clothing altogether, but, if necessary, limit how long it is worn. Clothing with deep colors like solid red or blue can also potentially cause problems.

Try testing the dress on a piece of TPE or part of the doll (such as the top of the head) to see if it stains.


3. Avoid tight clothing for your WM TPE Sex Doll.

Refrain from tight clothing because it can leave indents and markings on your doll. If it is necessary, limit the amount of time it is worn.


Lubricants and the Likes

Water-based lubricant is the most recommended and safest lubricant to use for intercourse with your doll. Oil-based lubes may cause damage to the material, and you should avoid silicone lubricants altogether.

Some doll owners recommend using Vaseline and mineral oil as lubricants. Vaseline can be a good lubricant because mold and bacteria cannot grow in pure petroleum jelly. Many doll owners swear although manufacturers do not officially recommend it. Water-based lubricant is the safest lube for a TPE doll.

The Cleaning Process

TPE dolls are easy to clean but a little challenging. You can clean them with diluted antibacterial or mild soap and warm water or sex toy cleaners.

Avoid using bleach, rubbing alcohol, boiling water, and a dishwasher. Materials like alcohol, bleach, or dish soap will break your WM TPE Sex Doll.

If your doll is dirty, you can wipe with a wet microfiber cloth. If your doll has a removable vagina, take it out and clean it after each use.

For built-in vaginas, you can use a cleaning douche or a vaginal irrigator, squirt bottle, or showerhead to wash inside with soapy water and drain the water. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and fully let your doll dry afterward, especially the vaginal irrigator.


Eliminating Stains

Because TPE material is porous, it can easily get stained from colored clothing or surfaces. Most stains will eventually dissipate on their own, but  try removing stains as soon as they appear. Most doll brands offer a Stain Remover cream or solution. It’s best to order from a specific brand.

If you do not have a doll brand’s stain remover cream, there are a few homemade solutions to removing stains:

1) Massages using mineral oils can work for minor stains, and Vaseline or petroleum jelly has helped some people remove deeper stains.

2) Most sex doll enthusiasts used acne cream with benzoyl peroxide to remove stains. Let the cream sit on stained areas for a few hours, then clean it off. I have also heard of people using hydrogen peroxide toothpaste as an alternative.

Note: There have been reports that benzoyl peroxide used in acne creams can stains dolls, especially their TPE skin. However, no reports on any other brands. Remember that these are at your own risk.

As an absolute last resort, usually not recommended, desperate doll owners have succeeded with odorless painter solvents or mineral spirits at removing the toughest stains. This step is the absolute last resort because it can potentially damage your doll.

Proceed with this cleaning technique at your own risk! Apply onto the stained area with a q-tip or cotton swab, and wait a few seconds or minutes, then wipe the area with a clean q-tip or cotton swab.

The Drying Part

After cleaning your doll, you must ensure it is thoroughly dry to prevent mold formation. Pat dry your beauty using microfiber cloths or soft towels. Allow it to air dry or place a fan (do not use a hairdryer) in front of any wet cavities such as the mouth, vagina, and anus.

Many people recommend using an aquarium or electric air pump to dry orifices, which is a good idea. Because of the TPE material, more time and effort is necessary to dry it entirely. Your doll may need a couple of hours to dry thoroughly.

Some people also use tampons to dry the orifices or rolled-up paper towels (cheaper than tampons). Failure to fully dry your doll’s wet cavities can lead to mold formation and health hazards.

Tip: To avoid washing and to dry the doll, many people use reusable female condoms, which do not lead to mold growth.


Keeps and Storage

Store your doll in a cool, dry, and dark area. Try to avoid hard surfaces as they can flatten the doll, and prevent any surfaces with colors that can stain your doll. It’s best to have your doll in a neutral, straight position.

For short-term storage, lay the doll on a memory foam surface, such as the memory foam blocks that come with the doll. It is best not to leave the doll in one (1) position too long. Changing her position or moving her around every so often will prevent flattening. Take the Removable Vagina out while storing the doll.

For long-term storage: Some people remove the head and hang their doll with a hook from the manufacturer. Some doll owners stand their love doll (if it has standing feet) and lean them against a cushioned wall for storage.

Experts don’t think this is a suitable method for long-term storage because it can weaken your doll’s knee joints. However, some doll owners have had no problems storing their TPE dolls this way. It should be fine for short-term storage.

Effective Maintenance

Oil and powder your doll to extend your doll’s lifespan. However, please do this carefully and don’t overdo it. If you notice your doll is not as supple, you can apply some mineral oil. The general process is first to clean your doll and dry it. After the doll is fully dry, massage the oil, and then  powder the beauty with cornstarch or baby powder. Depending on how much you use your doll, some recommend using baby powder for some pampering at least once a month and oiling every few months.

Why oil and powder your doll? TPE material naturally leaks oil over time, and oiling your doll will help replenish that natural oil. TPE material can also get sticky over time, especially after washing it, so powdering helps smooth the skin and prevents your doll from becoming a dust magnet.

Note: Certain brands may be different. Newer DH168 models do not require oiling (for at least the first few months). 6YE also supposedly does not require oiling anymore.


What You Can Do with WM TPE Sex Dolls

With the positive effects already known about owning and having a sex doll, you’d still want to see various things you can do with them. A sex doll can give you total freedom to sexually do something you might be hesitant to venture into with yourself or your partner. So, here are some specifics you can do in terms of playing and fooling around with these synthetic wonders.

Have Sex with Them

First, if not the most obvious thing you can do with these beauties is to have sex with them. Types range from oral dolls, anal dolls, vaginal dolls, tittyfuck dolls, and real doll blowjobs – name it, you can do it with your sex doll. With a wide array of possibilities, you can explore your sexual fantasies with your sexual dolls.


Build Your Sex Doll

Having sex with a sex doll is one thing but being able to build them yourself is a different league of its own. With this ability, you are free to distort or conform to your sex doll based on the preferences that might not be available to you when you only buy one for yourself. Aside from exploring your sexual fantasies, building your own makes you its ultimate master since, through your preferred alterations, you are the only one it can satisfy.


Position Them to Your Fancy

WM TPE Sex Dolls also allow you to do sexual positions you thought were impossible. For couples, these sexual playmates allow you and your partner to experiment if a particular position will be influential or not in your sexual escapades, thus, improving both of you in your ability to gratify one another sexually. Your imagination would run wild as you become playful in the positions you do with your doll partners.

Do the Extremes with Your Sex Doll

With your imagination playing fundamental importance in your experimental journey with these sexual playmates, you can go to extremes regarding sexual satisfaction. You’re your desired positions up to you having a threesome with them. There is no limit in the extremeness of what you can do with these beauties. What is not conventionally done through regular sex, you can achieve with the use of dolls for sexual pleasure.

The Good There Is with WM Sex Dolls

Even with our knowledge of the numerous uses, positive effects, and benefits, as well as the freedom to do anything with them, they are still there for you to utilize correctly. You need to remember their purpose – to sexually satisfy you in your partner’s temporary absence or inability or for certain situations in life that do not allow you to be with others sexually.

But a suitable amount of discipline and a proper mindset are also needed for us to use these playmates properly. Crossing the line towards ungrateful and disrespectful acts towards other people would defeat the purpose freely given to us by these bombshells. So, you and I still need to be responsible enough in the ways and means we use them to pleasure our sexual needs, wants, and desires.

More than just owning, having, and operating these dolls, it can be sexually pleasing to be ourselves in an excellent way that will show respect and humanity towards others amidst our sexual imaginations, preferences, and extremities.

So, remember that these doll partners are there when you need them. But also, do not forget the people around you who can help you. Sex dolls and their pleasures, benefits, and companionship can only go far.

It is not bad for you to resort to using them but let us also remember that you can reach out to people who matter to you, who can gratify and satisfy you not only sexually, but as a human being part of this society as well.