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The Pregnant Sex Doll

Many men harbor wild fetishes for pregnant women. Well, that’s for an obvious reason – pregnant women tend to be curvier than they are not pregnant. And, many men find curvy women more attractive than skinny ones. That’s one reason why pregnant sex doll is in high demand these days.

A pregnant sex doll can fulfill your fantasies of sleeping with a fertile woman. Also, these dolls are meticulously designed with deep attention to detail. So, you can expect a true-to-life sex experience with a pregnant sex doll.

Just imagine the gentle curve of the belly beneath you. The way her massive breasts feel as you press and squeeze them while sliding your dick into her pussy. Certainly, this form of sex is a dream for many. And, your new pregnant sex doll can’t wait to satisfy all your wild desires.

If you imagine a fulfilling sexual relationship with a pregnant sex doll, our store is your paradise. Here at Venus Love Dolls, we provide real-life-like sex dolls customized to your fetishes. Furthermore, our manufacturers pay deep attention to the tiniest details. These include life-like skin, pubic hair, hairstyles, sex spots, and everything else.

Realistic Male Masturbator

We can provide you with a realistic pregnant fantasy love doll that resembles a real woman. Also, our real-looking pregnant sex doll moms are fat, with wide hips and massive boobs to suck. These perfectly shaped expectant mothers can meet all your lusty dreams with their glorious bodies.

Sex dolls are not only a love partner but are also an investment. So, you must buy a high-quality pregnant sex doll from a trusted brand like WM Doll.

Laura and other sex dolls are actual replicas of real gorgeous ladies. Indeed, these dolls have silky hair, beautiful eyes, impressive body curves, and flawless skin.

The company produces high-tech realistic pregnant sex doll beauties. Also, these dolls have complete-body joint mobility, including the full articulation of toe and finger joints. Additionally, the realistic mouth, boobs, and butts of dolls can seduce any man in minutes.

Also, AI sex robots can give blowjob, feel, and move. This will give men a real sex feeling and make them shocked in bed.

All You Need to Know

Irontech doll is one of the best companies that manufacture sex dolls. Additionally, the company specializes in the research and development of art and produces high-class, realistic sex models.

Premium quality pregnant sex doll babes are perfect girlfriends, love partners, and companions. Also, they are sculpted by internationally renowned artists, all the sexy love dolls are the result of careful 3D detailing.

Further, our dolls are best known for their high-quality soft silicone feels and steel skeleton that lasts for years. Their pregnant sex doll is created by a team of experienced as well as passionate artists and technicians.

Reasons To Choose Pregnant Sex Doll

Easy to store: All the sex dolls are easy to store as they are durable and do not break easily. So, you can store them in a standing position or lie them down on the surface.

Easy to clean: A pregnant sex doll is made of quality material that can be easily cleaned with lukewarm water.

Realistic: The sex dolls look like real women and can perform vaginal, anal, and oral sex.

Safe to use: A pregnant sex doll is safe to use and causes no skin allergy to you.

AI technology: Irontech produces AI robots that can give you a never-ending sex experience. Also,  these love dolls can talk, produce sound, feel your touch, and can move as well.

Best Collection

The skilled professionals create high-end products to satisfy the sexual desires of people of all genders. So, let’s take a look at some of their pregnant sex doll types:

Big Breasts Love Dolls

Are you unable to resist big boobs? If yes, then the big-breasted pregnant sex doll is a great option for you. You can choose any color for breasts according to your dream girl. Also, there are dolls with solid, hollow, and gel-filled breasts that are ready to give you an amazing experience.

Big Butts Sex Doll

Do you wish for a more extended sex experience with a big-butt pregnant sex doll? If yes, then the soft and heavy butts of sex dolls are for you. You can squeeze them, play with them, and can lick them anytime or any day. Further, you can try various sex positions with a big-butt sex doll to reach the climax.

Sexy Sex Dolls

If you are looking for a full-fledged sexy pregnant sex doll, look no further than here. The high-quality, lifelike silicone dolls can seduce any man in minutes. Truly, their attractive eyes, curvy bodies, round nipples, and juicy lips are ready to satisfy you.

Every person has their definition of sexy. That is why, we at Venus Love Dolls are giving you the freedom to choose and customize your doll. So that, you can have the most beautiful and sexy companion of your dreams.

Customize Your Pregnant Sex Doll for The Ultimate Sex Experience

When you imagine a woman going down on you, what does she look like? With a premium sex doll, you can make the vision of your dream partner come true.

When you order a pregnant sex doll, you get a chance to customize it with dozens of customizable options. So that, your personal preferences can become a reality. And, you can enjoy a sex life with the partner of your dreams.

Wig Style

You have options to choose a wig for your pregnant sex doll. If you like a short hair love doll, then opt for short hair wig. Also, there are black hair and gray hair options available.

Choose The Eyes

Do you love a blue-eyed girl, or do you want a partner with eyes similar to a celebrity? If yes, then you can select from various eye color options for your pregnant sex doll.

There are green eyes, brown eyes, blue eyes, and many more. Additionally, the realistic sex dolls come with eyelash options.

Select A Removable Vagina

All full body sex dolls come with a removable vagina option. So, you can choose a doll with a fixed vagina or can opt for a vaginal insert. Mostly, these dolls resemble Asian sex dolls. And, if you wish to have sex with a Japanese girl, a pregnant sex doll is for you.

Pubic Hair Option

Some men love sex partners with pubic hair and some do not like those hair. So, you can choose a doll with or without pubic hair according to your sexual desires.

Are You Planning to Purchase a Love Doll?

Congrats! In addition to having sex with a sex doll, you can get a lot more from her. Also, a pregnant sex doll can give sexual satisfaction and add spice to your relationship.

The best thing is that the TPE sex doll doesn’t care about your salary, looks, property, car, and home. Certainly, realistic sex dolls are always ready for a good time, day or night.

A pregnant sex doll is designed to fulfill your sexual needs and is sure to provide you with great pleasure and excitement. So, let’s look at the things you can do with your sex doll:

High-End Vaginal Sex

When you buy a high-quality pregnant sex doll, you will be amazed to see her vagina. It looks similar to a real woman’s vagina. It means you can do vaginal sex with a sex doll whenever you want. And, she will never say no to you and always be up for vaginal sex.

Also, you can position the pregnant sex doll the way you like to reach climax. Tease her vagina with a naughty penis and then penetrate deep into her to live your fantasies.

Further, the high-quality silicone vagina feels real. It gives you the same sex experience as you had with a real woman. Buy a pregnant sex doll from Venus Love Dolls! With us, you have the option to choose between a removable or fixed vagina.

Anal Sex

Anal sex is a pleasant practice and gives so much pleasure to men. But, sometimes, real-life partners refuse to practice anal sex, and this is where a pregnant sex doll can help. You can enjoy anal sex with sex dolls and can live your fantasies.

The sex doll will give you a realistic, super tight, and intense anal sex experience. During anal sex with a pregnant sex doll, you don’t face any kind of refusals and you can tease her according to your desire.

In addition, it can be repeated often, which is not possible with a real partner. A real woman’s rectum becomes easily irritated in doing this position often.

Oral Sex

Oral sex with a pregnant sex doll is pretty damn fun! The sexy lips and attractive mouth of a sex doll provide great pleasure to you.

Having oral sex with a pregnant sex doll gives this same over-the-edge feeling of intimacy as a real human partner. Also, the pleasure is unfathomable when you have it customized according to your sexual desires.

A love doll can suck you for long hours without stopping to catch her breath. Nowadays, there are realistic sex dolls that have a feeling of warmth in their mouth. It is quite a thrilling and fantastic experience to get oral sex from a lifelike pregnant sex doll.

Sex dolls are the best blowjob companions who are capable of providing satisfactory fellatio. If you desire deep mouth to penis magic, go for a like-like pregnant sex doll. Moreover, most silicone women can provide a deep enough kiss-kiss suck-suck that is truly enjoyable.

People of all genders can use sex dolls for oral sex to reach orgasm. Choose a high-quality male sex doll, female sex doll, mini pregnant sex doll, or pregnant sex doll torso. And, experience a real doll blowjob now!

Note: Do not forget to apply lubricant before you engage in oral sex with a love doll. Further, these dolls need to be lubed perfectly as they do not secrete saliva as we do.

Hold Onto Her Hair

When a pregnant sex doll is going balls-deep on your penis, hold onto her silky hair and make sure she finishes the job. However, most real females hate it. But, the sex doll loves it and can suck your penis like a pro whenever you want. So, choose the hairstyle of your desire to make a love doll look like your dream girl.

How To Care for A Sex Doll?

Sex dolls are expensive and delicate too. So, these dolls need special care and maintenance to increase their life. You need to clean a mini pregnant sex doll similarly a woman gets a bath. Also, it is necessary to prevent bacterial growth. Here is how to care for your sex doll:

Precautions To Be Taken

Our sex dolls have a metal skeleton, and therefore you should not plunge them in water as it may create rust in the joints of the doll.

Also, do not apply much force while cleaning a pregnant sex doll as it may get deformed. Avoid using detergents or any strong soap as it may damage the skin of the love doll.

What To Do in Cleaning Your Pregnant Sex Doll Torso

Use lukewarm water and a soft cloth to gently clean the sex doll. You can use light soap if you feel the doll is dirty, especially from three main holes – mouth, vagina, and anal. Pay attention to the three holes because most of the time, bacteria grow there.

Where To Keep the Doll Safe

The second thing to consider is the place or position to store your pregnant sex doll. It is better to store it in an open space with a lying down position. If your doll can stand, then you can keep it in a standing position too.

Certainly, the location where you store the sex doll is also essential. It is best to store the love doll in a cupboard or a storeroom with enough space.

How To Keep Your Doll Safe

The first thing to keep in mind is that do not share your pregnant sex doll with others. This is crucial to avoid the spreading of any kind of disease.

So, if a friend or relative asks you to try your sex doll, simply ask him or her to buy a new one. Second, when you store the doll, undress it. Otherwise, if you do not undress the pregnant sex doll, the color of the clothes may damage her skin.

A Love Doll Is a Great Investment!

The pregnant sex doll is one of the best love dolls present in the market. The love dolls are of superior quality and can stay with you for years if maintained properly.

So, it means you can enjoy sex day and night for years by making a one-time payment. A pregnant sex doll is worth the price as it is safe to use and looks like a real human being. Also, our sex dolls come in various sizes, and each size is quite realistic. So, buy one now!

The Pregnant Sex Doll

Do you love the curves of a sexy pregnant lady and wish to have sex with her? If yes, then the better option is to buy a pregnant sex doll to live your fantasies.

The TPE sex dolls with a sexy belly are always horny and give you the best sex experience ever. Additionally, the face and body of these dolls look like a real pregnant woman.

Having intercourse with a sex doll pregnant lady is no different than having sex with a normal TPE or silicone sex doll. But also, it gives you unforgettable feelings and pleasure.

Further, this type of doll with a big tummy, inflated breasts, and a sexy body is exactly what you are looking for. So now, you can easily achieve your dream of having sex with pregnant women.

Benefits Of Pregnant Sex Dolls

When your girlfriend or wife is pregnant, having sex with them is not safe as it may hurt a baby’s head. In this case, pregnant dolls can help you realize your fantasies. You can rest on the soft tummy of a pregnant love doll, and suck her heavy boobs. Also, you can enjoy deep penetration as well.

Further, you can have sex with a life-size pregnant doll in any pose. The three orifices allow you to enjoy oral, vaginal, and anal sex. Or, you can have breast sex with sex dolls pregnant chic.

Moreover, the realistic features of TPE pregnant sex dolls give you a feeling of having sex with a real woman. In addition, the grip and movement of body parts of sex dolls are soft and natural.

The sex doll industry is filled with numerous love dolls that have been built to feature pregnant ladies. You can choose the one that looks and feels like a pregnant woman to fulfill your sexual desires.

How Does a Pregnant Sex Doll Feel?

If you haven’t yet experienced sex with TPE or silicone, you are right to wonder how a pregnant sex doll might feel. Most of these love dolls are made of high-quality TPE and silicone, which feels like real human skin.

The big boobs also feel very soft to touch, and men can use them for masturbation as well. In addition, the latest technology and excellent properties of the material made these dolls more realistic.

Nowadays, the realistic pregnant sex doll can absorb and store body warmth giving you a more realistic feel. Overall, the combination of a soft feel and warm skin ensures a realistic sex experience.

Different Sex Positions You Can Enjoy with Pregnant Sex Doll

Sex is fun, and pregnant sex dolls are fun, so penetration with them must be a blast! Pregnant love dolls come in different sizes and shapes. You can choose a full-size sex doll or a mini pregnant sex doll.

Depending on how you use them, realistic pregnant dolls can make you feel like you’re having sex with a real pregnant woman. Here are some sex positions to try with a pregnant TPE doll or Pregnant silicone doll:

Sex from behind

This is a popular sex position that you can easily do with a pregnant doll. It allows you to feel more pleasure while penetrating deep into her. When your penis hits the cervix, it gives you an amazing feeling while fucking a sexy sex doll.

The best thing is that this sex pose is excellent with a pregnant silicone sex doll. Further, you can feel her big boobs and slap on her butts to reach climax. It causes no harm to the belly of a love doll.

Sex Doll on top

Lie down and feel the pregnant sex doll from above. Imagine her big belly touches your skin and her nipples reach your mouth. The feeling is just amazing. This position allows you to feel the sexy body of a pregnant love doll.

Further, you can also shift your doll a little to see which angle fits you the best. Put your penis in between her boobs and enjoy the best sex ever. Play with her big nipples, lick her pussy, and penetrate deep into her to live your fantasy.


Lie down the sex doll, curl upon her from the back, and feel her baby bump. It’s a comfortable position for both the pregnant sex doll and you. Further, you can compress her breast from the back while holding her tight in your arms. Also, you can rub her clitoris for extra stimulation.


Make your pregnant sex doll stand against the wall with legs spread and hands against the wall. Now, stand behind her and slide inside her vagina from the back. This offers great pleasure to you and allows you to press her boobs to reach the climax.

Oral sex

The skin of pregnant sex dolls feels similar to the skin of a real woman. Also, their mouth gives you the feeling of the mouth of your real-life partner. So, they are great for oral sex and can give you amazing pleasure.

She can move her realistic tongue on your body and can suck your penis for as long as you desire. The best part is your dick can always cum inside the mouth of a love doll. Further, you can enjoy the blowjob for hours.

Anal sex

You can even enjoy anal sex with a pregnant sex doll. This position is challenging to try with real women as it may hurt them. However, with a sex doll, you can easily enjoy anal sex. These submissive babes will never complain about any discomfort and will never stop you from enjoying anal sex.

Side-by-side sex

Lie down facing your partner, move your leg over hers, and enter into her from an angle. This sex position allows variations in speed that give you more pleasure. Further, a side-by-side sex position allows you extra intimacy with a pregnant sex doll.

Edge On Bed

Another great position to try with these sex dolls is the edge of the bed. For this, lay down your sex doll on the edge of the bed face-up with her feet on the floor. Now, bend on her and put her feet on your shoulders.

This position gives you an amazing feeling and you will love to fuck your doll for a long time. Further, it allows you to be face-to-face with your sex partner, which can feel more intimate. In addition to the above-mentioned sex positions, you can try any pose of your choice with a sex doll to live your fantasies.

Have You Considered Buying Pregnant Sex Dolls Online?

If your answer is yes, then you will need to choose the vendor carefully. Countless dealers sell sex dolls of various brands. Of course, you want to have an authentic sex experience. But to have it, you need to choose a registered and reliable love doll dealer.

Whether you are new or have an experience with pregnant sex dolls, you will enjoy shopping online. You will find almost all brands like WM Dolls, IronTech Dolls, and more to choose the pregnant lady of your dreams.

Also, there are pregnant TPE dolls of various sizes like mini, large, and medium that you can buy online. Further, you get pregnant sex dolls at competitive prices from online stores like Venus Love Dolls. Also, you can get benefits from many promo codes and sale offers.

How To Care for Your Love Doll

Care and maintenance are critical to increasing the lifespan of a pregnant sex doll. The better you take care of her, the longer she’ll be by your side. Below are some cleaning and care tips that you must follow.

Care For the Belly of The Sex Doll

You should take proper care of the belly of the sex doll to ensure that your gorgeous love doll always stays nice and supple. Do regular dusting with baby powder and clean her with a soft cloth to avoid bacterial growth.

Proper Storage of Sex Dolls

Storage is also important when it comes to maintaining a pregnant sex doll. When not in use, store the sex doll in a safe place and make sure all its body parts are safe.

Also, make sure that she lies in soft colored cloth to save it from color stains. You can either store the pregnant doll in a bed or a cupboard depending upon her size.

Easy Movement

A high-quality steel skeleton is present in most sex dolls, which allows you to bring her into various positions. But you need to handle her with care. Especially, when you want to have sex with her in the garden, living room, etc.

So, move your pregnant sex doll from one room to another with care. So that, its skin does not get scratched by walls or other sharp objects.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Sex Doll


As we have mentioned, there are various sex doll vendors, but not all are trustworthy. So, always buy a pregnant sex doll from a dealer who is registered and reliable. Some sell low-quality sex dolls that may harm your skin. So, it is better to choose a trusted dealer who sells only high-quality love dolls.


Most of the time, manufacturers are different from the dealer. They are the one who creates sex dolls and sells them to dealers. So, select a pregnant sex doll from a verified and trusted manufacturer. For example, brands like WM Dolls, IronTech, Gynoid, M Dolls, and more produce premium quality realistic sex dolls.

Price and budget

Consider your budget when planning to buy a sex doll. The high-quality TPE and silicone pregnant dolls come between price ranges of $1000 to $ 10000.

So, check the price of a pregnant sex doll to choose one that fits your needs and budget. Also, do not compromise with the quality when buying a love doll. You can also opt for a pregnant sex doll torso if you are on a tight budget.

Storage option

Keep in mind that buying your sex doll companion is an investment. So, if you want to use it for years, you need to store the love doll properly. And for this, you need proper storage space.

So, consider the size of the love doll and the storage space available at your home. If there is less space, choose a pregnant torso sex doll or mini pregnant sex doll. On the other hand, if there is enough space at your home, go for a life-size pregnant love doll.


Pick a sex doll that is made of quality material like TPE and silicone. It feels softer to the touch and offers more flexibility. Further, these pregnant sex dolls are heat resistant and are affordable too. Since it’s a hypoallergenic material, it won’t cause any skin issues to you and is safe to use every day.

Customize Your Dream Love Doll

Customization is essential when it comes to buying a love doll. You want to make sure that everything should be according to your taste and desire. There are Asian, American, European, and many more pregnant sex dolls to choose from.

Also, you can build your dream girl by choosing the options from eye color and breast size. Also, you can choose the skin color, body type, and many more for your intimate companion.

To make your love doll to your desire, you can also customize hair color, nipple, pubic hair, and heating. All this will make the pregnant doll look like a real woman and will give you the best sex experience. In the end, pick the pregnant sex doll that suits your personal choice and fulfills your sexual desires.

Final Words

A sex doll is an investment and looks like a real woman. She is ready to give you immense pleasure day and night. If you fantasize about pregnant women, then a pregnant sex doll is the best option for you.

Choose the best pregnant doll that falls under your budget and is made of premium quality material. The pregnant lady’s big belly, big boobs, and butts will make you wild in bed. Buy one now!