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The Asian Sex Doll

Have you ever wondered why Asian sex dolls are popular? Well, something is exciting about Asian ladies that drives men wild. With a petite and curvy body and a lovey-dovey smile, an Asia beauty love doll can satisfy the desire of any hot-blooded male.

Without a doubt, Asian women never fail to impress men due to their lusty and busty bodies. If you agree with this, you might love to own one of these best realistic dolls.

Asian sex dolls are quite popular as men are becoming enamored with Asian beauty standards. Very fair skin, slender figures, long black hair, and alluring sex spots! With all these, it’s hard to resist Asian women.

Whether they’re Chinese or Japanese, with silky jet-black hair, these real Asian fuck dolls can make your sexual dreams come alive.

At Venus Love Dolls, our Asian sex dolls come in all different shapes, regardless of the size and height you want. And, we can customize your realistic sex dolls according to your fantasies and fetishes.

Chinese Sex Dolls

With petite figures and smaller breasts than realistic Japanese sex dolls, Chinese love dolls make a perfect companion for individuals. These Asian sex dolls feature soft white skin, which is usually paler than the skin complexion of Southeast Asian females.

As mentioned above, we can customize your Chinese babe from head to toe. Perhaps, you yearn for a Chinese Asian sex doll figure but with huge breasts. Or maybe, you’re a lustful man who loves their snow-white skin but with big booties and flowing blond locks.

When we talk about clothing for your Asian sex doll, it should be qipao if you want to experience sex with a traditional Chinese hottie. Moreover, Chinese love dolls appear so sexy in a skin-tight dress or office wear such as a mini skirt and a short blouse.

Japanese Sex Doll Asian Babe

Think of an Asian sex doll, and many arousing images will come to your mind. A slim, innocent girl or a voluptuous woman with large boobs and attractive lips! Surely, Japanese dolls can turn you on and ignite your fantasies instantly.

Are you a lover of Japanese manga? Get mad for foxy hentai and anime love dolls to realize your wildest fantasies in bed. Check out our wide range of fascinating Asian sex dolls. Without a doubt, just looking at dolls’ pics on our site will tempt you to take these girls in your bed.

Top 10 Best-Selling Love Dolls

1. Mikisa

If you’re looking for curvy Asian sex dolls with large breasts, then Mikisa can be a great companion. She resembles a real lusty and busty woman that you might have always dreamed of throwing in your bed. Thus, her fascinating face, long dark hair, voluptuous figure, and her boobs protruding from the dress can arouse any man.

This Asian sex doll offers all the sensual pleasures you might be fantasizing about. Her body proportions are ample. With a waist size of 23.6″ and a full bust size of 37″, will surely make you pump her all day long.

As with all high-end realistic Asian sex dolls, you can have sex with Mikisa in any pose you want. Insert your manhood into her ass or vagina, or even her mouth. Surely, she will turn you rock hard as you lick her big breasts and plunge into her holes.

This Asia sex doll is also great for those who are more drawn to boobs sex and anal sex because of her massive breasts and hips. Also, her movable joints let you pose her in different exciting ways for ample pleasure. Mikisa’s skin is made of medical-grade and long-lasting silicone material.

Taking a shower with your Asian sex dolls is a very good catch-up. So, due to Mikisa’s silicone skin, you can enjoy a lukewarm shower with her. You can even sterilize her while cleaning her body after use. Also, she is stain-resistant

2. Yoshiko

Are you interested in having a sporty girlfriend who is muscular and sexy? Yoshiko boasts unmatched stamina and strength. This Asian sex doll has a ripped flat belly and an alluring athletic build that displays the peak performance figure.

Additionally, slim and athletic Asian sex dolls stimulate a strong body with endurance. So, these types of dolls offer intimacy and an experience of satisfaction.

Yoshiko is 5’5″ tall with 33.4″ full busts, a 38.5″ ass, and a slim 23.2″ waist. The medium-sized breasts and hips of this Asian sex doll feel incredibly pleasurable to press, kiss, and lick.

Exposing herself in a set of an off-shoulder top and demine shorts, Additionally, Yoshika has a high sex drive. She prides herself in riding a naughty monster dick and sucking it dry. Asian sex dolls have flexible bodies. Surely, they will pleasure you in different sex positions you might be yearning for.

Yoshiko has long glossy hair that makes her look impressive, flowing on her naked shoulders. Imagine you are pinning her down while holding her hair from the back and trusting your hard into Yoshiko’s body. This Asian sex doll is confident when she goes down on you and is up to please you with her pussy, breasts, ass, and mouth.

3. Yara

The next on our list of the best Asian sex dolls is Yara, a submissive sex companion. The 4 feet and 11 inches slender female carries a weight of 25kgs and flaunts the look of a newly-blossomed woman. Lightweight and sexy, Yara celebrates an imposing figure that easily tempts every man with any sexual desire.

Yara gives off a pleasant and inviting air of innocence and demureness that can make every man want to explore her. Also, the pair of long and well-toned legs of this Asian sex doll are perfect for wrapping around while having sex.  So, if you’re a hot-blooded man looking to have some wild sex, Yara can be a great companion.

4. Adlley

Adlley is one of the realistic Asian sex dolls that have few sex inhibitions. So, if you’re looking for a doll with tight pussy and medium breasts, she may become your dream girl. Adlley features an innocent, pretty face with dark almond-shaped eyes.

What makes her unique is her snow-white skin and short Auburn hair. From her slim body frame, her ample breasts burst out of her skimpy top. So, if you’re looking for an Asian sex doll with innocent and uncontrollable sex appeal, Adlley is the one.

She can arouse you and inflame your passion as you look at her. Her height is 5’5,” and she carries a 34.2″ bust, 34.6″ hips, and a 22″ waist. This Asian sex doll is a true sexual playmate with incredible lust.

Additionally, every inch of the untouched body of Asian sex dolls is tight, waiting to fulfill your carnal needs completely. Feel her silky soft breasts in your hand, pinch her hard nipples as you fuck her, and run your hands on her butts as she sends you towards the climax.

Adlley’s tight pussy begs you to pierce her and make regular entries through the back door. And, she is desperately waiting for you to lather her boobs with chocolate and lick it like a hungry lion.

Asian sex dolls have unmatched looks and offer a second-to-none sexual experience when it comes to their carnal delights. Also, Adlley’s finely detailed sex spots and charming features are the best treat for endless nights.

5. Márcia

Márcia by SE Doll is an Asian beauty with small but round and full breasts that appeal to many men. She is a very petite 4 feet 9 inches girl with a 24cm bra size and 77cm hips. Additionally, the skin of Asian sex dolls like Márcia is made from soft and natural-feeling material that makes them more realistic to look and touch.

Also, her metal skeleton with full articulation makes Márcia fit for almost all sex poses you want. You can enjoy vaginal, anal, oral, and even nipple sex with Asian sex dolls. And, Márcia’s vagina is deep, and her anal depth is 15cm. With 28 kg body weight, you could lift and throw her in bed for wild fucking.

You can enhance your sexual experience by choosing the standing feet option with Asian sex dolls. Despite her standard appearance, Márcia makes a true Chinese dream girl with countless customizable features. You can choose which head and wig type she should have.

Also, you can choose the eye color, mouth type, and shoulder type of your love doll. You can even decide the color and size of the areola, boobs type and size, and labia color of your Asian sex doll.

At Venus Love Dolls, you can choose between the removable or fixed vagina, skin tone, heater option, and moaning option for your Asian sex dolls. We can sculpt your doll the way you want, depending on your mood.

6. Nasim

How does it feel like sleeping and making hot love with a princess? Do you often fantasize about this? Nasim can help you realize how it feels to fuck Asian sex dolls who look like a princess.

Her body is 4 feet 9 inches and has a full bust of 29.52 inches and a butt of 33.46 inches. And, her curvy boobs and booties look fantastic on her slim and small 21.65 inches waist.

The AF Doll boasts butter-smooth skin and a flexible skeleton with full articulation. Because of these features, she allows multiple sexual poses you might have dreamed about. Asian sex dolls are the perfect hot chick for anal, vaginal, and oral sex. Despite Nasim’s comparatively small boobs, she offers a pleasant nipple sex experience.

Asian sex dolls like Nasim come with a wide range of customization options. Just select an option, and she is good to go. Your options include hair color, eye color, areola color, and labia color. Also, you can even add a removable vagina and tongue for an enhanced sexual experience.

Also, choose whether or not you want to add pubic hair to your Asian sex dolls. Nasim boasts an alluring body that will instantly have you drooling. So, pin down her black hair, hold her boobs from the back, and give a wild thrust in her tight anus.

7. Fiene

Fiene is one of the realistic Asian sex dolls that are ideal for men with naughty fantasies. The moment you see her for the first time, with her white blouse and plaid skirt, you’ll lust after her. The quiet girl won’t speak of her willingness for wild sex, but she is more than willing for it.

The Climax Doll has short black hair with orange-colored lips and black eyes. With all this, this Asian sex doll is very irresistible. Also, she boasts a full curvy figure with boobs that measure 38.58 inches and hips 33.85 inches. Her 20.47-inch waist and long, shiny legs will tempt you to plunge your manhood into her openings again and again.

As with all other high-end Asian sex dolls, Fiene comes with an articulated metal skeleton. So, you can have fun with her in a wide range of sex poses. Get her home, throw her in the bed, and stick your manhood in her ass or vagina.

You’ll be fascinated knowing that she is the real thing. She can also give you a mind-blowing blowjob. Additionally, lots of customization options for Asian sex dolls like Fiene to meet your wildest fetishes. You’ll love the way she is, and in exchange, she’ll give you endless nights filled with pleasure.

8. Maggie

Maggie by AF Doll is a realistic Asian sex doll with D-cup boobs that are appealing to men of all ages. Also, her petite 5 feet 7 inches body comes with sexy 40.15 inches boobs and 38.18 inches hips.

Maggie’s waist measures 21.25 inches which highlights her inviting curves. Additionally, her skin is soft and natural, making her look like a real woman. Touch and kiss your Asian sex dolls to feel the difference!

Maggie has a super flexible skeleton making her compatible for multiple unique sex poses, like doggie style, pretzel dip, corkscrew, etc. You’ll enjoy having anal, boobs, vaginal, and oral sex with one of the Asian sex dolls like Maggie. Additionally, her anus has a depth of 5.1 inches, and her vaginal length is 7 inches.

Many customization features let you create a unique identity for your sex doll. For example, you can select the head type and wig color, nail paint color, and eye color.

Do you have specific preferences for the color of the sex spots of your Asian sex dolls? Choose any skin tone for your new girlfriend. Also, you can pick the color of labia and areola based on your choice.

9. Galilea

Galilea by 6YE Doll is your true Chinese fantasy girl with a perfect slender look. The 5 feet and 5 inches Asia beauty love doll boasts 34.25 inches boobs and 34.64 inches booties. Also, this Asian sex doll has a vaginal depth of 7.086 inches, and her anal depth is 5.90 inches.

Her natural-looking skin is made from a safe and medical-grade material. Additionally, the stainless-steel skeleton with proper articulation makes the Asian sex dolls the perfect companion for all your sexual fantasies.

Galilea’s best feature is that she comes with many fascinating customization choices. Your options include skin tone, labia and areola color, eye color, vaginal and anal texture, and hair color.

You can add standing feet options and a removable vagina insert to Asian sex dolls.  Also, you can customize them with removable tongues for fulfilling oral sex.

If you wish to spice up her look, you can order an extra wig and head for your Chinese darling. Surely, this is a great feature that keeps you from getting bored with your Asian sex dolls. It’s like owning two wives or girlfriends since you can change her look based on your preferences.

Also, you can customize Galilea’s intimate features. You can choose vagina and nipple colors, and even implant pubic hair on her vagina. So, you can have the perfect companion of your dreams.

10. Aryana

Aryana is one of the curvy Asian sex dolls that has suitable proportions that most men seek in sexy women. Also, her height is 5 feet and 7 inches with an hourglass figure of 35.82 inches bust and 27.16 inches under bust. AF Doll, a leading sex doll brand available on the market, designed her.

This Asian sex doll lets you enjoy sex in any form and any time you want. So, if you’re unpredictable about boobs, then she is the girl you need. Press, stroke, squeeze, and lick her massive boobs. Also, Aryana’s perfect vaginal and anal depth make her a real thing you might be dreaming about.

Final Words

As you see, there is a wide range of realistic Asian sex dolls here at Venus Love Dolls. So, you are sure to find a suitable partner who can fulfill all your needs. Hopefully, this makes your choice easier. So, get one now!