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Robot Sex dolls are quite popular these days. Some market leaders purport that they are the future of sex. Though these bots may sound like an invention of Hollywood sci-fi, this is not the case.

Robot sex doll have been in existence, in different forms, for centuries. They belong to as far as the 16th century, when Spanish and French sailors could craft hand-sewn masturbation puppets using old clothes and leather.

By the year 1970, other materials like TPE and silicone came into existence for manufacturing sex dolls. These high-end dolls provide improved long-lasting companionship because of their durability and quality. These materials help make realistic sex dolls.

Breakthrough in the Industry

These robot sex dolls accelerated in growth and realism in the late 1990s due to their growing popularity and acceptance worldwide. In 1997, Matt McMullan started making lifelike silicone rubber mannequins that are posable and look like real women. Later in 2009, McMullen used platinum-cured material to further improve the durability of sex dolls. As a result, many other love doll manufacturers started following suit.

Many of them, including Matt McMullan, thought that companionship is an important part of sexbots, and these can be enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI). Much of the inspiration for modern robot sex dolls come from mannequin-based art.

As of 2018, many different types of robot sex dolls for sale have come into the picture. The best part is they can understand and respond to various human emotions. Besides, You can choose from hundreds of body type combinations, personalities, and voices to get your dreamy combination.

As of now, robot sex doll is still in their infancy stage. Researchers and manufacturers are tapping into all possibilities to know what advancements could be brought to these bots.