How Does Sex with A WM Sex Doll Feel?

Sex is an important part of everyone’s life and a reason behind happy living. But sometimes, due to various reasons, not all have a sex partner, and this is where WM sex dolls come in handy.

One question that most people ask or are confused about is how sex with a sex doll feels. Well, sex with a TPE sex doll is an amazing experience and feels similar to real sex with a real partner. The best part is that the silicone sex doll doesn’t get you headaches or show tantrums while fulfilling all your sexual desires.

Let’s explore how it feels to have sex with a WM sex doll!

Kissing And Touching A WM Sex Doll

Kissing or smooching a WM love doll can feel very real. The face of a high-quality sex doll is soft. Her realistic mouth is open, and you can put your tongue in and feel her. Realistic sex dolls have teeth, tongue, and throat that makes them look like a real human.

TPE and silicone sex dolls are made of premium quality material and are soft to the touch, just like a real woman. Moreover, their facial features and body parts are molded from real sexy women and then often enhanced to suit your sexual needs.

You can get a WM sex doll with bigger tits, a curvy body, huge boobs, or a removable vagina to fulfill your sexual desires. The boobs of the WM sex doll are very soft, round, and squeezable with great butts too. You will love to kiss her boobs and juicy vagina and lick her butts.

So, kissing and squeezing will feel real to you and will give you an amazing sex experience.

Oral Sex With a Love Doll

Depending on your type of WM sex doll and what you’re into, oral sex can be satisfying and great with a silicone love doll. Some WM sex dolls are designed to deep-throat and come with a little bit of heat and lube to satisfy your oral sex needs. In this way, they feel similar to real human beings, and you will love to have oral sex with them.

You can’t resist using the WM sex doll for oral sex, as it feels really nice to you. You can buy any type of sex doll, like a torso sex doll, full body sex doll, American love doll, etc., to fulfill your oral sex needs.

How About Anal Sex with WM Sex Doll?

Anal sex is something that your real partner may not be comfortable with. But, with the WM sex doll, you can enjoy anal sex for hours. Similar to the vagina, the anus of a sex doll simulates the real feeling of anal sex. If you are more of an ass man, then a WM sex doll with big butts can be a great option for your anal sex needs.

It gives a different sensation to the front, and you will love to squeeze her boobs while penetrating deep into her anus. The ass of WM sex dolls feels good, and you can enjoy anal sex for hours or days.

Love doll will not show ant tantrums or will not stop you from approaching her for anal sex. Also, the ass of the sex doll opens well to welcome your dick, so you should have no trouble having anal sex.

Exciting Vaginal Sex With A WM Sex Doll

The vagina of a WM sex doll feels like a human. The company has paid a lot of attention to the details of the sex doll’s vagina to make it similar to a real female’s vagina. Therefore, the realistic vagina of sex dolls gives you authentic pleasure.

Sex with a WM sex doll feels very realistic and amazing. It’s a step up from self-masturbation and a more complete sex experience without any worries of catching HIV or becoming a father.

There are WM sex dolls that come with a vagina warmer or removable vagina for better sex. You can lube the sex doll to try different positions. The vagina is so deep that you will love to put your dick again and again into her. Also, you can lick her juicy vagina and squeeze her boobs to reach climax. Sex dolls are very flexible and versatile!

Best Sex Positions To Try With Your Sex Doll

With WM sex doll, you can try any sex position of your desire. Here are some suggestions for sex positions you can try with a love doll to make the most of that realistic feel.

Doggy style

Bend your love doll onto her knees for doggy-style sex. Position her sexy arms slightly above her head. Now, penetrate deep into her from the back. You can squeeze her boobs with one of your hands and can enjoy the sex for as long as you want. Once you finish, it’s better to straighten out the sex doll into her normal pose. A doggy style is a great option for men who love to watch ass more than tits during sex.

From behind

Bend your sex doll on a table or over forward. The doll need to bend at the waist naturally. It is a great position for vaginal sex or anal sex. To enhance her butts, you can dress your love doll in high heels. You can try this position in the bedroom or outside the bedroom.

Against the wall

If you desire to have standing sex, against wall sex position is a great option for you. You can make your sex doll stand against the wall and spread her arms against the wall to maintain the position. Now, lift one of her legs up to ease the deep penetration and to enjoy the sex for hours.


When you are looking for the best intimate position, spooning is a great option. It is ideal for big-boob sex dolls. You can feel their realistic butts, skin, and boobs while penetrating deep into her. Bend her legs forward at a 45° angle, relax and enjoy.

In addition, there are plenty of sex positions that you can try with your loving silicone lady.

The Benefits of a Sex Doll

There are many benefits of owning a sex doll, whether you are in a relationship or single. Take a look at some of the benefits of WM Sex Doll!

Last longer in bed

One of the main issues that men face during sex with a real woman is the inability to control their ejaculation timing. This leads to premature ejaculation. But, with WM sex doll, you can improve your sexual skills and learn to stay longer in bed. You can use the sex doll at any time for any hour to work on your lovemaking skills. It helps you a lot in your real-life relationship to satisfy your partner in bed.

Great Sex At Anytime

One of the major advantages of having a sex doll is that you can enjoy great sex at any time and on any day. Sex dolls can add a sense of excitement in your love life. Having a realistic sex doll means having a trustworthy companion for oral, anal, and vaginal sex desires. It gives you opportunity to having a sex at anytime while traveling or watching movie.

Threesomes with no guilt

Threesome is something that most men dream about, but they often ignore it due to family pressure, society pressure, or inner guilt. But, with sex doll there will be zero guilt with threesome. You can share bed with two love dolls and can live your fantasies. Imagine, you are free to lick pussy of one while touching the boobs of the other. In threesome, both sex dolls ready to serve you day and night.

No stress of STDs

It’s no secret that STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) are common with unprotected sex or in in the casual sex scene. Though many STDs are treatable with modern medicine, it’s still important to use caution when engaging in intercourse. According to a annual Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance Report of 2019, the cases of STDs have increased for the fifth year in a row.

So, you need to be careful while having sex with new partner. But, when you use sex doll you need not to worry about any STDs. You can enjoy intercourse without protection with a love doll.

Provide satisfaction

Although most sex toys are best to use when you are single or committed, but the sex doll offers you a real sex experience. She can give you company when you are alone at home and can serve you day and night.

There are many benefits of having a sex doll. If you want to revamp your sex life, explore your limits and enjoy unrestricted romance anytime and anywhere, a sex doll would be a great option. You could order one today at affordable prices from Venus Love Dolls.

Best Selling WM Dolls

WM Dolls was established in 2011 and is a leader in the global sex doll industry with amazing products that can be customized according to your need. With WM Dolls, your choices are unlimited and they offer real sex feel to you.

Would you like a torso love doll that can moan? Or one that feels as warm as your skin? Well, WM dolls have everything for you. Let’ find out the best WM sex dolls of the year.

Valery – 4’10”

If you love to play with big nipples and breasts, then Valery is for you. She is a 4 feet and 10 inches tall elf sex doll with sexy curves and boobs. Her elven charm can attract any man in no time. She can please anyone who wants to dominate the room with her. Valery is made of high-quality TPE material, which makes her the best sex doll for anyone.

She is safe to use and feels like a human being. Her skin is very soft to touch and feel. Her best feature is her soft breast and huge pinkish nipples that can give you great pleasure through pressing, squeezing, and fondling.

Hailee – 5’7″

Looking for a sexy elf love doll? If yes, then Hailee is here to join your favorite collection of sex dolls. Her super thin body yet big boobs is what makes her stand out from the other elf sex dolls available in the market. She stands at 5 feet and 7 inches, which makes her a full size sex doll for everyday use. Surely, all guys would drool over her body, and it is also a turn-on when she’s wearing her favorite pink lingerie.

Hulda – 5’5″

Another WM sex doll that gives you a realistic sex experience is none other than Hulda. She has a rocking’ body, a military chick whose tanned skin and sexy body can impress any guy who wants to have sex with a military woman. Hulda’s skin feels like a real human being, and her juicy vagina is something you will love to lick for hours. You can use lubricant to make her vagina more sexy so that you can penetrate deep into her with ease.

Jimi – 5’4″

When you are looking for the thrill of sex and sports together, Jimi is the best option to buy in 2022. She is a beautiful WM sex doll who is involved in physical activities and has great flexibility. You can bend her in any sex position to live your fantasy. Her round nipples, sexy body, and juicy vagina are something that you can’t resist, and you love to spend the night with her in bed.

Final Words

WM sex dolls are the best investment to fulfill all your sexual desires. They are made of high-quality material and cause no skin irritation to you. Moreover, you can get a customized WM doll to fit your needs and desires. All sex dolls of WM Dolls give you amazing sex experience that feels real. Buy one now!