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Custom Life Size Sex Dolls Body Style

Curvy: These days, full-bloomed, curvaceous beauty is becoming more acceptable and desirable. In general, a curvy life size sex doll screams lust more than any other type. These voluptuous bestsexdolls boast big boobs and booties that are sure to please the size-favoring owners.

Petite and Slender: Have lots of fun in your bedroom with a petite and slender girl. Also, these dominable and universally sexy life sized sex dolls can be personalized in a multitude of ways to give you satisfaction at a steal.

Athletic: Sporty-fit dolls feature a strong internal frame. So, you can have intercourse with them in any position you like. Likewise, your strong and fit life sized sex doll can be customized to any degree you want.

Pregnant: Want to have sex with a fertile beauty? Surely, pregnant silicone life-size sex dolls will give you a true-to-life experience! Just imagine her big breasts in your hands as you slide your penis into her ass and pussy.

Transexual: Do you prefer the combo of alluring feminine and robust masculine appearances? At Venus Love Dolls, we can customize your life-size sex doll. Specifically, to give you a unique sexual pleasure.

Fantasy: Do you dream of making love with elven maidens, vampiric mistresses, cats, or anime girls? We make it a lifelike experience for you. At last, you can appreciate an unfamiliar and steamy session plunging into unknown territory with our real life size sex dolls mythical beauties.

Eyes Color

Do you want love- and lust-filled eyes? You can customize your sex dolls life size eye color and stare.  Is it Blue, black, or green? Whatever your desired eye color, surely, we can accommodate all your requests.

The bonus is you can change the eyes of your best life size sex doll anytime you want. TPE doll eyes are not fixed permanently. So, you can switch the color at any point. It will transform the look and feel of your doll’s personality instantly.

Additionally, you can even choose an open or closed-eyed life size realistic sex doll. Get custom blue-eyed sex dolls for an American touch or black or brown for an Asian feel. Choose the way your doll looks at you.

Cheap Life Size Sex Dolls Body Features

If you love curvy and thick bodies, Venus Love Dolls can fulfill your dreams. We can fully customize best life size sex dolls with big butts and pussy lips.

Show your love for nipple sex by getting a cheap life size sex doll with big, bold nipples. Twist, rub, clamp, pull, or nibble them! Finally, explode your stuff out on and around her boobs.

We can also customize a sex robot backed by Artificial Intelligence and customizable body features. So, if you fancy a bit of a novel, try out sexbots. Just imagine the submissive moaning life size female sex doll as you penetrate her.

Pick The Breast Size Of Your Real Life Size Sex Doll

Life size sex dolls for sale feature solid or hollow breasts. Hollow boobs are squishier and help reduce the doll’s total weight. It’s ideal if you’re looking for extra-large boobies. Meanwhile, the common sizes are small, medium, large, and huge busts.

Small: Life size silicone sex dolls with tiny boobs boast plausibly supple cup sizes. Thus, these are suitable for those who don’t prefer huge, unattractive breasts. This small-breasted gorgeous doll might be the one for you.

Medium: Medium-sized boobs can fill your palm for squeezing. Nevertheless, these look lusty and swinging with every thrust as you take the pussy or ass of your new sex doll life size babe.

Large: Big breasts life size sex doll for men that can uplift your mood and experience immensely. Therefore, with double D cup sizes, you can make huge fun in bed. Just imagine big boobs swinging with every hit.

Huge: Fulfil your wild carnal needs with huge tits life size BBW sex doll. Specifically, these dolls come with a rigid and flexible internal frame that supports massive masses in different sex positions. With larger-than-life-size breasts, these sex dolls are sure to fulfill your fetish sex dreams.

Choose The Age Of Your Custom Realistic Life Size Sex Doll

Mature & MILF: If you lust for older ladies, get a custom-designed MILF lifesize doll. Generally, MILF (Mother I Would Like to Fuck) dolls represent mature women with outstanding sex appeals and mystical beauty. Thus, the chubby and voluptuous physical attributes of a lifesize sex doll will make you hold on to them and make steamy love. Just imagine a woman aging like fine wine and still irresistible, lying naked in your bed, ready for orgasm.

Young Adult: Not too young, not too old, Tifa love doll might suit your taste! If you dream of intercourse with a woman between the age of 21-30, undeniably, we can customize a young adult life size love doll as per your preferences.

Teenage: Young, slim, and beautiful! Teen realistic life size sex dolls evoke the image of youth with their carved faces, perky breasts, and jaw-dropping body. Take your young hot lover to your bedroom and fulfill your deepest desires. Surely, these cuties will drive you nuts when resting on your top in the bed.

Decide On Ethnicity

Asian: Enjoy the taste of wild lovemaking with a life size Asian sex doll. Certainly, the innocent and delicate babe is up for anything you’ve to dish out to her in your bedroom. This gorgeous doll has a tiny, slender waist but big inviting boobs that let you trust her with your passion the whole night every day.

Latina: Do you often dream and fantasize about engaging in sexual intercourse with a spicy Latina sex doll? Undeniably, our beautiful and glamorous Latina lifesize dolls are easy to flirt, sleep, and have sex with.

American: Sex with a hyper-realistic American lifesize elsa doll will delight you the whole night. With their blue or brown eyes, blonde hair, and super luscious boobs, certainly, they can drive any man nuts. They look like a sexy stripper in a high-end nightclub.

European: Take Western European beauty to your home for pleasurable nights! Life size sex dolls for men will do anything for you to get laid in your bedroom, stairs, backseat, or anywhere you want. So, untie her buttons to view her nice boobies spilling out. Throw your sex doll lifesize lover into the bed and keep sucking and fucking while she moans in pain and pleasure.

African: These curvy African lifesize sex dolls are hard to resist, despite their dark skin tone. Undoubtedly, their huge breasts, dark curly hair, and sexy curves are enough to make you hit them hard. These stunning dolls can be your next best companion in bed and beyond.

Pick Out The Hair Color Of Your Life Size Silicone Love Dolls

Blonde, black, brunette, redhead, and just about any other color of your choice! Regardless, Venus Love Dolls can give your silicon lover any color for the sex doll wig you want.

Fun Blondes: Bring your dirty blonde life size video game sex doll into the bed to satiate your sexual needs. Overall, you can ride, rub, and screw your erection against her hot pussy, nipples, and ass until you’re completely satisfied. And, life size butt sex toy is one of these blonde goddesses.

Glamorous Brunette: Imagine a hot lady – perky tits, gravity-defying curvy ass, and shiny brown hair. Sounds tempting? Buy life size sex doll down and dirty, ready to party between sheets. Certainly, those gorgeous locks of her hair are ready to slip off her shoulders as you fall deeper into her willing body.

Elegant Black: A sensational sex doll head with black hair makes your silicon lover look luscious. Moreover, paired with her full, round boosts and tight pussy, the black-haired lifesize anime doll is ready to give you the fullest erotic experience for the whole night.

Sexy Redhead: Pair up a head of auburn hair with a sensational body to make a true sexual playmate. Hence, every hole of the luscious body of your auburn lifesize chucky doll is tight enough to get you over the edge. Watch her sexy red locks sliding over naked shoulders as you slide into the sex doll’s mouth waiting for on-demand oral sex.

Choose The Material

Fully Silicone: Soft and pleasant to touch, silicone is a great fit for silicon lovers. Also, the Custom silicone life size male sex doll is highly flexible and durable, making it a lifetime companion when cared for well. Realistic silicone dolls boast a highly natural and convincing look and feel true to life.

Fully TPE: TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) is an excellent material for customizable sex dolls. Unquestionably, TPE sex dolls are softer than silicone and more affordable than any other material used for making love dolls. Additionally, TPE lifesize male doll retain their shapes, no matter how hard you get with it. These highly affordable, sexy, and lifelike dolls are ready to submit to any command.

TPE Body and Silicon Head: We can even combine the best of both materials into one to give you a hard-to-resist erotic experience with a boyfriend doll lifesize body. The combination of these two best materials will give you the best experience.

Decide On Body Height

We can also customize life size male sex dolls, medium dolls, and even small dolls for you. Surely, you can choose any height, ranging between 4 ft 7 inches and 5 ft 9 inches. Regardless of the size, all dolls – small or large – will have perfect real-sized intimate details to give you the same pleasure as having intercourse with a real human.

Fixed Vagina Vs. Removable Vagina – Custom Sex Dolls

A removable silicone vagina makes cleaning easy and is suitable for use with a penis adapter. Additionally, you can buy removable vaginas in different sizes for different experiences. However, a removable life size silicone love doll vagina may feel less realistic as compared to a fixed vagina.

On the other hand, a fixed or in-built vagina feels real to touch. You can control the tightness of the vagina by opening the doll’s legs. You can place the lifesize female doll in a container for cleaning. Always maintain your doll clean and hygienic to keep your doll fresh and last long.

Wrapping Up

In addition to the sex doll customization options listed above, you can request anything you wish such as life size sex toys. At Venus Love Dolls, you can shop fully customized babes, life size sex doll torso, luxury dolls, and even male dolls. Certainly, you can shop by brand or price; we help you realize your sexual dreams without costing a fortune.

Dream and build your own definition of a gorgeous love doll with us. Here at Venus Love Dolls, we will make your dreams come true.