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The TPE Sex Dolls

Never let go of your desire and live a life full of sex, love, and companionship while we live in the twenty-first century. A TPE sex doll will fulfill all of your desires without someone bothering you. A lifelike TPE mini sex doll will be your best friend, someone you can cherish and enjoy for the rest of your life.

If you are missing out on the thrill of a sex-filled existence, don’t worry; our mini TPE sex dolls will help you fill your life with joy, lust, love, and so much sex. The nicest part is that these realistic TPE sex dolls don’t come with any problems or regrets that come with being in a real companionship.

We are waiting for you online. Bring home a great realistic TPE sex doll of your dreams today for endless fulfilling nights. Allow yourself to relax after a long day of work, and release the build-up stress.

Cheap TPE sex dolls are significantly less expensive than silicone sex dolls. This is because TPE is a less expensive material to manufacture. TPE has nearly the same qualities compared to silicone.

TPE sexdolls have soft and smooth bodies that make them easy to handle and look incredibly lifelike and human-like. They can also keep their warmth. Because of the elastic properties of the TPE material, it feels like a genuine human when you press it.

What Is TPE?

TPE is an acronym for Thermoplastic Elastomer. Because of its softness and flexibility, it is one of the most in-demand and popular materials for realistic TPE sex dolls for sale. TPE is an excellent material for manufacturing a sex doll’s minor detailed features, such as boob toys, mouths, noses, and labia.

You’ve finally decided to get yourself a realistic sex doll. But you are confused about the best, TPE vs silicone sex dolls? Well, there are two sex doll materials: silicone and TPE.

When you buy TPE sex doll or a silicone love doll, you need to understand these two materials. That way, you can fairly judge which type of sex doll is the best for you.

Sex doll TPE or silicone materialled, each has its particular advantages and disadvantages. In this blog, we will talk about the differences between these two materials. And decide which material will suit your taste.

How TPE Silicone Sex Dolls Are Made?

The manufacturing process for TPE sex dolla and love silicon dolls starts with liquid material. Initially, it has no shape, size, and color. The liquid silicone is pumped through a special set of tubes and promptly put into an injection chamber.

Then, color is added to the liquid silicone to give it a more realistic-looking skin tone. Some people prefer black beauty like black TPE doll. Finally, it is pressed into a custom mold. Once the silicone sets, it turns into a ravishing and beautiful full size silicone love doll.

The manufacturing process for the best TPE dolls starts with a granulated form of TPE. The granules are fed through a special extruder unit and injection chamber. The material goes through a proprietary extrusion and molding process to form the TPE doll.

The process does not sound that sexy; however, it’s the end product that matters. All these tedious processes will result in a new gorgeous life size TPE doll.

And with the current technology, these dolls are not only stagnant flesh but also can make sound and conversation with you. Also, realistic dolls can move and can have warm bodies like real humans.

TPE vs Silicone Sex Doll: Which Is Better?

Best TPE sex dolls dominate the sex doll industry. TPE sex dolls feel realistic, have good flexibility, and are extremely soft. TPE dolls for men bounce back well during intercourse and are cheaper, the reason why the industry trend is geared toward TPE dolls.

The pros of TPE silicone sex doll are less expensive, softer, more flesh-like, and easier to clean. However, they are shorter-lasting compared to Silicone sex dolls.

Cheap silicone love dolls come with advantages as well. Besides also looking realistic, they are heat resistant. Moreover, love silicone doll nude parts can look more realistic than TPE dolls. In the case of TPE dolls, if you don’t know how to clean TPE sex doll properly, molds will grow on your doll.

The pros of silicone sex dolls are more realistic, and last longer compared to a cheap TPE sex doll. However, silicone heads are harder. They don’t have oral capability and are harder to clean.

When it comes to silicone vs TPE sex doll, personal preference is an important consideration. In an ideal world, you want to test them both and come to your conclusion about which is the best, a silicone or TPE doll sex.

If you prefer a very lifelike feel, go with silicone. If you’re on a budget, a TPE doll is the best. There are also silicone and TPE sex doll torso and some dolls like transgender and gay sex toys. Explore your sexual fantasy with Venus Love Dolls and feel free to inquire.

Ultra-Realistic Sex Dolls

Ultra-realistic sex dolls with lifelike bodies have existed for a long time. Over the past two decades, the sex doll industry has grown from producing inexpensive novelty items to realistic TPE doll and silicone dolls, generating a multimillion-dollar global industry.

These expensive high-end, realistic love dolls are also known as TPE companion doll and silicone wives. The purpose of these custom best silicone love dolls is for sexual stimulation, companionship, and creative pursuits like photography.

Nowadays, sex dolls are more accepted in modern society. Manufacturers are developing fully customizable TPE or silicone sex doll, that reflect your dream woman as closely as possible. Newer TPE beautiful dolls can be fully customized to match your wildest fantasies. Markets are allowing for life size silicone love doll to be modeled on real people.

Experts believe that relationships with cheap TPE dolls will be more common over the next decade. This is because technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and robotics will allow this best silicone love doll to think and act like humans. The never-ending technology development will also allow the development of more realistic adult TPE dolls and silicone dolls.

Engineered of flesh-like silicone and modern tori premium curvy TPE sex doll sell from $800 to $8,000 and even higher. And, if you’re looking for ultimate pleasure, we recommend love dolls customized to your taste and sex preferences.


Bring Your Wildest Sex Dreams Into Reality

If you dream of a sexy Japanese silicone love doll or mini TPE sex doll that can hold the dazzle in bed in reality, well, that’s possible! Dream it and let us know. Here at Venus Love Dolls, we customize sex dolls from head to toe. Your wish is our command!

We can customize hair color, skin tone, body shape, body size, height, nail color, makeup, eye color, and many more. The choice is yours! Shop TPE sex dolls here at Venus Love Dolls and quench your thirst for a magical night.

Any Girl You Want!

Do you prefer big lips and big boobs toys, like a curvy TPE sexy doll? Maybe, you enjoy anal sex and want a babe with big booty. Or, you fantasize about the Nubian princess as a sex slave or think about having intercourse with a beddable schoolgirl small TPE doll.

With a customized love doll, you can create your ideal ten. Whatever you want within your grasp – TPE sex doll head, big boobs, hot booty, big pussy lips, you can pound out your perfect girl every day.

With real humans, often change of partners will cause issues and some diseases. This may lead to emotional and health traumas. And surely, this is not the case when it comes to changing your love doll’s face and body.

Any Position, Any Hard!

Do you enjoy hard and wild sex with a BBW TPE doll? With a human partner, reaching your level of satisfaction can involve some emotional risks. Maybe, she doesn’t like hard sex, and your satisfaction always fails. Buy TPE doll to achieve great sexual satisfaction while avoiding hurting your fellow human.

Or, you want to do some awkward positions with a TPE chubby doll or full silicone love doll, resulting in a back-arching orgasm. But again, your human partner is uncomfortable! And, you don’t want to do anything forcefully because this will lead to arguments and guilt.

A custom best TPE sex doll never complains, no matter how hard you are on her body. You can get your rocks off as often and in any way you want. Just feel the pleasure as your real love doll moans with every pound you make.

Replace Her Face When You Want

Are you bored of seeing, kissing, and licking the same face every time you’re engaging in sexual congress with your high quality TPE sex dolls? Well, you don’t need to get a new sex doll. Simply replace her face.

We can change the face of your custom best TPE doll with another dreamy face. So, experience sex with another hot chick. All in all, with a love doll, you can do whatever you want, no matter how dark or fetish your fantasy.


What Parts Of The Doll Can I Customize? All Parts You Wish!

When it comes to customizing your realistic doll, Venus Love Dolls offers a wide range of options to match your sexual preferences with our TPE adult doll. We let you customize your silicon or TPE sexdoll lover in any way you wish. Your satisfaction is our main goal to achieve.

Maybe she’s a full-size schoolgirl or your new busty TPE doll secretary! Wherever your fantasy is, your new TPE doll can take on any role to satisfy your sexual urges. You can choose the head, eyes, skin tone, nail colors, breast size, ethnicity, etc., among many other options like a 100 cm TPE doll, if you like.

Or if you are undecided, you can scroll from our products. We have plenty of beauties waiting for you! You can choose from TPE sex dolls USA beauties to flat chest TPE doll and many more. Sometimes you just have to try to know which is best for you.

The High Quality TPE Sex Dolls

TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer processed like plastic but feels like a flexible rubber material. It doesn’t need any vulcanization or curing. However, it is processed using different plastic manufacturing machines. TPE is the material used in creating TPE sex dolls.

Its process includes injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, and two-shot molding. Due to the flesh-like properties of TPE, realistic TPE sex dolls have a human-like feel to the touch.

In the past, sex dolls were limited to balloon-like figures. Nowadays, technology has created realistic TPE sex doll beauties that can serve your needs better than a human!

What Are the Benefits of Having A TPE Sex Doll?

These days, most sex dolls come in two variants, the TPE or silicone sex doll. But, out of the two, the TPE is the high-maintenance material with low cost and is generally soft to the touch. A sex doll TPE materialled feels exactly like real human beings and is durable.

During the manufacturing process of the sex doll, thermoplastic and elastomer elements are mixed. Thus, results well in molding the doll. Due to this, TPE dolls are both less costly & faster to make resulting in affordability and flexibility, respectively.

Also, the breasts and buttocks of a cheap TPE sex doll will bounce and act naturally when you have sex with your doll. Moreover, these synthetic girls are comfortable in any sex position you desire.

If you own a TPE mini sex doll, you should clean it properly. Because TPE is a porous material. It absorbs dirt and can get stained easily from clothes that bleed dyes. However, if you maintain the dolls and clean them regularly, then you can enjoy your sex dolls TPE babes for years.

Complete Guide to Clean TPE Sex Doll

When you buy a mini TPE sex doll, make sure that you can enjoy it for years. So, to have your sex dolls for years, you must maintain and clean them properly.  Every part of a TPE doll, including the skin, mouth, vagina, and anus, is susceptible to dirt and microscopic organisms.

If not cleaned properly, this may cause low-quality sex & even infection. Therefore, knowing how to clean TPE sex doll babes regularly is necessary. Once you know how to do it correctly, it’s easy.

Tips To Clean Love Dolls

Maintaining and cleaning your best TPE sex dolls needs time. Also, you need a sex doll cleaning kit that comes with every doll purchase at no extra cost.

So, before you start, prepare the essential things for cleaning your love dolls. You will need a soft hairbrush, soap, vaginal irrigator, dry soft towel, and lastly, baby powder.

Here Are Some Basic Steps to Clean a Sex Doll

TPE is a porous material & dirt can easily penetrate it. Therefore, make sure your best TPE sex doll is well-powdered once in a while. You can use baby powder to do the job.

The more you powder your love doll, the longer will last. Powdering your doll may sound like a hassle. However, this simple step rejuvenates your TPE doll sex partner.

Also, you need to clean the orifices of the sex doll for her and your hygiene. As already said, TPE is porous, and dirt & dust can go deeper into it. Thus, damaging the doll and decreasing its lifespan. So, clean and powder your TPE sex dolla occasionally.

Use hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the holes of your mini sex doll TPE babe. This ensures there is no bacterial growth. Now, you may think why infection?

Every time you have sex with your doll, there are biological residues such as pre-cum or semen left behind. These residues are a good environment for pathologic organisms to grow.

Avoid Mold Growth

Additionally, mold might start growing in the cavities, damaging your TPE silicone sex doll. Therefore, it is best practice to dry up your sex doll as much as you can before storing it. Also, do not dry the orifices with a hot blow dryer, as this may cause damage to the skin of the doll.

And, if a TPE sex doll torso has a fixed vagina, it is better to insert tampons for drying. Tampons can also be used in the mouth too, after getting blow jobs.

For general cleaning, soapy water is the greatest & safest to use. It is always more pleasant to have sex with a fragrant & clean partner. Human vs silicone vs TPE sex doll, no one is exempted, all need care and maintenance.

It is not a surprise that these simple steps can induce a big change in your sex quality. Either a doll or a human, who doesn’t want a clean and smelling good companion?

How to Clean Body Parts

TPE sex dolls USA beauty, Asian, or European babes are quite easy to clean. However, because they are made using TPE which is porous, this can be occasionally challenging.

We advise to clean different parts of the dolls each time. This way, you have a routine maintenance plan for your TPE silicone sex dolls. Also, in this way, you can skip the burden of whole-body cleaning.

Showering Your TPE Silicone Love Doll

Above all, I have been asked many times if a user can shower the love doll. The answer is Yes. This may initially sound like the easiest way.

But first, we do not recommend showering the TPE sex doll heads at all. Not only you will ruin the makeup but also it is hard to dry up the water accumulated inside the head.

The makeup of the doll is semi-permanent and can fade away. So, it’s best to avoid excessively rubbing or cleaning her face. Nevertheless, showering the body should be practical as far as you can carry the large TPE sex doll torso to your tub.

High Maintenance Parts of Dolls

The holes of the sex doll, such as the vagina, mouth, and anus, are delicate parts that need cleaning carefully & after each use. By default, a sex doll comes with vaginal douche. Simply, fill the douche with water or hydrogen peroxide & rinse the holes. Remember, clean any used hole regardless of semen presence or not.

A doll that is not clean enough can cause bacterial growth which in turn can get into your urethra causing UTIs. Having said that, anal sex fans can enjoy the cleanest anal sex with TPE sex dolls. There is more chance of getting UTIs from a real human than a sex doll if the anus is not clean enough.

Steps To Clean Male Dolls

Male sex doll is easier to clean. Simply remove the sex doll dildo & wash it up. Besides, male sex doll requires the same body surface cleaning as that of female equivalents.

In the end, for any sex doll, TPE vs silicone sex dolls, it is essential to take care of them. Thus, it will prolong the lifespan, and quality of sex, and most importantly prevent any bacterial or mold infestation.

Things To Avoid When Cleaning Sex Dolls

When you buy TPE sex doll and you want to clean it, never submerge the doll’s head in the water at any point. Also, avoid using abrasive and harsh soaps or any other harsh cleaning products. Additionally, avoid using a hairdryer or any other heating device.

The TPE material is porous, which absorbs stains easily from colored surfaces and clothing. Most stains will dissipate on their own, but some need removing with stain removers.

Bleach or Benzoyl Peroxide in households are safe & easily available products to remove the stains. Make sure to dilute the bleach especially when applied on black beauty TPE sex dolls.

In most cases, you need to leave the bleach for a few minutes to oxidize the dye. Treat the dolls with hydrogen peroxide or bleach to ensure zero molds and bacteria.


Now we have covered some tips to clean your love doll, it is time to store it properly. Regardless of your storage space, make sure there is no pressure on any part of your cheap TPE sex dolls.

Any pressure on the love doll while in storage may damage the doll. It’s best to store your doll in a neutral, straight position so that all its joints are straight and not bent. Alternatively, all manufacturers provide sex doll hooks or storage cases.

A hook is the least costly & most effective way of storing. You need to take the TPE sex doll head off and twist in the hook instead of the head. Then, hang the doll in your closet, the same way you hang your clothes!

The love doll storage case is a good option if you want to have maximum privacy. Many users live in shared apartments and do not feel comfortable if their roommates know about their privacy. Having said that, a sex doll storage box is more expensive than a hook.

The Bottom Line

A realistic TPE sex doll can quickly turn from pleasure to pain if she is not clean or maintained properly. So, follow the proper steps to clean your sex doll to increase her life and use her whenever you want.

It is noteworthy to mention the best practice is to clean your doll RIGHT after EACH use. Do not postpone cleaning the sex doll till you want to use it again. Not only this may result in pathogen growth but also it will be harder to clean up. Dried residues and dirt are harder to remove.

Venus Love Dolls is the authorized dealer of the world’s sex doll brands. Shop TPE sex dolls with us & make your dreams come true. Are you looking for a gorgeous companion? Check out the best and most affordable TPE sex dolls for sale here at Venus Love Dolls!