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When buying your first realistic sex doll you might be asking yourself, “What material do I choose for my life like love doll? Surprisingly, most users do not know the difference. The answer is you have two options, TPE or silicone. Realistic sex dolls made of TPE are good starters and give some wiggle in the flesh & real life. A realistic silicone sex doll has a more lifelike appearance but can be a little more expensive. Additionally, TPE dolls can retain a better shape than that of the silicone love doll. In terms of maximum pleasure, some believe the silicone love dolls offer a better experience overall.

Furthermore, most realistic sex dolls are silicone sex dolls for the fact that silicone present a better texture but not touch. In contrast, TPE sex dolls are more flesh like & have a better hold of penis anally & vaginally.

There is also TPE silicone sex doll which has silicon head & TPE body.  Sex doll heads made hard silicone do not have oral capability, but they belong to realistic looking sex dolls. If you choose to have a full size realistic sex doll with oral capabilities, then soft silicone is your only option.

Recently, Movable Jaw has captured the attention of many love doll enthusiasts. This feature make the lower jaw of the doll movable giving more lifelike blowjobs.

Discreet, Free Shipping Worldwide

All our hyper realistic sex dolls are shipped to you in discreet packaging. In case you do not want the doll to be shipped to your address. We can ship your order to the closet UPS hub for pick up.  With the utmost concern for your privacy and your peace of mind. Also, to our satisfaction and a money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Besides, we update our inventory with state of the art super realistic sex dolls from world’s top brands.

These ultra realistic sex dolls have more than their perfectly spots. Many aspects of these dolls are molded to preferential perfection.

Whether you need more robustness in your realistic BBW sex doll with a bubble butt with exquisitely large boobs. They satisfy your urges no matter how they are!

Venus Love Dolls

Venus Love Dolls offers a comprehensive collection of love dolls. So, anyone can use them without any worries. What’s more, these dolls are easy to store and maintain. All you need is to clean the love doll with a wet wipe two to three times a week.

The best part is that these sexy girls never get tired, unlike women. Having a life like love dolls is a smart and cost-effective solution. You don’t have to spend money on restaurants, flowers, and other courtship rituals to make a girl engage in a relationship with you.

Benefits Of an Ultra Realistic Sex Doll

There was a period that orgasm without sexual intercourse with a human was hard to achieve.  Undoubtedly, times have changed for the sake of science & technology. Nowadays, realistic silicone sex dolls not only can give you continuous on demand orgasm but also a high quality sex that you have always fantasized about.

If you have urge for anal sex but your partner does not like it, this is the time that a hyper realistic sex doll can take the away pain. As you walk on the street it comes on & off. The imagination of the girl that just passed you by. How does it feel to have anal sex with her. As a result, a super realistic sex doll can potentially decrease cheating tendencies.

You can get as freaky as you want in all the positions you can reach. Be it doggy style, girl on top cowboy style, anal, or the classic missionary style. These dolls’ legs and arms will fold easily, and you can hoist their legs above your shoulders.

With these bendy sex dolls, you can go at them anywhere and everywhere. You can have fun in the shower too; as their big butts are a very sexy aspect, you can bend them over tables and couches and get them from behind.

Realistic Sex Dolls for Men

Notwithstanding the above, the same urge can be true for a female. When you think of a realistic male sex doll, the urge to cheat vanishes away! Regardless, it is noteworthy to mention that women have a sense of penis envy. Male dolls can hardly create jealousy for a male partner. But a BBW realistic sex doll could cause envious feelings for a female partner.

Have you ever thought that a husband usually does not mind if her wife has dildos or vibrators but a wife may have different thoughts.

Significantly, the root cause analysis of this feeling goes back to the penis envy theory. Normal female development penis envy transforms into the wish for a man and/or a baby. A female never wants to lose her husband unconsciously! A life size realistic sex doll can possess the penis of the husband.

The solution around this problem revolves around mutual understanding that most realistic male sex doll & realistic pussy sex doll are sex enhancers. They can take way the so called sex boredom which is very common among married couples. Simultaneously, the male partner must understand his partner’s sexual satisfaction is the priority.

Noa – 5’5″ | 165cm

How does one describe Noa? She sure is one fine specimen of a lady. Her look emits an elegant vibe, with her milky, soft skin, bright brown eyes, alluring hourglass body, yet hiding a secret that only you can unveil. You can undress her little by little to know her better and explore her deep within.

You can place her on her knees & then tie her hands back if you are into bondage and fetish stuff. All you need is sex doll accessories like long chokers and handcuffs. If you want to get freakier. Let your pleasure know no boundaries.

Big Lips of a Realistic Asian Sex Doll

The size of a woman’s lips plays a key role in an enhanced sexual experience. The bigger, the better! Men often find a realistic blow up sex doll with bigger, luscious lips more attractive than those with thin lips.

Does this sound familiar? Do you always lust for sucking and licking those massive, fleshy lips? If yes, realistic young sex dolls with big lips are your best bet.

Venus Love Dolls brings you an exclusive collection of affordable realistic sex dolls with big lips. Our lifesize sex dolls feature juicy lips that give intense oral sex pleasure. Our realistic sex dolls for men are made of high-quality material with big lips that take you to an all-new height of physical pleasure. For this purpose, realistic moving sex dolls that are made of hard silicone do not have oral features.

Realistic BBW sex dolls at our store are inviting with eager mouths, delivering you complete oral satisfaction. Though you can make love with them in any way you see fit, you’ll love to spend some time kissing, sucking, and licking their plumper lips.

Victoria – 5’3″ | 162cm

Looking both cute and seductive, Victoria can grant the naughtiest of wishes. As she sits by your side, you won’t be able to take your eyes off her, leading you to adore and worship this sexy, innocent girl in all the right ways. Her skin is soft and silky to the touch, perfect for cuddle nights. With her pure demeanor, you’ll want to somehow teach her some bad things, and she’ll probably not mind. Put her into unique sex positions to heighten your experience with her.

Explore Your Oral Sex Fantasies

Our realistic mini sex dolls with juicy lips are fun for kissing and sucking. Just imagine you see a hot chick waiting at a bus stop, and you can’t get your eyes away from her big lips and boobs. You’ve been eyeing her for some time. Finally, you got a lucky opportunity to talk to her.

You decide on a coffee date, and on the date, you invite her to your home. She turns up in sexy wear that instantly turns you on. You couldn’t wait, licking her lips and sucking her swinging tits protruding out of her sexy dress. You both are set for a steamy sex night. While, this was just an imagination, it can become true with a realistic vagina sex doll.

Mini realistic sex dolls with custom faces can feature lips of any size to your taste. In addition, realistic Asian sex dolls have bigger lips compared with other ethnicities. They feature detailed areola, realistic pussy, and ball joint wrists. Their flexibility lets you enjoy sex in any position you yearn for. They not only look hot in pictures but in real life, too. Realistic black sex dolls with big boobs & lips are ready to release your stress all nights long.

Is Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll Worth It?

Blow up sex dolls in essence refer to balloon like dolls that are disposable. These dolls are much cheaper to buy.  Evidently, realistic ass sex doll can serve your needs for a long time with a quality sex that is even better than that of a human. Additionally, a user can never experience the feel & touch of best realistic sex doll.

Special Features

Men have certain fantasies about a sexy pussy must be. Your preference for vagina may be hard to find & this burden never leaves you alone. Indeed, a realistic sex doll vagina of your preference can fulfil your unsatiated desires.

Men love big lips naturally because they look sexy and appealing. Big lips of a realistic small sex doll can create the focal point of her facial features and arouse any male with any taste.

So, big lips appear sweet and kissable to men. In fact, many top celebrities with plumper lips are famous for this. When you see small realistic sex dolls with big lips, you imagine sucking and licking those massive body parts or getting a deep throat from her.

If you dream of sleeping and have oral sex with juicy lips of realistic Japanese sex doll, we can get her to you. Simply let us know your sex fantasies, and we will carve an alluring babe from you with fuller, red lips. Just imagine you get back home from work to a realistic sex doll pussy waiting for you in the bed, naked and wearing hot red lipstick. Won’t you just jump in the bed and lip-lock while caressing her soft boobs and booties?

Geisha Girls

Geisha belongs to classical Japanese culture. This mysterious and ethereal beauty boasts an unmatched sex appeal. Add some luscious ruby red lips and a super-stylish kimono. These lovely babes are ready to follow your every wish in bed.

We can craft your love dolls as life like as possible, with special attention to eyes, skin color, and sex spots. Our resilient and flexible Japanese sex dolls feature an articulated metal skeleton, allowing you for many sex poses. From rigorous and rough lovemaking to sensual cuddling, she will do all for you.

Budget Friendly

When you think about sex toys, cheap realistic sex dolls are the new IT. And when you think about realistic sex dolls for sale, realistic torso sex doll is the one that fits your budget. These amazing life like love dolls give clients the best experience. Dedicated personnel in research & development have put together the best quality material in such a way that these dolls are visually appealing and sexually appetizing.

No more unfulfilled sexual desires. There is a realistic sex dolla for every fantasy of yours. An amazing collection of lifelike adult dolls which also includes American realistic big vagina sex doll. These love dolls are budget friendly and are the best choice if you are a beginner.

The are made of quality material. Additionally, they have metal skeletons inside of the environment friendly Silicone or TPE material. The joints are flexible, making it easy to bend them any way you want. The realist sex doll is hot to touch, see and feel. even weigh well to give you the feel of a real human body. Now, we discuss some of the most realistic sex dolls 2023.

Linda – 5’5″ | 166cm Silicone Sex Doll

Looking both cute and seductive, Linda can grant the naughtiest of wishes. As she sits by your side, you won’t be able to take your eyes off her, leading you to adore and worship this sexy, innocent girl in all the right ways.

Her skin is soft and silky to the touch, perfect for cuddle nights. With her pure demeanor, you’ll want to somehow teach her some bad things, and she’ll probably not mind. Put her into unique sex positions to heighten your experience with her.

Joy – 5’3″ | 160cm

Having too much urge to have sex with an ebony, it is no problem since you want to own and live out your sexual fantasies. Joy from Irontech Doll is one of the kinds to pursue your happiness.

Joy is the darker version of Indo-Aryan best realistic sex dolls with extraordinary features including mouth, vagina, breasts, and butts. You can enjoy sex with Joy in different poses. She like dogy style anal more any position.

Furthermore, Joy can be easily stored, carried, and cleaned. Therefore, if you want a real life sex experience with a G cup sex doll Joy may be your best friend.

With sex doll realistic, you can enjoy any sexual position you desire without worrying about she is getting tired of her holes being pumped. You can have Joy as the love partner of your dreams at the best price that suit your needs and budget. Whether you are new and just learning or you have used a doll for a long time and want something intense, sex dolls realistic have everything for you. Joy wights 48 kg with full bust of 98cm.

Adrianna – 5’4″ | 163cm

Do you like brunette cheap realistic sex doll to sleep with? If yes, then Adrianna is for you. Brunette sex dolls come in different body shapes and body styles, such as chubby, skinny, tall, and short. The attractive curvy body and flawless skin of these ladies can attract men in minutes.

Brunette ladies are known for their voluptuous figure and higher sex drive. Brunette sex dolls have a variety of body features and chest cups to choose from. The brown hair realistic sex doll ass has a height indistinguishable from human beings and is the best sex partner. Furthermore, she has big boobs and is ready to fulfill your sex desires. The brunette doll will give you a fantastic sex experience.

Order Your Dream Girl Today

Venus Love Dolls is a leading name when it comes to the high quality sex dolls. We have searched the world to find the most realistic sex doll collection with dreamy bodies.  So, explore our selection of realist sex dolls with big feature that can fulfill all your sexual desires.

The Realistic Sex Dolls

Have you considered buying realistic sex dolls online? If your answer is no, then we suggest buying your dreamy sex doll online. Why? Well, that’s for obvious reasons such as endless customization options, competitive real doll prices, and supplementary guides.

Where to get a sex doll online that feels like a real female and can fulfill all your sexual fantasies and fetishes? Fortunately, countless dealers are selling a wide range of cheap realistic sex dolls.

But, if you yearn for an authentic sex experience, you must choose Venus Love Dolls! We are a registered and legit sex doll dealer. So, if you are considering shopping online, the following sex doll buyers guide should help.

Top Reasons to Buy Love Dolls Online

Sexually active people often look to diversify their sex life. Love dolls help bring novelty into the bedroom without a pang of guilt or shame. These super realistic sex dolls can enhance your sexual performance, giving you world-class orgasms.

The good news is there is no to very little stigma around using love dolls. The global sex toy industry is soon to reach a staggering point due to growing acceptance and usage. Despite this, no sales representative will come to your doorstep, offering a variety of sex toys and realistic silicone sex dolls.

Even though there are some brick-and-mortar stores, you cannot get as many choices as you get with an online store. Are you still not convinced? Find below the top reasons for buying your super realistic sex doll online.

An Infinite Range of Sex Dolls

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous cheap realistic sex doll stores online boasting an incredible depth and breadth of the collection. Whether you’re a newcomer or you are someone looking to expand your doll collection, you will still enjoy shopping online.

You will find almost every brand, shape, type, size, and color option with online retailers. Many of these retailers cater to clients looking for high-class and affordable realistic sex dolls.

Maybe, you find more pleasure in kinky playthings than in penetration, or maybe you are a huge lover of anal sex. In every case, you are sure to find realistic sex dolls for sale to have real fun.

Competitive Love Doll Price

Online stores don’t need to maintain a storefront or a sales team. This significantly cuts down their business expenses. In addition, it’s easy to compare services, features of sex dolls, and prices among various online sex doll stores.

You can benefit a lot from seasonal promotions and discounts. With the online option, it’s easy to keep a tab on promotions, discounts, and sales from your favorite shop. That means you may be lucky to get a great price deal on your next realistic mini sex doll.

Buy Without Hesitation [No One Will Know]

Though sex toys are no longer a stigma, many of us don’t feel comfortable talking about the topic openly. You may be too shy to make the leap and walk into a sex toy shop. For such sexually active individuals, online realistic sex doll cheap price stores are a huge relief.

With this option, you can maintain your privacy while enjoying the dreamy love-making experience. At Venus Love Dolls, we prioritize the privacy of our customers. We ship your cheapest realistic sex dolls in nondescript boxes that are labeled only with our address.

Just keep your mail carrier informed, and order about anything! We are sure to keep your little secret. Your children or neighbors will never know you ordered a realistic sex doll.

Lots Of Online Reviews

When you are deciding where to purchase sex dolls, you should do some homework. You must ensure that you get the right doll. And, the best way to start your research is to look for customer realistic sex doll reviews.

Sex doll reviews serve as a great resource, and you can benefit from them when shopping online. Reputed sex doll retailers transparently show reviews from their past customers on their websites. A realistic sex doll review helps you understand what a particular product can do and where it falls short.

Based on these helpful insights, you can find the best and most compatible sex doll for your sexual needs. You will be able to narrow down your options and find realistic love dolls that make you moan.

Flexible Return Policies and Warranties

Most online sex doll stores offer attractive return policies, guarantees, and warranties. Many physical stores and even some online shops may not replace the product, even if it is defective.

Here, at Venus Love Dolls, we offer a 30-day return with a full refund policy on new, unopened products. We understand that an ideal love doll should improve your sexual well-being and health.

So, we add to your overall satisfaction by providing a money-back guarantee, paired with fast, discreet shopping. Besides, ordering your realistic BBW sex doll online means you look forward to having it right on your doorstep.

Are you not wearing pants when it arrives? Better! Be ready to take your realistic BBW sex dolls into your bedroom and enjoy orgasm. No guilt! No shame! Just fun!

Things To Consider Before Buying a Love Doll


We have already mentioned that there are thousands of online love doll sellers. So, it’s easy to find fake, and scammers aimed purely for financial gain. Such scammers provide replicas of realistic sex dolla.

Moreover, they use poor-quality materials for their realistic sex dolls for men that can be health hazardous. At Venus Love Dolls, we take pride in our reputation as a legitimate sex doll seller. We put customer service and customer experience at the top of our priorities list.

Manufacturers And Vendors of Sex Dolls

Note that manufacturers are different from the suppliers in most cases. The manufacturers design and fabricate realist sex dolls. They create the products, from concept to completion.

On the other hand, suppliers or vendors are online stores. Manufacturers approve these sellers to sell their realistic sex dolls cheap and affordable products. In the market flooded with choices, you’ll find good ones and bad ones from both suppliers and manufacturers.

Good Vs. Bad Manufacturer

A good manufacturer focuses on how realistic are sex dolls produced and nothing else. They deal in hundreds of customization options for all types of love dolls. A legit manufacturer boasts extensive industry experience in the production of lifelike love dolls.

They follow global safety and quality standards in producing the most realistic sex doll. In addition, a reputed manufacturer always provides excellent customer support, extensive quality control measures, and a superior product line.

Contrarily, bad manufacturers are inexperienced. They buy a single life size realistic sex doll from a legit manufacturer. Then, they replicate it without any knowledge of fabrication and design.

When you choose such a manufacturer, you end up having an unrealistic doll with no fun at all. On top of that, the quality they use to build the doll can cause harm to your health.

The top signs of a bad manufacturer include inferior quality material, unsatisfactory communication, little industry knowledge, and sloppy craftsmanship.

Good Vs. Bad Suppliers

A good supplier works with a genuine manufacturer. Their sex dolls are backed by a money-back guarantee, and they have extensive industry knowledge.

A genuine supplier is authorized to sell high-end most realistic sex doll brand products. They always prioritize customer satisfaction over making financial gains.

On the other hand, a bad supplier works with a bad manufacturer. They together sell fake and poor-quality realistic inflatable sex doll products for a hefty price tag. You can find them on eCommerce sites.

And, they even have their websites selling fake dolls for cheaper compared to the original manufacturer. Avoid them entirely if you want to get a genuine most realistic sex doll ever!

At Venus Love Dolls, we have been operating in the industry for a long time. We follow a specific protocol when selecting our manufacturers. This helps us ensure that we provide you with the best and genuine and most realistic sex doll in the world.

Price And Quality

We suggest buying a mid-to-high-range sex doll. This helps ensure the best price and quality ratio for new buyers. A mid to high-range mini realistic sex doll comes from a reputed and experienced manufacturer.

It features excellent design, realistic features, safe and non-toxic material, and superior sex spots. The price range generally tends to be between $1,000 and $2,500.

You should avoid buying cheap sex dolls for reasons such as no money-back guarantee and fake or replicated products. Their seemingly realistic ass sex doll is made of inferior and toxic material and short life expectancy.

Also, avoid products with limited quality control, poor workmanship, and no health & safety standards certificate. Additionally, beware of expensive shipping, no or inflexible return policy, and unexpected customs costs for your realistic teen sex dolls. Lastly, avoid products from unknown and/or inexperienced manufacturers.

Genuine sex dolls may be a bit expensive compared to fake products. But you should always choose real and safe things, especially when it’s about a realistic Asian sex doll or any sex toys.

Storage And Weight

You might be wondering what’s the point in looking at this factor when buying a realistic blow up sex doll. But, overlooking this important factor is a mistake.

Love dolls are big. They can feel heavy and bulky, especially if you are trying for the first time. So, you’re advised to always check the weight of the big Amy BBW realistic sex doll – Starpery brand you might consider. Some dolls can weigh more than 50 kg, which is a lot.

However, you have many choices for lighter models, whether you’re looking for mini realistic sex dolls or the most realistic life size sex doll. When you choose us, we can advise and guide you on the weight of the love doll you want to purchase.

Buying a new love doll should be a long-term investment. So, make sure you store and look after it properly to ensure its longevity and good condition. You can store your American realistic big vagina sex doll in the original packaging box or hang it in your wardrobe. For the latter storage option, you need to buy a special hanging attachment.

Other Important Things to Consider When Buying Your Sex Doll

Here at Venus Love Dolls, you can expect a superior quality and ultra realistic silicone sex doll and a realistic TPE sex doll.

Suppliers that only deal in pre-designed models don’t give the flexibility to customize body and skin type as per your taste. So, it’s best to choose the one that offers fully customizable sex dolls.

You can choose the design, shape, size, texture, and even color of every body part worlds most realistic sex doll. Features like height, size of boobs and booties, hair color and texture, skin color, and nail color are customizable. Also, hairstyle, head shape, nipple color and size, freckles, and material: TPE or Silicone is customizable.

Some realistic pussy sex doll has built-in heating systems that make the internal temperature comfortable and realistic. You can also buy specialized heating rods that can be inserted into the anal or vaginal cavity for the same effect.

Also, you can buy realistic robot sex dolls backed by artificial intelligence technology. Such sex dolls come with varying levels of interaction to give you a human-like sex feeling. Additionally, some love robots even feature voice recognition software and touch sensors.

TPE Vs. Silicone Sex Dolls

TPE feels softer to the touch and makes dolls like realistic black sex dolls more flexible compared to silicone dolls. Also, TPE is a good conductor of heat and tends to be the cheapest in comparison with silicone. Since it’s a hypoallergenic material, these realistic dolls won’t cause you any allergies.

However, realistic TPE sex dolls need a higher level of maintenance because it’s porous. Any fluid left inside openings may lead to mold growth due to a lack of proper maintenance.

On the other hand, a silicone doll like a realistic Japanese sex doll boasts more realistic and detailed body features. Also, silicone dolls are easy to clean and sterilize, so they are easy to maintain. Silicone may not feel as soft as TPE does but, it won’t cause any health hazards.

Realistic Or Fantasy

There are two different types of sex doll buyers. First, those who are looking for a companion, and second those who want a companion to fulfill their sexual fantasies.

Heavy hips and massive boobs are common requirements that people seek in custom sex dolls. If you’re looking for wonderful intimate moments every night, a realistic vagina sex doll can make a great companion. These TPE or silicone babes are ready for anything to make you happy and feel satisfied.

Orifices Of Sex Dolls

Another important thing to look into regarding your prospective sex companion is their sex spots. Orifices cover the anus, vagina, and mouth. Every sex doll like a small realistic sex doll features at least one orifice – detachable or non-detachable.

We recommend choosing a doll with detachable orifices. Because these are easy to clean and maintain after having a steaming sex session.

Final Words

Hopefully, you’re now ready to buy your dreamy realistic young sex dolls and fulfill your sexual desires. Venus Love Dolls has compiled these handy sex doll buyer’s guides both for first-time buyers and experienced ones. Try and feel the difference!