Danielle – 5’6″ | 167cm Sex Doll




Athletic American WM Sex Doll – Young Adult with Large Breasts and Blonde Hair

WM Dolls – Danielle – 5’6″ | 167cm Sex Doll

Danielle – 5’6″ | 167cm Sex Doll is a high-end large breasts love doll for those who want pendulous assets. This rare athletic WM sex doll is great because of its fully customizable features. WM Dolls has done an excellent job of creating this fully TPE love doll with hyper-realistic features. 

Her best body feature is the large boobs that has been getting her in trouble since she was 16. Danielle – 5’6″ | 167cm Sex Doll stands at 5’6″ | 167cm in size and features a durable skeleton with realistic movable joints. What does it mean? A lot of exciting and erotic sex poses during sexual intercourse with her. 

You get to customize her with cosmetic stuff like eye color, hair color, feet option, and vaginal option. You can even gorge yourself along with her erect, strawberry-colored nipples whenever you want.

If you love sweet faces and athletic, then Danielle – 5’6″ | 167cm Sex Doll is the top choice for a sexy companion. She was made with the image of a typical American woman in mind. The details and features of her body can be adjusted easily as per your preferences due to her customizable features. She has many advantages for you. One, the athletic body can be adjusted for various sexual poses. Second, you can focus on penetrating her tunnels and your blow job without any distractions. Finally, her smooth skin and features make her feel like having sex with a real American girl.

Danielle – 5’6″ | 167cm Sex Doll is made of medical-grade fully TPE that makes her durable. She is excellent at roleplaying sessions and for making wild love in the bedroom, the living room, the dining room, in the backyard, etc. You can penetrate her orally, anally, or in her well-textured vagina.

Danielle – 5’6″ | 167cm Sex Doll has been sculpted by the leading brand WM Dolls. In addition to her, all our WM love dolls are ROHS and CE certified for safety and quality of material. Choose to shop your WM love doll at Venus Love Dolls to enjoy 100% satisfaction and a money-back guarantee, and discreet shipping worldwide.