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The Realism of Male Masturbators

Let’s admit it – with women sometimes having very high standards of their ‘ideal man’. Not every man can woo his ideal woman. male masturbators are very convenient for this people class. It can also prevent those who would stalk females, instead, just have sex with a full size silicone love doll.

There are those of us who enjoy having sex without condoms and gain pleasure without risking getting STDs. Best male masturbators can give us that endless opportunity of not worrying about these restrictions. Certainly, instances of having STD (sexually transmitted disease) or unwanted pregnancies are eventually prevented.

Furthermore, if you are a fan of anal sex, it is so annoying that you cannot satisfy your urge till you assure partner’s anus is clean enough. Male masturbation toys such as a robot sex doll can serve your wild dreams better that a human.

Are Automatic Male Masturbators Beneficial for Therapeutic Recovery

Surprisingly, believe it or not, male masturbator is sometimes the optimal choice for therapeutic purposes. Indeed, there have been numerous studies about urge masturbations. Likewise, some therapists utilize “Love dolls” to help those who have undergone traumatic experiences and heal them through this transitional process. Professional therapeutic care use a realistic silicone sex doll for these case-to-case basis types of recovery therapy.

With the positive effects already known about owning and having automatic male masturbator, we all still want to know the variety of things we can do with them. Adult sex doll gives us the freedom to sexually do things we might be hesitant to venture with ourselves or with our partners. As a result, here are some specific things you can do in terms of playing and fooling around with these wonders.

Having Hands Free Male Masturbators

The most obvious thing you can do with best male masturbator is of course, to have sex with them. Types range from oral, anal, vaginal, titjob & blowjob; you can do it all with your life size sex toys. With a wide array of possibilities, you can explore your sexual fantasies at any time or situation you desire.

Indeed, having sex with a male masturbating toy is one thing, but being able to customize it yourself is a totally different league of its own. With this ability, you have freedom to distort or conform your toy based on your own preferences that might not be available to you when you only buy one for yourself.

Aside from exploring your sexual fantasies, building your own realistic male masturbator makes you its ultimate master. Through your preferred alterations, you are the only one it can satisfy, to say the least.

Hands Free Male Masturbator – Sex Doll Positions

Sex dolls also allow you to do sexual positions you thought were impossible before. Additionally, for couples, male masturbation toy allows you and your partner to experience new adventures in your sexual escapades. As a result, both of you can improve in your ability to sexually gratify one another with male masturbator toy. Your imagination would really run wild as you become playful in the positions you do with your love dolls.

Sex Dolls as Male Masturbation Tools

Your imagination plays a key importance in your experimental journey with best male masturbation toys. You can go to the extremes in terms of sexual satisfaction. Imagine having a threesome with a big boobs sex doll, there is no limit in the extremeness of what you can do with sex dolls. What is not conventional through normal sex you can achieve with the use of love dolls. Like What? deep anal sex every night.

Surprisingly, the ultimate fantasy for you can be pumping the glory hole of your sex doll booty while your partner is sucking our balls!

Even with our knowledge of the numerous uses as well as the freedom to really do anything with them, male masturbator toys are there for you to utilize correctly. You need to remember their purpose – to sexually satisfy you in the temporary absence or inability of your partner. Nonetheless, in certain situations in life that do not allow you to be with others sexually, solo male masturbators are the best option.

Respect For Your Partner

Crossing the line towards our partners would defeat the purpose of adult male masturbators. Therefore, you and I still need to be responsible enough in the ways and means we use toys to please our sexual needs. More than just owning, having, and using best male masturbating toys, it can be sexually pleasing to understand & be responsible for sexual needs of our partners.

Markedly, remember that silicone male sex toy is there when you need it. However, do not forget your partner around you that can help you as well. Toys and their pleasures, benefits, and companionship can only go so far. It is not bad for you to resort to using best male masturbator toys but let us also remember that you can reach out to your partner who can gratify and satisfy you not only sexually.

Sex Dolls – Top Rated Male Masturbators

Today, you can shop a fuck doll personalized to your sexual desires. Most of the leading sex doll brands give multiple choices of body type – curvy, slender, petite, athletic & pregnant. You can choose hair color, nail color, ethnicity, age, and the size and color of boobs and hips. Do you imagine having sex with a vampire or elves’ beauty as your best automatic male masturbators? Let us know, and we can create it for you.

Indeed, some people may have strange and unusual sexual preferences. Having a customized doll means you can get your new girlfriend the way you dream about it.  Choose between silicone and TPE when it comes to the material of your male masturbation devices.

TPE Versus Silicone

Silicone tends to be a bit expensive but more realistic and softer in comparison to TPE. Both TPE and silicone male automatic masturbators are in high demand these days. However, if you have a good budget, go for silicone options.

Robot Sex Dolls a New Era of Humanoids

In 2006, Henrik Christensen from the U.K. told Sunday Times that people would start making love with AI sex robots within the coming five years. His words seem true today! A lot of top male masturbators belong to the category of robots. Surprisingly, some brands have started introducing intelligent sex robots that could do a lot of things like real human beings.

Unquestionably, sex robots are humanoid automatic sucking male masturbators used for sexual pleasure both solo & partnered. The development of AI robots goes back to 1959 with the foundation of Artificial intelligence.

After 2012, deep learning surpassed all previous AI techniques & after that there was a vast increase in funding and interest. Nevertheless, Development of male auto masturbator is relatively in its infancy stage of research and development.

More and more manufacturers are coming up with advanced developments to bring best hands free male masturbators to realism. As of 2018, the latest models of A.I. sex robots can hold conversations, express different kinds of facial expressions, and remember facts.

Users can choose many exciting combinations of looks personalities, voices, and clothing to sculpt an ideal companion. Many believe that interactive male masturbator is great for sexual and emotional companionship.

Live Your Fantasy

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the male masturbator torso from Venus Love Dolls. We offer a wide range of sex dolls from world’s top sex doll brands. You can choose a sex doll by hair color of your choice. These beauties can give you a fantastic sex experience.