Avalyn – 5’3″ | 161cm Sex Doll




Large Breasts Fully TPE WM Sex Doll – Asian with Brunette Hair

WM Dolls – Avalyn – 5’3″ | 161cm Sex Doll


Are you looking for a realistic sex doll with large breasts? If yes, then Avalyn – 5’3″ | 161cm Sex Doll is a great option for you. This fully TPE Asian sex doll of WM Dolls is ready to give you an amazing sex experience in bed.

The charming face, beautiful eyes, luscious lips, and slender body can attract any man in minutes. Avalyn – 5’3″ | 161cm Sex Doll is a real Asian woman with a realistic vagina and boobs. You can enjoy any sex position with this beautiful WM doll.

Do you know that you can customize Avalyn – 5’3″ | 161cm Sex Doll according to your desire? Choose from options like eye color, wig size, hair color, nipple size, skin tone, and body style. Also, there are options for pubic hair.

This WM sex doll is made from high-quality fully TPE material that makes her look like a real woman and gives you feel of having sex with a real-life partner. Her inner steel skeleton makes her more flexible, and you can enjoy any sex pose with Avalyn – 5’3″ | 161cm Sex Doll.

Lick her pussy, suck her boobs and penetrate deep into her sexy tunnel to enjoy the never-ending sex. She is a good companion that is always up for your sexual needs.

Avalyn – 5’3″ | 161cm Sex Doll has been created by WM Dolls, a leading manufacturer of love dolls. All WM love dolls are ROHS and CE certified for the safety and quality of material used to create them.

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