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Lifelike Silicone Sex Dolls

How would you love your sex doll to be? With sex dolls, you are at an advantage. You can even dig in through the nipples and perform nipple sex as you would love you. You can get all your fantasies and sexual desires true with the help of our sex dolls.

Do you like nipple sex in your fantasy? Nipple sex or nipple play is a practice of indulging in sexual intimacy. It involves heightening your erotic sensation through touching, nibbling, rubbing, or sucking the nipples.

Each of our sex dolls is unique in its way. We try out best to humanize our sex dolls and provide ultimate pleasure to our customers through them.

Under our sex dolls, you can choose from a wide variety ranging in heights of your choice. From 3.11 inches tall to 5.5 inches tall, you can choose the height as per your choice. Not only this, but you can also choose a standing or sitting sex doll.

At Venus Love Dolls, we provide sex dolls of different body styles. You can choose to buy an extra doll head, lingerie set, choose the wig of your choice, choose the eye color, shoulder style, areola diameter and much more. You can even get your favorite sex dolls customized in various ways. We try to understand our customers’ needs to get the utmost pleasure. Thus, we aim at focusing on the small details in our sex dolls that can play a bigger role in providing the best orgasm of your life. We also encourage every person’s individual choice and promote gender equality. Each of our sex dolls is made to provide satisfaction to all genders and not just men. We don’t superficialize our sex dolls and create them differently. We don’t simply focus on creating our sex dolls with no pubic hair. We believe public hair forms an important part of vulva owners and ain’t anything to feel ashamed of. You can choose from no pubic hair, light hair, medium hair to heavy hair. You even have the choice to set pubic hair preference for your sex doll.

Body Style Love Dolls At Venus Love Dolls

You can find sex dolls of all body types. We provide petite sex dolls, athletic sex dolls, to curvy sex dolls. We don’t encourage body shaming of any sorts and aims at creating sex dolls of all sizes. Therefore, we provide various customization options. You can get the breast size of your choice.

To cater to the needs of our customers with different preferences, we provide customization options. Some people find overly big-sized breasts unrealistic, whereas others love to put a hold on a size full of breasts. Keeping in mind each person’s desires, on Venus Love Dolls, you can choose from three breast sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. You can also select the cup size as per your preference.

Body Style Sex Dolls Material

Are you amazed by how realistic and amazing our sex dolls look? Are you also wondering what your body-style sex dolls are made from? We provide TPE and silicone certified by CE and RoHS (Restriction of hazardous substance) to provide a realistic feel to our sex dolls.

Our sex dolls are created by expert artists who do a superb job adding feels to these dolls.

Features Of Body Style Dolls

Are you worried these sex dolls won’t provide the warmth as a human body provides? We know what you are thinking. To enable you to experience the best life with your sex doll, we have a heater option with each of our sex doll. You can get it by spending $100 extra on any sex doll choice.

What’s more? Do you feel turned on with the moaning? Moaning is a positive sign that communicates that your partner is enjoying sex with you. For such realistic feels, are sex dolls can be customized to produce moaning sounds as well.

Free Features On Our Sex Dolls

Everyone loves free stuff. To make sure money doesn’t get into the way of your pleasures, we provide certain free features with each sex doll.

You get a free extra head, a free extra wig, free cleaning kit, a free sex doll lubricant, and a free lingerie set so that you can care about your sex doll.

We provide free water-based sex doll lubricant that is safe to use. You can choose from two options: Astroglide or Wet Original.

For your convenience, our sex dolls also come with a removable vaginal insert that can help you alleviate the pleasure when having proper sexual intercourse. You can even enjoy the pleasure of coming inside your favorite sex doll. 

Sex Doll Names

Another impressive feature of our sex doll is each of our sex dolls is named. Our sex dolls are named according to their personality and body style. Under our body style sex dolls, you can find sex dolls like Thao (she is a 5.3-inch sex doll with clamped nipples), Hisa (she is a 5.3-inch sex doll with J cup size breasts), Thalavi (she is a 5.3 inch standing sex doll with the petite body), Ceanna (she is 5.3 inches tall, nerdy and a sitting sex doll) are some to name few. 

Each of our sex dolls has specific characteristics and unique, just like humans.

Tireless Sex Dolls

Our sex doll never says no to sex. You can get the most of them any time of the day without tiring them out. They are always up for a sex marathon until you get tired and satisfied.

Do you like your girl fully dressed or naked? Either way, our body-style sex dolls can fulfill your wishes. Some of our sex dolls like to dress nicely, while others even love to have braided hair as well.

Kiara, one of our body tyle sex dolls, is 5.5 inches tall and loves to enjoy sex while standing.

Lowest Price Match

Our customized sex dolls are the cheapest in the market. Venus sex dolls provide the lowest price match guarantee provided the comparison is rational and done with the same size, model, and brand.

Venus sex dolls also provide financing options through Klarna financing or PayPal credit. You can pay for your sex doll in installments without compromising with your pleasure.

Why Body Style Sex Dolls?

Body-style sex dolls provide a more humanistic feel. Unlike the ‘nipple sex’ sex dolls and other sorts of sex dolls, these are holistic and are focused on full-body size sex dolls.

You can get them for the skin tone of your choice, choose the labia color as you prefer. At Venus love dolls, we even provide three options for breast types. You can get a solid breast, hollow breast, or gel-filled breast. A gel-filled breast logically will feel more natural as you could squeeze it like any other breast and stimulate your senses.

A hollow breast works well in pressing them as well. However, they may not regain their shape as quickly as the gel-filled breasts.

You can place body-style sex dolls as you wish them to be. You can perform any type of sex position with them. You never know when you will fall for them.

Our highly flexible and beautiful-looking sex dolls will love you for who you are and can be your best companion when you need them.

Benefits Of Body Style Sex Dolls

  Unlike other sex doll companies, Venus Love Dolls customize each of its sex dolls in various ways. You can change the eye color to the hair color to the hairstyle as per your wish.

You can even buy extra wigs and turn your Asian sex doll or blonde sex doll into a new one in no time.

Choices and preferences can change as per sexual fantasies. Isn’t it? With sex dolls, you can get your fantasies fulfilled in no time. You may prefer a bubble butt sex doll one day and a big breast doll the next day.

You may love your sex partner in a corset in one, stockings on some other day or in lingerie on odd days. What may be your wish, you can care and dress your sex doll as per your fantasy and get them fulfilled spot on any time.

You can clean your sex dolls like you would like to take care of your partner after every sexual intercourse. Venus love dolls come with a free cleaning kit that can help shower a bit of love over your sex doll. Who knows, you may find caring for your sex doll erotic and may make love to her all over again?

Satisfy Yourself With Our Body Style Sex Dolls

Want someone to wait for you when you come back home? The body-style sex dolls can be your everything in no time. They are always ready to mingle and provide you with utmost pain and pleasure when you need them.

You can play dirty with them, foreplay with them, enjoy nipple sex, and even enjoy bathroom sex with them. You can even sleep with their presence by your side. Just like for your girlfriend, you can get beautiful kinky clothes for them, see them put on every look beautifully, and even perform BDSM with them.

There are endless possibilities on how you can be sexual with sex dolls.

How To Keep Body Style Sex Dolls?

Body-style sex dolls should be kept carefully for them to last longer. To keep getting satisfied with their presence, you need to keep them cleaned and in an upright position. You can store them in your wardrobe if you are thinking of taking a break.

You can also place your body-style sex dolls in erotic position so that when you see them the next day, you can easily get turned on by their presence.

If anytime you get bored of them, just break up with them for a while to regain the longingness again. Doesn’t the absence make love go fonder?

Fulfill Your Sexual Fantasies

 Have you ever thought of being in a threesome? Venus love dolls are always up for it. You fantasize orgy, and your sex doll would be up for it too. No matter how wild your sexual fantasies go, body-style sex dolls can make them come true with their fantasized look.

You can place them sexually and get turned on within seconds. You can even undress them, lay them down, play with their breasts, have oral sex without fear of getting STIs, and have so much fun together.

Are you feeling too cold on a wintery night? Our sex warm can keep you warm all night. You just have to plug it in for a while to heat it. Unplug it and sleep with it to get a comfortable sleep all night.

With this, we are sure you won’t just look at sex dolls as sex object, but you can also maintain an intimate relationship with them. They can not only fulfill your lusty fantasies and keep you sexually satisfied but also act as a great companion when you need them.

TPE Or Silicone Sex Dolls

Both TPE and silicone sex dolls are safe to use and provide ultimate pleasure. However, silicone sex dolls are more expensive as they provide a more realistic feel and touch. Touching and caressing them feels so much like touching human skin. They are even flexible when it comes to moving them as you like.

Buy Sex Dolls At Venus Love Dolls

Venus Love Dolls aim at having sex dolls more like love dolls. You can make love to them and can also feel loved in return. You can get them according to your height preference. This takes you one step closer to reality.

The high-quality and certified materials used in love dolls provide 100% customer satisfaction. Our love dolls include cutting-edge interior skeletons to provide them with long-lasting durability and toughness. We also provide a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.