We take pride in having so many fantastic sex doll manufacturers. Our dolls range is extensive and new. Our manufacturers put everything into making these sexy real sex dolls and bring our customers the pleasure they deserve. Here we go over some of the best sex doll brands in the global market.

Newer and sexier sex dolls each time you shop with us. The talented designers and determined crews of our manufacturers work so that all your needs will be taken care of by our real dolls. So add spice to your sex life and add pleasure to your minds with our wide range of sex dolls. You will not be left dissatisfied.

Let’s have a look at the top sex doll brands you can celebrate your night with.



Synthetic Life Size Sex Dolls6ye premium sex dolls or amor dolls are one of our customer’s favorites.  Among the best sex doll brands, they are known for the high-quality materials they use to make each of their sexy 6ye dolls. A grade TPE and Silicone material are used in the making.

Each doll is made with careful craftsmanship. 6ye doll heads and their wigs are made manually. Located in China, this company serves sex dolls in countries all over the world. Until 2018, they were the first sex doll manufacturer company to use oil-free TPE materials.

Their skin feels natural and not oily. You do not have to powder your doll. 6ye dolls come up with their own formula to make the skin of your sex dolls. 6ye premium dolls have taken up a new label, armor dolls, to meet their customers’ interests.


Life Size Silicone Love DollsWith their headquarters in Dongguan city, China, these Aifei dolls manufacturing company is one of the most-shopped-at store for sex dolls. They were formed originally in 2011. The high-quality TPE and Silicone dolls that they make are odor free, elastic, and feel like real skin.

Their collection of body types and sizes is also huge. Big breasts Japanese sex dolls and bubble butt white sex dolls, they have all and more. They incorporate newer techniques to make their dolls sexier. As technology grows, they come up with new ways to please their customers. AF dolls also make AI sexbots which will give you more pleasure than any real partner or sex doll ever can.


Realistic Sex Love DollsAmong the best sex doll brands stands YL (Your) sex dolls  which are pioneers in TPE sex dolls. They are based in China and had been creating their own TPE sex dolls since 2013. The TPE dolls are made precisely as per the customer’s demands. These dolls feel like real skin when powdered. YL sex dolls are flexible and can bend in any position due to their stainless steel skeleton.

You can have fun in any position you want. The TPE material is slippage resistant, so you can have her in the bathtub too. The material is heat and chemical resistant, so it can be cleaned easily. These Barbie doll sex will even play as your companions in any way you want. Go as hard or as soft as you want. YL sex dolls gave a wide range of accessories you can choose from. These manufacturers are fake checked, so all the products they make are real and will bring you real pleasure.


Sex Doll Small Boobs

They are one of the most dedicated teams of manufacturers to make the sex doll of your dreams. Se dolls, located in Shenzhen City, China, have been satisfying customers since 2016. They believe in ‘creating’, not ‘manufacturing’. Their team of engineers, artists, and designers take care to see that each doll is fabricated perfectly through each step.

They have 2 main branches, in America and in China. They sell sex dolls to customers all over the world. Their amazing sex dolls and the sexy bodies of each doll will have the customers going just by looking at them. They don’t just create sex dolls. They create art and beauty. All their sex dolls are very visually appealing. They can be used as photoshoot models and lingerie models. They even have an exciting line of sexbots that will pleasure you both sexually and visually.

Se dolls come in all shapes and sizes and can be customized to your liking. Japanese sex dolls will bring you pleasure like no other. You will be deeply satisfied once you are done with these dolls. Their manufacturing process is very complex and detailed. Each Se doll starts from being a design. This is created into a mold that takes at least a month to perfect. After that, the dolls go through at least 80 different steps to become the doll of their desires. Delicate, beautiful details are added in each step by their craftsmen manually. This makes them one of the best doll manufacturers


Realistic Breast Sex DollWm dolls are one of the most popular sex dolls for men. They are located in Guangzhou town, China. They use highly sophisticated techniques to make sex dolls. Their dolls and material are computer-processed, so there is no breach in the quality of these dolls.

They present many accessories like cat eats and chokers, harnesses, and transparent clothes. The advanced technology production process makes the doll’s skin soft and pleasing to touch. Wm dolls are very easy to clean and stored away without fearing tears or harm to their skin. These amazing sexy real sex dolls will let you play with them however you want and will not ask anything or complain about anything in return.


Big Boobs Sex Doll

Irontech Dolls keeps bringing new designs and newer dolls & is among the best sex doll brands in the world. They take inspiration from their customer’s feedback and their wants.  Irontech dolls have male and female sex dolls that will turn you on instantly. These manufacturers have their dolls in series. Their initial series consists of small or mini sex dolls for people who like those types of dolls. These mini-sized TPE dolls are budget-friendly and can be a great start if you are new to the amazing world of sex doll satisfaction.

Irontech dolls Normal TPE series have real life-size male and female sex dolls with all the body characters you like. You do not need to shy away from your kinks here because they can satisfy each one of yours. Their silicone sex dolls series have real sex dolls which feel like real human skin. They have big boobs and big butts, small waists, and thick pussy. You can have fun in whatever way you want. The prices are fit to the material and the doll so shopping will be much easier. They have their slogan as ‘beauty inspired creations’.


Big Butt Sex Doll

Hr dolls specialize in research and professional manufacturing of sex dolls. Their characteristic feature is that they make the faces and heads of each sex doll look unique and different. They pay attention to even the smallest detail, like the eyebrows and forehead width.

Each doll can have a different doll head with different features. You can have the feel of fucking a different person each time you change the head. Hr dolls head and face designs are computer made and made to suit the big boob, big butts, or whatever body feature you choose. Their motto is ‘honesty, quality first’ they make environment-friendly sex dolls, and the material is nontoxic top-notch. You can have unlimited fun with these dolls. Their beautiful faces with doe eyes and thick lips will have you going reckless. You can customize their facial features however you want. Big red thick lips or small pouty mouth, it’s all up to you.


Life Size Sex Dolls For Men

JS dolls are a United States of America-based sex doll manufacturer company. They are located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and are the best sex doll company based in the U.S. If you are looking for budget-friendly but orgasm highly dolls, these are the ones for you. Their dolls are cheap, and the material is good too. They have big boobs dolls which are always customer’s favorites. The sex dolls are of good quality and can be used in any position. Js dolls believe that true orgasmic bliss should not be snatched away from anyone; hence their prices are customer-friendly.  These dolls are high-end and durable. So you can go at it how many ever times you want.


Female Love DollsShenzen Aiersha dolls are based in China and specialize in high-quality silicone best sex doll brands. These sex dolls feel the best under skin. Silicone is a hybrid material. It is warm and resistant to heat and chemicals. You will feel warm inside and besides these silicone dolls. You can even cuddle away with these dolls.

As dolls are resistant to chemicals so you can use any lubricants. Silicone dolls are very luxurious and high-end. As dolls, silicone beauties are resistant to slippage, so you can clean them easily. You can go down on them wherever you want. These silicone dolls are also resistant to tears. So you can store these dolls anywhere you want. There will be no pores or folds. As dolls have an assortment of sexy features you can choose from. Boobs, ass, waist, hip, mouth, and face, every part of them look and feels amazing.


Full Body Silicone Sex DollThey were formed in 2016, but their team of designers, artists, and manufacturers had been in the industry for a long time. They do not outsource the prototype sculptors and mold. Hence their dolls are very original and sexy. They make TPE dolls with normal and platinum TPE also. They scrutinize each and every production step to make sure that all dolls are perfect. The doll’s skeleton is most flexible but also strong. Their production technology is top-notch, so they sold all over the world in only one year of forming. You can choose from a wide variety of sex dolls. Doll forever sex dolls can give you the pleasure you always wanted but did not know how to get. Treat yourself with a sexy babe. She will be waiting for you to customize her as per your liking and take her home.


Fucking Fantasy Sex DollThis manufacturing company is located in many countries like Taiwan, Japan, and China. They specialize in AI dolls, sexbots, intelligence dolls and silicone sex dolls. They have been around for more than 9 years. Sino dolls use high-quality platinum silicone material to make their dolls. The material makes them safe to use and will also give you high stimulation. Their vision is “professional, but only because of concentration; experience, from the real” These silicone beauties are smooth to touch, elastic, and very durable. Their Japanese sex dolls are their best sellers as they are soft and delicate.

These and more are the doll brands we vendor. We are the certified vendors of all these sex doll brands. We guarantee there will be no broken arms or limbs, no product displacement, and no different product delivery. Each of these dolls will come perfectly as you pictured them. Our customer’s satisfaction is our and our manufacturers’ main goal.

We will ship these dolls in discreet boxes with tight packaging but such that no one will know what is inside except you. There will be no obnoxious labels. All these doll manufacturers give manuals on how to clean and store your sex dolls. There will be cute and hot accessories for your dolls too. Each one of these brands works and produces impressive top tire dolls. You will have no complaints about the pleasure and orgasms you feel. Each doll is made of standard and strong materials, so you can go as rough as you want in whatever position you want, for however many times you want. We have presented you with endless possibilities. It is now up to you to make them even more mind-blowing. Customize your dolls and have fun with them as you want.