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An Exclusive Guide for An Amazing Sex Doll Brand, Starpery

Do you love your sex doll, but want to make her look more attractive? If yes, then a Starpery doll is something you need to know about. For many sex doll lovers, the Starpery adult doll is not an inanimate object or toy. The truth is, it is more than that.

They consider Starpery sexdolls as their companion, a character of their fantasy world. Therefore, men usually treat these Starpery ladies with love like real-life partners. Most men share their feelings with dolls like Starpery babes and even dress them up according to their dream girl.

Some also use cosmetics, new lingerie, jewelry, or temporary tattoos to add personality to their Starpery sex dolls. If you want to enhance the beauty of your lovely Starpery darling, then this doll’s makeup guide is for you. Let’s take a look and expand our knowledge and creativity with Starpery models!

Basic Knowledge of Makeup

First of all, you should understand the basics of makeup to improve the appearance of your Starpery babe in the right way. When you buy a Starperry doll on Venus Love Doll, you will find that the skin feels like a human.

Change the appearance of your Starpery babe using different colors of lip glosses, eye shadows, blushers, and other beauty products. Do not be afraid of experimenting with makeup. Below are some tips to make a Starperry sex doll look sexier.

Tips On How to Make Your Starpery Lady Look More Attractive

First, take a good makeup remover, moisturizer, or cold cream on cotton. Spread it on the face of your Starpery darling and gently remove the previously applied makeup. It would be great to purchase a makeup remover specially made for Starpery TPE or silicon doll.

While using the remover, ensure that you pull back the Starpery doll’s hair or remove the wig to avoid any damage to her hair. Then, focus first on the areas like eyebrows, lips, and eyes. Later, work on the cheeks of your Starpery sexdoll.

While applying a base, don’t go all fancy. Instead, apply minimum cosmetics that make you feel confident and good about your Starpery love doll. Also, use an eyebrow pencil gently and fill the light eyebrows to make them look slightly thicker and darker.

After the eyebrow pencil, apply mascara on the eyelashes. It will enhance the eyelashes and make a Starpery babe look extremely sexy. Also, use a powder blush to sharpen the cheeks of a Starperry babe.

Then, apply the lip color of your choice Starpery sweetheart. Lipstick will make the lips of the Starpery darling look luscious and you will love to kiss her for hours. And finally, use makeup spray on her face. It will help to make the makeup last longer on your Starpery lover.

What Type of Makeup Is Safe to Use on Starperry Dolls Made With TPE?

TPE is a high-quality material used to create Starpery beauties, which is toxic-free and causes no skin reactions. When you buy a TPE doll, you will find it very soft to touch like a real lady. Most regular makeup products are safe on Starpery sex doll TPE materialled.

Sometimes, it is more about selecting something safe for you. So that if you are going to kiss or suck your Starpery darling, both of you are safe. You do not have to spend a fortune on branded makeup products for your Starpery doll.

Further, you can purchase regular doll makeup products from a departmental store, doll store, or local pharmacy to save money. However, make sure to use only powder-based makeup rather than liquid or oil-based cosmetics on Starpery TPE dolls.

Powders are easy to manage as you can apply them a little at a time and build them up with a brush. Whereas, oil-based pigments or liquid products often leave stains on the skin of Starperry sex dolls. In addition, avoid using fluorescent materials, sparkles, or glitters. They are difficult to remove from the Starpery heads.

Jewelry And Other Accessories to Enhance the Makeup

Incorporating jewelry into the look of your best realistic love doll like the Starpery Ursula doll is always an excellent idea. Jewelry items, temporary hot tattoos, and other accessories make your Starpery babe look sexier. The following are some simple items you can use for your adult doll such as the Starpery Hedy doll to give her a personality.


Earrings are usually in the field of your vision while you talk to your beautiful Starpery companion. So, they are really important for enhancing sex doll makeup.

Choose earrings that compliment her hair, eye color, and skin tone. If your sex doll has long hair like Starpery Natalia, select the color or metal finish. Thus, making it most likely visible depending on her hair color.

You can easily make changes to the look of your Starpery babes by making them wear various small stud earrings. Or, add some movement and sparkle by simply making them wear dangle earrings depending on their clothes.


Necklaces are another good item that draws an eye to the Starpery doll’s face like that of Starpery Rozanne. There are necklaces with different shapes, colors, or textures available that will work a treat. It is not necessary to stick with silver jewelry, gold jewelry, or rose gold jewelry.

Instead, make your Hedy Starpery babe wear necklaces with pendants contrasting the color of a chain. With this, you are adding vibrant color and interest to their outfit.

Do not shower your lovely Starpery honey with expensive accessories or jewelry items. Instead, you can buy some colorful costumes or jewelry from the local shops for love dolls like Starpery Amy.

In this way, you can save some money and buy enough to complete the looks of your Starpery dolls. While making the Starpery lady wear makeup, jewelry, or other accessories, make sure your Starpery adult dolls look the way you fantasize.

In addition, you can also make your Starpery babes wear some kinky items to make them look amazing. Outfits like a vixen for the night may also do for the Starpery BBW dolls. For instance, whip necklaces, bangle handcuffs, collars with leashes, and vibrator necklaces are some jewelry items for a pleasurable experience.

Makeup According to The Skin Color of Starpery Dolls

When you wander around the cosmetic aisle to buy makeup for your Starpery honey, purchase products according to skin color. Purchasing the right shades will help beautify your Starpery doll’s complexion.

Whereas the wrong bronzer, concealer, foundation, or blush can give an unnatural and caked look to sex dolls like Starpery Iris. So, let us know more about what complexion goes with which makeup colors for your Starpery darling.

African Love Doll

Due to hot and humid temperatures, African ladies usually have dark skin tones. The sight of an African woman with makeup seems like seeing a chocolate bar covered with honey syrup. And that’s what we want for our Starpery babes, too.

So, with the right makeup, you can make the Starpery African sex doll look simply mind-blowing and beautiful. The following are some makeup ideas for African beauty sex dolls.

Play With Bright Colors on Their Eyes

Play safe with African sex dolls Starpery beauties. Go for nude or bright shades or eyeshadows. Bright eye shadows are perfect for a dark-skin-toned Starpery doll. Try yellow, orange, red, or purple shades of eye shadow.

Make sure to combine them properly while giving a transition eyeshadow look. Cut crease eyeshadows look graceful on dark-colored African Starpery sex dolls with bright colors. In addition, use mascara and draw winged eyeliners whenever you apply bright eyeshadow shades.

Use Right Foundation Shade

Create flawless makeup that blends with the skin of the Starperry African sex doll. First, use the right foundation to give a finished look. Second, define their face by using a concealer. Finally, apply a shade darker concealer to contour the jawlines of your Starperry doll.

Apply Dark or Bold Lipstick

Bold and dark-colored lipsticks look better on dark-skinned Starpery African love dolls. It makes the black Starpery babes look fierce, confident, and sassy. For removing makeup use moisturizer or warm water with a soft cloth.

Asian Sex Doll

Starpery Asian skin-toned love dolls have a unique facial structure. Learning the makeup tips for Asian-looking Starperry dolls can be a bit complicated. You can take the help of makeup tutorials available online to make Asian beauty sexier. Below are some makeup tips for Asian sex dolls Starpery beauties.

Know Skin Shade and Don’t Be Shy of Eyeliner

This makeup tip is for all types of Asian Starperry sex dolls. First, know the skin shade. While choosing a foundation, primer, and concealer. Don’t apply a foundation that is too dark or too light.

Further, use a shade that matches flawlessly with the Starpery babe complexion. Though Asian beauties are afraid of wearing intense eyeliners, Starpery Asian sex dolls look good with winged or graphic eyeliners.

Avoid Pink Color

Most Asian females have yellow skin undertones, so they avoid wearing makeup with an abundance of pink undertones. Pink clashes with their natural yellow skin undertones and looks bad. Similarly, with Asian-looking Starpery babes, avoid using makeup with pink undertones.

Try Light Skin Makeup

Asian Starpery dolls have smooth skin, so do not cake them with powder or foundation to get a glowing face. Instead, avoid using too much makeup to retain their natural beauty. Simply make the Starpery babe wear a tinted moisturizer and set it with powder.

Use Purple Blush

Asian beauties can pull off purple blush beautifully because of their unique skin tone. So, apply blush with slightly darker purple or light lavender undertones for Starpery doll makeup.

Try Monochrome Eye Makeup

Usually, Asian women do not have eyelid creases. The same goes for Starpery Asian sex dolls. So, it isn’t easy to apply or blend complex eyeshadow looks on Asian-looking Starpery sexdolls successfully. However, you can eliminate this problem by trying monochrome eye shades.

American Sex Doll

Starpery American sex dolls usually have skin tones ranging from one end of the color spectrum to the other. So, you can follow the same makeup rules as women of different ethnicities.

The following are a few essential makeup tips for Starperry American sex dolls to make the most of their beauty. Choose base shades from light to dark as per the skin tone of your life-size Starpery babe. It is a trick to avoid an unattractive ashy undertone.

For Starpery dolls with clear skin, use concealer under the eyes to hide their dark spots. Then, apply a light dusting powder or baby powder to achieve a natural look. Also, dolls like Starpery with deep complexion can wear bold shades.

Shades including bronze, gold, fuchsia, orange, or silver base may do. Focus on the best features to draw attention and leave the rest of the face of the Starpery heads neutral.

Accentuate the eyes of Starpery babe by using an attention-getting eyeshadow with two to three coats of mascara. Also, you can line them in Cleopatra-style for a beautiful and dramatic effect. Lastly, apply a bright shade of lipstick on the lips of the Starpery babe, followed by lip gloss.

European Sex Doll

European ladies have white skin stone and beautiful eyes. If you want a European doll for your sex life, then you can make her more attractive with makeup. The following are some tips to achieve the perfect European look on your Starpery dolls.

Contouring and Eyebrows

Contour properly to achieve distinctive sharp features and jawlines like European Women. Spread the foundation and bronzer together to make the skin shade look more natural. Apply mascara to the front of the eyebrows of the European-looking Starperry sex doll to give a stronger and more authentic look.


Use white eyeliner underneath the brows of the Starpery beauty and blend it out to highlight its brow area and brow bone. Then, use a brown lusher for a toned-down look. Finally, use an illuminator on the eyebrows, forehead, and chin of the Starpery sexdoll to give a dimensional look.

Accentuate Lips

If you want to apply nude lipstick, use a concealer on the lips of your Starpery darling. Then apply nude color lipstick to make the Starpery doll’s lips look fuller to fulfill your sexual fantasies. When not in use, remove makeup with a soft cloth and makeup remover and store the Starperry doll in a safe place.

Love Doll Care: Cleaning and Maintaining Your Lovely Doll

Cleaning your love doll like the Starpery Julie should be a top priority after each use. This will ensure a longer life span for your Starpery sweetheart and keep your experience as sanitary as possible. Remember, make cleaning your doll part of your routine each time you take her out for a sensational joy ride.

How To Care for Your Sex Doll

Cleaning and maintaining dolls like the Starpery Kelly and other models are easy. We at Venus Love Dolls team recommend you use antibacterial soap and water to clean the cavities of your Starpery babe. Additionally, you can use Smart Vaginal Cleaning Set for thorough cleaning of the Starpery doll’s cavities.

Storing Your Sex Doll

To store love dolls like the Starpery Lia babe, choose a dry area. Also, do not expose the doll to high temperatures or constant light. These factors will cause degradation to the exterior of your Starpery sweetheart. Take measures to keep your investment looking fresh, so that, love dolls like the Starpery Lubby can please you for years to come.

As a bonus for your loyalty to Venus Love Dolls, we include complimentary storage hooks. Thus, this makes stowing your synthetic Starpery sweetheart a breeze.

Hanging your lovely Starpery darling on the included hook will ensure the doll’s safety. With this, no part of its body comes in contact with materials that will cause it to flatten. Also, dolls like Starpery Mira hanging on the hook won’t change shape, or otherwise become morphed by a foreign object.

If you’re unable to hang your doll up, the most effective way to store your doll is on its back. Lay the doll like the Starpery Rong model on a memory foam surface, with legs and arms slightly apart. Be sure not to lay heavy objects on your Starpery darling. Heavy objects could result in dents and impressions that could deform the body of the Starpery babe.

Sex positions with sex dolls

Let’s face it, sex isn’t as exciting without the best sex positions. These sex positions make your wildest dreams possible! And with the right doll, maybe the Starpery Saner model, you’re surely in for an experience doing every sensual position.

Today, we’ll learn some of the best sex positions and how you can do it with your Starpery sweetheart. There are so many different positions you should try with your Starpery sex partner.

We’ll start our list of sex positions with the common ones, which you can do with your Starpery darling. As we move along, we’ll get more experimental and wilder with the positions that you can try with Starpery dolls. So, better stay with us until the end so you won’t miss out. We have exciting sex positions in store for you today!

Missionary Position

The missionary position is the most realistic sex position you can do with a doll like the Starpery Sarah. It is the default sex position you initially see in porn videos that secure a sure penetration. It’s realistic enough to count as the first sexual position you’ll experience in your life!

Liberated Missionary Position

Much like the first position, for this sex position, let your Starpery Ros babe spread her legs. With this, you can do deep penetration, and pump as much as you do.  You’ll feel more liberated in blowing your hot juice inside your lovely Starpery darling.

Unlike the normal way, this position can be done even without lying on the bed. Be experimental with your Starpery babe. Do it on unusual surfaces to add that much-needed tension to heat your love-making.

Doggy Style Position

Have sex with your Starpery Ursula sex doll with this famous sexual position. Place your doll in a bent-over position as you thrust your hard manhood inside her tight hole, pumping harder as you go.

This doggy-style position can be done on the bed or bent over a wall. Also, on the floor with only chairs and pillows that support the body of your Starpery babe. Do the doggy style and make your stick go deeper and deeper in your thrusting.

Just spread the legs of your Starperry sweetie, enough for you to do your thing and thrust your hearts out. Pump until your manhood can no longer hold it and finally explode down the legs of your Starpery babe.

The doggy style is one of the famous positions and provides the best sex experiences for both people. Experience deep penetration with your Starpery darling in the doggy style.


Now, this intimate position is popular for those who want to have a good time but are limited with either space. Or, if you want to do the thing and you’re in a crowded space. Don’t worry, spooning with your Starpery torso doll can work still in your favor.

Just make your Starpery babe lie on her side and ‘spoon’ your way through her vagina and lie sideways as well. Be careful with your thrusting, or you might wake up the sleeping peers you have around you.

Standing Sex

This position allows you and your Starpery doll to stand against the wall as you have intimate sex. Lift one leg, assuming her legs stretch that far. Then, let the body of your Starpery babe thrust its way up and down with your shaft. And then, explode all the manhood you’ve been keeping inside of you. What a culmination indeed!


This realistic sex position is probably the first position you tried with your Starpery sex doll. Who wouldn’t? This position is a sexy stimulation of fantasies and desires rolled up into one sex experience you’ll remember in your lifetime!

Throw your Starpery doll’s body then reverse it. With the Starpery Ros head facing your hard pumping stick, while you get ready to lick your heart out.

Horizontal 69

This style of sex position can make you have sex against the wall or at the surface of the bed. As your Starperry doll lies on her side, you do the reverse.

Your stick thrusts inside her mouth while your slippery tongue makes its way inside her deep and tight hole. Starpery beauties don’t complain, so, this can truly turn out as rough sex as you explore new sex positions.

Cowgirl Position

This real sex position is famous for men who want their women to do all the pumping. Watch as your Starperry babe goes up and down, riding on your hard stick. With her hole rubbing its way, like a fun ride in the carnival.

Lie in bed as your Starpery darling makes her way as you get ready to explode. Balance the body of your Starpery doll well, so you two can be in sync in your thrusts and pumps. Then, let it all out when you can no longer hold yourself so as not to explode.

Reverse Cowgirl Position

This position is only the reverse version of your doll’s earlier sex position. This time around, you have her facing the reverse side, hence the term for the position. Hold the body of your Starperry doll in a sexy way as you make your way up and down.

Inside and out of her tight hole, thrust your heart out until you finally explode your manhood through deep penetration. Reverse cowgirl is a famous position mostly discussed in the Starpery doll forum.

Lotus Position

Have an intimate position with the Lotus position. Sit and then let the Starpery torso of your doll sit as your stick penetrates her as she sits on you. Thrust and feel the real woman in your silicon darling. Have a version of the missionary, only this time around, both of you are sitting.

The Eagle Position

Have sex with your Starpery babe using this position. It’s just a spin-off of the missionary. However, your Starpery TPE doll darling lifts her legs upward as you pump and grind her all the way.

It’s to your advantage since your Starpery darling surely won’t get tired even for hours of her legs spread out. The Starpery doll won’t have cramps staying longer in an upward position, so make the most out of this situation.

The Flat Iron Position

This case is when your female partner gets tired, well in this case since your sex doll won’t get tired. Just do this position for pleasure’s sake. Let the Starpery doll lie in bed or on any surface you’ve chosen.

Put to the side squeeze your stick inside the hole of your synthetic lover, and do your thing. When having sex with your Starpery babe, this can also be a convenient position for you in the long run. Keep thrusting!

The Table Top

This is more of a location change rather than a sex position itself. Using the surface of a tabletop, spread the legs of your Starpery Ursula doll like a missionary. Then, thrust your way toward orgasm as you penetrate deeper and deeper into your Starpery honey.

The Wheel Barrow

Imagine your Starpery Hedy doll as a wheelbarrow, the legs of the Starpery babe are the handle of the wheelbarrow. Place her body on the bed and let her legs fly as you thrust your manhood inside her. Do it while your hands still holding the legs of your Starpery darling up high. Now, can you imagine a wheelbarrow yet?

The Helicopter

Now, as a disclaimer, this sex position would require upper body strength. Lie down with your stick hard and then insert it inside your Starpery Natalia doll.

Then, like a helicopter’s propeller, spin your Starpery darling around. With your manhood still inside her, thrusting as you spin her around. Quite an experimental position, right? Well, you’ll know it’s worth it once you try it with your Starpery babe. Come on, try it now!

Ballet Dancers

Either supporting the body of the Starpery babe or placing her in her doll stand, both of you will have to stand. This is much like a ballet dancer pose. Then, lift one leg of your Starpery Rozanne doll using your arms, and suspend it momentarily in the air.

Like how ballet dancers do it while dancing, but you are thrusting against the wall. With this, you’ll have the most realistic sex you can achieve as one of the best sex positions you’ve had.

The Bridge

As we said earlier, the more we get deep into this list, the more experimental and wilder the positions get. This one is no exemption. Bend your Hedy Starpery doll, with her head behind facing the floor, and her body, legs go upward.

Now, position yourself on top of your Starpery babe. Insert your stick, creating this bridge image as you do some deep penetration with your irresistible Starpery babe. Another new sex position worthy of the name, and worthy of being in this list.

The Spider

This sex position requires you to kneel, then using your upper body strength, lift your Starpery honey and thrust upward. With the legs of the Starpery Amy doll over and behind your shoulders, as you pound her heart out.

Quite complicated, right? That’s why it’s called “The Spider”. So, go figure it out and have a memorable sex capade with your flexible and seductive Starpery honey.

The Corkscrew

This sex style would require you to stand up and go behind your Starpery BBW darling. As she lies horizontally on the bed, you pound her with realistic sex. With her laying straight, just receiving all your pounding.

This might not be the best sex you’ll ever have with a Starpery babe. However, doing a forty-five-degree bend can save you effort and energy, while still giving that same old sexual pleasure.

The Caboose

While you sit on the bed or a chair, back your Starpery Iris doll into your lap. You’ll be spooning each other while seated. You cannot see your sweetie during this endeavor. This means, fantasizing is easier and can add to your sexual pleasure and excitement.

The Leapfrog

This sex style imitates how frogs have sex. With this, your bodies will somewhat look leaping toward one another, much like a cowgirl but instead, it’s a leapfrog. Your Starpery Julie doll and you can have sex against the wall bending your arms and thighs behind your darling. Then, both of you stand and wait for that much-deserved orgasm.


This style of intercourse lets the female, in this instance, your Starpery Kelly doll lie back. Then, both of the legs of your Starpery babe are resting on each of your shoulders. Thrust your way fast so you’ll still have the energy needed to reach that sexual climax and explode all over.

Pretzel Dip

Much like a pretzel, entangle both of your thighs, yours and your Starpery Lia doll as you thrust your way inside her. Thus, clasping each other’s body heat as you peak and reach climax. This sex style may be exhausting, but we all know it’ll be worth it. Especially, with what’s in store at the end of the sexual activity.

The Valedictorian

As we reach the climax of this list, we reach the sex style closely resembling the top of your class. Aptly named, stand and lift your Starpery Lubby doll. Also, use all your upper body strength, and push your Starpery babe up and down your stick. Curve her body much like a ball, with her hole penetrated by your manhood.

Another experimental way of intercourse, but one that’s worth it. You may be familiar with this one since this is also popularly used in porn and adult films. Quite the honor, right? Enjoy your top spot with your top Starperry doll.

What You Can Do with Your Venus Love Dolls

After knowing the possible positions, you are free to do it all with your intimate Starpery companion. Now, it’s time to appreciate what you can do with your Starpery dolls. Thus, making the features align with the sex ways, shapes, and forms we’ve listed for you today.

Knowing what else you can do with your Starpery realistic sex doll broadens your imagination. Thus, allowing you endless possibilities in terms of the pleasure you can get with your Starpery sexdolls.

It’s like maximizing the resources you have to work to your advantage. In this case, your love doll, a Starpery beauty is your resource. Therefore, doing everything you can do for our Starpery babe will maximize your pleasure and overall experience together.

Customize Your Starpery Babe

Having sex with an irresistible doll like Starpery is a thing. However, being able to build them yourself is a different game. With this ability, you are free to mix and match all your desired features to your dream Starperry doll.

Select the features based on your preferences. What you want might not be available to you when you buy a readily made one. So, if you want a Starpery 174g partner, why not?

Explore your fantasies, and build your love dolls. Make them the most beautiful creatures in your eyes. So, if you decide to have a Starpery doll: the 173g, then have it.

After all, you are its ultimate master. Through your preferred customizations or alterations, such a beautiful creation is possible.

Make Your Preferred Starpery Sex Dolls Capable of Certain Sex Positions

Dolls also allow you to do positions you thought were impossible before. For couples, intimate dolls like Starpery allow you and your partner to experiment. See if a certain position will be effective, or positions not in your sexcapades.

Thus, improving both of you in your ability to pleasure each other sexually. Run your imagination wild, and become playful in the positions you do with your Starpery doll.

Extremities With Starpery Dolls

Your imagination plays an important key in your experimental journey with Starpery ladies, you can go to extremes. Your desired position is up to you, having a threesome with sex dolls, there is no limit to the extremeness of what you can do with these dolls. What is not commonly done during sex, you can achieve those with Starperry sex dolls.

Know Your Boundaries, There Is No Absolute Freedom!

Now, being knowledgeable of the good effects, uses, benefits, and as well as freedom of love dolls, still utilize these dolls correctly. You need to remember the purpose of Starperry dolls, which is to sexually satisfy you. However, the appropriate mindset and self-discipline are needed to properly use love dolls like Starpery.

Crossing the line, and doing ungrateful and disrespectful acts towards other people will lose the purpose of Starpery dolls. And, as well as the freedom to experience a lot of good things with these dolls will be forfeited.

So, you and I still need to be responsible human beings. We must not offend others in the ways and means we use the Starpery sexdolls to pleasure our needs.

More than just a love doll owner, one can be sexually pleasing and attractive if one behaves in a good way. Thus, that will show respect and humanity towards others, amidst our wild imaginations, preferences, and extremities with Starpery sex dolls.

Final Words

Intimate dolls like the Starperry dolls are all about your fantasies. So, you can give an alluring look to your darling with beautiful doll makeup. With the help of the tips discussed here, you can easily make your Starpery lady look more attractive and charming. You can shop for a quality Starpery babe that looks more beautiful with additional makeup.

Also, remember that dolls like Starpery dolls are there when you need them. But also, do not forget that there are people around you who can help you as well.

Dolls like Starpery sex dolls can give pleasure, benefits, and companionship. It is not a bad idea for you to resort to using Starpery beauties. But remember, that you can reach out to people who are important in your life.

These people can gratify and satisfy you, maybe not sexually like Starpery ladies do. But, as a human being part of the family and in this society as well.