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The YL Doll

In 2013, YL Doll started manufacturing high-quality realistic love dolls. YL sex dolls are made using TPE material that makes the skin feel of dolls close to human skin. Thus, feeling soft to the touch and durable enough for your enjoyment.

The company also produces a variety of customization options for their love dolls. This is for the creative ones who want to design their ideal YL love doll sweetheart.

Want your doll to have Western Western-looking features? You can customize her hairstyle and eye color to achieve perfection. As for the aesthetics of your YL sex doll, you can dress her up and have her nails all prettied up.

Also, you can choose between solid, hollow, and gel-type breasts to have the best squeeze. The color of the vagina is also customizable. Also, as well as the amount of pubic hair that you want for your YL Doll is available for customization.

There’s also the added feature for inserts if you’re into pegging. So, if you want to be pegged by your YL doll 140cm tall babe, that’s possible. Additionally, body heaters and moaning options are available if you want to take your experience to the next level.

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The sex doll industry is booming, and YL Doll is a top manufacturer of realistic love dolls. All these dolls are made of high-quality material and offer an excellent sex experience to users.

Dolls of this brand like their YL doll 141 cm tall model are anatomically correct, including the vagina, breasts, wig, skin, and mouth. Further, they are designed to look and feel like real humans! New faces, different bodies, and new features of YL Doll are appearing on the market regularly.

Let’s Know Everything About YL Doll

YL Doll is one of the best manufacturers of sex dolls in the market. The company is based in China and produces premium-quality lifelike love dolls.  Since 2013, it has been creating high-end sex dolls.

Also, the company is committed to staying true to the highest standards for quality. YL Doll always endeavors to comply with the National Health and Safety Standards.

Furthermore, YL Doll is continuously researching and developing its products. Thus, always improving and is regarded as one of the frontrunners in the market. With this trusted brand, you can only expect better quality with every new manufacturing of love dolls.

YL Doll specializes in many forms of adult toys, female sex dolls, and mannequins. The skin of sex dolls is smooth to the touch and feels like the skin of real humans. Further, these dolls are highly flexible to use in any sex position day and night.

The highly skilled and professional team of YL Doll consists of excellent designers and production workers. The company offers excellent customer service as well. So now, let’s find out more about this amazing brand!

What Are Sex Dolls Made From?

YL sex dolls are made of safe, stretchable, and medical-grade TPE material. It is safe for human skin and causes no allergy to you. Further, TPE is a non-toxic material that makes it safe to lick the sex doll’s butts, nipples, pussy, and lips.

There are many benefits to owning a YL sex doll. For many, the most important feature of these dolls is a realistic texture. With lifelike texture, the squeezable breasts of TPE sex dolls jiggle and shake with your every movement.

Additionally, the TPE material is soft to the touch and gives you the feeling of having sex with a real human. The pussy of TPE sex dolls feels like a pussy of a real female. Also, you feel great joy while pressing the realistic boobs of the TPE love dolls of YL Doll.

In addition to realistic skin, YL sex dolls have a flexible skeleton that offers the freedom to pose the dolls in the desired sex position. Moreover, the skeleton of sex dolls is connected by joints to mimic the limitations and dynamic movements of the human body. All in all, the YL dolls are durable, safe, and realistic.

YL Dolls – Points of Interest

YL dolls have features that make them the number-one love dolls in the industry. These dolls are lighter than many other full-size love dolls available in the market. Therefore, they are easy to carry, transport, and store well.

The skin, lips, vagina, and anus of these sex dolls are extremely realistic and will give you the most erotic experience. Surely, these lovely YL dolls will fulfill your wildest fantasies day and night.

Also, you can choose from a wide range of sex dolls depending on your needs. You can pick your desired skin color, butt size, breast size, and many more.

So, whether you want a black beauty YL doll 141cm tall or a petite and white YL doll 160cm tall chic, for sure you can have it. Or maybe, you’re looking for a tall and chubby sex doll, the brand offers you everything.

Being made of TPE material, YL sex dolls have no odor and give you a feeling of a real human body. All these dolls have movable joints so that you can pose the doll in any position you desire.

The fingers and toes come with wires in them so that these parts can remain in place and provide the most realistic experience. Last but not least, YL dolls are extremely photogenic. It means you can click pictures of them to update your social media story with your partner.

Affordable And Cheap Sex Dolls of YL Doll

YL produces real-size love dolls such as the YL doll 158cm tall model that are affordable. The best part is that the brand does not compromise the quality of the sex dolls and offers you the best dolls at the minimum possible price.

You can get cheap sex dolls from a height of 128cm to 171cm, which looks like an actual human. What’s more, YL Dolls constantly launches the new and latest sex dolls. Dolls such as anime sex dolls, blonde sex dolls, Japanese love dolls, African sex dolls, and more are available.

Further, YL offers standalone parts of sex dolls like wigs, boobs, and vaginas that can be interchanged on dolls of your choice. You can get a realistic full-size YL sex doll for a price range between $1700 to $7000.

Also, the torso dolls range from $1100 to $2000. So, all in all, YL dolls are realistic and yet affordable. Anyone can afford and live their fantasies.

Live Your Fantasies with YL Dolls

YL Doll is one company that never stops surprising you with beautiful love dolls with different body types. You can always find the right sex partner according to your desire with these dolls.

Additionally, the company continually comes out with new realistic sex dolls tailored toward niche fantasies. Massive tits dolls, anime, elves, vampires, and more kinds of dolls are ready to serve you.

African sex doll

Do you love black beauty and dream of having sex with her? If yes, then an African fuck doll is a great choice for you. All African YL dolls are TPE materialled which is safe to use for everyone. The sexy lips and boobs of ebony sex dolls can make you baffled in bed. So, shop for the high-quality black YL Doll now!

European sex doll

If you are fascinated with the beauty of European ladies, then bring home a realistic European sex doll. The beautiful blonde, sexy body, charming face, and attractive boobs of these women can turn on any man in minutes. With YL dolls, you can get premium-quality European love dolls that can fulfill your sexual desires.

American love doll

When you think of having sex with a smart and attractive blonde, then the stunning American sex dolls are here! This reputable brand creates realistic American love dolls whose skin feels like the skin of humans to touch. You can pose with her in any position to live your fantasy.

Big boobs sex doll

Most of the YL sex dolls come with huge boobs and deep curves. If you are a person who likes heavy breasts, a YL Doll with sexy big-tits is so much available.

Additionally, you have options from various cup sizes and heights for getting the sex doll of your dreams. The breasts of YL products such as the YL doll 148cm tall models feel so real. With this feature, you will love to play with the doll’s nipples for long hours.

Fuck dolls with huge butts

Play with the round sexy butts of YL dolls while doing vaginal sex at the same time. The big butts of these dolls can impress any man and can give you immense pleasure. The best part is that you can enjoy anal sex while starring at butts for the incredible climax in sex.

Get a Customized YL Doll

Need a perfect sex doll? If yes, then you can customize the YL Doll according to your desire. The company produces a wide range of sex doll heads with different skin tones, facial features, and wig styles.

Most of the sex dolls come with solid breasts, but you can choose from gel-filled and hollow breasts, too. These alternatives to solid breasts type feel more realistic and are more squeezable. Another customization option with YL dolls is that you can choose skin color for sex dolls.

Also, there is flexibility to opt for eye colors, breast size, wig style, nail toenail color, and more. Further, you can go for a sex doll with a fixed or removable vagina. Select from a small, medium, or large areola size.

More Options for Your Customized Doll!

Additionally, you can choose from labia colors to get the sex partner of your dreams. Last but not least, you have the choice of whether or not to add pubic hair to your favorite YL love doll.

Moreover, building a personalized sex doll is fun. No matter how picky you are, you can still have the best partner of your dreams. When you buy YL Doll from Venus Love Dolls, you get every customization option to create a beautiful sexy lady.

The best part is that the customization with us is very quick and simple. In addition to having sex with a YL sex doll, you can get a lot more from her. A doll like YL doll 153cm tall beauty can surely satisfy you in bed and can be your best sex companion ever.

How Long Does a Sex Doll Last? Read Before You Buy!

How long does a YL sex doll last? The simple answer to this question is that it depends on how you use it and how you care for it. There is no doubt that the YL love dolls are durable and last for years.

However, many other factors also decide the life span of your sex doll. Here are a few things that you need to focus on to increase the life span of your loving doll.

The Lubricant You Used

Do you love to use lubricants to reach climax with YL dolls? If yes, then it plays a vital role in how long it will last. It’s better to use a water-based lubricant as it causes no harm to the skin of the sex doll.

On the other hand, using oil-based lubricants may damage the texture and skin of the YL doll. Besides, if you wish to use condoms, make sure to check if it is suitable for water-based lubricants.

The Way You Clean the Doll

How would you feel if you were to go for a day without having a bath after sex? Stinking, isn’t it? The same is the case with YL models like the YL doll 158 cm tall babe. Though they do not feel sticky, they are untidy after sex.

Therefore, it is very important to clean your doll after enjoying intimacy with her. But you only need to use a soft wet cloth and mild soap to clean your YL doll. It is important to note that harsh detergents and soaps can damage the skin of a love doll.

The Way You Store Your Lovely Doll

The place and how you store the love doll are essential. Keep the YL gorgeous lady like the YL 166 doll out of direct sunlight. Further, there should be no humidity in the room where you wish to store your sex doll after use.

Moreover, it’s recommended that you store the doll in an upright position to prevent it from damage. Also, it is better to remove every cloth from her before storing it.

If your YL doll came without a storage case, it would be wise to get a dust cloth for it. When choosing a dust cloth, make sure it is made of soft fabric and is free from any sharp things like buttons, etc.

Shop for the Cheap Sex Dolls!

YL Doll understands that different people have different desires and demands for sex dolls. Therefore, they create dolls for everyone. Most of the love dolls of this brand are affordable and cost you less for quality products.

You can get cheap sex dolls of YL Doll according to your needs and budget. Buy the best sex dolls online from Venus Love Dolls and receive your next-level sex partner discreetly.

Best Selling YL Sex Dolls

When we talk about the best sex doll brand, YL Doll is one of the names that comes to mind. This premium sex doll manufacturer strives to produce hyper-realistic dolls made from quality medical-grade material.

It’s been in the industry for about seven years and has stayed true to the highest quality standards to date. YL Doll always commits to upholding its reputation as one of the best sex doll makers in the world.

For this, they prioritize safe material, exceptional detailing of dolls, and customer satisfaction. Let’s learn about the brand in detail, and then we’ll check out some best-selling YL sex dolls.

About YL Doll: The Best Sex Doll Brand

This brand is one of the leading sex doll manufacturers based in China. The company started in 2013, and since then, they’ve been bringing super-sexy and best love dolls to the market.

Their dolls are made of high-quality and safe thermoplastic elastomer which is known as TPE for short. YL models like the YL doll 166 cm tall ladies are incredibly beautiful and soft to the touch. When powdered, these silicone wives feel like real girls.

The 140 cm YL doll and other models are anatomically correct and can be used for multiple purposes. In addition to becoming your sexual partner, these dolls play well as companions, mannequins, film props, or decorations. This best sex doll brand brings flexible and posable dolls featuring stainless steel skeleton designs.

All materials they use are thoroughly tested for compliance with National Health and Safety Standards. In addition, this trusted brand ensures that they use a material that is harmless to human beings and is environmentally friendly.

Most importantly, YL Doll ensures your privacy and security. As per their privacy policy, they use your personal information carefully and never share it with any third party.

They use your information only to provide requested services, troubleshoot problems, communicate with you, and inform you of updates. And most especially, your information is only used to customize your lovely love doll.

Best YL Dolls to Buy

YL brand takes pride in its team which consists of excellent production workers and designers. Great people work together in close collaboration to offer superior and satisfactory before and after-sales services.

So, if you’re looking to buy a perfect intimate partner, the following list of the best YL sex dolls might help you. The best part is that you can choose dolls according to your fantasies, such as elves, massive tits, anime, vampires, and many more.

In addition, you can select the breast cup size, face, height, hair color, skin tone, and areola size. Also, you have the privilege to choose the color and size of any body part of your YL doll. So, let’s get started!

Aadhira – Big Butt Big Boobs

Aadhira is a 4’9″ hot girl with big, juicy boobs and butts. Just a glance at the body of this lovely YL doll will make you drool and may even turn you on. With all this, she’s undoubtedly an ultimate fantasy for men who love curves.

If you dream of making out a spicy woman with huge curves, Aadhira has a lot for you. You can’t resist her nicely sculpted body, large voluptuous breasts, and massive ass. Also, the irresistible YL doll can keep you turned on for the whole night.

Aadhira is carefully designed with attention to detail for a very realistic sex experience. YL doll heads like Aadhira’s have natural eyelashes. Also, the fair skin of this doll feels soft to the touch.

She can bend her limbs into different exciting sex poses to have an ultimate climax. Suck and squeeze her enormous nipples while you give her thrust in her realistic vagina. Aadhira, an undeniably sexy YL doll is a perfect doll for boobs sex and anal sex.

Vebra – Super Sexy Mature YL Love Doll

With curly hair and a voluptuous body, Vebra makes a wonderful partner in the bed. Keep looking at her realistic, charming, and carefully crafted details as this YL doll deep throats your naughty cock.

Squeeze her drool-worthy firm full-size breasts and pinch the well-shaped hard nipples of this YL doll. Plugin deep into her full, round butt and let your penis play with her tight pussy. You’ll feel her textured tunnel as it strokes your manhood.

Vebra, this YL doll has all the parts that real women have. She has beautiful eyes, and her nipples are hard like a real woman. Between her two well-toned legs, you’ll find an inviting valley that’s her soft vagina.

Also, you will love playing with her sexy ass while squeezing her large boobs. Mainly because of her massive curves, Vebra is sure to give you an otherworldly sex experience. Adding to this, the reinforced body frame of this YL doll allows you to have sex in various positions.

Aya – The Blonde Slender Beauty

Aya is a 5’5″ YL sex doll with a slender body and appealing sex spots. She has very delicate skin, just like a real girl. Close your eyes and touch her! She feels like a real hottie ready to have wild sex with you.

Caress her face, suck her soft lips, run your manly finders all over her body, and touch her soft nipples. Next, grab her waist and lay this seductive YL doll down on the bed. Now, allow your hard, naughty cock to tease her labia.

Finally, it’s time for the climax. Enter your manhood into her tight, realistic tunnel between her well-toned legs. You’ll love burying your face in her perky boobs. The tall and slender YL doll Aya has three lifelike holes – ass, vagina, and mouth.

Her soft skin texture is made of high-quality and medical-grade TPE material. Also, the body joints of this lovely YL doll are constructed of durable metal, allowing her limbs to bend in all sorts of sex poses.

Brayli – Bubble Butt Sex Doll

Brayli is a fully customizable YL sex doll with all the features you might be looking into for your lifelong partner. From her hair to her toes, you get a lot of custom options to pick. Brayli is waiting for you to take her home and make it out.

Choose one from YL doll heads, pair it up with the desired body type, and make other adjustments. These can be breast size, areola color, skin tones, hair color, vagina texture, and almost every inch of her body.

Every head in the YL Doll collection is fully compatible with all available body types. However, some look excellent together because of different sizes and skin tones. But don’t worry! You still get many options to design your perfect dreamy partner.

Brayli will please you in an unimaginative manner. She’s a fully flexible, beautiful, and athletic type of YL doll. This combination is tough to find. So, take her home and enjoy her prowess in your bedroom all by yourself.

On top of that, submissive Brayli won’t say no to you. She just strives to deliver the best to you and make you fully satisfied. So, lube up and experience erotic poses with this YL doll that only you can imagine.

Anais – Fantasy Sex Doll

Are you looking for a YL doll 140 cm tall that fulfills your weird sex fantasies? You can’t resist Anais. The pink-haired, dark skin, and slender babe has large curves for you to squeeze, lick, and slap on.

Anais has two beautiful wide blue eyes and a well-contoured face. Her handful of boob size feels comfortable as you squeeze them while giving her hard thrusts with your naughty manhood.

Also, you can choose to have her any breast type, such as solid, gel-filled, or hollow. In addition, you can select the desired size and color for areola, mouth type, and labia color. Also, you can choose from a removable or fixed vagina and many more options for this YL doll.

Anais is one of the best YL sex dolls that help bring your Playboy fantasies to life. She has three lifelike holes, including the mouth, anus, and vagina. Her sexy body looks drool-worthy in any outfit and lingerie.

Additionally, her body flaunts exceptionally juicy breasts. With its flexible joints, this YL doll can bend over as she is lying on her back. With all these, Anais is perfect for intercourse, mild or wild.

Amiya – Your Cat Playmate with Handful of Boobs

Imagine a young girl, around 21 years old, lying naked in your bed. She has beautiful hair that compliments her honey skin tone. She is flaunting her boobs and butts to entice you and make out with her.

Sounds tempting. Doesn’t it? Well, Amiya, a YL doll can fulfill your dreams of sleeping and making out with a young girl. Perfectly crafted with attention to detail, Amiya makes a cat playmate and brings your fantasies to life. So, take her home and enjoy all the sex poses you can imagine.

Amiya is a tall YL sex doll with a slender waist and a large butt. Her three orifices let you switch between oral, vaginal, and anal sex. With her toned and tanned skin and her beautiful hair, she stands out on the list of sex dolls.

Amayah – Cute, Petite Sex Doll

Are you looking for a cute and petite YL doll 150 cm tall or close to this height? If yes, then Amayah can be a great fit for you. Boasting incredible details and realism, Amayah is a great addition to your collection. This petite YL doll boasts a stunning body with a tiny waist and a fine round ass.

With a meticulously sculpted body, soft boobs, and manageable body weight, Amayah ensures exciting masturbation sessions every time. Enjoy caressing and squeezing her small boobs.

Want more with this gorgeous YL doll? Add a dash of lube, and be prepared to please yourself for the entire night. Her ass and boobs bounce to the rhythms of your wild thrusts. You’re going to enjoy every sight of her swinging naked body.

There is still more for you to explore about this YL doll, Amayah. Besides her attractive breasts, this glorious petite doll has two inviting holes for intercourse. Despite her petite figure, her ass and pussy feel realistic and meaty, and she likes yearning for your hard dick.

Ailani – Curvy Cowgirl Sex Doll

Just imagine having sex with a curvy cowgirl lying naked in your bed. Sounds dreamy? Let your dreams come true with YL sex dolls like Ailani.

Ailani has perky breasts and a meaty ass that adds to your overall sex experience. Her lovely smile and naive appearance belie the fact that her body is begging for sex. The physique of this YL doll is beautifully carved, with a well-rounded ass that bounces back when slapped.

YL Doll is the creator of this work of art, and they are recognized for their high-quality, extremely detailed sex dolls. Ailani has a strong skeleton, which allows her to move far more freely than any regular doll skeleton.

Further, you can put her in any sex position you can come up with. So, if you are looking for a flexible doll taller than a YL doll 160 cm tall, then Ailani is for you.

Amaia – Japanese Beauty

Amaia is a Japanese sex doll with unique features resembling Asian beauties. Your thoughts would undoubtedly race with sexual fancies once you put your gaze on this gorgeous YL doll.

She has black hair and eyes, as well as a slim frame with a D-cup bosom. Despite her modest exterior, she is a sexually adventurous woman in the bedroom. This innocent-looking yet wild gorgeous YL doll is open to anything you want to try.

Amaia maintains her thin body by participating in a variety of outdoor sports. She enjoys horseback riding and participating in other sports. Her daily job, however, allows her to satisfy her sensual side by creating lingerie. Crotchless panties with peek-a-boo slits are among her favorite styles.

You’ll have sex with her as you’ve never had before after you bring this irresistible YL doll home. She’ll put on her sexiest underwear, but it won’t last long. Amaia will fulfill all of your sexual desires.


As mentioned above, YL Doll uses a safe, medical-grade TPE material that is safe for human skin contact. So, when you touch her delicate and soft human-like skin, YL love dolls are sure to stimulate you like real girls.

The company keeps researching to make possible improvements in its product line. YL Doll keeps up with the industry standards and rules. Thus, making it the number one of the best sex doll brands in the industry.

YL dolls have a proportional and flexible skeleton. Thus, giving you the freedom to pose your sex partner in any desired manner. In addition, the skeleton is durable and comes connected with joining so that it can mimic the movements of a real human body.

Also, when you purchase here at Venus Love Dolls, you’ll get highly reliable, resilient, and durable products of YL Doll delivered to you secretly. When you want to buy a perfect sex doll, this brand is a great option.

we hope this list of best YL dolls helps you find your right sex partner. At Venus Love Dolls, we bring you a wide collection of YL sex dolls at affordable prices.