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You can get as freaky as you want in all the positions you can reach with your AF Doll . Be it doggy style, girl on top cowboy style, anal, or the classic missionary style. These AF dolls’ legs and arms will fold easily, and you can hoist their legs above your shoulders. With these bendy sex dolls, you can go at them anywhere and everywhere. As they are slip-resistant, you can have fun in the shower too; as their big butts are a very sexy aspect, you can bend them over tables and couches and get them from behind.

The idea of sex has been perceived as only enter thrust and climax, but there is so much depth to the sexual scenarios, positions, sexual headspaces, and one’s sex life in general. Thus to justify each customer’s needs, we have an extensive range of AF Doll collections.

You can get yourself a mainstream life like adult dolls with big boobs, a slim waist, and a thick ass. Or, you can get yourself a beauty from the world of AF Doll fantasy. Yes, we even have supernatural-themed sex dolls with elf ears, cat ears, tails, vampire teeth, and whatnot.

World of Variety

You can choose hair colors from a palette ranging from brunettes to blondes and every shade in between. You can select the hair length from bob cut to waist-length hair and every length in between too. Their skin color and complexion are some of the main features that attract the eye. So we have AF dolls that are black, white, Asian, Latino, Mexican, Russian, and more. Add the different hairstyles or curly o straight hair and have yourself a visually pleasing beauty. You can even give your dolls piercings and tattoos.

Our bubble butt sex dolls and Japanese big breasts dolls are the best sellers. With the innocent big doe eyes, long eyelashes that flutter, and thick lips, they are prone to turn you on sight. We have a wide range of accessories, from soft lace panties to leather harnesses that you can dress your doll in.