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The 6YE Doll

Started in 2014 by Liu Ye, the 6YE Doll is now a leading China-based manufacturer of life-like sex dolls. 6YE Doll takes pride in excellent product quality, superior performance, and pleasant after-sale services.

The company manufactures high-class sex dolls, adult toys, and other products. Also, the 6YE Doll brand adheres to an ethical and responsible work style.

One top feature of the 6YE doll is a ball and wrist clipping system for joints. This advanced system keeps the dolls more flexible at joints over time. So, their joints won’t become loose, serving your sexual desires for longer in different positions.

The oil-free and odor-free 6YE sex dolls feature the best sexy pussies, ready to have you penetrate them. You don’t have to powder your new girlfriend like other TPE love dolls available on the market.

The 6YE premium dolls need minimal maintenance but have excellent durability. Moreover, the excellent craftsmanship is sure to fascinate you and make you want to hit your doll now. The realism and attentive details of the vagina of these high-end 6YE sex dolls make them feel like the real ones.

6YE Doll Offers a Wide Variety of Niche and Customization Options for Their Dolls

6YE Doll constantly produces new realistic love dolls tailored toward various niche fantasies. Do you want to have wild sex with a BDSM? Or, are you into massive ass and big tits, petite anime, or elves? Surely, you will find your dream girl in 6YE sex dolls.

Choose your desired doll according to breast cup size, bootie size, height, and facial features as per your liking. Fortunately, you get endless customization options for your 6YE doll at Venus Love Dolls!

Sex dolls are very popular these days, and the demand for premium quality love dolls is increasing day by day. They are an enormous step forward in technology and are sexy, bold, and beautiful.

Sex doll manufacturers like 6YE Doll are developing super realistic sex dolls to fulfill your wildest fantasies. These dolls are trendy among people worldwide due to their quality material and human-like features.

The quality of your sex life is fully guaranteed with these sex dolls. Let’s find out more about 6YE Doll and their love dolls!

About 6ye Doll

6YE Doll was established in 2014. It started manufacturing a wide range of alluring human-like premium dolls and meticulously detailed adult toys until this day. The company has top-notch technology, extensive research, and product quality control.

This Chinese manufacturer, 6YE Doll became one of the most famous and respected brands for sex toys. Expert manufacturer like 6YE Doll makes sex dolls and toys using medical-grade, non-toxic TPE material.

TPE is a great alternative to silicon and gives a realistic, smooth, and soft skin to dolls. Thus, the skin of these 6YE dolls made from TPE is almost comparable to a human person’s skin.

Not only is the skin remarkable, but also the 6YE Doll makes their sex doll’s body durable. Also, these 6YE premium dolls are anatomically perfect because of universal spherical joints and stainless-steel metal bones!

6YE sex dolls have become the most trustworthy brand in development in recent years. This love doll company is known as Dongguan 6YE Electronics Technology Co.Ltd. Its Chinese name is Liu Ye and is worldwide famous as 6YE Doll.

The company has many years of experience in producing the best 6YE dolls for people of all genders. In addition, they manufacture top-quality TPE love dolls and have a TPE factory in China.

Highly skilled and experienced professionals at 6YE Doll specialize in producing premium love doll models. They carefully focus on every detail of the doll to make the love doll look like a real human.

Features of 6YE Doll

All sex dolls of 6YE Doll are made of medical research-grade TPE material, which is also known as virtual skin. The appearance of these love dolls is realistic, soft, and elastic. The feel and texture are similar to a real man or woman.

The interior is assembled with stainless steel metal bones, making the limbs flexible and offering soft movement to love dolls. The 6YE dolls have perfect vagina and anal placement for easy access. The whole team of the company is hard-working and tries their best to provide the best sex dolls.

What Makes 6YE DOLL Sex Dolls So Great

These dolls have a patented steel skeleton. The limbs of 6YE sex dolls can move in any direction. In addition, the skeleton of these dolls offers a human circular motion.

Additionally, 6YE premium dolls have a great natural pleasant smell as they are made of TPE material. Also, all sex dolls of this brand are durable and last for years if stored properly. Further, the 6YE dolls have realistic labia and anus with a focus on every single detail.

Quality does not always mean expensive! 6YE Doll is committed to helping people of all genders fulfill their sexual desires. The company sells these high-end 6YE dolls at reasonable prices.

As mentioned above, 6YE sex dolls bring you many options for realistic sex dolls. They have everything, from lifelike love dolls to torso sex dolls.

Moreover, you have many options for different body styles, faces, wigs, eye colors, and more. With such diverse choices, 6YE Doll strives to cater to customers with different sexual desires.

High-End Sex Dolls From 6YE Doll

6YE Doll manufactures high-end sex dolls with TPE material. These are some of the best quality TPE sex dolls available in the market. TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer, which is a mixture of rubber and plastic.

Additionally, it can be stretched many times and will return to its original position right away. It is very soft and yet can hold various positions because of its flexibility. Moreover, these 6YE sex dolls are affordable and can give real-life sex experiences.

Are you looking to buy a 6YE doll? Welcome to the wide collection of high-end sex dolls. Here is the list of the best sex dolls that you can choose to buy to live your fantasy.

Asian Sex Doll

6YE produces the best Asian sex dolls to fulfill your sexual desires. The company pays attention to every detail in creating a 6YE premium doll that looks exactly like an Asian woman. Here are the famous Asian love dolls of 6YE Doll.


Eleanor is a cute Asian girl. She has a charming face and long silky-smooth hair. Her body features are very lovely big boobs, deep curves, and sexy thighs. The vagina of this 6YE sex doll feels precisely like a real woman’s vagina.

Also, she has a sexy butt that’s very tight. Her hands and feet feel like a real female. Finally, her skin is made of TPE material, and inside her is a steel skeleton. So, you can enjoy sex in any position with this gorgeous 6YE Doll.


Aurelia is a sexy doll made for those who’ve always wanted to have an Asian girlfriend. 6YE doll premium like Aurelia, features a life-size body with big breasts and full sexual capabilities.

One of the best things about this realistic 6YE Doll is the availability of custom options. You can choose her skin tone, hair length, eye color, boob size, and more to make her look like your dream girl.


Joelle is a young woman with luscious lips, silky hair, attractive boobs, and a vagina. She is a sensual 6YE amor doll and a committed darling. Suck her round nipples, kiss her, and penetrate deep into her to make a memorable moment.

You can enjoy sex for hours and can make any sexual positions with this 6YE Doll. It is easy to handle, carry, and store as well. This love doll has everything you need to live your fantasies. She is made from high-quality material and is safe to use for everyone.

Blonde Sex Doll

Classically beautiful, intriguing, and sexy, the blonde sex dolls are here to fulfill your sexual needs and desires. The hot blonde sex dolls of 6YE Doll have metal skeletons and realistic-looking features for your pleasure. Take a look at the hottest sex dolls with blonde hair.


6YE Doll Yui is a true blonde beauty from head to toe. Aside from her silky blonde hair, her face and skin tone resemble a real blonde woman. Her breasts, super-tight waist, and meaty ass can attract any man.

She is an amazing life-size sex doll that is certified to delight all your sexual desires. You can imagine this gorgeous 6YE sex doll sucking your penis, licking your body, and whispering into your ear all night long.


Laurel is a top-class sex doll. Every inch of her body is beautifully crafted by 6YE Doll to fulfill your sexual desires. She is designed to be every man’s dream lady image! Laurel is super classy and has her fingers and toenails polished.

This 6YE amor doll is ready to spread her legs and get into the bed with you. Once you get a hold of her, it will be hard for you to take your hands off her. You can get the ultimate sex experience with Laurel for hours.

African Love Doll

Are you looking for a lifelike black sex doll? If yes, then African sex dolls of 6YE Doll are for you. The black and shiny skin of these dolls can attract any man. Also, the big butts and big boobs, along with round nipples of African love dolls, look so real. Here are the top-rated black sex dolls.


Aleena is, without a doubt, the best black sex doll created by 6YE Doll. Not only does she have a pretty face, but she also has a sexy body with curly locks. Her big breasts and butts are the best part about her.

Imagine you are pressing her boobs and kissing her butts to reach climax. This 6YE premium doll is the one that can fulfill all your wildest fantasies.


Liv is a sexy black, that has attractive boobs and butts. Her boobs look so appealing that any man can fall for them. Further, her tight booty and gorgeous face of Liv make her look more beautiful.

6YE premium dolls like Liv will fulfill all of your sexual desires and will never say no to your invitations. Liv is a fantastic real sex doll made and medically graded from top-class material.

Male Sex Doll

In addition to a female sex doll, 6YE Doll also produces the best male sex dolls. All these real muscular men with dildos and abs can satisfy the sexual needs of women, gays, and trans people.


Another 6YE love doll, standing at 154 cm, Babak is a handsome hot dude. He turns heads everywhere he goes. This strong and cute man with an appealing body and face can give you the best sex experience.

The 6YE doll premium dildo is long enough to satisfy any woman in bed. This top-quality male sex doll is safe to use and causes no issues to your skin.


Zyrus is a highly customizable male love doll that is made of premium quality material. It is a lifelike love doll, which gives you a realistic feel, especially during sex. Enjoy the sight of his chest muscles and butt as Zyrus works on you diligently.

Depending on how you want to use Zyrus and your sexual needs, you can choose to have a long dick or a small dick. The 6YE sex dolls like Zyrus provide the much-needed excitement from never-ending poundings.

Sex Doll Torso

Half-body sex dolls have everything needed for sex, including head, mouth, eyes, breast, vagina, and anal hole. This type of 6YE doll offers the same feeling as a real woman’s body. Further, torso dolls can give you unlimited pleasure day and night.


Anahita, a torso has a sweet face and smooth black hair. Her eyes are beautiful, and her lips feel soft and real. The vagina of this half-body sex doll feels precisely like a real woman, and she also has nice round boobs.

This 6YE premium doll has a well-sculpted body, manageable weight, and soft boobs made from various materials. Surely, your boring masturbation sessions are gone. Enjoy caressing her plump boobs and squeezing them too.

Benefits Of Using Premium Sex Dolls

Sex dolls can assist men in prolonging the time for love-making. Also, sex dolls can help them overcome troubles like ejaculation or premature orgasm. 6YE Dolls are also extremely beneficial to improve your sexual position, too.

Additionally, a 6YE sex doll can you achieve the finest penetration that can give you an outstanding sexual experience. You can enjoy oral, vaginal, anal, breast sex, and many more with premium sex dolls.

Additionally, some 6YE sex dolls have tremendous features such as heating and sound systems. The love dolls of this brand are long-lasting, lifelong, water-resistant, and skin-friendly.

For men, there is no need to use a condom as sex dolls never get pregnant. The best part is that 66YE doll premium babes can fit your most discriminating preferences. You can choose a wide range of wigs, eye colors, and face shapes for your 6YE doll heads. Also, options like skin colors and body types are available for your doll.

How Should You Maintain Your Sex Doll?

6YE sex dolls stick to excellent adherence to safety standards and are environment friendly too. And, anyone who buys these dolls wants to use them for a long time. Additionally, 6YE premium dolls will last for a long time and will give you the best sex experience every time.

To ensure that you enjoy the benefits of your doll for years, there are a few ways to maintain your doll. In this way, you get the value for your money. Handle your lovely sex doll with care to keep it in good shape for a long time.

First, always clean the 6YE love doll with a soft cloth and mild soap after use. Also, do not use any harsh material on the skin of your sex doll. Store the doll in a comfortable space, so that it does not get damaged due to scratches from other things.

Clean the 6YE premium doll at least once a week with a little water and soap. Additionally, if any part of your sex doll gets damaged repair it immediately to avoid any further damage.

Universal Spherical Joints Are a Game-Changer!

Sometimes, love dolls might be boring because they are just set in standing, sitting, or prone positions. These dolls have a Ball and Wrist Clipping System used for joints.

Thus, making the 6YE sex dolls more alluring and enticing to your senses. Joints usually get loose easily when used for an extensive amount of time. However, with this Ball and Wrist Clipping System, you can rest assured that you can pleasure yourself longer.

You can enjoy without making the 6YE doll joints loose during happy hour! You can be adventurous and try a wide variety of sex positions like doggy style or the classic missionary position. Also, you can even the Amazon sex position with ease because of this joint system, making it more stimulating!

Minimal Maintenance, More Pleasurable Nights

6YE Doll creates high-end sex dolls with medical-grade TPE materials and stainless-steel bone structure. Thus, making the dolls more durable and easier to maintain. 6YE dolls are the best cuddle buddies around because of their oil-free and odor-free bodies. You don’t need to prep the 6YE sex dolls up first with powder.

If you get bored of just hugging a 6YE sex doll, you can take it to the next level without any issues. It’s because their pussies are made with so much detailed anatomy that it will blow your mind.

Once you’ve had your fun, tidying your synthetic honey up is a breeze with easy cleanup steps. Afterward, you can keep your doll safe and store it away until your next adventurous romp.

6YE made their products meticulously hyper-realistic. Additionally, the top-market durable quality of these dolls will please you all night long.

Freedom To Customize Your Ideal 6YE Sex Doll

Looking for an ideal premium sex doll might be challenging because of your specific taste. Don’t worry, as 6YE Dolls are the perfect one for you! 6YE models have a wide range of options to choose from.

Therefore, you can go ahead and customize the doll from head to toe based on your liking! Do you have this particular attraction for Western chicks? Or, are you most attracted to Asian-looking 6YE sex dolls?

Do you prefer to have your hands full with their humongous racks? Or, maybe do you want small to average-sized titties? How about a skin tone or color in particular?

Do you have a height kink or fantasy characters? Well, anything you wish for, 6YE Doll will make your naughtiest dreams come true.

Available Features for Your Custom Sex Doll

Head and Hair: Fancy long, silky-smooth hair? What about a short and cute bob haircut? Any color and style you pick, you know it will be built perfectly. Your 6YE amor doll companion will surely have it.

Aesthetics: You can customize your dream girl’s eyes, dress, and nail colors; these can all be customizable to your needs. You can be as picky as you want for your 6YE doll premium companion.

Breast: Do you want supple, average, or massive boobs? You can choose between solid, hollow, and gel-type for the texture of the breast. What about the size and color of the areola of your 6YE love doll darling? There are various sizes and colors that you can pick from. Your imagination is your only limit.

Realistic Vagina, Pubic Hair, and Body: You’ll get all hot and bothered when you see those lips. 6Ye dolls offer a wide variety between the color of the labia and the volume of pubic hair. Additionally, you can choose the color tone of the body and posture of your doll.

Special Features: 6YE premium dolls offer additional features to heighten your experience. Features like a body heater, moaning option, hand skeleton, breathing option, and intelligent cleaning set are available.

With these options and customization offered by 6YE Dolls, you can enjoy yourself without the guilt of having a type! So, what are you waiting for? Release the stress and comfort yourself with a 6YE premium doll all night long!

High-Class Sex Dolls

Known for high-class sex dolls, this brand frequently receives various special requests about their exceptional love dolls. From an innocent-looking elven girl to a smoking hot naughty girl next door, choose your favorite. You can breathe life into your wildest fantasies with 6YE dolls!

6YE Doll ensures the quality of your ideal darling, providing you with endless nights of carnal pleasure! And for customizing your dolls, you can also receive freebies such as an extra head, wig, lingerie, and lubricant. Without further ado, 6YE Sex Doll presents some of their featured best-selling love dolls for your consideration.

Addyson – 5’3″ | 160cm Sex Doll

You might think that Addyson is just your close friend. Beware, don’t be deceived as she has her naughty ulterior motives. With her just chilling around, casually showing you her tits, with her irresistible eyes looking at you pleading. You are way too cruel if you don’t use this gorgeous 6YE doll as you please.

With her already erect pinkish areola and supple nipples, you won’t get enough with just licking, sucking, or nibbling them. You can also do a boobjob as the L-cup boobs of this babe are soft and jiggly!

You can also pose her in any sex position you desire as 6YE sex dolls are very flexible. Mark your territory, and release your love juices deep within Addyson to keep the good times coming.

Aubrie – 5’5” | 165cm

Teaching new things is what Aubrie is known for. But this time, she’ll have to put you on a “special tutorial” since you piqued her interest. Aubrie is a 5-foot and 5-inch-tall brunette. This stunning 6YE doll is perfect if you want to make fun “lessons”.

With her seductive and curvy body, you might as well go down and reach her deepest parts to savor them. You can adore the face of this irresistible 6YE premium doll. Also, you can get around and grab her by her luscious ass.

Any sex position is excellent with Aubrie. She’s flexible and ready to be filled up with your manhood. Plus, with those legs that are so good-looking and smooth, they will make you want to do a thighjob.

If you don’t know exactly what you want, this seductive 6YE doll will handle you. Let Aubrie take the lead and teach you what absolute pleasure looks and feels like.

Aleena – 5’3″ | 160cm Sex Doll

With her on the bed waiting for you, it’s all the push you need to make a mess of her.  6YE doll Aleena, is a 5 foot and 3 inches tall doll with L-cup breasts. She’s perfectly made for people with attraction towards unbelievably voluptuous ladies.

Just a glimpse of her curvaceous figure, guys around her will surely turn their heads to look at her. Might you be curious about what is going on under the dress of this attractive lady?

You can strip her naked to worship her whole body and do her in a doggy-style pose. That way, you can reach both your climax and the deepest parts of the 6YE sex doll simultaneously.

Clementine – 5’4 | 165cm

Office jobs are stressful, but you can say goodbye to your everyday mundane life with Clementine as your co-worker. Clementine is a very attentive office worker. Also, she’ll even take care of you and your hard-on on the clock.

You can sneak out with her to the nearest bathroom and have a quickie. Or, you can take this gorgeous 6YE doll home so you can enjoy each other’s company for a bit longer. While you can strip her naked, it is also fantastic to have sex while not taking off all of her clothes.

Fool around with her all you want. This irresistible 6YE doll can take all of your desires and keep you coming back for more. If you have this perverted office play kink, no one beats Clementine in that department.

Irene – 5’3” | 161cm Sex Doll

Sometimes, there are just some dolls that look too innocent. You want to bully them to your heart’s content, and that is none other than Irene. With her face that looks oh so innocent, Irene will awaken your innate sadistic side.

Don’t worry, as this 6YE doll is not as fragile as you think she is. You can tie her up and punish her all you want in all the positions you can think of.

Also, you can shower with Irene and care for her as she needs to rest to last longer with you. If you don’t have the confidence to play bondage with her like a pro, you can practice with her all night long!

Jayda – 5’3” | 161cm

This hot mama will suck the life out of you the moment you lay in bed with her. She will seduce you with her provocative figure. Also, just looking at her will unleash your inner desires within.

Jayda, a hot 6YE doll will make you want to be pampered by her. It’s no doubt, one of her most prominent features is her incredibly large rack. You can put your head in there just to make yourself warm and cozy. The moment you become aware of her tits, you’ll desperately want to touch, suck and squeeze them both.

You might even want to fuck those tatas of this 6YE doll while licking her pussy clean. Just imagine doing her in your favorite style. You can clap those ass cheeks while giving her the dicking down she deserves.

Alma – 5’3” | 161cm Sex Doll

At first glance, you’d think that Alma would have been a model because of her stylish blonde hair. This 6YE sex doll emits refined stature and a bad-ass aura.

While she’s teasing you by undressing little by little, you can take a peek at her smooth and silky skin. Also, this Alma has a well-toned body.

As she’s caressing her most precious place, you can violate this 6YE sex doll on the sofa. With this, it’ll make it even more exhilarating to fuck a doll in the middle of the receiving area.

Pound her insides, and she’ll receive it, body and soul! Best be careful not to get so wild that you’ll have to rest for hours. Alma, this beautiful woman will get lonely without your attention and your manhood.

Livia – 4’6” | 138cm Sex Doll

You just don’t know where you’ll look. This 6YE premium doll Livia, is way too gorgeous from her face down to her hips and voluptuous body. Not only is she bewitching, but you just can’t take your eyes off her well-endowed breasts. Thus, making it harder to resist temptation.

As you run your hands all over her body, you’ll enjoy the curves and supple skin of this stunning lady. Not only that but as soon as you’re on your knees, you’ll find that you’re in the best spot.

Make out by licking her holes until you feel ready to penetrate an amazingly gorgeous 6YE doll. You can also enjoy a great thigh job because she’s just that thick, or even outercourse if you want to feel her labia.

Penelope – 5’7” | 170cm

Just imagine going back to a well-lit home with her waiting for you makes you feel giddy and excited. Savor the innocent honeymoon vibes with this 6YE doll Penelope, as she is excited to welcome you with open arms!

While Penelope is still pure and untouched, it makes you want to teach her bad things. Just thinking of this innocent yet seductive beauty riles you up even more.

You can even set this flexible 6YE premium doll up in any position you like. However, it’s way better if you first do her in a gentle and caring way until you come. After that, the night of undeniable passion truly begins.

Reyna – 5’6″ | 168cm Sex Doll

Leather straps and whips aren’t enough for you? How about a night in with the kinkiest 6YE doll we have? Tie Reyna up and make her feel like a real woman. Don’t worry, she likes it rough, too.

With a thin waist, thick thighs, and amazing hips, you’ll want to get as deep as you can into her. Give her the business and plow her into next week.

If her come-hither glance, perky tits, and great ass won’t satisfy you, nothing else will. Make your S&M fantasy a reality and enjoy the throes of pleasure tonight with the 6YE doll, Reyna.

Final Words

6YE Doll is a top-class brand that produces high-end sex dolls. So, if you are looking for premium sex dolls, then go for 6YE sex dolls. These beauties will surely chase your lonely nights away!

Sometimes, just using your hand to pleasure yourself is not that bad. However, sometimes you wish for that specific texture you desperately want to feel. Worry not, as high-end sex dolls such as 6YE dolls got you!