When you buy a quality or luxury sex doll, ensure you can enjoy her for years. So, to use a premium-quality TPE sex doll for years, you must maintain and clean her properly.  Every part of a love doll, including the skin, mouth, vagina, and anus, is susceptible to bacteria, dirt, and microscopic organisms. If not cleaned properly, this may make you ill. Therefore, cleaning sex toys regularly is necessary. And once you know how to do it correctly, it’s pretty easy.

Here is the complete guide for you to clean the TPE adult sex doll:

What is TPE material?


TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer processed like plastic but feels like a flexible rubber material. It doesn’t need any vulcanization or curing but is processed using different plastic manufacturing machines. Its process includes injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, and two-shot molding.

What are the Benefits of Having a TPE Sex Doll


These days most sex dolls come in two variants: TPE sex dolls or Silicone sex dolls. But, out of the two, the TPE is the high-maintenance material with low cost and is generally soft to the touch. TPE love dolls feel exactly like real human beings and are durable.




During the making process of the TPE sex doll, thermoplastic and elastomer elements are mixed, which respond well to molding. Due to this, TPE dolls are more affordable and flexible.

Also, the breasts and buttocks of TPE love dolls will wobble and act naturally when you fuck the TPE lady. Moreover, these dolls are comfortable in any sex position you desire. Dolls made from TPE material are compatible with silicone-based and water-based lubricants.


If you own a TPE sex doll, you should clean it properly. This is because TPE is a porous material and can get stained easily from clothes. But, if you maintain the doll and clean her regularly, then you can enjoy her company for years.

Tips to Clean TPE Adult Sex Doll



Maintaining and cleaning your TPE sex doll needs time and sex doll cleaning tools. So, before you even get started, here is the list of essential things for cleaning your sex doll:


  • A soft brush comb
  • Sulfate-free or chemical-free soap
  • Water 
  • Vaginal irrigator
  • Soft cloth or sponge
  • Dry soft towel
  • Talcum powder
  • Chemical-free baby oil
  • Water-based lubricant
  • Dryer

Here are some basic steps that you may need to follow to clean a TPE love doll

Powder up


Make sure the TPE sex doll is well-powdered every time after use. You can use baby talcum powder or another whose fragrance appeals to you. The more you powder your TPE dolls, the more they will smell good and can be free from moisture.

Moisture is not good


Make sure you keep your doll dry. So, it is better to actively clean the doll after every use.

Also, you need to clean the orifices of the sex doll for her and your hygiene. As already said, TPE is porous, and moisture can go deeper into it, damaging the doll and decreasing her life. So, clean her and powder her before you store her.

Air Dry


Expose the sensitive holes of your sex doll to air when it is not in use. This ensures there is no moisture or water left in those holes. Otherwise, mold might start growing in the cavities, damaging your sex doll. Also, do not dry the orifices with a hot air dryer or blow dryer, as this may cause damage to the skin of your loving TPE lady.




  • For a sex doll with a fixed vagina, it is better to use a fan or insert tampons for drying.
  • Using powder or oil, either hang your doll or lay it down. 
  • For body cleaning, a small spray bottle with soapy water is great.

How to Clean Parts of TPE Doll


TPE sex dolls are quite easy to clean but because they are porous, so you need to be careful while cleaning them. We advised to clean different parts of love doll separately to protect her from getting damaged. For example, detach the wig and clean it separately from other body parts. If you are new to sex dolls and not aware of how to clean it, then here are the steps for you. Take a look!. 

Steps to clean the holes of sex doll




The holes of the sex doll, such as the vagina, mouth, and anus, are delicate parts that need to be cleaned carefully. Here is the best useful method to clean the holes of your love doll:


  • Get a small sponge swab and coat it with warm water and antibacterial soap.
  • You can use this sponge to clean the orifices of a sex doll. First, use medical pincers to insert the sponge into the orifice and clean it. You repeat this two times to clean every hole.
  • After two swabs, the orifices should be cleaned properly.
  • Now, insert the dry sponge in the holes to remove the excess moisture or water drops.
  • In the end, you can apply talcum powder to the exterior of the orifice.


Finally, your sex doll is free from any bacteria or dirt particles. You must be gentle while cleaning the holes of the doll as over-pressure or force can damage it.

Wash the hair of the love doll



  • Before cleaning, remove the wig of the sex doll from the doll’s head.
  • After this, give the wig a comb.
  • You can comb her hair in a small hand basin or during the bath if her hair is long.
  • Fill the basin with cold water and add one to two drops of mild soap or hair shampoo in it. The sulfate-free or chemical-free shampoo is the best.
  • Make sure you use cold water to clean the wig of the sex doll; otherwise, you risk losing the stylish curls. 
  • Now, submerge the wig and agitate it gently, then leave it for about 3 to 5 mins to soak. 
  • Drain the sink and rinse the wig gently from the top till the water runs clear – no soap or bubbles.
  • After this, allow the wig to dry and comb the hair with a soft brush. We recommend using the wig stand to dry and comb the hair of your TPE lady.
  • Never allow the wig to dry on the head of the sex doll.
  • Also, do not use harsh hair products to style her hair, as this may weaken the hair roots and can make the doll bald. 

Steps to clean the face of a TPE sex doll

After cleaning the wig of love doll, it is time to clean her face. Here are the steps to follow:


  • To clean the face, remove the head from the body of the sex doll.
  • If possible, then remove the wig too.
  • Now apply lukewarm soapy water with cotton or a sponge on her face.
  • Gently massage the face of the sex doll.
  • Make sure you do not damage the eyes and eyelashes of the TPE sex doll while cleaning her face.
  • If you want, you can gently remove the eyes before cleaning the face of the love doll.
  • In the end, dry the face with a soft cotton towel and apply the wig to complete the look.




Sex doll makeup is semi-permanent and can fade with mineral oil, so it’s best to avoid excessively rubbing or cleaning her face.

Things To Avoid When Cleaning Your Doll


  • Never submerge the doll’s head in the water at any point.
  • Avoid using use abrasive and harsh soaps or any other harsh cleaning products.
  • Do not apply too much pressure on the skin of the love doll while cleaning your doll.
  • Avoid using a hairdryer or any other heating device on your TPE sex doll.
  • It is better to use water-based lubricant on the TPE love doll.
  • Avoid using baby wipes, as this may damage the TPE material.
  • Do not store the sex doll in dark areas or in dark clothes.

How do you Use TPE Stain Remover?


TPE material is porous, which gets stained easily from colored surfaces and clothing. Most stains will dissipate on their own, but some needs to remove with stain removers.


You can use mineral oil to remove minor stains from the body of the TPE sex doll. Also, if you have Benzoyl Peroxide at home, you can use that too to remove the stains from the skin of the sex doll.

How to Keep Your Doll Well Maintained


Treat your love doll with care and respect to enjoy her company for years to come. Here is how to care for the sex doll:

Careful handling


Always handle your TPE sex doll carefully and properly when you move or carry it. For example, avoid dragging or lifting her at weak points like the neck or elbow. Also, never flex her body parts against her natural movement. Moreover, avoid striking your love doll too hard.

Store TPE dolls


Once you clean your sex doll, it is time to store it properly safely and securely. Make sure you store sex dolls in cool, dry, and dark areas. Do not store it in any colored box or hard surfaces, as this may damage the TPE sex doll. It’s best to store your doll in a neutral, straight position so that all its joints are straight and not bent.

But, if you want to store the doll for a short time, then you can store it under the bed or on a memory foam surface. Take the Removable Vagina out while storing the doll. On the other hand, to store the sex doll for the long term, it is better to store her head and body separately in the best possible position.

Replacing Parts of Your Sex Doll


Sometimes the part of the sex doll may get broken or wear down for any reason. But the good news is that you can replace many parts of the TPE sex doll and can use her for years. However, some parts of the doll need a simple repair. If you buy a sex doll from Venus Love Dolls, you can get repair and replacement options for your TPE love doll. You can choose from a wide range of wig styles, eye colors, boob types, and much more to replace a part of your sex doll.



How often do I need to clean my love doll?


Cleaning your sex doll should be the top priority for you. It saves you from many infectious diseases and increases the life of your love doll. We recommend you clean your doll at set intervals so that it will not get damaged due to overwash. Try to clean your doll after every 3-4 weeks or once in a month.


Where to buy TPE love doll?


Are you planning to buy a love doll for yourself but don’t know where to buy it? If yes, then you can shop for high-quality TPE sex dolls from online stores like Venus Love Dolls. We sell sex dolls of only premium brands at affordable prices.


Is it safe to use TPE sex doll?


Yes, using TPE sex doll is completely safe. This is a non-toxic material which causes no allergy to user. Also, you can fulfill all your sexual desires with human-like TPE love doll. 


Which is better TPE sex doll or silicone sex doll?


Both TPE sex doll and silicone sex doll are best to use. If you want a sex doll that looks like a real woman, then TPE is a great option. On the other hand, if you are looking for a budget-friendly love doll, then silicone sex dolls can be your best choice. 

The Bottom Line


TPE sex dolls can quickly turn from pleasure to pain if they’re not clean or cared for properly. So, ensure you follow the proper steps to clean your sex doll to increase her life and use her whenever you want. Invest in the best doll cleaning products that are chemical-free and TPE-friendly.