After watching countless porn and XXX videos online, you probably have your favorites already. Typically, these stars and models give your erotic juices a run for their lives. When you search for adult videos online, you already have a particular porn star in mind; can it be the Lena Paul ? . But how about living your wildest sexual fantasies and desires by having and owning a life-sized sex toy to fulfill all your libido needs – are you down with it?

Who is Lena Paul?




Lena Paul is a famous American AV (adult video) actress, a well-followed social media influencer, and a very sexy and seductive porn star. Born on October 12, 1993, Lena Paul is a local of DeLand, Florida, USA.

Lena Paul & AV Industry Breakthrough

She entered and joined the AV industry at the very young yet adventurous age of twenty-two (22) back in 2016. Lena Paul started her porn star journey and upward trajectory with the help of posted videos she placed on premium websites.


Currently, Lena Paul has earned $2M-$3M annually through various means, such as having sponsorships, selling AV videos online, getting affiliates, posting on and having paid websites, and of course, as a social media influencer.
Lena Paul now has more than 1.7 million followers on her official Instagram account and a whopping 31.4K followers on Twitter. Please check out all her sassy and sexy posts on her official Instagram.




When it comes to appearance, Lena Paul has that exotically sexy and curvy body. With that said, you can say that it is no surprise that Lena Paul easily attracts the attention of the adults from across the board. Her blue eyes matched with her blond hair and a light skin tone steams up and boil the blood of fans and enthusiasts whenever they see her videos on premium websites.
Lena Paul maintains her body by including delicious and nutritious green vegetables in her strict diet and combines it with a regular workout that multiplies the effects resulting in the impressive sexy body she has now.

2022 & Lena Paul Retirement

Lena Paul has retired as a porn star and moved on to other platforms. Her primary sources of income now are from premium websites and sponsorships.




This busty sex doll with hairy crack is unique in its ways. Suffice, service, and enjoy yourself with this particular doll’s pleasurable and remarkable offerings. We know you’ve watched countless videos and have spent endless hours viewing Lena Paul and her perfect body and boobs.



So, having this sex toy playmate at all times can surely take you over what you’d only achieve when you watch her on famous premium websites. Say goodbye to those days of only using your imagination with your left or right hand, if you know what I mean, in pleasuring yourself until you let it all out.
By owning a Lena Paul Sex Doll, not only do you liberate yourself from the limits of your imagination, but you can also satisfy yourself all the way, enjoying the sexual companionship Lena Paul has given you by watching her videos online.

Real-Life Features

One of the reasons why many buy their sex toys and dolls is perhaps to experience the realness these playmates can bring whenever you feel naughty and only want to have fun. Having your Lena Paul Sex Doll has its perks regarding getting the real deal.




Get pleasurable sexual intercourse with your Lena Paul Doll when you feel horny but don’t want to masturbate. Feel the sensation all over your body when you get naughty with your toy doll. Feel the warm vagina surrounding your hard manhood as you thrust and thrust and then burst all your man juice inside your Lena Paul Doll.



Lena Paul is famous for her amazing breasts. So, when you own a doll version of this famous porn star, expect to encounter lovely tits that you can play around with during foreplay or while you’re pounding hard this toy playmate as you make yourself explode by the end your sex-capade.




When you only want to grab wonderful works of wonder such as the ass, you’re in for a treat with your Lena Paul toy sex-mate. Her massive butt, based on the real deal, can surely take you places when you want to be naughty and have some fun inside your bedroom or anywhere you want it to be.


Another great addition to look for in a sex playmate that your Lena Paul doll has are real-life lips that go perfectly well with her amazing vagina. Savor that sexual sensation soothing seductively into your entire body. These lips are so natural. They feel raw and well and serve their absolute best when you’re in the mood for some foreplay sex.

Curves and Swerves

If you’re not in the mood for some rough sex and only want to appreciate Lena Paul, then her life-like curves and swerves will serve you sexual justice. Be mesmerized by her body and imagine it’s the real Lena Paul you’re sharing this intimate moment with inside your place.


As a former porn star, Lena Paul is an expert in the concept of roleplaying, especially in the videos she has on numerous premium websites. Instead of only watching things take place in this roleplay, live it for yourself and experience what it feels to be with Lena Paul in these popular themes in adult videos online.

Your Dad’s Hot Girlfriend



Imagine being introduced to Lena Paul as your father’s new girlfriend after getting a divorce from your mom. In addition, you are living in the same house, and your father’s usually busy at work and seldom goes home. You are alone with her – what would you do?
Give in to this fantasy with your Lena Paul Sex Doll. Pound her so hard you’d be the only man she’ll ever have sex with, even if your father’s home. Relive this sexual moment repeatedly, as much as you want.

Your Naughty Stepsister




Now, your mother recently married another man, and the good news is he has a sexy and hot daughter in the form of Lena Paul. Because of the marriage, you’d live under one roof and be around each other daily. Would you give in to your primal urge to have some sexual fun? Your Lena Paul sex playmate can help you out with this scenario.

Your Sister’s Best Friend



You have a sister who frequently has her friends come to your house. They had a few drinks, got drunk, and partied all night. One of them is Lena Paul, who accidentally slipped into your bedroom, looking to have some sexual fun. Would you say no? Of course not. Relish this steamy fantasy with your toy doll and achieve sexual prime all the time.

Your Sexy Neighbor


A new neighbor next door asks if you can help her move a couple of things inside her house. You find she’s all alone, and then your playful mind goes wild as you imagine having sex with her. And then, it happened. Do this roleplay with your Lena Paul sex toy and be creative – do it on the sofa, the sink, the table – basically anywhere in your house.


Your Nerdy But Slutty Teacher – Lena Paul



The semester’s almost over, and you find yourself behind in one subject Ms. Paul is teaching. You see her inside her classroom all alone. You talk to her about your grades, and she agrees to let you pass, but with one condition – you have to satisfy her need with some hot sex. Act in this sexy scene with your Lena Paul sex playmate and have fun and sexual satisfaction.

Sexual Positions

Aside from very real sexy body parts and erotic roleplaying scenarios you can live out, you can also do and practice sex positions with your Lena Paul Sex Doll. You can try emulating the poses you’ve seen from one of her favorite videos online, or you can even go freestyle with some positions you’ve seen from other models before or something you’ve come up with yourself.


lena paul


Here are some common yet effective sex positions you can try once you get your Lena Paul sex playmate alone in your bedroom or wherever you want her to be.

Missionary Pose



lena paul


If you want to go traditional, then this position is for you. Go slow on your doll, and then do fast until you reach climax. Because Ms. Paul wants to be fucked in the missionary position, too. Pound her while admiring her real-like facial features and cupping her boobs as you go along.

Cowgirl Pose


Your Lena Paul sex toy can also be on top. With this position, you can control how fast or slow she rides your hard cock, letting her tube slide up and down you, giving you the sexual pleasure of your life, and then boom – you explode inside her. Feels pretty good.

Reversed Cowgirl Pose


Cross this one out from your sex positions bucket list when you perform reverse cowgirl with your Lena Paul doll. Now, appreciate her swerves and curves as she pleasures your manhood with her being on top of you, but with an element of mystery because you cannot see her face. Use your imagination and create images of her getting nailed enjoyably by your wood.

Doggie Style Pose

lena paul

Another popular sexual position you can do with your L. P. sex playmate is the dog-style sex position. Position her at the corner of your bed, sofa, table – wherever you feel pounding her – and have the time of your life. Enjoy this position as you see her doing this pose in her videos online.

Spooning Pose





You can both lay on your sides and then do some spooning here and there. Grab your dick, slide it inside her vagina, make your way across this opportunity and satisfy yourself, and burst all your manhood inside her warm interiors.

How to Take Care of Your Lena Paul Sex Doll


lena paul



  • First, remove any remaining fluids or lubricants you have used while last playing fire with your sex toy doll. It is best to use a soft cotton cloth as you begin the cleaning process.
  • Use mild soap and warm water to clean your Lena Paul doll, ensuring every part and corner gets cleaned thoroughly.
  • Keep her inside a spacious closet or even a spare room not frequented by other family members if you don’t live alone. Wrap her with a nice blanket to not startle anyone who would accidentally stumble upon her.





  • Always remember your cleaning schedule. Uncleaned sex toys can quickly damage your doll by letting microbes grow and can cause infections if you try using them how you last left them. Be responsible enough.
  • Never drench and submerge your dolls in water because they can surely get busted.
  • Avoid using oil-based products in cleaning your sex toys and dolls.
  • Abrasive soaps can also harm your beautiful sex playmates, so avoid using them for cleaning.

Get Your Own Lena Paul




Ultimately, your real-life Lena Paul sex playmate is still there for you to use correctly. Sex toys like your dolls are there when you need them. These playmates can give you the greatest pleasures, remarkable benefits, and companionship you deserve.

lena paul

However, since you are wiser now about these sexual partners, they can be fascinating in providing you with the best sexual experience you could ever have. That’s why taking care of them can mean a huge difference, even if they’re not the real thing.




With this helpful knowledge, tips, and insights about your Lena Paul Sex Doll, you can get one now! Experience the best sex you’ve only dreamed of directly in the palm of your hands. Lena Paul Sex Doll – your real-life sexual playmate!