Janice Griffith Sex Doll

Jerking off, least to say, is a man’s gateway to temporary heaven. Teach him to do so and he’d be in a pleasure haven for an hour — but give him a sex doll and he’d be grateful for life!
If you’re in for a mind-boggling sexcapade without leaving the comfort of your own home to meet a date, then you better get yourself ready for one of the best additions to grace the roster of sex dolls: the incomparable Janice Griffith!
If you’re a man whose main type is a petite chick with a pussy that latches onto your dick, a girl who won’t stop until you scream out her name while cumming, then Janice Griffith is one badass of a bombshell perfect for you!

This black widow gives men one hell of a ridin’, and boy, she’s one to get all of your sex fantasies come true. Whether you’re a newbie to this bombshell babe or already an avid fanatic, you’re in luck — ’cause this review is specifically for you! Get to know this magnificently decadent porn starlet and you’ll know why everyone’s raving her sex doll as a one of the best sex toys in the industry!

Who is Janice Griffith?

If you’re a man with a heightened sex drive, it’s impossible if you don’t know the great Janice Griffith. This girl is a walking, blaring commando when it comes to sex! She’s that girl that perfectly fits the “girl next door who’s broke and finds other ways to pay up” kind of trope. She’s kinky and wild and honestly, she’d seduce any man with a lift of a finger.
Gifted with the most striking almond eyes, luscious pink lips, petite body oozing with sex appeal, this bombastic babe knows well how to use her body to get any man (or woman) she wants to do the deed with her.
This multiracial adult film actress is a New York native born in 1995 to a Guyanese mother and an Indian-descent father. Janice Griffith’s parents being from two distinct ethnicities from two prominent locations in the world, gives her that “it-factor” that makes her one of the most alluring faces in the adult entertainment industry.


Standing at 5 feet and 3 inches and weighing 95 lbs, Janice knew she wanted to be in the industry for so long. She started her career at a tender age of 18 in 2013 when she made a few scenes to start off her lasting career, setting a prosperous career in the adult entertainment business.
As of 2022, Janice Griffith has already starred in over 260 scenes already, and counting! She’s the girl to be quite experimental and daring in her scenes. She’s been in countless scenes that are quite naughty and racy, encompassing sex with guys, girls and even both at the same time. Kinky sex is what she does, and it’s what she does best!
Janice one hot-oiled sex monster opt to give any of her partner one hell of a challenge. She’s done BDSM, even going as far as getting fucked up as if her life depended on it. She’s done scenes with women too, getting fingered and fisted and doing the same with her partner.Janice Griffith is one daredevil when it comes to sex, if you’re an avid fan of hers, you definitely know her iconic scene with Jules Jordan. Oh boy, she’d fit anything to her pussy if she could!
As a matter of fact, that scene with Jules Jordan is one of the most prominent videos of her career. She solidified her status as one of the most daring and incomparable women of the industry, elevating what it means to give the most pleasurable and mind-numbing male sex ever!

Personal Life 

As per her personal life, this beauty is as interesting holistically as with her life as a daring porn starlet. She identifies as a bisexual woman and proves to millions of fans that she’s more than a pretty face. She’s a well-educated, classy woman who wants to empower sexual positivity for everyone. She is an animal-lover, travel geek and a woman who loves to move!
Aside from being a social media star bagging millions of followers on Instagram, this babe loves taking photographs, both steamy shots, still life and high-fashion editorial shots. She’s a lifestyle and fitness instructor too! She knows how to make her body beautiful and how to make others beautiful as well!

Janice Griffith’s Sex Doll: Your Newest Obsession


Now imagine actually getting a hold of this fine, hot chick and luring her into your man cave to do your ultimate fantasies — an unforgettable night of pleasure and ecstasy as you see her moan and grind into your manhood with all passion. Does the thought excite you already? Trust us: we can’t blame you.

If you’re so obsessed with Janice Griffith that fucking her Fleshlight isn’t enough for you, then boy, we have some good news for you! You can actually get pleasured by this girlboss (well, technically)!

You can have the time of your life not just for one night but for as many as your heart (and cock) desires with Janice Griffith’s sex doll. Yes, you’ve read that right: this porn starlet is now partnering up with the best sex toy manufacturers in the industry to create the very best sex doll in the market!

So if your dream is to play your deepest kinks with one of the hottest woman in the industry, then the Janice Griffith Sex Doll is the perfect sex toy for you! With Janice Griffith’s highly accurate sex doll, you’ll be double-taking every time you see her — ‘cause the doll looks so realistic you’ll mistake as if the real starlet is with you!


Given that you can own her very sex doll, the limits are boundless! You can do the nasties and kinkiest sex that you can never do with a regular date. Afraid that a real woman will be surprised that you have a hidden, special kink? Well Janice Griffith’s sex doll will be more than happy to spread her legs wide open and let your wildest fantasies come true! No questions asked!

Or if you love vanilla and romantic sex ‘cause Ms. Griffith is your dream gal you’d want to go out with, heck you can do so! Caress her, dress her up and take her out to a nice dinner and have the most magical and splendid night ever!

The best thing? Whether it be oral, cleavage, anal or (of course, the creme de la creme of fucking) vaginal, the Janice Griffith Sex Doll has all the goods in store for you. She’d be more than happy to pleasure her master’s manhood and awake your hidden sex beast. Whether nasty or sensual or anything in between, go rad with whatever roleplay and she’d get down to business!

And since vaginal sex is the ultimate sex fantasy of any man with Ms. Griffith, Janice herself made sure that she’ll provide you multiple dimensions of pleasure as much as possible. That’s why she made sure to equip her very own sex doll the same specs and features that she has for her Fleshlight! Go nuts, pound her up and get extreme pleasure from the endless pleasure she’d be providing you.

So, without further ado, here are more details of Janice Griffith’s sex doll that’ll make you curl up your toes and scrunch up the sheets when pounding the Janice Griffith Sex Doll like your life depended on it:

Janice Griffith’s Sex Doll: Specs and Features to Get You Pleasured


If you’re a well-endowed dude, you’ll have the best time of your life with her lifelike pussy sleeve because of this specially crafted Eden texture. It can contain up to nine-inches of penile length, and the bigger your manhood is, the more pleasure you can get.
As you go deeper into her, you’ll be exploring deeper and deeper chambers of her pussy designed to provide you a unique and more climactic sensation

High-Quality Material

Nothing is more gripping and sex-hillirating than a sex doll made with TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer). TPE is what gives the ultra soft and flexible, lifelike, hyperrealistic look of the best and premium sex dolls in the industry. And with the same quality and material used for the Janice Griffith sex doll, you will surely feel as of you’re banging the real sex starlet!
TPE is usually made for the mouth, noses, and the labia, all the more enhancing the sex experience. This material is also exceptionally flexible making it extremely supple and malleable to bend, stretch and twist in various sex positions.

Hyper Realistic Appearance

From the complexion to the facial features, the manufacturers of the Janice Griffith sex doll ensures that this sex doll has captured all that Janice Griffith is all about–from her remarkable perfectly bushy brows to her sensational beauty and sultry figure. Janice is very much involved with the process of creating her hyperrealistic sex doll to ensure top-notch quality.

Tight Canal

If you are packing, then this gets much more pleasurable. It aims to play with your penis’ head and maximize pleasure as possible. Her canal contains three evenly spaced rings that are 0.4inch wide each. This makes your pleasure much more extreme, given that we would want to make it look and feel as realistic as possible.

Value for Money

Given the extensive amount of details that the Janice sex doll has, not to mention it’s lifelike appearance and feel, Janice has truly given her fans something worth looking forward to!

Janice Griffith Sex Doll: Storage and Care

A great sex toy does not necessarily mean high-maintenance care! Even though it has multiple chambers all throughout, just like any other sex toy, it’s quite low maintenance still. Run your doll in warm water and soap, pat it dry, and put it back in its casing and store it again in a cool, dry place. And that’s it–it’s ready for your next hot steamy session!
If you really want your sex doll to be your go-to toy whenever you feel horny and extend its lifespan, then taking care of it would feel easy too. We suggest that you buy some renewal powder so that the Eden texture won’t lose its tightness and firmness. Clean it every after use and make sure she’s always dressed and ready for the next one!

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Janice Griffith’s Sex Doll Review: The Ultimate Verdict

Janice Griffith’s love doll is a very good option if you want to have one of the best sex doll from one of the most sought-after porn starlet in the industry! Very pleasurable, tight, convenient and affordable for its price, what’s not to love?
If you’re all in for this petite chick and you’ve been dreaming of caressing and banging Janice Griffith in your dreams for the longest time, then this is the perfect opportunity to make it into reality. Janice Griffith’s love doll, is the best gal who can take your world of pleasure from the deepest crevices of her tight pussy to the highest moans and orgasms you’ll ever have! Take her home now.