Big Lips

Full and sumptuous lips are the most desirable and perfect lips. Women with such lips have lust because of their sexy appearance. At Venus Love Dolls, we can customize your dream girl to match your wildest fantasies and fetishes.

Just select the body type and lip size that you want. Full, plump lips are attractive. Types of full lips that appeal to men:

●      Top-heavy lips: These tend to be heavier on the top and have no pronounced cupid bow.

●      Full lips: These types of lips often protrude and fuller on the bottom. These are one of the most desirable types of lips among women who want to look lusty.

●      Round lips: These round-shaped lips are round and have no cupid’s bow.

●      Heart-shaped lips: As the name suggests, this type of lips looks like a heart’s shape.

We can give you a sex companion with any type of lips you want. In addition, we have hundreds of other customization options. By and large, we can customize each and every detail of her body, starting from hair color and skin tone to the texture of sex spots.

Men love big lips naturally because they look sexy and appealing. They create the focal point of the woman’s facial features and arouse any male with any taste.

So, big lips appear sweet and kissable to men. When they see women with big lips, most males imagine sucking and licking those massive body parts. In fact, many top celebrities with plumper lips are known for this.

If you dream of sleeping and jerking off with a hottie with big, juicy lips, we can get her to you. Simply let us know your sex fantasies, and we will carve an exotic babe from you with fuller, red lips. Just imagine you get back home from work to a sexy babe waiting for you in the bed, naked and wearing hot red lipstick. Won’t you just jump in the bed and lip-lock while caressing her soft boobs and booties?

Order your Dream Girl Today!

Venus Love Dolls is a leading name when it comes to the best quality custom face sex dolls. We deal in the most realistic silicone and TPE wives with dreamy sex doll lips.

So, explore our selection of realistic sex dolls with big lips and fulfill all your sexual desires.

Our lifelike female sex dolls with juicy lips are fun for kissing and sucking. Just imagine you see a hot chick waiting at a bus stop, and you can’t get your eyes away from her big lips and boobs. You’ve been eyeing her for some time. Finally, you got a lucky opportunity to talk to her.

You decide on a coffee date, and on the date, you invite her to your home. She turns up in sexy wear that instantly turns you on. You couldn’t wait, licking her lips and sucking her swinging tits protruding out of her sexy dress. You both are set for a steamy sex night.

Our sex doll with custom faces can feature lips of any size to your taste. In addition, our silicone and/or TPE babes feature detailed areola, realistic anus and labia, and ball joint wrists. Their real-looking skeleton lets you enjoy sex in any position you yearn for. They not only look hot in pictures but in reality too. They are ready to take home and fuck right away.

The size of a woman’s lips plays a key role in an enhanced sexual experience. The bigger, the better! Men often find women with bigger, luscious lips more attractive than those with thin lips.

Does this sound familiar? Do you always lust for sucking and licking those massive, fleshy lips? If yes, then you’re in the right place.

At Venus Love Dolls, we bring you an exclusive collection of big lips sex dolls. Our realistic life-size sex dolls feature juicy lips that give intense oral sex pleasure. Our realistic sex dolls for men are made of high-quality material with big lips that take you to an all-new height of physical pleasure.

Realistic adult sex dolls at our store are inviting with eager mouths, delivering you complete oral satisfaction. Though you can make love with them in any way you see fit, you’ll love to spend some time kissing, sucking, and licking their plumper lips.

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Big Lips

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