WM Sex DollAs you get closer to knowing yourself and explore your deepest, most erotic fantasies, you come to a point where a partner cannot fulfill all your fantastic dreams, or you may not be able to ask your partner everything that goes in your head.

So do you think you should tone them down and take a step back? Well no. Never ignore what your body truly desires. Because like someone said, ‘ the human is a sexual animal with an appetite.’

Sex dolls are human-like toys, with the anatomy of that of a human, made from different materials, available in many sizes and types, made to quench the thirst of your fantasies.

WM Sex DollFull-size sex toys and dolls have provided sexual gratification for men, women, and everyone who comes across them. With countless customizable options like hair color, waist, eyes, and genitalia, Venus Love Dolls is a trusted sex doll store.

To help you out with your deepest fantasies, we at Venus Sex Toys have the best range of Sexy love dolls, realistic love dolls, real life sex dolls, life size sex dolls, and much more. Given in many sizes, body features to your liking, they come in all genders and will have your mind blown with an amazing experience.

If you are wondering where to get a sex doll or searching for the best places to buy sex doll, well, search no more.


When looking for pleasure with Sex toys and love dolls, things you can take into consideration are,


We are here to help you satisfy your own needs, so be sure to look for the ones that suit your interests best, and who knows, while looking, you may stumble upon some new interests too. You and your partner can also come up with new fantasies together, shop, and have a great experience at our trusted sex doll store.


You do not want cheap material anywhere near your body, nor do you want to get any allergies or such. The material should also feel as close to being natural as possible. You do not want you having the feeling of rubber under the skin all the time. It is another thing if you like that, though.


Make sure you get the best Blow up sex dolls to your budget and the best material. Silicone usually gives you the best stimulation but is more expensive than TPE dolls, but why settle for less, right?


The best place to buy sex dolls among all the online sex toy stores is Venus sex toys because our love dolls come in all sizes and features, to your own liking. Be sure to choose the one that is easy to handle and fits your tastes the most.

Some luxury sex dolls come with detachable heads, which allows you to chose and have a different style each time you want to use them by planning the purchase of an extra head.


You are paying for these Realistic love dolls. Hence we do not fall behind in meeting the quality. The joy love dolls should be easy to maintain and care for as we do not want them being spoiled too early. The dolls come with a vertical hanging option so that you don’t have to bend them at the joints and risk damaging them. Some can be stored horizontally too. The ones with detachable heads can be easily stored in closets. Dolls with fixed vaginas may need more care while cleaning than removable.


You might have come across many sites while searching for the best one, which now leaves you with the question of which one to choose/buy from.

Let us list down the reasons you have to visit the best online sex toy store.


Having wide varieties of sex dolls, our trusted Venus sex doll shop has an extensive range of body features, small or big bottoms, waist size as per your liking, and facial features like big or small doe eyes.

However big or small you want your love dolls genitals to be. Hair color, pubic hair color and type, the labia color, and type as per your fantasy are also available. Every person is different in their sex drives and fantasies. Hence the Joy love dolls are also different, with each one having different body features, leading to a vast range of options to choose from.



From different shades of eye, hair, and skin color to different sizes and shapes of body parts, Venus sex toys store has got them all. The silicone ones can also easily be folded into desired positions.

Body features include full-body, human-like sex dolls, partial boy dolls with only torso, head and/or pelvis. Body features can sometimes be vibrating, removable, and interchangeable. Sex robots for sale or sexbots are also available. Some modern technology using dolls with internal heating systems is also present. Different sizes of sexy love dolls are available to meet all of your size needs. Sex dolls with bigger, smaller, thicker, and longer body parts can also be found in our trusted sex doll store.


All realistic body types like curvy, skinny, athletic body type, muscular, bulky, obese, plus size body type, and many more are available. To meet your fantasies perfectly, it is important to choose the right body style for your sex doll, and it is important for us too, as sellers, to provide you with all the body types that can be imaginable.



On the more exotic side, some dolls also have special fantasy features like tails and animal ears, vampire teeth, elf ears, and such. Whether you select a full-body realistic sex doll or a partial body doll, you can have all types of bodies to choose from. Body style based on age can also be selected. Dolls with body types that offer extreme pleasure to the eyes and make your dream fantasy into a reality can be found here.


For some people, in their diverse interests and sexual fantasies, the most important or the most turning on thing may be the ethnicity of their sexual attraction. Just like the many races and ethnicities present over the whole world, Venus sex toy shop brings you your love sex doll’s racial type from all the corners of the world.

Your fantasy may include those from Asian, White, Brown, Black, English, Colored, and pale bodies, and we have got them all. Ranging from the dark, tanned complexions with wavy hair to paler and lighter skin tone shades, you can find all colors of Joy love dolls here.


We all know the phrase “ Blondes have the most fun.” But in our stores, you can have fun with all shades of hair color you can possibly find on the palette. From blondes to brunettes, black shiny haired blow up sex dolls to those with dyed hair, you can choose from a vast range of hair colors and customize your sex doll to give you the utmost eye pleasure, because we know sometimes in the heat of your trysts the head may be the only part you can see and hair the only part you can hold, so choose away!

Big Boobs Sex Doll


Not only the hair color, but you can also choose from a variety of hairstyles like long, short, curly, super wavy, and straight or the style that feels most good under your hands.


Silicone is a synthetic material used to make plastics, rubbers, and silicone sex dolls. Luxury sex dolls made with silicone are resistant to heat and chemical attacks, meaning they can be used more freely without the fear of damage.

To make sure that you don’t feel too weird with the doll’s texture, they come with high-end authentic and expensive material. Silicone gives you as much as near-human skins feel as possible. Silicone-made realistic sex dolls can even retain heat, giving you more pleasure. The material can also be sterilized, which means you can easily clean the love doll of any germs.

Siliko Sex Dolls


TPE is a Thermo Plastic Elastomeric material. It is a hybrid material. Love dolls made from this material are more flexible and are resistant to slipping, and are softer. They are odorless and can also retain heat. They are also cheaper than those made with silicon material.

Usually, silicone is the most preferred material for joy dolls because it looks more natural. Though it can be on the more expensive side, it is the best pick out of the two to properly meet your needs, so why not just let yourself indulge.


To make your journey with us more pleasant and to make your fantasies with our realistic life size sex dolls more pleasurable, we have easy and vastly accessible payment options. You can know more about the payment and shipment options while shopping with our Trusted Venus sex doll shop. A

ll types of online payments are accepted, and you can get your receipt of payment easily. Do not worry when it comes to making the payment. We will make sure that your transactions are safely and securely completed so that you can have the time of your life as soon as possible.


To show you that neither our product nor our business is fake, we provide you with a verified authentication certificate attached to the Love dream dolls in the form of a sticker, print, or receipt. We are a trusted Venus sex doll shop that provides authentic products from manufacturers. The authentication certificate may be attached to a part of the realistic life size sex dolls, or may also be given to the buyer separately.


While some manufacturers may try to under-price the sex toys love toys to attract customers, we at Venus sex doll store make sure to match the price with the product. The price you are paying for the product is justified, and we make sure to name the price after the material, body type, features, accessories that come with the sex doll love dolls.

We make sure not to take more than is ideal for realistic life size sex dolls. We want you to have a pleasurable time for the ideal deal that can beformed.


If you have enthusiastically bought one of the sex dolls love dolls realistic life size sex dolls, but are not happy with their performance or in general find any issue that is not to your liking and would like to return the sexy love dolls, we have a pleasing return policy too.

Given the luxury love dolls are in a state that we can accept returns, we can take back the realistic sex dolls and will be happy to listen to your reason for returning the sex dolls. We have good shipment and ship-back policies to make your time with us more comfortable. You are free to give us your feedback and/or ratings.


Sex dolls can not only be your sexual companions but can also keep you warm and offer company as artificial partners, photography models, and much more. If you have been looking all over the place for the best places to buy sex dolls from or on online sex stores for sex love dolls, do not think furtherand check out Venus sex doll shop now.

With a wide range of body types, body and facial features, ethnicity choices, hair and face choices to choose from, trusted Venus sex doll shop offers various sex dolls. With easy payment options, genuine, authentic certification, guaranteed price match, and easy return policies, Venus sex doll shop is the best place to make your fantasies into realities, so wait no more and shop on!