Elsa Babe Sex Doll To Buy in 2021

Are you planning to buy a sex doo? If yes, then you should choose the best sex doll of Elsa Babe brand. The sex dolls of this company are made of high-quality material and are safe to use. 

This premium silicone sex doll manufacturer strives to produce hyper-realistic love dolls for you. Elsa Babe always commits to offering a well-researched and well-designed product that is loved by all and fulfills your sexual desires. 

Let’s learn about the brand in detail:

All You Need To Know About the Elsa Babe

Elsa Babe is a firm that is committed to creating high-quality sex dolls and sex toys. Established in 2017, it focuses on research and development to produce the best silicone love dolls for you.

The production team of Elsa Babe has more than 20 years of experience in game/film/3D Animation and product designs. Elsa Babe is the first-ever sex toy producer established by the 3D design team.

The company is best at concept design, sculpture, skeleton design, and style makeup. For example, when you buy Elsa Babe sex doll, you find it has a strong resemblance to Japanese anime dolls. Further, the proportion and body curves are different from many sex dolls available in the market. 

Another unique feature of Elsa Babe dolls is their three distinct vagina patterns. Each texture provides a slightly different sensation and experience so that you can select the vagina type that will fit you best. The realism of their sex dolls cannot be denied.

If you are looking for a premium-quality and cheap silicone sex doll, Elsa Babe is a great choice. Further, these love dolls will be a great addition to fulfilling all sexual desires for an anime or manga fan.

Benefits of Buying Elsa Babe Sex Doll

Let’s take a look at some of the other interesting reasons why the Elsa Babe sex doll is best!

Benefit 1: 2D Anime with True Virtuality with Reality

Elsa Babe specializes in ACG sculpture techniques as well as unique makeup styles. These sex dolls stand out from the crowd regarding features, feel touch, and sexy body. 

Today, the company is known for its quality and two-dimensional Japanese sex dolls. Elsa Babe has brought animation to life and made it a reality for anime character lovers. 

The sexy animated character of Elsa Babe comes with realistic body features, hair, mouth, boobs, and vagina. Further, these sexy dolls respond to outside conditions similar to humans.

Benefit 2: Unique Anthropomorphic Sex Doll


In 2021, Elsa Babe revealed their first anthropomorphic animal doll. If you love the character and wish to have sex with them, then these love dolls are for you. 


Elsa Babe sex dolls are bold enough to give you the best sex experience ever. The company was the first brand in the industry that explore silicone anthropomorphic animal dolls. 


You can see bizarre animation ears and other animalistic features in some of the Elsa Babe sex dolls. The truly wild sexy pussy can make you startling in bed. All the features of the animated sex dolls look like a real woman’s feature.

Benefit 3: Edible Grade Platinum Silicone Sex Doll

All the Elsa Babe sex dolls are made of premium grade and edible grade silicone. This means all the love dolls are hundred percent safe to use and causes no rashes to your skin. 


Further, the platinum silicone sex dolls are non-toxic, odorless, and offer excellent performance in all aspects. Also, the dolls will not turn yellow over time, and you can use them for years. 


You will experience outstanding performance with a high-quality silicone sex doll


Benefit 4: Standard Body Type Boobs


Unlike other sex doll manufactures, Elsa Babe focuses on only four body styles:102 cm, 148 cm, 150 cm, and 165 cm. It means you can get a standard life-size silicone sex doll that looks like a real woman in all aspects.


All sex dolls of Elsa Babe have a great structure ratio that promotes the aesthetically pleasing love dolls. You can feel the same-sex experience as you feel with a real woman in your life. Everything from hair to mouth and vagina looks so real as well as sexy. 


Benefit 5: Sexy Jucy Vagina For Ultimate Sex Experience


Pussy of Elsa Babe sex dolls feel like heaven. The company has developed five types of the vagina with different textures to give you extreme pleasure.


You will feel real friction through the winding folds and depressions of the sex doll vagina. Further, the Elsa Babe silicone sex doll can give you the ultimate titty fuck experience through the gentle thrill of boobs. The cleavages surrounding your penis give you enough friction to finish you off.


Last but not least, you can feel the mysterious oral sex experience with a full-size silicone sex doll.


List of Top Elsa Babe Silicone Sex Dolls 


If you’re looking to buy the best silicone sex doll, the following list of the Elsa Babe dolls is for you. The best thing is that you can choose the love doll according to your desire for height, body weight, body type, eye color, and more.


#1 Doris Connor – 165 cm


When you search for a life-size silicone sex doll, Doris Connor of Elsa Babe is for you. She looks like a real female and has all realistic features. 

Her skin is very soft to feel and touch. Plus, her long hair increases her beauty by many times. When you sit near her and touch her, you will feel no difference.

Caress her beautiful, charming face, kiss her soft lips, such as her boobs and touch her juicy vagina. Then, grab her in your arms and tease her pussy with your mouth. 

She is a fantastic sex doll who is ready to give you a never-ending sex experience for hours. Doris is 165 cm tall and has three wonderful holes (mouth, vagina, and ass). 


#2 Oliva Smith – 165 cm

Oliva Smith has a sweet 3D-designed face and blonde hair. Her boobs are beautiful, and have a curvy sexy body too. She is 165 cm tall and is a perfect life-size silicone sex doll for every man. 

Her mouth is very kissable, and the juicy red lips feel soft and real. You will love to put your penis in her vagina as it is very realistic to feel and touch as well. 

Slap her round butts and squeeze her big boobs to reach the climax. She has a metal skeleton that allows you to pose her in any sex position with ease. 

In addition to this, you can enjoy anal sex, oral sex, and vaginal sex with Oliva. She is ready to serve you day and night. Take her with you now!


#3 Morikawa Yuki – 150 cm – Anime


Do you fantasize about Anime characters? Or, are you a huge anime fan? If yes, then Morikawa, an anime sex doll is for you. She is made of premium quality silicone material and features a 3D design that makes her look like a real human. 


Morikawa’s alluring body and soft eld ears, and cat face make her a unique sex doll model. When you see her, you won’t be able to stop yourself from loving her. She is such a sexy and charming sex doll that can fulfill your sexual needs. 


Unlike other love dolls, Morikawa has a sexy ass and boobs. She also comes with erogenous genitals similar to a real woman. You can live your fantasies with her day and night. She is a cute, attractive, and charming anime sex doll created by Elsa Babe. 


#4 Nagashima Sawako – 150 cm

Nagashima is waiting for you to rip the sexy outfit on her body and is ready to give you outstanding pleasure. Her sexy body curve and round nipples can attract you in minutes. You can’t wait to take your pant off for fucking her hard. She loves to get horny in bed while seducing you for hours. 


This beautiful realistic sex doll is made of premium silicone and is safe to use. Further, Nagashima is better than many Asian ladies you have been chasing for. 


Her skin feels so real and soft that you won’t want to get your hands off her. Kiss her pussy, slap her ass, and lick her boobs to live your fantasies. Plus, it can be customized in various ways according to your desire. 


Anyone who wants a sexy-looking Japanese partner can select this life-size sex doll. 


#5 Koizumi Nana – 148 cm

Koizumi is a fabulous anime sex doll produced by Elsa Babe, and she is a high-quality silicone sex doll with big eyes and sexy body. This love doll is a real fantasy for many men. 


With Koizumi, you can spend quality time in the bedroom for hours and can fuck her hard. Have you noticed her wild sexy look? Oh yeah, she is waiting for a handsome dude and wants to suck the dick.


If you are obsessed with anime characters, then take Koizumi home. She can give you the best sex experience ever and can fuck you for long hours. 


You will love to suck her boobs, kiss her lips, and tease her vagina. With her cute, sharp teeth, she can also give you the best blow job. 


#6 Takikawa Shizuka – 102 cm

When you are in search of a small silicone sex doll, Takikawa is a great option for you. She is a sexy love doll with long silky hair and beautiful blue eyes. 


She is designed and produced by Elsa Babe, who is known as the best sex doll manufacturer in the industry. This sexy sex doll is made of premium quality material and is safe to use for every skin type. 


Her brown hair and blue eyes can make you startling in bed. Kiss her lips grab her breast and fuck her hard. You can use this sex doll in any desired sex position with ease. 


The best part is that it is light in weight and can be stored in any corner of the room. If you are chasing a sexy girl with blue eyes, then take this sex doll home and live your fantasies. 


#7 Uehara Chiho – 102 cm

Uehara is an exceptionally attractive, sexy, and realistic sex doll from Elsa Babe. She has amazing feminine features and is a premium-quality silicone sex doll available in the market. She is highly customizable with various options like eye color, skin type, skin color, breast size, and more.


Further, she comes with many upgrades like feet for stand and a removable vagina. On top of that, she is easy to carry and easy to store as well. The high-quality metal skeleton in her body allows you to move her in any sexual pose. 


If you want to have a woman with whom you can enjoy sex anywhere, then Uehara is for you. She will give you the best sex experience every and make you startling in bed. 


You can suck her boobs and lick her sexy pussy for hours to live your fantasy. She is shy, and at the same time, she is sexy as well as attractive. 


All she is waiting for is an honest and handsome man who can take her home. So, if you desire a sexy chic with big eyes, boobs, and massive ass, then take Uehara with you.


Final Words 


A silicone sex doll is what every man wants to enjoy sex day and night. If you wish to buy a premium silicone love doll, then choose one from the above list. All these sex dolls from Elsa Babe are made of quality material and will be your best sex partner.