Self-pleasure is one of the most healthy ways to connect with yourself. Not only can it make you happy, but you could also enjoy and love your own company. However, when things start to feel repetitive, it can be a sign that it’s time to play with a sex doll to fully reach the peak of orgasm.
Leave the boring manual way of pleasure and have yourself Ava Addams sex dolls! Made with premium-grade materials, you’ll surely enjoy this woman’s sizzling body as your penis delight and get turned on. Have it in your bedroom and let her spend the sexy night with you on your bed.
You don’t have to worry because this woman could give you all the sexual support a man needs even without a partner. Indulge in this sex doll’s sizzling hot body made with high-quality and durable materials.

What’s good about having Sex dolls and Sex Toys?

When it comes to sex, preference is definitely a must. It will always come in different forms. For example, a preference can be creating a playlist to stimulate the atmosphere or watching porn videos first before doing it on yourself. There’s a lot of variation, but Ava Addams Sex Doll only wants to give you a thing: great pleasure.
This attractive sex doll has skin as tender as fine wine, suitable for men who like to feel it on their penis. Dolls like Ava Addams also let you fulfill your sexual desire to actualize what you usually watch, especially if Ava is one of your favorites.
What may be your inclination, you must get to pleasure yourself and enjoy the alluring company of Ava Addams Sex Doll.
With the help of this sexy synthetic GF, you get to release sexual tension in the safest way possible, and this can also help you reduce stress, help you sleep better, improve how you see yourself and your body image. Additionally, sex toys like Ava dolls can help you treat your sexual problems and strengthen your muscles in the pelvic and anal regions.

Being Familiar with Ava Addams

According to published articles, Ava Addams is an adult entertainer born on September 16, 1979, and is well-known for her oh-so-hot curvaceous figure. She will lure you with her fiery presence as she gives your penis a boner.
Ava Addams is a Virgo and has French and Italian descent. Born in Gibraltar to parents that are staying away from the public.
Ava is also known to be an Instagram personality, well-known for her red-hot bikini photos that can make her million followers’ heart pump a bit.
Ava stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall (1.65 m or 165 cm). The American adult actress has charming dark brown eyes and alluring blonde hair. She wears a bra cup size off 33C and her body proportions are 34-26-39 inches.
You can also watch her videos on porno websites, available for your pleasure and satisfaction

Ava Addams Trivias

Ava Addams loves to take photos of herself then upload them on her Instagram account. This particular habit of hers is of course favorable for her fans because they get to see how Ava is doing on her life. She also make sure that she get to capture the best angle she can offer and show people how sizzling hot she is. She is renowned for having the most provocative and tempting bikini photos as she often channel her fiery-hot lingerie at Instagram.
Since Ava loves taking photos, she also loves travelling and taking pictures of every scenery she finds beautiful. If you love a girl who’s adventurous and always on the go, then Ava is the one for you.
According to her social media accounts, she is also a passionate pet lover. Some of her hobbies include showing off her love for dancing and singing.
Addams was also nominated for AVN Award MILF/Cougar Performer of the Year 2012.
It may be also your lucky time because at the moment, Ava Addams is single. She has not disclosed any information about her dating life that’s why if you prefer to keep boundaries on women who are already taken, then you don’t have to push Ava away.
Ava Addams love the color blue. Before rising into fame, she was a self-proclaimed Goth girl wayback in High School.

Lovely Features Ava Addams Doll Offer

According to recent news and report, Ava Addams’ stardom rose when she was first spotted on Instagram. Later on, success kept chasing her to become who she is today.
Women like Ava is what single men desires. The reason behind is that, her videos were oozing hot. Now that she has her own sex doll, expect to be content and satisfied while you experience intimate sex with Ava Sex Doll.
Save your best-loved sensual playlist to set the mood as Ava Addams Sex Doll offer you these enchanting features that comes with your sex doll:

Realistic Hair strands

Ava is famed for her charismatic appeal as blonde girl. Girls like her charm most of the audience for having the most alluring presence in the whole room. Ava’s hair usually stuns her fans for it just flows beautifully on the right side of her face. Her blonde hair also often cover the left side of her face. With your new doll inspired by Addams, you get to experience first-hand what people only fantasize on videos.


Your synthetic girlfriend surely have it all! While the doll fully resembles Ava, you still have the power to do anything as you please with her head. Do you prefer to put a mole on her? Or have her lips come in different colors? The choices are unlimited and it’s all up to you.


Ava dolls are made using premium-grade quality to ensure that not only you get to experience best sex with your love girl, but also enjoy her aesthetic part. If you wish to customize her according to your ow preference, may it be. If you love to focus on details, like receiving a handjob from a girl with fiery red nail polish, or sucking tits with piercing. Also, if you prefer to modify Ava’s skin colors to intensify your arousal with in case you’re into suntanned ladies. The wide array of choices lies on you and how well will you customize her for your own pleasure.

Big Breasts and Tits

If you’re into sucking tits and holding her huge breasts while making love, you can achieve it all with Ava doll. Not only it can stimulate you from having an actual sex but also can invogorate your hormones in taking it to the next level with Ava.

Lifelike Vagina

You can go all in with Ava dolls as they are made to gratify your libido, lustfulness and sexual urge as they come with oh-so-realistic vagina. Of course, lovemaking is never complete without intercourse, and Ava doll could help you reach the peak of your orgasm while you indulge while your dick enters the her tight vagina. Another notable feature for this Ava Doll is her vibrations capability. According to customer review, they prefer to experience sensually realistic dolls and now, there you have it.

Satisfy your Fetish with premium-grade Ava Addams Sex Doll

You don’t have to worry about having to pay a huge amount of bucks just to have yourself an Ava Addams Ava Sex Doll is guaranteed to give you an oozing hot lovemaking time without having to pay huge amount of bucks. Surely, there are dolls who are one of the most expensive sex dolls out there, but with this sexy toy, you can save cash and purchase a high-quality doll that features a lady, crafted to be a perfectly realistic sex doll made just for you!
If you’re now ready for Ava to dominate and pleasure you, open your browser and search for the website. To log in, register your account by entering your username. Search for the Doll that you prefer and read the detail provided. The site also allows you to write a comment so that other clients can view your thoughts as well. When the doll has arrived, it is highly encouraged that you also post a review as content so that it could be also beneficial for those who’d like to purchase one in the near future.
With Ava doll, you won’t have to worry about a high maintenance woman because she isn’t. You’ll just have to take care of her properly. Always remember that there is no shame at owning these kind of dolls because they help you on exploring your sexual preferences so that when you finally get to go with a partnered sex, everything is just easy-peasy lemon-squeezy for you.
Ava doll’s pussy is all yours to dominate. may your preference be Female-dom or not, she can guarantee that you’ll feel so horny with her company.

DIY Cleaning Techniques for your Ava Sex Doll

Your synthetic girlfriend is intended to last for long period of time. You can only achieve this with proper care and maintenance. With this, you can ensure that your doll will not deteriorate dramatically after you’ve had a blast with her. After using your Ava Doll, you can follow these simple cleaning steps to preserve the quality of your sex doll:
Use clean water to carefully wash away all the accumulated dirt present on your love doll’s body. Try not to harshly rub her skin, because this may cause her skin to fade.
Warm water not exceeding 38°C or 100 °F is recommended for usage in order to prevent spoilage of the love doll’s skin quality.
After giving her a bath, put body wash all over her body and wash her thoroughly so that no excess dirt could accumulate. With this, you are not only protecting and prolonging your doll’s life but also safeguarding your safety against unwanted dirts.
Wash out your doll thoroughly and entirely dry her off. Remember to use an uncolored towel to avoid color transfer on her skin. You surely don’t want a blue chick, right?
Apply talcum powder specifically made for sex dolls.
Resist the temptation of dressing your doll up using clothes that quickly fade. The chances is that, the color might transfer on your sex doll’s skin. Be careful about the cloth as well because it might be rough and could scratch your doll’s soft skin.

Trivia: How much masturbation is too much with Ava Addams Sex Doll? Going beyond the normal limit of self pleasure.

Many people masturbate often, may it be daily or more than once a day. Some people, on the other hand, masturbate once a week or monthly. Of course, there are people who don’t masturbate at all. And in case you have missed it, all of these given scenarios are perfectly fine and normal!
Masturbating only happens to be so much when it starts to interfere with what you do on your daily life, responsibilities or even your social life. Say for an instance, you’d like to focus on your work but your body keeps on wanting you to masturbate. It only becomes abnormal when it gets in the way of what you’re supposed to do in a normal day-to-day basis.
Always remember that masturbating is normal for a person with sexual needs. For your assurance, some people even learn masturbating at an early age. They may be taught that it’s bad, but it’s really not. You don’t have to feel guilty about what other people has to comment on your personal sexual life.
However, if masturbating starts to hinder you from performing your daily tasks, or you cannot control the behavior anymore, then it’s a sign that you may have to take a trip to a counselor or a sex therapist.