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How Abella Danger Came About

Abella Danger is a Floridian native; born in Miami, she grew up in a strictly Jewish upbringing in a Jewish-Ukranian household. Her biological father was 22 years older than her mother. However, her stepfather stepped in and filled in the paternal role when she reached three years old until she reached fourteen.

She had a fairly normal childhood, with her confiding that she was the typical “quiet” girl in high school with all the preppy girl friends. At twelve, she befriended Jennifer Lay, another accomplished adult film actress that she is friends with until now. By the time that she was fifteen, boys already were teasing her of her fairly accentuated features that she learned to embrace through time.

Abella aspired to become a ballet dancer as a child. She even went as far as actually practicing the dance when she was sixteen years old. In a 2016 interview, she revealed her passion for dance, noting that it makes her “express [her] emotions without words”.

During that period of her life, at sixteen, she met her very first boyfriend, who was nineteen at the time and entering a relationship became her ticket to the porn industry.

Three years later, Abella Danger shot a series of porn videos after her boyfriend at the time convinced her to do so. They shot five scenes, and after that series of events, she entered the industry all by herself.

Abella’s Career

Abella officially started her career as a professional adult performer back in July 2014. During that time, as she was just starting out, she did not have much of an audience.

When 2015 came, she became a Spielger Girl which allowed her to get her career in motion. Being a Spielger Girl made her experience of creating porn videos much more convenient, and it helped her to gain some traction because the said talent agency happens to be one of the top agencies at the time.

And during the same year, Abella Danger became an Airerose Brand Ambassador, allowing her to explore much of the nooks and crannies of the industry at such an early stage in her career.

In July 2016, she was hailed as Twisty’s Treat of the Month, showing a banner of her which increased her visibility even more. Abella has now over 800 scenes under her belt, and is known as one of the most prominent faces in the adult porn industry. Her videos are highly-demand not only by men but also with women.

Abella Danger’s Achievements and Awards

In 2019, Abella Danger starred as the leading actress of Bella Thorne’s directorial debut “Her & Him”, which debuted at the Oldenburg International Festival in September that year. Abella played as the main character’s girlfriend who the main character thinks is planning to kill him due to an out-of-control, sexually charged encounter. The film, although indie, was lauded for its stunning visual style and explorative interpretation of the power balance between men and women in relationship.

Abella Danger has also won a few of the most prestigious awards in the adult film industry. She was hailed as the “Best New Starlet” at the 2015 XBIZ Awards and won the same distinction, plus the “Hottest Newcomer” award at the 2016 AVN Awards. It’s worth noting that the “Hottest Newcomer” award is fan-voted, which goes to show how big of a name in the industry she already was!

Abella’s Exquisite Charm and BeautyAbella Danger has a knack of showing off her astounding beauty. There is an inside joke that her name’s fitting because she’s a “real danger of making men cum too fast”.

Standing at 5”4 with a slender but curvy body, she’s known to get both men and women obsessed with her unique beauty and appeal. She has this unique facial feature that makes her stand out from other women of Caucasian descent due to her unique ethnicity. Her Eastern European features take the cake in her charm, allowing her to become an exquisite beauty in the industry.

She’s an olive-skinned brunette that is to die for. She has these sensual eyes that seem to lure you in, a strong, pointed nose, small warped-up face and a pouty puckers that’ll make you lose your mind getting charmed with.

Abella Danger is also known for her rocking body that makes any man (or woman) all hot and horny. Sporting a big, poundable ass and huge, perky tits that can make anyone rabid, she knows how to use her assets well.

Abella Danger starred in countless scenes already, and has been one of the most explorative adult performers in the industry. She has done scenes with both men and women and enjoys it.

Being a trained ballet dancer in the past, she’s a flexible darling that can make essentially all kinky fantasies come true. Name it, and it’s no surprise that she’s done it — whether it be anal, vaginal, choking, deepthroating, or even fisting, she’s done it and will be more than happy to do it again!

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