It is a general assumption that the “sex dolls are just for guys, “but this is not true. There are male love dolls for women that can fulfill their emotional as well as physical needs. In recent years male sex dolls have developed rapidly, and the market growth rate has exceeded significantly. With the advancement of technology, male love dolls are becoming more and more realistic and give women a pleasure similar to the sex with a real man. The best thing is that even gay people can use male love dolls for fulfilling their sexual desires.


Adult Male Sex Dolls

A male sex doll is a type of artificially constructed male body that has everything similar to a real human being. It has male body parts like a penis, butts, anal, and other accessories, making them look like real men. They are not only a woman’s sex partner but also realistic physic for women. If you are the type of person who wants to enjoy deep sex or live at a distance from your husband/boyfriend, then a male sex doll is a great option. Also, these types of dolls are good listeners and never ask you to stop or never feel tired. It means you can enjoy endless sex with male love dolls. Moreover, if you are a type of gay couple you want to add more spice in your bedroom, then a gay sex doll is best for you. Women and gay can explore their sexual fantasies without cheating on their partners with the boy sex doll.


Life Size Sex Dolls For Women

Are you a woman and buying a sex doll for your sexual desires? If yes, then you need to focus on the following things:


There are many male sex dolls for women in the market that are made of a different kinds of material. When you are in the market to buying a sex doll, you first need to check the material of the doll. It is because the quality of a lifelike male sex doll depends on the material it is made of. Being a woman, you are going to insert the penis of the male love doll into your vagina. So, it is important to pick a doll made of quality material as this should not cause any harm to your skin and sensitive parts of the vagina. Also, if you do not wish to spend money again and again on a gay sex doll, it is better to pick one that is durable and tear-resistant.

Here is the list of material with which boy sex dolls are made of:


It is a synthetic material that has no resemblance to real skin. Also, PVC is stiff and can tear over time. There is male sex doll made of PVC which are less costly as compared to TPE male sex dolls.


TPE is a thermoplastic rubber that is used to make quality male love dolls. The male sex doll made of TPE is ultra-soft, durable, and flexible. Also, the TPE boy sex doll is more realistic and safe to use for women with sensitive skin. What’s more, TPE gay sex dolls or male sex dolls are hypoallergenic.


The male sex doll made of silicone is the most expensive doll. They look like a real male and are heat-resistant as well as resistant to water and stains. But, these male sex dolls are not as soft and durable as TPE boy sex dolls. So, it is better to go for TPE male sex dolls if you want to use the doll for long years.

Silicone Head and TPE Body

There are some male sex dolls with silicone heads and TPE bodies. This is also a great option if you want a more realistic sex doll. A male sex doll with a silicone head can be more handsome and realistic. At the same time, TPE body makes guy sex dolls more soft and durable. But, a sex doll with a silicone head and a TPE body are expensive than only TPE male sex doll.

Now you have all the knowledge about the material of the gay male sex doll, so pick the best male love doll made of quality material.



Realistic Life Size Sex Dolls

Another thing that you should look for in a male sex doll is the Dildo. There are guy dolls with different sizes of dildos. Keep in mind that the size of the Dildo will decide the quality of sex you will have with the male love doll. The average penis size is about 5 inches when erect. But you can also get a male love doll with penis size vary from 4 inches to 7 inches. If you want to fill your vagina completely, then go for the male sex doll with a large dildo size. The best part is that the penis of a sex doll remains hard, and you can enjoy sex anytime with it. The penis size can be customized at check out.


Full Body Male Love Doll


Some male sex dolls are pre-design, while some are customizable. It means you can opt for a customized male love doll according to your desire for skin color, penis size, body type, and more.

Common features which can be tailored are as follow:

  1. Height: You have the option to choose the height of the boy sex doll. Choose the height of your choice so that you can enjoy sex without compromising on the men height.
  2. Eye color: Choose from eye colors like blue, gray, green, brown, black, or more to get the male sex doll of your dreams.
  3. Hair color: There are options for hair color such as black, red, brown, burgundy, gray, or more. Depending on the look women want, you can choose any hair color for your male sex doll.
  4. Skin color: Whether you like black men or want a sex partner with white skin, you have the option to choose the male sex doll accordingly.
  5. Pubic hairstyle: You also have the choice between choosing a male sex doll with or without pubic hair.

All in by customization, you can get exactly the male sex partner of your desire. With a male love doll, you have a great opportunity to do sex with a partner of your choice in terms of skin color, hair, height, and more. There are several brands, like IronTech, that offer male dolls with body hair.


There are male sex dolls with heating rods, and when you insert the penis into the vaginal or anal cavity, it gives you a feeling of more realistic sex. The use of artificial intelligence in male sex dolls can offer you the various level of interaction like touch, movement, etc., that you can expect in luxury, high-end male sex dolls. Some male sex dolls have touch sensors, while others simply have voice recognition tools too. Also, you may get the guy sex dolls which are licensed by porn stars as well.


Last but not least, budget is also important when you want to buy a male love doll. First, you have to be clear that sex dolls are not so cheap, but yes, they are not so expensive too. You can get a decent boy sex doll between $ 2000 and $ 3000. There are many options available for male sex dolls. Some dolls cost you less, and some cost more depending upon the quality of the sex doll. The mid-range male sex dolls can be bought for under $ 1500. If you are looking for a quality sex doll that can last for years and causes no harm to you, then you may have to pay from $2000 to $4000. There is also an option for customized sex dolls for women that you can buy for $3500. The top limit for sex dolls’ price can be $10000 or more. So, it is always better to set the budget and then buy the best male sex doll according to your needs. But, do not compromise with the quality of male sex dolls just for few bucks.


Fucking Realistic Male Sex DollMale sex dolls come in different sizes, body types, and weights to meet the needs of every woman. Initially, there were few options, but now there are many options to choose the male sex doll.

It means now you can easily get the male love doll of your dreams in no time. Here are some common types of dolls for women.


A full-body male love doll is similar to the body of your husband or boyfriend. Their body is realistic from head to toe and has everything, including the penis, but the chest, face, hair, etc. also, this type of male sex doll comes with a butt hole too.

However, most manufacturers allow you to customize the doll to your liking, including choosing the size of the penis and other variables. Full-body dolls are also more expensive than others because they have higher fidelity and functionality.


Blow-up male dolls are light in weight and can be packed in carry-on luggage. But, these types of love dolls do not give you a feel of a real man and may alter your sex needs.

To use them, you need to blow in the air, and they are like balloons made of quality material. From face to toe and functions, there is almost nothing to praise about these types of sex dolls.

So, it is better to opt for TPE or silicone male love dolls if you want to enjoy.


Here are some quick tips for you after you buy a male love doll. Take a look!


Only buying a boy sex doll is not enough. You will need to care about it if you want to enjoy sex for a long time. Here are the tips:

  • Clean the male love doll with a soft cloth and mild detergent
  • After using the doll, clean its penis and other body parts to save it from bacterial growth
  • Never store it wet as this may harm the skin of the doll, so always dry it with a soft cloth before storing it.
  • If there are sensors in the male love doll, then make sure not to use water in the sensor area.
  • Do not immerse the doll in water for a long time.


Full Size Male Sex Doll


If you want to use the sex doll for long years, then maintain it properly. Keep a check for any damaged part and replace it as soon as possible. Also, store it in a dry and safe place so that its body part does not get damaged.


It is better to use water-based lubricants on the penis of a male love doll as it causes no harm to the material of the doll. Also, this is the easiest way to clean the doll without using any chemicals on it. Do not use oil and other chemicals, as this may affect the color of the doll and make it look weird over time. On TPE, oil can react and cause it to degrade faster.


Store the male love doll in a safe place so that its body part should not get damaged. Choose an open space where you can easily store the doll in the right position. Also, make sure there should not be any humidity in the room where you wish to store your handsome male love doll.

If you care for the doll properly, you can use it for years without spending any extra money on it.


Women can try male love dolls to reach orgasm and to enjoy even with a real partner in life. Hope you come to know a lot about male love doll and can buy the one according to your desire. Before purchasing the realistic doll, check the sex doll buying guide section mentioned above in the article.