Curvy body sex doll

As the stigma around sex toys is rapidly fading and the demand is growing rising, manufacturers are brainstorming creative ideas. Real Life Sex Dolls come with surprisingly exciting features, making them look and feel even more realistic. New technology sex dolls boast extra customizable features, AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities and improve sex appeal to satisfy your desire fully. So, if you’re looking to buy a new realistic sex doll, you’re in the right place. Here, we’re going to introduce the new Real Life Sex Dolls available on the market.

These new age sex dolls incorporate the latest technology and high-strength, low-weight, flexible skeletons. These dolls can imitate nearly 95% of real person poses, thus enhancing your overall sex experience.

Let’s take a look:


Sex Realistic Doll

Leading sex doll manufacturers have added an exciting new feature – sex doll hand skeleton – in 2021. Irontech and WM Dolls are the first to introduce this awaited feature in their dolls. Later, another major brand 6YE joined the group.

For a long time, hands remained a problem for owners. Typically, the hands of sex dolls are made using wires, which make them very fragile. These wires are likely to damage the skin of love dolls, resulting in permanent damage.

Just imagine, you’re in a good mood sucking your new girlfriend, and a wire pokes out of her skin. It certainly is a mood spoiler, and even it can injure you. So, you have to be extremely careful with your dolls’ hands. Besides, it’s difficult to manipulate wire hands into different positions, which is a sad part for hand fetish fans.

This improvement on love doll skeletons enhances the realism and overall experience of users. Sex dolls with this feature now have wrists with high flexible ball joins and strong, malleable finger joints. So, people can fantasize more hand poses to get a bit more creative in the bedroom.


Sexy Male Doll

In 2021, SE Doll introduces fully silicone sex dolls for a silkier experience to owners. Silicone is a soft, heat-resistant and rubber-like material. It retains its original shape regardless of the pressure level you put on it. New silicone sex dolls from SE feature a more detailed and realistic anal and vagina.

Overall, new SE love dolls are a total sexual delight. You can take them for a hot bath and fuck her any hard you want. Because of their superb proximity with realism, you’ll encounter a sexual ordeal closer to genuine sex compared to masturbation.


Curvy body Realistic sex doll

6YE introduced new and exquisite 153cm sex dolls to their collection. These Real Life Sex Doll bodies bring a whole new experience in the bed. They have perfectly shaped butts and boobs with manageable curves.

You’ll also find babes with a slender waist and perky thighs. Their damn sexy body with meaty features let you enter into heaven for the utmost satisfaction. So now, you have countless choices when you’re seeking 153 height love dolls.


Male Sex Doll

All women out there! IronTech brings you a whole new range of handsome male sex dolls. These new models will fire up your fetishes. These are handcrafted with more advanced features and improvements, making them a realistic companion. Pick from Miyaj, Emike, Akii, and many more erotic sex dolls.

Whether you find the scruffiness of a beard sexy or want someone with a clean-shaven appearance, you’ll find everything in the new series. From head to toe, you can design your own sex doll based on your preferences for muscularity and realistic dick size and shape.

So, build your dreamy husband or boyfriend by choosing from an impressive range of enticing eye colors, high-end hairstyles, and skin tones.

These are just a few listed here. Many brands have come up with advanced new sex dolls to enhance the overall experience of their customers.


To be honest, the list is very lengthy. So, we cover the most exclusive latest sex dolls here. You can check the full new arrival collection here.


Big Boobs Sex Dolls

If you’re after thickest things, then Fiyali makes the right companion. Fiyali is a super sexy love doll by YL Doll, a leading manufacturer of TPE dolls. If you love curves, Fiyali is the girl to go with. She boasts massive milky boobs and meaty booties.

Here’re the powerful and irremissible proportions of Fiyali. She boasts butter-smooth skin and subtle, seductive features. Her large breasts will jiggle as you give her thrusts. Sounds tempting, no? With her plump tushes, large tits, and tantalizing tummy, she is the one to satisfy you fully.

The chunky hot chick will satisfy all your wild sexual desires and fetishes. She won’t say no to any of your requests or orders.


Curvy body sex doll

Xiang is an adorable but strong doll that makes one of the best athletic Real Life Sex Doll. This wonderful girl will add huge excitement and fun to your libido. In her slender body, she hides a lot of energy and lust. If you are a hot-blooded man, you can take advantage of her.

The high-energy babe embodies a surprising sex drive. Boasting a toned body and lean muscles, this sporty babe carries incredible stamina and endurance. What’s more, she’s always in the mood to do something creative and get frisky. So, she can keep you turned on for the whole night. With her in your bed, you’ll run short of creative ideas and sex poses to try out.

Xiang is always up to help you realize your biggest and wildest sex imaginations. She can make your monster penis vibrate, bringing you the best sex experience for endless nights.


Realistic Sex Doll

He is a handsome chocolate guy who knows how to keep girls turned on the whole night. Highly customizable male sex doll,  just imagine kissing his jiggling chest muscles and ass.

He’s fully articulated with a highly flexible body frame and movable joints. It allows him an upright posture and pins you down for various sex poses easily.

This stylish male sex doll has everything you might seek in a man. His appealing physique and charming features are mind-blowing. Adding to this are his customizable long, rock-hard penis waiting to enter into your openings. You can decide the dick’s length – 6”, 10” and get even both sizes. The detachable cock is easy to clean and provides a hands-free masturbator to jerk off.


Fantasy Sex Dolls

If you’re fascinated with mystics, adventure, fairies, and vampires, and alike, then Etsuko can drive you nuts. She is an unknown and magical beauty that can give you super bizarre sex sessions. Etsuko will turn any kind of your kinky fantasy into reality.

The best part is we can craft this fantasy sex doll in a way that matches your wild imagination. So, just dream and explore otherworldly sex experience with Etsuko.


Male Sexy Doll

Standing at 154cm, Babak is a hot bod that turns heads wherever he goes. The charming and muscular gym-goer loves to stay fit and attracts sexy women.

This strikingly handsome male sex doll will ensure you the most fulfilling sex experience. Her well-sculpted body features a broad chest, chisel-shaped abs, and a large naughty cock that hypnotizes ladies.

Whether you find pleasure in pegging or simply looking for a third wheel in the bedroom, Babak is a perfect companion. His firm asshole is as lusty as his big dick is.

The strong Babak is very submissive. So, you can get him to do anything you want. On top of that, we can customize Babak to look like the man of your dreams. From dick size and abs to skin tone, you can decide anything.


Curvy body sex dollDo you want a longer sex experience with a realistic babe that features big bubbly butts? We got you! Fukita is on the latest and exclusive sex dolls designed to be compatible with men of all tastes.

Just a stare at her round and meaty bubble butts will turn you on. Now, just imagine biting, slapping, and kicking those large booties? Imagine Fukita’s swinging ass as you give her non-stop hard thrust. In fact, Fukita is one of the best-selling big butt sex dolls manufactured by WM Dolls.

Her huge booty is full of elasticity and soft to touch, offering a fulfilling anal sex experience. So, if it’s the butt of a woman that drives you startling in bed, then Fukita makes a perfect companion for you. She is sure to give you a realistic and exciting sexual experience. You won’t feel like making love with a doll; she feels like a real woman sleeping next to you in your bed.


Women Sex Doll

American women are often beautiful, smart and sexually appealing. If you agree with us and dream to sleep with an American beauty every night, then Adlley can be your best companion.

Adlley is a charming young woman with red hair, an adorable face, and lusty breasts. Her more-than-average-sized breasts fit your hands. So, it feels so great to squeeze, press, and suck her boobies. Despite a slender waist, this American Real Life Sex Doll boasts meaty hips and a textured vagina that allows for erection as and when you want. Her cute face and curvy body make an outstanding combination.

These are just a few models. You’d love to explore our best-selling collection of the latest sex dolls and find your perfect companion for emotional and sexual needs.


Slender Sex Doll

The future of the sex dolls industry is bright, thanks to the growing popularity, awareness, and acceptance of silicone wives worldwide.

The long wait will soon be over. Lifelike sex dolls featuring advance AI capabilities and animatronics have already started surfacing in the market.

Here’s what the future holds for love dolls:

  • More Realistic Materials

As of now, TPE and silicone are the two most popular materials used to make sex dolls. With growing competition, manufacturers are striving to create new sex doll models with a more realistic look and feel.

Every existing material has its pros and cons. It’s still unknown what would be the next breakthrough. But we can expect super realistic sex dolls designs very soon.

  • Improved Heating

Another area of experimentation is heating technology. Currently, sex dolls can retain a small amount of heat and quickly go cold once you stop touching them. Temperatures matter a lot when it comes to your overall sex experience. So, manufacturers are trying to advance heating systems without causing fuck dolls any damage.

The challenge is too much heat can easily melt away some parts of these dolls. Not enough heat results in blotchy skin. And, companies are trying to achieve balance. This may take time, but considering the efforts in this area, it’s possible to have sex dolls that warm up like real women on touching, kissing, and fucking.

  • Sex Robots

Curvy body sex doll

Sex robots or AI-capable Real Life Sex Dolls have been into existence in one form or another. But these days, manufacturers are introducing new robot sex dolls featured with advanced AI capabilities, touch sensors, and heat systems that make them feel, look, and moan like a real man or woman.

Current sex robots can perform movement and touch detection, brow movements, blink their eyes, head tilting and turning, and even hold conversations. Many manufacturers are working on developing advanced sex robots that even have a heartbeat and circulatory system.

Like standards sex dolls, love bots can also be fully customized to your desires and preferences. Choose from countless nipple and breasts sizes, dick length, butt’s size, color of hair and nails, skin tone, and more. You can be fully customized your new realistic sex doll.

Wrapping Up

So, 2021 brings most of the functionalities and capabilities expected from the new sex dolls. You have countless options to choose real-looking dolls. You can evendesign your own sex doll the way you want. As mentioned above, as years pass on, the realism of these dolls becomes more advanced, delivering a genuine and lifelike sex experience.