Siliko Doll

Siliko Dolls have been in the business of manufacturing thousands of silicone sex dolls to satisfied customers since 2005. They offer Asian and Anime-style love dolls to cater sex doll enthusiasts. The company produces these ultra-realistic sex dolls with odorless platinum silicone and an upgraded EVO skeleton to achieve high-definition, smooth, fluid movements, and irresistibly charming dolls for you to enjoy.

Some people take pleasure in petite-faced dolls and are in search of their perfect ‘waifu’, that’s why Siliko Dolls are perfect for those who prefer that vibe. With a tame and supple face, plump, soft body, down to their irresistible pussy, the overall quality is superb and makes you want to cuddle up and make love to her.

Customization is not a problem since there are vast options to choose from, depending on your liking.

 Aislinn – 4’11” | 150cm Sex Doll

Looking both cute and seductive, Aislinn can grant the naughtiest of wishes. As she sits by your side, you won’t be able to take your eyes off her, leading you to adore and worship this sexy, innocent girl in all the right ways. Her skin is soft and silky to the touch, perfect for cuddle nights. With her pure demeanor, you’ll want to somehow teach her some bad things, and she’ll probably not mind. Put her into unique sex positions to heighten your experience with her.


Isali – 4’11” | 150cm Sex Doll

How does one describe Isali? She sure is one fine specimen of a lady. Her aura emits an elegant vibe, with her milky, soft skin, bright blue eyes, alluring hourglass body, yet hiding a secret that only you can unveil. You can undress her little by little to know her better and explore her deep within.

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