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Are you looking for a soul mate and an authentic lifetime partner? Find your Chinese silicone love dolls among our collection of dolls with an ultra-realistic body and head.  These premium quality sexy dolls offer the best of both worlds. Furthermore, you get the amazing durability of silicone while the versatility of TPE.

A full silicone love doll comes with human-like features such as hair, eyes, curvy booty, big boobs, vagina, anus, and mouth. You can enjoy anal, vaginal, and oral sex with these pretty ladies for hours. There’s no limitation to what you can do with these toys.

At Venus Love Dolls, we bring you huge boobs and butt with silicone head and TPE body. We have hundreds of choices available, with varying breast sizes, facial features, butts, heights, and more.

Silicone head can make the silicone love doll torso look beautiful, impressive, and attractive. Also, it gives your sex life a better experience. You will feel happy while making love with Japanese silicone love dolls having desired features.

Here Are Other Reasons NOT to Choose an Inflatable Silicone Love Doll

Low quality – Since inflatable dolls are low quality, they may last just one time. This way you have wasted your money without any results. In contrast, my silicone love doll comes with realistic facial features like eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. So, you cannot resist yourself to make love with these attractive beauties. Also, they last for years.

You Fantasy Become Real

Looking at the tantalizing breasts, hips, and bubble ass, silicone love doll has realistic boobs for boob lovers. Her sexy body, big tits, and round ass can attract you in no time. You will love to play with her boobs, nipples, and butt. Run your hard dick between her butt to live your fantasies.

Moreover, you can suck her nipples and kiss love silicone doll for hours to enjoy the orgasm. Then, quench your thirst and ram your manhood inside her to feel her sexy and juicy walls. Also, you can enjoy making love to love silicon doll in any sexual position anytime, anywhere.

Silicone Love Dolls

As you select silicone sex doll, you can go for a celebrity look alike. Manufacturer produces dolls that look like some famous porn stars to some extent. Likewise, you can customize your silicon love dolls according to the look you desire. For example, you can choose the areola color that matches your favorite celebrity’s hair. In the same way, you can select the breast size, eye color, head size, skin color, etc.

Thereupon, you may not get an exact replica of your favorite celebrity. However, silicon love doll is certainly as close as you will ever get to a real one. Obviously, you would have to send some extras to change her look. There are many realistic sex dolls that you can buy from Venus Love Dolls.

Silicone Love Dolls – Venus Love Dolls

VenusLovedolls is an authorized realistic silicone love dolls seller, and currently, we have more than thousands of dolls for you. You can shop for full size, torso, or fake boobs for sale from us at competitive prices. In addition, you can choose to buy sex dolls from many top brands.

Surely, the silicone mini love dolls are all in the best shape of a real human being. They feel and look like a real person. Furthermore, we present manufacturers of quality & technology in the world. TPE silicone love dolls have a body and head with the softness of human skin, enhancing your sex experience.

A Second Thought

We carry high-quality solid silicone love dolls with a complete focus on customer satisfaction. We performed complete testing and inspection of every piece to sell TPE sex in the market. Also, when you buy full size silicone love doll from Venus Love Dolls, there will be discreet packaging. Everything is discree. Above all, there will be free shipping for all orders.

Venus Love Doll is a leader in the global sex doll industry with products that are so unique and customized to every user’s taste. As a result, your choices are unlimited, and you can have a real silicone love doll that comes with precision to your taste. Would you like a dolls that can moan? Or one that feels as warm as your skin? Well, since our establishment in 2020, we have gone out of our way to ensure we can provide the best experience for you.

Significantly, with years of research, we have set up the world’s biggest BBW anal toy online shop In Los Angels. Dolls come from two materials i.e., Silicon and Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE). Since we recognize how diverse everyone is, and how specific one can be with sexual fantasies, we provide over thousands of bodies to choose from. These bodies come in different heights. You can have a mini silicone love doll as tall as 174 cm (5’ 8’’).

What Makes Life Size Silicone Love Dolls So Realistic?

We make sure your TPE silicone love doll feels just as good as your dream woman, or even better. Life size silicone love doll has features that keeps her among realistic love dolls. We have invested in commendable research of world’s best sex dolls. The skin of the sex dolls feels so close to natural skin. Additionally, these dolls come in life-size bodies of different heights so you can choose your ideal height. If you prefer a little hair or even a lot of hair on your doll’s pubic areas, you can get exactly that. If you choose to, sex toys dolls have customizable features such as body heater. You can cuddle with your warmed-up doll and let your mind wander. Can it get any better?

Artificial Intelligence

High end sex doll manufacturers have invested in using artificial intelligence (AI) to bring you the most intimate experience. Would you like your doll to respond to your touch? Likewise, you can have this custom feature on your 100cm silicone love doll. You know that heavy raspy breathing when you touch sensual areas of a woman? Or the very warm appreciation moaning? Thanks to the technology to equip AI power every tool & equipment that humans use.  anime silicone love dolls

Therefore, you can imagine your girl sex toy and customize it online. You can choose even the nail color of your doll and the shape of the shoulders – Shrug shoulder versus standard.

How Should You Maintain Your Love Doll Silicone?

Love silicone dolls come with adherence to safety standards, and it is designed to be user friendly too. It makes sense that anyone would want to have their doll for a long time. This allows an organic development of feelings towards your doll. A small silicone love doll that you have had for a long time will give you that stress-free feel easily after a long day at work. Identically, you have created memories and even favorite styles over time! You are more likely to picture her while at work and get a smile out of it. It is to your great benefit that you maintain your muñecas sexuales realistas and for the long haul. To ensure that you enjoy the benefits of sex toy for a long time and get value for your money, there are a few advisable ways to take care of your doll.


The material in silicone male love doll can stretch and accommodate as many positions as you would like to have your doll in. However, if you keep your doll in a highly stretched position for a long time, then it may suffer deformation. In short, you may use your pussy sex toy in any position. But, when you finish your work, restore it to its original position where the hands hang down & body is flat.

Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are susceptible to degradation when under too extreme sun & heat. You need to keep your doll away from excessive exposure to the sun & heat.

In addition, to wash dirt and dust off your love silicone doll nude, simply use normal water & soap & rub with your palms. Take care not to damage your doll with nails or any coarse material or when you want to unbox the doll. You may apply powder on the breast sex toy occasionally. You normally apply the baby powder after mineral oil. Mineral oil refreshes the elasticity of TPE only & it must not be applied to silicone.  Some lifelike silicone love dolls manufacturers provide an intelligent cleaning set as an accessory to the dolls.

Moreover, in the event your cheap silicone love dolls suffer a scratch, cut, or poke, there is an easy solution. Use Repair Kit to seal the damage. A simple procedure would involve you cleaning the area using a makeup remover and then applying the glue on the cleaned area. Ensure that the area is not tense as you apply the glue.

Click here to learn more about cleaning your life size sex doll.