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Tired of doing IT the ‘old way’? Feel like something’s missing? Want to experience something new? Wm Sex Doll have just the thing for you. Wm Doll was established with a solid customer base in 2011 and is now one of the leading brands in customized sex dolls to cater and satisfy your wants and needs. They will keep you company, customized to your taste. They have done extensive research into the sensual realm of intimacy and have made their products with such delicate care and precision. WM Doll make synthetic sweethearts that look and feel realistic, with the best texture you can experience. Get the best night of your life with your ideal doll by customizing their parts meticulously.

Wm Doll gives their customers what they want, specifically if you have a ‘type.’ Do you prefer blondes or brunettes? Do you want her boobs more petite, average, or humongous? Have a thing for pale-colored bodies? How about a tongue on your doll? What about a body heater or moaning options? Anything you want, Wm Dolls will make your wildest fantasies a reality.

Wm Doll Jasmine

Jasmine, with her height of 5’2″ and ‘yoga-girl-next-door’ aura, is one hell of a babe. With her irresistible voluptuous body and head-turning, you can make her ‘submissive and breedable’.

Wm Doll Claire

With her curvaceous body and noticeable MILF features, Claire will unleash your carnal desires. Claire is sumptuously seductive and looks ready to devour your ‘juices.’ You can customize her to become the ideal MILF you so desperately need in your life.
Wm Doll Customization
Hair: This option lets you express scenarios with your love doll. You can customize her hairstyles to your liking, especially if you’re into hair-pulling; Whether you’re into blondes, brunettes, or redheads, we’ll make sure she can rock your socks off.

Aesthetics: You can pretty your love doll up to spark your senses, choose from a wide array of clothes, accessories, heck, even eye and nail colors, so your new honey has more expression and emotion.

Breasts: Tatas always make everyone hot and bothered. That’s why WM Dolls provides you top choice between your favorite types of breasts to find your perfect squeeze:

Solid: This is perfect for men who love firm and well-built bossoms. Cups A and B are a perfect fit for this one.
Hollow: Tits of this type are ideal for larger cup sizes (D and greater) since they’re larger and bouncier, though not so perky. Be mindful when squeezing them harder than usual. Treat your new lady right.
Gel Type: this simulates realistic women’s breasts. This variant of breast is soft and yielding to touch.

The colors and size of the nipples can also be customized to your liking, especially if you’re into big brown areolas for a wonderful licking experience all day long.

Realistic Vagina and Pubic Hair: Stimulate your senses and quench your fire with your new ‘squeeze.’ Customize the color of the labia and even the color and volume of pubic hair, especially if you love ‘eating her out’.

Body: You can choose the color of the doll to your liking and modify her posture to make her more provocative.

Special Features: Unique to Wm Love Doll is their Body Heater option, so you can enjoy cuddling up with your doll after sexy time in the lovely, warm afterglow. Make her as warm and snuggly as your heart desires.

Moaning option: if your libido is voice-activated, you should add a voice modulating system. Experience ecstasy with a variety of voice options to satisfy the inner animal in you.

Hand Skeleton: dolls are expressive by the way you set the scene, but it’s a different ball game altogether with their hand-posing options.

Be more sensual, and satisfy your sexual appetite by expressing your feelings with your doll, right down to their fingertips. Get a grip and get creative in the way you set their hands. The sky’s the limit.

Wm Sex Dolls Online makes sure to respect and keep the anonymity of their customers for their privacy and safety. With state-of-the-art SSL protection and a secure server handling your transactions, you can keep your new lady friend on the down-low.

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WM Doll

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