New Arrivals

Venus Love Dolls New Arrivals

We at Venus Dolls are back with new sexy dolls that will give you pleasure in ways like never before. We have considered all your previous interests and demands and are now here with love dolls that will please.

The Best And Latest Collection Of New Sex Dolls

Reawaken your sex drive with our latest collection of new technology sex dolls, or add another beauty to your collection if you have gotten bored of the last doll. To bring our customers a more realistic feel, we have expanded our collections to include newer body and face features. Our goal is to add the latest model sex dolls from all the manufacturers and designers into our collection.


You can now select from the friendly next-door neighbor type American sex doll to the sporty athletic-looking type of sex dolls. Our love dolls can bring you anal, oral, and vaginal pleasure. With the new collection, you will not have to leave our site dissatisfied. With more quality material and added accessories, there are no bounds to all the things you can do with them. We even have added a new range of accessories and clothing you can choose for your sex dolls.


From earrings and hair ties to caps, fishnets stocking, and chokers, you can select any accessory to make your new China sex doll even sexier. We even have the latest supernatural and fantasy being collection from which you can select your otherworldly partner to come play with you.

More Customizable Options

We do not want you to settle for only what you can get in the catalog. Hence we have brought you new realstic sex doll options you can select from. Your doll’s hair color and style have been selected from the latest and in trend hairstyles.

You can select from a range of best new sex dolls comprising of blondes and brunettes and even redheads. You can choose if you want your doll to have shoulder-length or waist-length hair, choose if you want it straight or curly. You can even add different eye colors and eyelashes to her pretty face; choose her lip color and even nails colors from a whole new range of colors.


We have noticed that some of our customers’ desires do not limit to this world. Hence, in our new arrivals, we have brand new sex dolls from the fantasy world to serve you too. With their vampire teeth and elf ears, the sharp nymph-like noses, and extra-terrestrial asses, you can have pleasure out of this world. Our bubble butt dolls collection will give you immense pleasure anal-wise and touch-wise. We have dolls of all ethnicities too. You can get yourself cute, small but big boobs, Asian girls, or a big black girl with all those curves and everything in between. Whether you fancy small or big body parts, we have got it all.

Our new collection includes male dolls with all the customizable features too. Be it rock-hard abs with a big penis or a soft tummy with a small height, we have them all. We even have half-body sex dolls with only the torso region for those interested more in oral sex and throat. Every detail of your sex doll’s body is in your hands and your hands only. From the color of their nipples to the thickness of their pubic hair, you can choose everything and take home new age sex dolls suited for you.

High-Quality Material That Will Put Your Older Dolls To Shame

With the growth in technology and newer material entering the market every day, we have made the dolls with higher quality materials. These dolls will need lesser caution while cleaning and storage precautions.

You can easily clean new model sex doll with soap and warm water. With the removable body hole features, you can easily separate the vaginal and anal holes and clean inside without hassle after your every climax. They are more wear and tear-resistant. The high-quality Silicone and TPE materials give the dolls a more original feel and warmth. The accessories and clothes can also wash off stains easily if cleaned properly. So you can let go fully and have fun in whichever way you want.

Why Buy From Venus Sex Dolls?

Venus Sex dolls is one of the most trusted and best online sex doll stores. We want our shoppers to have the best experience and keep coming back for more. We are the authorized dealers to many popular sex doll brands.  Many online stores scam their customers and do not provide the product in proper shape.


We offer a wide range of new sex doll model designs and types you can pick from. Our manufacturers are some of the best designers in the industry and have been around for many years. We at Venus sex dolls will surely provide you with authentication certification. Our payment, return, and shipping policies are also very private and safe. We offer 100% free worldwide shipping. We ship our dolls in carefully packed cases so that no harm occurs to them while shipping and that your shopping is also free from prying eyes.

There will be no labels or stickers on the packaging.  We also have a 100% money-back policy if you are not satisfied with any of our lovely dolls. We offer a 30-day return policy too. These and many other details make Venus Sex Dolls the best online store to buy American sex dolls from. So do not wait any further and quench your thirst.

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