AF Doll

You can get as freaky as you want in all the positions you can reach. Be it doggy style, girl on top cowboy style, anal, or the classic missionary style. These dolls’ legs and arms will fold easily, and you can hoist their legs above your shoulders. With these bendy sex dolls, you can go at them anywhere and everywhere. As they are slip-resistant, you can have fun in the shower too; as their big butts are a very sexy aspect, you can bend them over tables and couches and get them from behind.

You can place them on their knees and all fours. These human-sized sex dolls can be tied with their hands back if you are into bondage and such stuff. We provide accessories like long chokers and handcuffs, too, if you want to get more freaky. Let your pleasure know no bounds with these hot sex dolls.

The idea of sex has been perceived as only enter thrust and climax, but there is so much depth to the sexual scenarios, positions, sexual headspaces, and one’s sex life in general. Thus to justify each customer’s needs, we have an extensive range of sex doll collections.

You can get yourself a mainstream life like adult dolls with big boobs, a slim waist, and a thick ass. Or, you can get yourself a beauty from the world of fantasy. Yes, we even have supernatural-themed sex dolls with elf ears, cat ears, tails, vampire teeth, and whatnot. Lately, sex robots are bringing more pleasure than normal sex dolls, so we have a collection of sexbots that run on battery, can vibrate, and perform many other sexual acts.

We believe each person has the right to choose what pleases them. So our customized options are customer-friendly. Every inch on the sex doll’s body can be customized, from the thickness of her hair to the color of her feet.

You can choose hair colors from a palette ranging from brunettes to blondes and every shade in between. You can select the hair length from bob cut to waist-length hair and every length in between too. Their skin color and complexion are some of the main features that attract the eye. So we have dolls that are black, white, Asian, Latino, Mexican, Russian, and more. Add the different hairstyles or curly o straight hair and have yourself a visually pleasing beauty. You can even give your dolls piercings and tattoos.

The main parts, boobs, ass, and waist – you can choose how big or how small the size should be. You can even customize the color of her labia, vagina, and pubic hair too. For male dolls, of course, you can choose how thick and big their penis should be.

Our bubble butt sex dolls and Japanese big breasts dolls are the best sellers. With the innocent big doe eyes, long eyelashes that flutter, and thick lips, they are prone to turn you on sight. We have a wide range of accessories, from soft lace panties to leather harnesses that you can dress your doll in.

We also have a collection of mini dolls, for starters. Our sex dolls also come as torso-only partial dolls. With face and torso, these dolls take and give oral very well. You can buy a single full-body doll and buy separate heads for that life sex doll. Thus, you can have the feel of experiencing sex with different dolls. Our dolls also come with removable vaginal and anal holes, which make cleaning easy.

Ever had your hand down your pants and thought, ‘this is not enough’ or felt guilt rush over? Why should one hold back from experiencing what they truly desire? Many people resort to drastic measures just to get laid or get a release. Buying yourself an Af sex doll who stays as your companion through all your sexual and emotional needs is a much safer and accessible option.

If you are new and shyly scrolling or are here to add more hot chics to the collection of your sex dolls, we are here with some fantastic, new, and all types of best love sex dolls to get you the release you are craving.

One of the best manufacturer companies among all sexy dolls, Af Dolls, was established in 2011. It has amazing designers and personnel working to make the best sex dolls. They initially had around 50 – 70 employees but now have expanded and extended their business from China to America, Europe, and all other countries worldwide. They make high-quality TPE material realistic life like sex dolls with long-lasting elasticity, no smell, and human-like skin.

These real life like sex dolls have a wire skeleton that makes them super flexible. You can bend them in any position without any restrictions. The material covering that forms the skin is either TPE or Silicone. Both materials feel butter smooth under your hands and will keep you warm when you are inside.

They can be stored easily by hanging the dolls vertically or keeping them horizontally. These materials prevent the skin from slipping so you can hold onto the doll just like you hold onto a human.

Silicone beauties are more popular as they feel nearer to human skin. They feel amazing to touch, and with added big boob or ass size, you have more area to roam your hands over.

We understand the paranoia buying a sex doll can bring to you. We at Venus Sex Dolls put our customers’ pleasure and safety first. Thus we have authentic, verified certification. You will get your doll delivered in secure packing with no stickers or labels. No one will know unless you want them to. Our shipping is worldwide and free. The dolls will be carefully packed and shipped. You will never have complaints of missing parts or wrong customization. If any such issue occurs, we have a legit 30-day return policy.

So, don’t waste more time thinking because you will need all the time you can gather to have fun with your sexy sex dolls.

Af sex dolls are life-size dolls made with material that makes them look and feel as if they are real humans. Real life adult dolls have been in the market and have brought pleasure to many people for a long time.

With Af sex dolls, you do not need to go through all the stages of dating and awkward conversations and complicated statuses just to get some action. Venus Sex Dolls is one of the most trusted online sex stores and bring you sex dolls from Af sex dolls.

Life like love dolls not only help you release your sexual frustration but also can act as a companion in normal day-to-day lives. We have seen some customers take home sex dolls and make them sit on the couch to watch TV with them. Some customers buy full size realistic sex dolls to capture their beauty and sometimes use them as models for their lingerie and sex accessories photo shoots. Some just like to collect, store and stare at them. Whatever your reason for coming here may be, there is no judgment, only satisfaction.

We see customers shop each day with different desires – some are a boobs person while others are an ass person. There are others who want a flat chest and cute face too. Female customers like the washboard abs dolls, and some other customers like soft and chubby dolls. However extreme your fantasies may be, we have dolls that can quench all of them.

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AF Doll

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