Sex Robots

When planning to buy a sex robot, the most important thing to focus on is the AI capabilities of the sex doll. The AI sex robots should have enough built-in sensors to move heads blink, eyes, and lips. Also, the AI sex robots have sensitive skin touch features that can give you a real human feel.

Sex robots usually feature touch sensors in their hands, genitals, heads, and breasts. It makes them feel your touch and react accordingly. Some sex robots can express themselves, move their mouth, head, and hold a conversation. Further, the touch sensors of sex robots will communicate with the AI and can produce sex sounds as well.

There are already many robot sex dolls with artificial intelligence for sale that can even reach orgasm. You can also opt for the AI sex dolls that can answer your questions and can learn about your favorite things to do.

Meet your sexual desires with high-quality AI sex robots. The best thing is that the real humanoid AI sex robot will never say no to your fantasies.

Your sexy, intelligent, and beautiful robot companion will grow as well as learn the more you both play together. It gives you the next level of sex experience.

If you’re unsure whether you should buy a robot sex machine, we bring you many other options. At Venus Love Dolls, we cover all your needs with our extensive collection of different types of sex dolls.

These include the following:

●     Silicone Sex Dolls
As the title suggests, silicone sex dolls are made from medical-grade silicone material. The material helps create silicone wives with realistic skin and features. These beddable dolls can be fully customized as per your preferences and sexual fantasies. Our silicone love dolls feature a removable vagina and a flexible metal skeleton. So, you can have sex in various poses as per your liking.

Silicone is a long-lasting and heat-resistant material. It can be shaped in different ways, allowing highly flexible sex dolls. Since the material is non-porous, your silicone wife won’t get stained from clothing. On top of that, it’s easy to clean and maintain. Since the material doesn’t retain humidity, you can sterilize it using lukewarm water.

●     TPE Sex Dolls
TPE (thermoplastic rubber) is another suitable and popular material for making love dolls. It is a mix of plastic and rubber. TPE sex dolls are pretty easy to mold and inject. The material is very soft and results in affordable fuck dolls.

The elastic and soft texture of TPE sex dolls makes them feel like you’re making love with a real woman. It features more realistic boobs, ass, and other sex spots, allowing you one of the best sex experiences of your life. Since TPE is a highly elastic material, these dolls can handle many sex poses.

●     Sex Doll Torso
Another alternative to sex robots is torso love dolls. If you have a limited storage space or are always on the go, then torso sex dolls make the best option. These dolls have all sex spots except that they don’t have limbs.

A sex doll torso features boobs that equally feel fun to squeeze and enjoy, like with other options. Their bouncy ass will make it a perfect night for sex play. Sex doll torsos are easy to store and carry.

At Venus Love Dolls, we let you fully customize your sex doll. You can choose the desired size of nipples, boobies, and booties. You can choose the body style, height, ethnicity, and even the brand. We are fully stocked when it comes to love dolls and robot sex dolls with artificial intelligence for sale.

For most of us, sex robots don’t bring the image of a companion in our minds. But these days, love bots are advertised for both sexual pleasure and emotional intimacy. They are not just sex toys for masturbation but more than that. Robots are advertised as a companion for both physical and psychological needs. With advanced enough AI technology, you could establish a potentially pleasant relationship with your robotic partner.

Another advantage of having sex with a love robot is that there is no risk of transmitting major diseases with them. It’s a great way to garner sexual experience before getting into a real human relationship.

Using sex robots can be a fun addition for individuals and couples. If you’re a couple considering a threesome, using fuck robots is a healthy and guilt-free experience to do so. You can confidently add this robot sex toy to the play while bypassing the complication of adding a third human.

Tips to Buy Sex Robots
It’s normal to fulfill your needs for sex with the help of a sex doll or sex robot doll. Fortunately, if you are an adult, you can buy a robot sex doll at offline stores or online.

With several thousand dollars spending on sex robots, you make a good choice rather than spending on something that will bring you disappointment. So, before you buy a sex robot, consider the followings things:

Focus on the Quality
Today’s sex robots are made from material like silicone or medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer. These materials are very much similar to rubber. Plus, silicone or graded thermoplastic causes no harm to the human body and is soft to touch. TPE gives a more realistic feel as compared to silicone.  Plus, it is flexible and squeezable.

So, try to pick the sex robot made of skin-friendly material. In addition to this, also check the quality of other features like body heat, breathing simulation, sound effects, touch sensors, and more.

Sex robot comes in different shapes and figures. Every person has unique desires when it comes to the body shape of sex robots. Focus on the following things when looking for a robotic sex partner:

●      What type of boobs and tits do you want for your female sex robot? Or, what body type do you desire for a love robot? You can opt for sex robots from skinny, athletic, curvy, and more body types according to your desire.

●      Try to choose the robot sex dolls with the desire ass size and skin color.  For example, if you love big booty, you can opt for a sex robot with large hips.

●      Focus on how you want your sex robot to look? For instance, Latina, blonde, ebony, or a mature-looking face?

Consider the Height
Are you looking for a human-like sex robot? If yes, you might want an AI sex doll with a height between 3 to 5 feet or more. Decide according to your desire to feel real-life sex with a robot.

Most of the quality sex dolls are made from human-like steel skeletons, which means you can articulate them.

Skin Tone and Movements
Different people have choices of bold or shy sex robots, skin color, and body type. So, according to your desire, choose the best sex robot that comes with hand movement, eye movement, breast movement, leg movement, and more. Make sure that movements are smooth and not sturdy.

Sex robots are quite popular these days. Some market leaders purport that they are the future of sex. Though these bots may sound like an invention of Hollywood sci-fi, this is not the case.

Sex robots have been in existence, in different forms, for centuries. They belong to as far as the 16th century, when Spanish and French sailors could craft hand-sewn masturbation puppets using old clothes and leather.

By the year 1968, inflatable sex dolls were advertised in porn magazines. By this time, the dolls became available to buy via mail. Inflatable dolls are inflatable with air and consist of penetration spots at the anus, vagina, and mouth. But due to their inflatable nature, these dolls are likely to deteriorate quickly. So, it’s hard to sustain and maintain these dolls for regular use.

By the year 1970, other materials like TPE and silicone came into existence for manufacturing sex dolls. These high-end dolls provide improved long-lasting companionship because of their durability and quality. These materials help make realistic sex dolls.

Breakthrough in the Industry
These sex dolls accelerated in growth and realism in the late 1990s due to their growing popularity and acceptance worldwide. In 1997, Matt McMullan started making lifelike silicone rubber mannequins that are posable and look like real women. Later in 2009, McMullen used platinum-cured material to further improve the durability of sex dolls. As a result, many other love doll manufacturers started following suit.

Many of them, including Matt McMullan, thought that companionship is an important part of sexbots, and these can be enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI). Much of the inspiration for modern sex dolls come from mannequin-based art.

As of 2018, many different types of sex robots for sale have come into the picture. The best part is they can understand and respond to various human emotions. You can get them customized by choosing from hundreds of body type combinations, personalities, and voices to get your dreamy combination.

As of now, sex robots are still in their infancy stage. Researchers and manufacturers are tapping into all possibilities to know what advancements could be brought to these bots.

If you buy an AI sex robot, you want to enjoy her for many years. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the sex robot. Also, to ensure proper hygiene you need to clean your AI sex companion regularly. Do the following things to clean the AI featured sex doll:

●      Start the cleaning process by removing any lubricant or fluid with a soft cloth.

●      Remove the wig of the robot and clean or wash it separately with mild soap.

●      Take out the vaginal insert if applicable.

●      For the full AI robot – lay it on a towel and use a spray bottle mix of mild soap and water. Gently massage the robot with a wet sponge and dry it with soft cloth.

●      Cover the metal areas or sensor areas of the sex robot, so that water cannot seep into them.

Things NOT to do When Cleaning the Sex Robot
●      Do not delay the cleaning of sex AI robot. It is because if microbes grow and reproduce your robot gets ruined and it may cause infection to you as well.

●      Never submerge your AI sex doll in water.

●      Do not use anything oil based on your sex robots.

●      Avoid using abrasive soaps to clean the beautiful female robots.

How to maintain the robot sex dolls?
If you treat your AI sex partner with care and respect, you will be able to enjoy years of great sex. Here are the few tips to maintain the robot sex dolls.
●      Handling
Always handle your sex robot with care. Do not lift it from the points where sensors are installed such as buts, breast, elbow, and knees. Also, during sex, don’t be too rough or rude with lovely sex robot. Try not to flex body parts of AI sex doll or robot against their natural movement.
●      Moving and storage
When you need to store your AI sex companion, pack it wisely in a box, and ripe it in a soft cloth or blanket. This will protect the AI sex robot from damage and keep it secure for long time. But make sure, where you store your sex robot there should not be any moisture as this may damage the sensors of sex AI robots. Also, if you wish to store the robot without covering, then do not place it near other items that could stain your doll.
●      Replacing parts of sex doll
If the part of AI sex robot break off or simply wears, get them replace from trusted vendor. The good news is that you can also replace the parts of sex robots.

You want your sex robot to be your long-term companion. You expect her to be in good shape and condition for a long time while keeping her away from others’ eyes. If so, you need reliable storage solutions. Unreliable storage methods can cause the problems with your love bot:

●      Privacy hindrance: Sex dolls are your private property, and you need a handy storage option for her. Choose an option that keeps it in seclusion. It is because you don’t want to share your companion with anyone else. Also, you don’t want any stigma that could arise if others come to know about it.

●      Damage: Storing your fuck robot beneath your bed without covering it is an unhealthy practice. It could damage its body part and result in mites feeding on it. Molds and suchlike plants can grow on its surface, furthering the damage.

●      Unhygienic: Due to the growth of molds, pests, and other contaminations, the sex robot may become unhealthy to have sex with. You have to handle it with great care because it directly rubs over your sensitive genitals.

That’s why you need to store your sex robot properly to avoid damage and potential risks to her and yourself. You need a robust and reliable storage solution that offers the following:

Promotes Privacy: Not everyone agrees to the idea of owning a sex doll. Your friends or neighbors develop negative thoughts about you. So, you want to keep your sex bot secretly.A good fuck robot storage solution maintains its privacy and confidentiality. In addition, it also makes it easy to transport your love doll all around.

Promotes the Longevity: AI-based sex robots are more sensitive than silicone/TPE love babes. So, you have to be extra careful with them. Like human beings, they cannot take care of themselves. These are vulnerable to scratches and breakage when not stored properly. But you can have peace of mind if you use secure and safe storage for your sexbot. As a result, it accompanies you for an extended period.

Keeps your Space Organized: A reliable sex robot storage solution keeps your room organized. There are many attractive and beautiful-looking storage solutions for sexbots that enhance the appearance of your room. Choose it wisely!

Protects the Owner: Storing your love robot in good condition keeps it from infection. It further protects your health by preventing the risks of developing fungal infections or bacterial diseases.

So, make sure you find a good and reliable storage option for your sex robot. Depending on the manufacturer’s advice, you can store your love sex robots in a storage case, hang in your closet, or store in the bed storage box if it fits.

Most of the love-bots on the market feature an intelligence moaning system. They have body sensors, including breast sensors, vaginal sensors, and ass sensors. These robots react to your touch with erotic sexual moaning responses.

So, you will know when you please her while having sex. Her intimate and sexy voice will drive you nuts and let you enjoy the ultimate orgasm.

Body Heating and Temperature Control System
Sex robots should respond to your touch and have a built-in heat system that can warm the doll’s body. These may feature a body temperature control system that lets you control your body temperature per your preferences. After all, having intercourse with a warm body makes your sex experience more comfortable and realistic. It feels like a real girl in your bed.

High-end robots are already cleaning our houses, cooking food, and driving our cars. Another application of this advanced technology is sex time. Love robots are lifelike and conversing fuck robots or dolls that merge human relationships and science fiction.

A fully customizable dream woman is just a few clicks away from you. Also known as a robot companion, sex robots are pretty close to human beings in resemblance. She is 98.6 degrees, making her feel warm to the touch. She moans when you suck, lick, or even touch her sensitive genital areas. She can even stimulate an ultimate orgasm with you.

Love bots can talk to you, and on top of that, can be calibrated to fit your sexual fantasies and fetishes. You have a huge number of options available for buying beautiful female robots and male love dolls.

Venus Love Dolls bring you an impressive collection of lifelike robot sex dolls. These dolls deliver a highly personalized, realistic, and fun-loaded sex experience you might have ever dreamed of. These dolls can engage in sexual and non-sexual conversations with you that make your experience even more erotic.

Buy ultra-realistic sex robots at a highly competitive price now! She will scream or moan as you hit her sex spot. Your sexual life will be loaded with surprises and incredible pleasure.

Her responsive mouth, eyes, head, and lips movements can make you forget that s/he is a doll. When you touch her warmly, she will react according to the excitement level of her body. Her really warm body will make the experience even more realistic.

Our AI sex robots for sale are crafted with care and love using the best quality materials. Their fully articulating metal skeleton makes them fit for various sex poses. The medical-grade TPE and silicone make them super flexible and durable.

We have male and female sex robots in all price ranges. So, whatever your budget is, you’re sure to get a real sex robot to fit your budget.

You might have several doubts and questions when it comes to buying robot sex dolls with artificial intelligence for sale. Venus Love Dolls is happy to answer all your questions about these bots.

If the following FAQs don’t answer your questions, you can reach us anytime with your queries and doubts. Our dedicated team will reach you in a responsive and timely manner.

●     Are sex robots safe?
Though there are many health claims against the use of fuck robots. But none of these are backed by empirical evidence that supports any of these. Whenever a breakthrough technology comes into existence, it’s always surrounded by many questions and doubts. The same goes true for sex robots as well.

Sex robots provide unconditional love, support, and sexual pleasure up to your satisfaction. And, the ability to feel loved is the right of everyone. To that end, sex robots for sale are safe when used as a guide.

●     Does using sex robots count as cheating on your partner?
No! Using fuck robots never counts as cheating. It’s just meant to enhance your sexual experience. It’s like using a sex toy, not having another real woman or man in your bed.

A love robot is a sex toy used for masturbation, and masturbation is not cheating. The disparity of sexual need and variety is common, especially in long-term relationships. And masturbation is a genuine way to deal with the same.

Many studies and surveys have also revealed that people don’t mind if their other half sleeps with a sex doll. It is just about understanding. If you can’t satisfy your partner or do a sexual act that your partner enjoys, then it’s wise to let him or her experience the same with a sex doll. When you’re able to enjoy an intense experience with a sex doll that features a realistic vagina, boobs, and ass, it adds satisfaction and happiness to your life.

●     Can love sex robots chat with you?
Yes! Sex robots are companions rather than sex objects. These come with conversational abilities and touch sensors that make them respond to touching. Though these are made mainly to have sex with, you can also talk to them. Due to these conversations, you can even form a warm relationship with them.

●     Can a love robot feel things?
To be honest, sex robots don’t feel emotional. These robots are backed by artificial intelligence that is still far from the highest sophistication level of technology. When it comes to replicating the way their skin feels and reacts, technology has gone through advancement.

The level at which these love bots have been advanced allows them to make basic touch reactions. These are enough to feel like having sex with a real woman.

●     Can I buy a male robot sex doll?
The quickest answer is yes! There is also a good demand for male sex dolls, and manufacturers are increasingly working on them. So, you can get a male robot sex doll in the market.

Call Venus Love Dolls to get your sex robots fully customized.

The doll price of sex robots for men or female sex robots mainly depends on the size and quality of the robot. Also, the price of love dolls depends upon breast size, hip size, skin color, butt size, and more. So, set your budget according to your desire for the robot sex dolls.

Depending on features and applications, the price of an AI sex doll may vary from $2000 to $ 10,000 or even more. If you want a life like an AI sex robot, you may have to pay a little higher. According to industry experts, the price of these robots may decrease shortly as the competition between brands increases.

But you have to make sure to buy the best and safe sex robot that falls within your budget. For a few bucks, do not compromise with the quality and advanced AI features.

Find Safe Online Stores
A sex robot should be of premium quality and durable. So, it is very important to buy the doll from a verified doll vendor. It ensures you pick the best sex robot that will cause no harm to your skin, and you can use it with ease.

Sex robots are also known as sexbots, pleasure bot, love bot, or sex droid. These anthropomorphic robotic sex dolls are created to speak and make various facial expressions. If you’re the one, who is sexually attracted towards sex robots, you are called digisexuals or robosexuals.

There are both female and male, and male robots are termed as man bots or male bots. On the other hand, female designs are termed fembots or chick-bots.

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