WM doll is a leader in the global sex doll industry with products that are so unique and customized to every user’s taste. With WM dolls, your choices are unlimited and you can have a doll that is customized with precision to your taste. Would you like a doll that can moan? Or one that feels as warm as your skin? Well, since its establishment in 2011, WM dolls has gone out of its way to ensure it can provide all these for you.

With over 12 years of research and development, WM has set up one of the world’s biggest realistic sex dolls production base, located in the greater bay area. WM sex dolls are produced in two materials i.e. Silicon and Thermoplastic Elastomers(TPE). Since WM recognizes how diverse everyone is, and how specific one can be with sexual fantasies, they provide over 50 bodies of sex dolls to choose from. These bodies come in different heights. You can have a doll as short as 140 cm (4’ 7’’) or as tall as 174 cm (5’ 8’’).

Customizing Your WM Sex Doll

Your options are limitless, you can customize a WM doll to fit your fantasy doll. There are over 400 heads to choose from and with each, a wig that fits your taste. Do you want a blondie or a redhead? Do you want long graceful hair or a nice fringed wig? WM Dolls allows you to choose all these features. You can choose the perky B-cup tits with a large areola or the juicy G-Cup with a small areola. You can have anything you want!

WM Dolls cares about all your fantasies, they recognize just how unique you are and how unique your sexual tastes are. They know that you like that hot pink nail color on your sex doll. They know that you love your woman’s tits dark and her wig long. Do you like your women tall? Well, they know that too! What you have to do is just say it as you feel it. Whatever you say, whatever you fantasize, WM sex Dolls will bring it to life. All you need to do is get on your computer or phone and purchase your WM sex doll online. You can customize anything!


To make sure your sex doll feels just as good as your dream woman, or even better, WM dolls have features that make them very realistic love dolls. WM doll has invested in commendable research and development. The skin of the sex dolls feels so close to natural skin. These dolls come in life-size bodies of different heights and you can choose your ideal height. If you prefer a little hair or even a lot of hair on your doll’s pubic areas, you can get exactly that. If you choose to, WM sex dolls have a customized feature to warm the body of your sex doll. You can cuddle with your warmed-up sex doll and let your mind wander. Can it get any better?

AI WM Sex Doll

WM Dolls has invested in using artificial intelligence (AI) to bring you the most intimate experience with your doll. Would you like your doll to respond to your touch? You can have this custom feature on your WM doll. You know that heavy raspy breathing when you touch sensual areas of a woman? Or the very welcomed appreciation moaning? Since 2016, WM Dolls has harnessed its AI power to provide this exciting feature for you. Some dolls even have oral, anal, and vagina capabilities.

Therefore, you can imagine your fantasy doll and customize it online and it will be manufactured exactly as you have specified. You will choose even the nail color of your doll and the shape of the shoulders.


WM sex dolls are manufactured with great adherence to safety standards and it is designed to be environment friendly too. It makes sense that anyone would want to have their doll for a long time. This allows an organic development of feelings towards your doll. A sex doll that you have had for a long time will give you that stress-free feel easily after a long day at work. You have created memories and even favorite styles over time! You are more likely to picture her while at work and get a smile out of it. It is to your great benefit that you maintain your sex doll and for the long haul. To ensure that you enjoy the benefits of WM dolls for a long time and get value for your money, there are a few advisable ways to take care of your doll.


  • The material that is used to manufacture WM sex dolls is designed to stretch and accommodate as many positions as you would like to have your doll in. However, if you keep your doll in a highly stretched position for a long time, then it may suffer deformation. In short, you may use your doll in any position, but when you are done, restore it to its original position where the hands are rested down.
  • Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are susceptible to aging when exposed to the sun. You need to keep your WM doll away from excessive exposure to the sun.
  • To wash dirt and dust off of your WM doll, simply use normal washing detergent or foam bath and rub with your palms. Take care to not damage your doll with nails or any coarse material. A powder is provided with the doll. Applying this powder on the doll once it is dry will have it looking as good as new! WM Dolls also provides an intelligent cleaning set as an accessory to the dolls.
  • In the event your doll suffers a scratch, cut, or poke, there is an easy solution. Use TPE glue to seal the damage. A simple procedure would involve you cleaning the damaged area using a makeup remover and then applying the glue on the cleaned area. Ensure that the area is not in tension as you apply the glue.

Cleanliness of your sex doll

Always prioritize the cleanliness of your sex doll. That will make you feel comfortable being with her and will also help her to live longer and serve you well. WM sex dolls have gone the extra mile to help you with this because your pleasure is their priority. They provide removable devices that you can easily clean and very fast. For example, the removable vagina is very easy to clean. It is simply a one-minute job to clean it. Although the built-in vagina is more realistic in appearance, you could consider the removable one for easy handling and time-saving. Imagine waking up in the morning, you have that urgent meeting to attend and that urgent sensation in your groin!

Well, a WM sex doll with a removable vagina is exactly what will work for you. Satisfaction is guaranteed and you only need less than a minute to clean it. Ooh! Rest assured that the feeling of the built-in vagina is just the same as the removable one.


In the current world, catfishing is too prevalent. It is everywhere, it is happening all the time. Someone will willingly sell to you a catfish of a WM doll. No one wants to be vulnerable with a catfish, right?. The manufacturer of WM sex dolls is committed to ensuring that you get what you order for and are protected from fakes. The manufacturer provides a unique anti-counterfeit code with every WM doll that can be used to check online if the doll is original. Each WM doll that is shipped to you can be checked for authenticity to alleviate your fears and make sure you are having a stress-free experience. To check the authenticity of your doll, identify the unique code of your doll and check here. for verification.

Another simple way to make sure you are not being scammed into buying a fake WM doll is to check the price. The pricing of WM dolls is universal. A site that has much cheaper prices for the same dolls must be selling to you a fake. Be vigilant! As they say, cheap is expensive. You don’t want to purchase a fake WM doll and within two experiences you are full of regrets. Protect your peace and buy an original WM sex doll from authorized dealers such as Venus Love Dolls.


A WM doll is your affordable lover. They are not any different from your typical lover, apart from the fact that you do not have to buy a WM doll dinner, you do not have to take her for a date, and you do not have to even show her how smart you are. WM dolls are the lover you do not have to pay any extra for. For a one-off cost, you can get a doll flexible enough to try with any movements you have always wanted. She will not judge you for wanting to try out that sexy position you just saw on that freaky video you watched online. She is down for it all and for as long as you can go!


Every sexual engagement with a woman comes with other worries. What if she gets pregnant or infects you with a Sexually transmitted Infection? What if she gets attached and yet you only wanted a casual fling? Well, a WM sex doll will not come with any of these issues. They cannot get pregnant, for as long as you are the only user, you cannot be infected with any Sexually transmitted infection and it’s only you who can choose to be attached to her. She will always be there for you no matter how you feel about her. You can go for your long business trips and when you come back, you pick up with your WM doll where you left.

If you have a partner, you can still enjoy the benefits of a WM doll. What are the chances that your partner will claim that you are seeing another person if it is only your love doll? Well, if she is open-minded, probably not! If she is not open-minded, well, your defense is much easier. “It is only a WM doll, and our relationship is only sexual.” You also do not have to feel guilty about being with the doll. It gives you a clear conscience in your sexual exploits.

In the current times, life has gotten very hectic and everyone’s wants are increasing on the daily. We understand that sometimes you have to work so hard and may not have the time to have a girlfriend. Girlfriends can also be very expensive financially and emotionally and you, therefore, need alternative ways to handle your loneliness. We will deliver a WM sex doll to you and she will be your consistent companion offering you all the pleasure at your convenience.


To order a customized WM sex doll, you want to use an authorized dealer such as Venus Love Dolls. Venus Love Dolls will take 7 days to manufacture your customized doll. It will take an average of 14 working days from the verification of your payment to the delivery of your doll if your address is in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan & South Korea. Venus Love Dolls offers free domestic and international shipping and ensures discreet packaging of your doll.


Sex dolls are goods of sensitive nature and Venus Love Dolls acknowledges this more than anyone. For reasons best known to you, you may find yourself in a situation where you have to return your sex doll. There is no need to panic. If you return to Venus Love Dolls your sex doll within 30 days of purchase and it is new and not opened, we will refund you in full. Your refund will only take about 2-5 business days to reflect in your bank account.