Realistic body sex doll

Custom Sex Dolls have been increasing in popularity for quite a few years now thanks to companies like IronTech Doll, WM Doll, Starpery, HR Doll and a lot more. In earlier days, these dolls were considered taboo, but now more and more people are buying custom sex dolls to satisfy their sexual fantasies. The modern sex dolls resemble real humans and have similar features to real woman such as flawless skin, soft breasts, natural hair, juicy lips, and more. 

Curvy body sex doll

Furthermore, they have penetrable orifices like the mouth, vagina, and anus that allow you to insert a penis with ease. The most important thing about love dolls is their sexual functions which are excellent.

Today real sex dolls are moving into the homes of celebrities, artists, and professionals for various uses. For example, men can now enjoy real-life sex with TPE love dolls anytime any day. In addition, women have also found support in sex dolls for their unique sexual needs.

This article has the top reasons why sex dolls have become popular in modern life.

1. Sex Partner and Companion

Most realistic sex dolls can serve as love partners, social companions, or photo models. That is why they are also known as companion dolls

There are sex dolls of different genders like female, male, or trans. Also, there are other races including, white, Asian, African, European, etc. 

The huge variety of life-like sex dolls give you great fun and excitement you can expect from your real lover. These realistic love dolls are also helpful in providing you with an unmatched oral sex experience. 

2. Sex Doll Can Move, Smile, and Talk

Nowadays, companies are producing sex dolls that can talk, feel, and react to your touch. 

The arrival of artificial intelligence in the sex doll industry has changed the way people think about dolls. While she may not have an actual pulse, the robot companion has a body temperature of 98.6 degrees, which is similar to a real woman’s temperature.

Also, the AI featured sex doll moans when she’s touched in a sensitive area like nipples, vagina, etc. The best part is that she can even simulate an orgasm.

AI sex doll

The next-generation sex dolls are hot and can smile as well. Also, they can produce sex sounds, which can make men startling in bed.

Further, a new robot sex dolls cab blink eyes, get Goosebumps and even hold a conversation.

3. Distinct Facial Features

The realistic sex dolls have unique facial features. People love these dolls because they are easy to handle and maintain. 

Also, the real love sex dolls look so good even after applying little makeup. So if you would like to hang around an attractive sex partner, then realistic sex dolls are for you. 

Realistic sex doll

Now people have options to select sex partners between curvy bodies, big-breast women, European beauty, black women, transgender people, and many more.

4. Sex in Different Positions

Another reason why custom sex dolls are popular is that they are good for various sex positions. You can have vaginal, oral, or anal sex with these beauties day and night. 

Short hair sex dollAll in all, sex dolls are a superb approach to enhance sexual execution, a lover’s strategies, and positions. Thanks to their highly flexible and durable skeleton. You can try doggy style and various other poses with your love doll. 

You can slap on her ass, squeeze her boobs or can play with her vagina for as long as you want. This function of love dolls attracts most men as they no longer need to hide their sexural desires. 

5. Easy to Buy

Unlike old days, now people don’t have to spend a lifetime saving to buy a realistic sex doll. Thanks to technology, mass production, and cost reduction, sex dolls are quite affordable, and almost everyone can afford them. 

The robotic love dolls or AI sex dolls can cost you between $2000 and $10000. Further, tehre are quality sex dolls that starts from $ 500 too. 

Also, nowadays, you can order a custom sex doll online, and the vendors like Venus Love Dolls will deliver it to your doorstep. 

6. Custom Sex Dolls

Another reason why people love sex dolls is because of their customization options. You can get a customized love doll to satisfy your sexual desires. 

Custom sex doll

The custom sex dolls can look like a girl of your dreams with different hair colors, eye colors, skin, body types, breasts size, and more. Of course, you can also choose different butt sizes depending on what turns you on. 

7. All-Time Companion When Traveling

Do you dream of having a sexual partner with you on your vacation? If yes, then a sex doll is the best option for you. You can carry the doll with you while traveling and enjoy cozy sex with her in a hotel room. Most love dolls come with easy-to-store and easy-to-carry options that allow you to take them with you while traveling. 

The best part is that these dolls are light in weight and you can carry them on flights too. But handle them with care so that they should not get damaged. For example, use a bubble wrap and place a packed sex doll and head in a larger sports bag.

8.Multiple Options To Live Fantasies

In the early days, a sex doll was only limited to men. However, that is not the case anymore because women can also get a male sex doll for their sexual pleasure in today’s modern life. 

And the best part is that the male love doll looks like a real macho man with a penis and muscles. 

In addition, there are various options to choose from:

  • Black sex doll:

    The pouty lips, heavy boobs, and big butts of black women attract most men. This is the reason why black sex dolls are in high demand. The sexy curves, chocolate brown skin tone, and juicy lips can attract any man in minutes. Also, men who cannot approach black women can choose the sex doll to live their fantasies.

Black sex doll

  • European sex doll:

    The charming features, flawless skin, and blonde hair of European girls can attract men in no time. The people who wish to have a blonde sex partner can choose a European sex doll. These realistic sex dolls can fulfill all your wild fantasies. 

  • Japanese sex doll:

    In Japan, sex dolls are also known as dutch wives. The cute faces, straight black hair, beautiful eyes, and sexy body of Japanese sex dolls can turn on any man. Japanese sex dolls are trendy around the world. If you live in some other country but are fascinated by the beauty of Japanese girls, then a Japanese love doll is an excellent option for you. 

  • Latina love dolls:

    Latin girls are famous for their body shapes. Any man can find these dolls more attractive because of their big butts, pouty lips, big boobs, deep body curves, beautiful eyes, and facial features. Latina love dolls are multi-racial women, so they look prettiest and sexiest among many other women in the world. By having a realistic Latina sex doll, you can enjoy any sex position. 

  • Latina sex dollAsian sex doll:

    Asian women never fail to seduce men due to their lusty and busty bodies. Men who fantasize about Asian girls can own realistic Asian sex dolls. These custom sex dolls are very popular as men are becoming enamored with Asian beauty standards. The fair skin, curvy figures, black hair, and alluring sex spots of these sex dolls are ready to give you a never-ending sex experience. 

  • Torso sex doll:

    There is an option to choose a torso sex doll. People who do not wish to spend much money can opt for Torso or half body sex doll. They are available in different sizes as well as weights as per your requirement. Since they are very flexible, you can use them in different directions to have perfect sex time.

  • Torso sex dollTransgender people love doll:

    People who love transgender people and want to have sex with them can choose sex dolls. These realistic love dolls come with big boobs and a big penis. The best part is that both people of all genders can live their fantasies with transgender sex dolls. Also, it is a great sex partner for transgender people too. 

Shemale sex doll

The Top Seven Benefits Of Owning Realistic Sex Doll

Whether you are a bachelor, single, or have a family, an Inflatable love doll can be a beneficial thing in your life. There are many benefits associated with realistic sex dolls:

  • More practical and individual-like sexual experience

The general reason why sex dolls are popular among people is due to their physical and sexual delight. Love dolls are fitted with a dildo or deviant that gives amazing incitement and takes the user to an intense climax. By having a sex doll, you can encounter real sex as opposed to masturbation.

  • Dolls bring fulfillment to life

Sex dolls can offer incredible amounts of affection as well as companionship. They can be with you day and night. So when you come home after a long day of work, you will be happy to see that someone is waiting for you. 

Having a sex doll in life that is always available for you can bring an incredible amount of fulfillment to your day.

  • Realistic sex dolls are excellent at relieving stress

Sex doll offers the best sexual experience and is submissive friend who is always there for you. You do not need to lie and fear that sex dolls will claim or become pregnant. 

Further, there will be no stress about sexually transmitted diseases, excuses or shame with sex dolls. Realistic love dolls have come a long way since the day of inflatable figures arrived. 

  • Express wildest fantasies

Every person has unique sexual desires, but sadly, most of them suppress those desires for various reasons. This is where sex dolls can help. With a custom sex doll, you can let your imagination run wild without any feeling of shame or embarrassment.

  • Dolls are ready for you day and night

A realistic sex doll will never tell you that she is too tired for sex or too sick. She is always ready for love at any time of the day or night. Also, a sex doll never says that she is uncomfortable with any of your sex position. You have complete control in the bedroom, which gives you a fantastic sex experience. 

  • No complaint

Above all, the sex dolls do not complain, nag, provoke or judge you. Also, the size of the dick, pussy color, skin color, and other things don’t matter to love the doll. They are ready to fuck you any time, day or night. These artificial beauties are there to satisfy you completely. 

You can squeeze their boobs, lick pussy, and play with cock for as long as you want. 

  • Always look young and energetic

Another amazing of love sex dolls is that they never aged and always look young and energetic. Further, the TPE sex dolls are water-resistant, ozone resistant, non-corrosive, non-toxic, odorless, and retain soft elasticity. 

Last but not least, you can wash the sex dolls in the bathroom and can also remove their genitals and head to clean the sex dolls properly. Do proper care of custom sex dolls to increase their life span. 

Final Words

The popularity of custom sex dolls or realistic love dolls is increasing day by day. The main reason behind the increased demand for love dolls is their realistic body which resembles a real human being. Whether it is eyes, boobs, vagina, dick, balls, or skin, everything looks so real that makes you feel amazing during sex. 

Further, the arrival of AI (artificial intelligence) technology allows sex dolls to move, respond to touch, and even hold a conversation.