Why Adults Love American Girl Sex Dolls

Convenience and leisure have been among the primary goals we human beings want with our lives since time immemorial. This sole purpose has made us, humankind, create and work wonders with our skills in visualizing, conceptualizing, creating, and recreating remarkable feats up until this day. Using the innovation of technology, every bit of realization we have about what we want to happen has become a reality most of the time. But these realizations and concepts are not immune to criticisms of either supporting or opposing in nature. Insert American Girl Sex Dolls – real and life-sized synthetic creations invented voluptuously for one sole purpose: utmost sexual satisfaction of everyone – young and old, no matter the race or gender, they got it all covered for you, especially for the biggest market, adults.
Even though loads of arguments have already been thrown and expressed about this particular topic and its creation, there are still people who fantasize and patronize the American Girl sex dolls industry because of the many benefits adults get from owning and having intimidating pleasures and sex-capades with these sultry sex dolls. Now, let us try to determine a few of the major reasons and uses, and also some pros why the adult market loves and enjoys having sex dolls, particularly American Girl ones. We’ll try to find out today. Let’s go!

What to Love in an American Girl Sex Doll

What is there not to love about these American Girl Sex Dolls? They’re perfect – body, hair, facial features, sexual pleasure, and overall sexual experience – these realistic sex dolls have it. First, let’s go into the details and cite some factors that make adults linger and crave these synthetic, body-beautiful, sexually-appeasing goddesses.

Physical Features

First and foremost, none of us, let alone adult men, look at physical features on the onset. What we initially see gives us the libido we need to start off good as we eventually lead to sex. So, it’s pretty basic that American Girl sex dolls are adored because of the following:

Big Butt

The butt, or the ass if you’re feeling dirty, would probably be one of the aspects adults look for and crave after when it comes to the American Girl Sex Dolls experience. Patterned from real, thick, and juicy bottoms of most American Girls, big butts heighten the sexual fantasy adults can experience when having the time of their lives with these sex dolls. The bigger the booty, the juicier it jiggles, or something like that.

Big Lips,/h3>

Another reason adults long for an American Girl sex doll is because of their luscious and voluptuous lips. Imagine getting the best sucking of your life with lips so fine and juicy – most adult men crave the gratifying and satisfying fantasy. With plump and pouty lips, we wouldn’t want to have some, right? Not to mention the “lips” you’ll experience down there. More on that later on.

Big Tits

Of course, who wouldn’t some nice, big, old jugulars you can see and feel while banging your way towards utmost pleasure? Most adult men love American Girl sex dolls with big breasts, fantasizing about themselves as they rub and cum their way between these huge tities. Adult men surely love seeing that in adult films, let alone experience themselves with their loyal American Girl sex dolls.

Big Nipples

It’s one thing to have big breasts; but the fun gets elevated with big nipples, too. Imagine having you way pleasuring your American Girl sex doll while sucking and playing with its nipples using your tongue, wet already? Satisfy all your sexual cravings, like most adult men do, with a combination of big tits together with big nipples.

Body Styles

In connection to physical features, body styles are next to what tickles the fancy of adults. May it be somewhat ‘rough on the edges’, or simply pretty and preppy, adults find fetish for different body types and styles of American Girl sex dolls. Here are some of those freakishly fabulous fetishes:


Whether a sexy and slutty cheerleader or a female varsity player, adults can find their wildest sexual desires and some realistic sex with athletic American Girl sex dolls. Get your groove on with buff and busty women that can become your deepest and sexiest sporty fantasy.


Some prefer American Girl sex dolls that are curvy and voluptuous, perfect for bumping and grinding your time in the bedroom. There are those who simply appreciate the curves and swerves of these sex dolls. These sex doll types are best when you want that sultry silhouette to linger your libido-inducing satisfaction.

Petite Curvy

Aside from bumpy busts and tantalizing tits, there are also people who warm themselves up with petite sex dolls – smaller versions of your American Girl dream sequence. There are men who desire to lift their partners up every time they do it, so this mindset might be the reason behind their liking towards this sex doll type.


Well, let’s face it – as normal as others are, there are also some who can be eccentric and weird with the sexual fantasies they possess. Insert pregnant sex dolls – these versions of American Girl sex dolls that some enthusiasts enjoy having sex with. May it be an extreme case of the Oedipus Complex or a normal feeling of lust for someone with baby bumps, who are we to judge? These are their fantasies, and we should respect them, as we want others to respect us – the golden rule, per se.


Slender American Girl sex dolls are also a thing in terms of satisfying those who want sexual pleasures. This smooth and lean feminine fantasy is perfect for those who seek sexual companions that fit their bodies when doing some grinding. Much like petite dolls, slender sex dolls have just the right amount of bumps and waves every time they do the thing.


Contrary to popular belief, there are also sex doll fans who want to enjoy, well, “the best of both worlds.” This market focuses on the idea that some of us have dual preferences in terms of sexual pleasures. We should embrace this idea like any other and be happy for those who straddle in between sexual lines and gender.

Sexual Fantasies

American Girl sex dolls provide any sexual fantasy to be fulfilled. Now, this category can truly be limitless, so we’ve narrowed down our examples to three (3) sub-categories related to American Girl sex dolls, such as:

Blonde Bombshell

When we’re on the topic of American Girls, this category readily comes into mind. Blonde bombshells are the sexual summation of those who want to fulfill their fantasy of having their groove on with their most desired blondes – models, actresses, celebrities – you name it, you can probably have a blonde example. Quite a favorite, blonde bombshells are extreme erotica personified.

MILF and Mature Madness

“Mother, I love to f*ck,” need we say more. This American Girl sex doll was probably inspired by those adult film stars that, as much as we admit it or not, have crossed our minds, at least once or twice in our lifetime. So, desiring to have intercourse with mature sex dolls can truly be a hit, much like how massive the reception is to stars of those adult films.

Young and Sweet Satisfaction

On the other end of the spectrum, there are also those who enjoy having sexual pleasures with young and sweet versions of the American Girl sex dolls. All

men mostly gravitate towards this type but who are we to limit those otherwise. As long as you can achieve utmost sexual satisfaction and gratification, we can all do whatever we want, legally, that is.

Benefits of Having Your Own American Girl Sex Doll

Now that we have tackled some of the most common American Girl sex doll types, either based on physical attributes, body types and styles, and sexual fancies, we can now go ahead and determine some pros of having and owning these sex dolls. In addition, making love to them surely has its benefits that may result positively for us. From convenience, safety, leisure, pleasure, or whatnot, we can definitely benefit from having an American Girl sex doll. Here are some of the most common ones:

Improves Sexual Performance

Having issues with your partner in terms of sexual performance is very normal among couples. From shyness to insecurity towards learning new stuff, practicing with a sex doll can greatly help you improve your sexual skills. Sex dolls provide endless opportunities for you to solve any sexual issues you might have, eventually helping you satisfy your partner’s needs.

Readily Available

Owning a sex doll allows you to use it anytime, all the time, 24/7. With enough battery or charged power, these sex dolls can make you enjoy yourself whenever you want to. And for you guys with sex drives higher than what your partner has, sex dolls help you fulfill these differences, leaving you still satisfied and sexually contented, so to speak.

Long-term Recreation and Home Use

After purchase, sex dolls are typically bought and owned for domestic usage usually for recreation. With its long-term use at home, individuals and couples among us may explore certain aspects of our sexual lives using these life-sized dolls. From having sex with a doll and sex doll positions to building your own sex doll, anyone of us can really enjoy sex dolls depending on our individual needs and wants.

Promotes faithfulness

Although sex dolls do not reduce infidelity and unfaithfulness across the board, it can still be an instrument for you to be loyal to your partners. If all you want is sex, and your partner is unavailable due to reasons – at work, has a headache, is on her period, or is pregnant – you can just turn to your sex doll and pleasure yourself without seeking other’s company. In addition, sex dolls will never cheat on you.

No Complaining Ever

In addition to having no emotions, you can be assured that no complaining, nagging, provoking, or judging will come from your sex doll no matter what. Satisfying them will never be an issue since it is the other way around. So, dick size, performance, foreplays, and other factors in bed do not matter at all. Coming right away or having multiple rounds will also never be a problem with sex dolls.

No Strings Attached

Since sex dolls are technically inanimate objects, they don’t have emotions and won’t fall in love with you especially if you do not want to be in a relationship. For couples, sex dolls won’t really damage your relationship especially if you both agree to it. For singles, sex dolls are your escape from any type of emotional attachments or commitments, allowing you to still enjoy life.

Provides Unlimited Pleasures, No Holds Barred

There are those of us who enjoy having sex without condoms and gain pleasure bursting inside our partners, people alike. Sex dolls can give us that endless opportunity of not worrying about these restrictions. Instances of having STD (sexually-transmitted disease), STI (sexually transmitted infections), or unwanted pregnancies are eventually prevented because of this, keeping us safe and healthy.

Saves Loads of Money

Financial aspects in a relationship like dinner dates, compulsory movies, fancy gifts, holiday or anniversary happenings, among others will never be a factor if you have a sex doll, so it helps you save lots and lots of money. Aside from repairs or buying extra batteries, sex dolls do not really require you to spend that much aside from the initial cost of acquiring it, so no recurring expenses whatsoever. This will allow you to save a lot of money for other things while making sure you can be sexually satisfied anytime.

Perfect for Those Socially Awkward

Let’s admit it – with women sometimes having very high standards of their ‘ideal man’, not every man can woo women and can be attractive enough to get them to have sex. Sex dolls are very convenient for this people’s class. It can also prevent those who would stalk females, instead, of just having sex with a sex doll.

Great for Therapeutic Recovery

Surprisingly, believe it or not, sex dolls are sometimes used for therapeutic purposes, an unconventional good that can come out of having one. ‘Love dolls’, as the term normally used for this specific situation, is utilized by some therapists to help those who have undergone traumatic experiences and heal them through this transitional process. Professional therapeutic care use sex dolls for these case-to-case basis types of recovery therapy.

American Girl Sex Dolls: Takeaways

Whatever floats your boat, Venus Love Dolls‘ American Girl Sex Dolls got you covered. Enjoy utmost sexual pleasures and fantasies no matter what you want and desire, either short- or long-term. Have yourselves a dose of these fine synthetic specimens so you can finally have the time of your lives, sexually, that is.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]