Realistic Transexual Sex Dolls

The sex doll industry has grown up to a great extent. So, you can expect love dolls in all shapes and sizes. And, if you’re interested in transgender women, you’ve got many options. The idea of having an intimate time with a shemale sex doll is both gratifying and mind-boggling.

Real Life Size Transexual Sex DollsHence, there is a huge demand for transgender sex dolls in the market. You can buy a full-size transexual sex doll or a lifelike torso with boobs and a dick. Many of these dolls even let you swap between a pussy and a penis. So, you can experience the best of both worlds with only one ladyboy sex doll.

Buy, the process of buying a transsexuals sex doll may be a bit different than shopping for a male or female doll. This is particularly if you’re a first-time buyer. Don’t worry!

We’ve put together this sex doll buyers guide that makes your dreamy companion. So, let’s get started:


With shemale love dolls, you can explore a whole new facet of your sexual life. These come fully equipped for everyone’s taste – a naughty, monster cock dildo so that you can impale yourself. You also get big boobies for fondling and ogling as you impale and thrust. The dolls also come with an anal tunnel so that you can thrust them into them. What’s more, you even get exciting pussy attachments.

They’re also called transsexual dolls. If you’ve ever been to Thailand and spent time with ladyboys, you know how amazing a transsexual experience can be. But you don’t have to travel to Thailand or other Asian countries to openly be with transsexuals because you can get a doll and add spice to your sexual life.

The most exciting thing about tranny love dolls is that these come with both female and male body parts. That’s what makes these dolls highly versatile because they’re wonderful for both – couples and solo plays. Such kinds of experiences are quite common in Thailand. But you don’t have to travel to Thailand to have such experiences. Simply buy a human-like shemale real doll to live your fetishes.

Sex dolls come in various sizes and shapes. These have detailed body features, beautiful hair, boobs, butts, and a big penis. Some even feature a dick with veins to look like a real one. These are great for both women and men.


Sexy Transexual Sex DollsWhen we talk about tranny sex dolls, there are many different choices. Some prefer to have a ladyboy or femboy fantasy, while some need a realistic transgender doll. Here are different types of transsexual dolls you can choose from depending on your preferences:

  • Lifelike shemale love dolls: As the name suggests, these dolls look like a real human being with their realistic boobs and a dick. These come with great details on their face, body, hair, and sex spots.
  • Futanari dolls: Futanari love dolls are a special and unique type of Japanese sex toy. These are inspired by anime characters and are attractive to people who enjoy Japanese or Hentai anime cartoons. These love dolls feature a penis along with feminine bodies. Their hair is varied in colors to look like a real anime character.
  • Silicone shemale doll: Silicone shemale love dolls are highly durable, flexible, and soft, making them ideal for different sex poses. These require low maintenance and are very easy to clean.
  • TPE tranny sex dolls: True to their name, TPE or thermoplastic elastomer sex dolls need a lot more care than the ones made of silicone. However, TPE sex dolls feel more real and come with more jiggly body parts.
  • Blowup love dolls: Blowup tranny sex dolls tend to be most affordable but lack realism and durability.
  • Shemale love doll torso: If you don’t need a full-size transsexuals sex doll, you can get a shemale doll torso. These love dolls are just bodies with breasts and genitals but no limbs. You can also find torsos of tranny sex dolls with heads on.


Sexual desire for transsexual people has been a hugely researched subject for years. However, most of the individuals who are attracted towards transgender are bisexual and heterosexual.

The sexual attraction of transgender women first came into the picture in the year 1953. The number of erotic materials produced so far has increased due to the demand for people who are attracted to transexual people. Many activists, trans celebrities, and authors have kicked off the stigma around transsexuality.

Now, so many people are attracted to transexual people, which is considered normal. These individuals are called trans fans, tranny hawks, tranny chasers, and trans-oriented admirers. And, if you’re one of them and fantasize about having sex with trans men or women, a tranny real doll can become your best companion.

There is a large collection of realistic shemale sex dolls available. You can choose your dreamy one to experience the utmost comfort and satisfaction you might be fantasizing about. These incredibly beautiful shemale sex robots or dolls look realistic and enthusiastic to make hot love with you. These soft, seductive, and hot women will be huge fun in bed.

So, if you are drawn towards a transsexuals beauty, then get a tranny or hermaphrodite sex doll. You can fuck its pussy or ride its hard cock while enjoying her meaty boobs and booties. Some of these models also feature a hole for anal sex. So, you’ve got a lot of fun options.


Shemale love dolls can be made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) material, silicone, or even both. TPE is a highly safe and durable material. Transexual sex toys tend to be cheaper compared to those made of silicone. Though silicone can be slightly pricey, it’s totally worth it due to the high level of softness and flexibility it offers.

You can use the penis of these dolls in various ways. For instance, men can enjoy ultimate anal sex with shemale love dolls. Their skin is extremely realistic, and on the anus’ backside, you’ll find a clean hole for cleaning. You can remove stagnant fluid in the anus easily and prevent your girlfriend from bacteria.

Erotic transsexuals love dolls come with a pleasantly big dildo, juicy cup boobs, and tight anus waiting to be penetrated. Their ultra-realistic skin makes your overall sex experience surprisingly incredible. These dolls keep you comfortably filled up and stimulate your G-spot, thus giving you a satisfactory orgasm. Play your sexual game by leveraging her combo of the deep anus and jiggly breasts.

A transsexuals real doll is not just a fun toy. It can make your everyday sexual game more exciting in a healthy and safe way. But to make the most of your shemale love toy, make sure you consider the following factors:


Do you love trying out exciting sex poses? Then, make sure your companion is flexible. Choose the one with a fully articulated and flexible body frame so that you can bend her in different ways.

For added fun, you can use a shemale insert that is reusable in other dolls as well. The firm insert is incorporated in the doll’s vagina. You can also put it in other public areas of the doll.

There are countless shemale sex dolls to choose from. These boast a gorgeous body, long flowing hair, a charming face, lovely eyes, and big butts. Their super realistic dick suits the pussy perfectly and makes your sexy companion.

While having sex, you won’t find much difference, as the penis comfortably fits the vagina. You can also remove the penis for another kind of sexual experience.


Are you looking for a highly versatile shemale love doll? Ariel – a 155cm sex doll – can be a great pick for both shemale and transsexual lovers. This reasonably priced realistic shemale sex doll encourages you to play exciting pleasure games the way you want.

You get many customizable options, including wig type, eye color, mouth type, and shoulder type. You can choose the color and size of areola and labia. Choose breast type – solid, hollow, and gel-filled.

What’s more, you’ve many more choices like public hair, fingernail color, toenail color, and skin tone. If you want, your shemale love doll can even feature a body heater or moaning option for a more realistic experience. In addition, there are more trans sex robots to choose from.


Inserts can uplift your overall sexual experience. So, if you love to play in bed, you should look for a shemale sex doll that you can pair with a trans insert. Most of these category dolls can use the insert to give you the utmost excitement.

Do you want to sleep with a woman? With inserts, you can turn her into a hot chick in a matter of seconds. Now, show her your sex rules and enjoy the most. Have the most of his or her sexy body with a rigid and juicy penis tranny insert. So, make sure the transgender sex doll you buy is compatible with inserts of different sizes.


Don’t buy a shemale doll just because it’s cheap and looks sexy. Remember that a low-quality product may not deliver the desired sexual experience. On top of that, it can be harmful if made from toxic and unsafe material. So, find a legit sex doll store to find the best product delivered to you.

Note that top sex doll brands never sell on popular eCommerce stores. If you find some products on these sites, these could be counterfeit and poor-quality products.

Price is another indicator of the legitimacy and trustworthiness of a website. Buying a sex doll is an investment in your happiness, and don’t expect it to be cheap. Authentic transexual love dolls are priced starting at $1,000, depending on the size and brand you select. Silicone dolls cost even higher.


Make sure you look at the following most important features when buying your shemale doll:

  • Shemale dolls are made of safe and soft material that is pleasant to touch and offers lifelike sensations.
  • Lifelike hair is typically made of synthetic materials.
  • Have makeup on them to make them appear like real transsexuals.
  • The skin tone may vary, and usually, shemale dolls feature dark complexion, white skin, or tanned.
  • These feature a dildo that appears like a real dick. It can be designed with balls, a head, and even veins. The penis’ length may vary, usually 7 to 9 inches on average.
  • Realistic boobies are of C-cup size and very soft to appear like natural breasts.


Do you have sexual desires about your partner wearing a sexy dress? Fortunately, you can dress it up the way you imagine. A little role-play can heat up the fun. So, get a sexy outfit or lingerie to lend your sex companion a dreamy character. But, do this the right way. Here’s how:

Put stockings or nylon first. This creates an outer layer on her body to put on the dress. Ideally, choose a slightly larger size to avoid damaging your hot chick by compressing its skin extremely tightly.

Does your shemale love doll have large boobs? If so, bras are not just sexy. A well-fitted and good-quality bra will keep it in good shape while preventing her breasts from sagging. Finally, it’s time for the makeup. You can buy specialized makeup products for sex dolls and learn how to apply them safely and properly. Give it a hot new look to add excitement and fun to your bedroom.


Use water-based lube on your doll’s body because it is non-sticky, and you can easily wash it away. Do you prefer solo play? Place your tranny love doll so that it doesn’t dangle as you impale yourself or thrust your dick into it. You can use transgender love dolls during couples play and even during role-playing.