Japan is famous for great food, anime characters, bright colors, and, of course, beautiful ladies. Japanese women have attractive facial features, sexy bodies, and silky hair. Most men are obsessed with the beauty of Japanese women, and if you are one of them, then Japanese sex dolls can be a great option for you.

In addition to the charming face, Japanese ladies are respectable, shy, gentle, and follow tradition. This can make things hard for you when you plan to date them. But, with a Japanese sex doll, this is not the case. These realistic sex dolls can fulfill all your sexual desires without throwing any tantrums. 

Are you planning to buy an Asian sex doll in 2022? If yes, then check out the list of ten Japanese sex dolls of 2022.

Japanese Sex Doll -Aislinn

Gary hair Japanese sex dollAislinn is a beautiful Japanese sex doll with short gray hair and charming eyes. This love doll is produced by Siliko Doll and is made from a high-quality material that is safe to use. This beautiful sexy chic is designed to give you the most realistic sex experience in 2021 and beyond. 

 Whether you desire anal sex or vaginal sex, Aislinn is always ready to serve you. Be it wild sex sessions or just cuddling on weekends, she is going to be by your side every time. Further, this sex doll comes with deep curves, sexy boobs, round nipples, and a juicy vagina. 

 The best part is that you are free to customize her nail colors, vagina type, wig style, body color, and many other features. All in all, you can get the Asian sex doll of your dreams. Moreover, you can easily move her around and bang her in desired sex position.

 She is looking for a serious relationship and waiting for a true sex partner like you. So, bring her home now!


Big boobs Asian love dollDo you love Asian women with big boobs? If yes, then Andy is a great option for you. She is a gorgeous Japanese sex doll with huge boobs produced by Siliko Doll. This elegant-looking love doll is the dream of many men. 

 She stands at the height of 5’3″, making her one of the best life-size sex dolls of 2022. Andy loves getting pinned down by a strong man and is ready to give you the best sex experience. This Asian sex doll is made of premium quality material that is non-toxic and non-allergic. 

 Imagine you are squeezing her boobs, licking her nipples, and penetrating deep into her juicy vagina. This Asian real love sex doll will make you baffling in bed and ready to serve you for long hours. Due to quality material, sexy body, silky black hair, and customization option, this Japanese sex doll is among the top ten in 2021. 

Japanese Sex Doll – Abital

Gel filled bressts sex doll

Abital is another famous Japanese sex doll with pointed boobs and a sexy body. If you are looking for a life-size love doll that resembles Asian women, then Abital is perfect for you. She has a gorgeous drop-dead body and silky hair. Her oversized breasts with pointy nipples can attract any man in no time. You will love to suck her boobs for hours. Abital feels so amazing and looks like a real Japanese woman. Her favorite color is green, and she loves to wear short dresses. 

 She is made of high-quality material, and her skin feels soft to the touch, similar to a real woman’s skin. Further, she also has a metal skeleton that makes her flexible and allows her to easily make different poses. She has three holes – anal, mouth, and vagina, making her your best sex partner for vaginal and anal sex. She can also seduce you with a blow job for hours. 


Be it seductive eyes, or sexy body, or a juicy vagina, this Asian beauty has it all. Taara is a tall Japanese beauty waiting for a handsome guy to take her home. Her attractive boobs, luscious lips, and seductive eyes can attract any man in minutes. 

 Taara is a better sex partner than many other Asian women you have been chasing. This love doll is made of premium quality material which feels so good to touch. The skin of this sex doll is very smooth to feel and touch.

 Slap her ass, pinch round nipples, penetrate deep into her and live your fantasies. She is ready to serve you day and night for hours. Above all, Taara is fully customizable, and you can choose eye color, breast type, body color, etc., according to your desire. 

Japanese Sex Doll – Biborka

SE Doll love doll Biborka is another popular Japanese fuck doll manufactured by SE Doll. With her long silky hair, big eyes, luscious lips, and sexy body, she is a stunning love doll. She is fantastic in her own way and is ready to serve you day and night.

 She is fully capable of filling her man with sexual satisfaction. You can lick her pussy, suck her boobs, and stare at her for hours. Biborka is a shy woman, but she is amazing in bed and will fulfill all your sexual desires. 

 Her body is made of top-quality material, which makes her safe to use for every man. She is a freak in the sheets and enjoys all the wildest positions. 

 Her metal skeleton makes her flexible so that you can use her body as you desire. Biborka is best in blow jobs and can seduce you in no time. She is ready for vaginal, anal, and oral sex to give you the best sex experience.


The most impressive part of Arika is her elf body and weight. She is an attractive and charming woman with big eyes. Also, she will give you the best sex experience that you have ever had before. If you are obsessed with elf features, then this Japanese Sex Dolls is best for you. 

 You can easily carry her and store them at an optimal place in your home. The doll comes with round nipples, a sexy body, and a juicy vagina. Plus, she has three holes mouth, vagina, and anal. You are free to customize her nail colors, wig style, head, vagina type, skin color, and more.

 For anyone who is looking for a lightweight, sexy, and attractive Japanese partner, Arika is the right choice. She is a strong, medium-sized, and life-like sex doll that is ready to serve you day and night.

 Arika will enjoy sucking your dick and rubbing your balls. This will make you baffling and will turn you on in seconds. You will enjoy her company and body as well. She is waiting for a serious man in life. So, bring her with you today!

Japanese Sex Doll – Julia

If you’re more into big boobs women and seek a Japanese sex doll with some height, then Julia is your lady. She stands at 5.4″ tall and is one of the best sex dolls in the market. Her skin feels and touches like a real Japanese woman. 

 She has very realistic features, including eyes, hair, hands, boobs, and vagina. You can enjoy vaginal as well as anal sex with this beautiful Japanese chic. Julia is made from premium quality material and has a metal skeleton that makes her a highly flexible sex doll. 

 You can enjoy sex with her in any pose according to your desire. Squeeze her big boobs, slap her butts, and lick her vagina to live your fantasies. She is ready to serve you for hours happily.

 Julia is very naughty in bed and can make you baffling all night. She loves to lick your dick and can give you the best ever orgasm. You will love to spend time with her. Take her home now!


Masami is another fantastic pick for Japanese Sex Dolls. Her skin is soft to touch, and her boobs are amazing to feel and suck. Caress her beautiful feminine face, kiss her luscious lips, run your fingers through her hair, and lick her juicy vagina. After this, grab her curvy waist, lay her down, and let your penis insert deep into her. Tease her labia and play with her for hours to live your fantasies. Masami is 5 feet 4 inches (161 cm) and has three holes (mouth, vagina, and ass). 

 She is made of quality material that makes her safe to use for every man. Masami is meticulously designed to give to realistic sex experience. Her sexy body, natural eyes, clean hands, and smooth, silky hair makes her look like a real Japanese girl. You can bend her limbs into all sorts of positions, and her fingers and toes have sexy nail polish. Squeeze her enormous, firm breasts while you enjoy her realistic vagina and tight ass (she’s one of the best anal sex dolls!.

Japanese Sex Doll – Ramona

Traditional Japanese love doll

Have you been searching for a real sexy sex doll? If yes, then Ramona is for you. She is a beautiful and realistic-looking Japanese sex doll who is ready to serve you day and night. This Japanese love doll features all Japanese women in terms of height, eyes, hair, body type, and body color.

 She is attractive and sexy with her short gray hair. Her round butts can make you baffling in bed. The best part is that you can enjoy sex with her for long hours at any place. She is easy to carry, and you can take her with you when traveling.  Her hands and feet feel so real that no one can feel the difference between her and a real woman. Her skin is made of quality material and is safe to use. Finally, there is a metal skeleton inside her, so you can create any sex position you desire. 

 Also, you have the option to customize her with wig styles, body-color, eye color, breast size, and more according to your desire.


Cute Asian love doll

With Szofi, you will feel passion for life. She is an amazing sex doll that resembles a real Japanese woman. So when you are looking for real love sex dolls, Sjofi is the best option for you, especially when you desire to have a Japanese sex partner. 

 She is a very caring and helping woman. Szofi is ready to serve her man day and night. You can ask her for sex anytime and any day. She is always there to give you the best sex experience. But, of course, she will never ditch you and will always be by your side.  Szofi is a shy girl but can be wild in bed with you. Lick her nipples, play with her silky hair, suck her boobs, and kiss her ass. She is the best at blow jobs and can seduce you in the best possible way. You can love all your wildest desires with her. 

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Final Words

Japanese women are unique in various ways than other women in the world. They are shy, traditional, charming, and beautiful. If you are obsessed with Japanese women’s beauty and style, then buy a Japanese sex doll to live your fantasy. 

 All the above-mentioned Asian sex dolls are realistic, top-quality, and best-selling sex dolls of 2021. They are made of quality material that is safe to use and non-toxic. Above all, these premium-quality real love sex dolls are easy to use, clean, and store.