Sex positions with sex dolls

Let’s face it – sex isn’t as exciting without the best sex positions. These sex positions make your wildest dreams possible! And with the right sex doll, you’re surely in for an experience doing every position with your sex doll. Today, we’ll learn some of the best sex positions and how you can do it with your sex doll.

Different Positions You Should Try with Your Sex Dolls

We’ll start our list of sex positions with the common ones, and as we move along, we’ll get more experimental and wilder with the positions, so better stay with us until the end so you won’t miss out on the exciting sex positions we have in store for you today!

Missionary Position

The missionary position is the most realistic sex position you can do with your sex doll. It is the default sex position your initially see in porn videos that secure a sure penetration realistic enough to count as the first sexual position you’ll experience in your life – all of us will!

Liberated Missionary Position

Much like the first position, for this sex position, let your sex doll just spread her legs and you do deep penetration, pump as much as you, more liberated in blowing your hot juice inside your sex doll. Unlike the normal way, this position can be done even without lying on the bed. Be experimental – do it in unusual surfaces to add that much-needed tension to heat up your love-making.

Doggy Style Position

Have sex with your doll with this famous sexual position. Place your sex doll in a bent over position as you thrust your hard manhood inside her tight hole, pumping harder as you go. This doggy style position can be done on the bed, bent over a wall, or on the floor with only chairs pillows that support her body as do the doggy style and make your stick go deeper and deeper in your thrusting. Just spread her legs, enough for you to do your thing and thrust your hearts out until your manhood can no longer hold it and finally explode down her legs. The doggy style is one of the famous sex positions and provides some of the best sex experience by both people. Experience deep penetration with the doggy style.


Now, this intimate position is popular for those who want to have a good time but are limited with either space to do the thing, or when you’re in a crowded space. Don’t worry, spooning can work still in your favor. Just make your sex doll lie on her side and ‘spoon’ your way through her vagina and lie sideways as well, careful with your thrusting or you might wake up the sleeping peers you have around you.

Standing Sex

This position allows you and your sex doll to stand against the wall as you have intimate sex. Pro tip: lift one leg up (assuming her legs stretches that far), and let her body thrust its way up and down your shaft until it explodes all the manhood you’ve been keeping inside of you. What a culmination indeed!


This realistic sex position is probably the first position you tried with your first sex doll. Who wouldn’t? This position is a sexy stimulation of fantasies and desires rolled up into one sex experience you’re sure to remember for the rest of your life! Throw your doll’s body then reverse it, with her head facing your hard pumping stick, while you get ready to lick your heart out.

Horizontal 69

This style sex position can make you have sex against the wall or at the surface of the bed, as your love doll lie on her side while you to the reverse, your stick thrusting inside her mouth while your slippery tongue makes its way inside her deep and tight hole. Dolls don’t complain so this can truly turn out as a rough sex as you explore new sex positions with your love doll.

Cowgirl Position

This real sex position is famous for men who want their women doing all the pumping. Watch as your sex doll goes up and down, riding on your hard stick, with her hole rubbing its way like a fun ride in the carnival. Lie in bed as your love doll makes her way as you get ready to explode. Balance her body well so you two can be in sync in your thrusts and pumps. Then, let it all out when you can no longer hold yourself not to explode.

Reverse Cowgirl Position

This position is only the reverse version of your sex doll’s earlier sex position. This time around, you have her facing the reverse side, hence the term for the position. Hold her body in a sexy way as you make your way up and down, inside and out her tight hole and thrust your heart out until you finally explode your manhood through your deep penetration. Reverse cowgirl is a famous position seen in porn videos.

Lotus Position

Have an intimate position with the Lotus position. Sit and then let the body of your sex doll sit as your stick penetrates her as she sits on you. Thrust and feel the real woman in your love doll and have a version of the missionary, only this time around, both of you are sitting.

The Eagle Position

Have sex with your doll using this position. It’s just a spin-off of the missionary, but your sex doll lifts here legs upward as you pump and grind her all the way. Its for your advantage since your love doll surely won’t get tired even for hours of her legs spread out and staying in an upward position, so make the most out of this situation.

The Flat Iron Position

When your female partner gets tired, well in this case since your sex doll won’t get tired, just do this position for pleasure’s sake. Let her lie in bed or on any surface you’ve chosen, put to the side and squeeze your stick inside her hole and do your thing. When having sex with your doll, this can also be a convenient position for you in the long run. Keep thrusting!

The Table Top

This is more of a location change rather than a sex position itself. Using the surface of a table top, spread her two legs like a missionary, then thrust your way towards orgasm as you penetrate deeper and deeper into your doll’s hole, with her body thrusting the same way as you do.

The Wheel Barrow

Imagine your sex doll as a wheel barrow, her legs the handle of the wheel barrow – place her body on the bed or a sturdy surface and let her legs fly as you thrust your manhood inside her, with your hands still holding her legs up high. Now, can you imagine a wheelbarrow yet?

The Helicopter

Now, as a disclaimer – this sex position would require upper body strength. Lie down with your stick hard and then insert it inside your love doll then, like a helicopter’s propeller, spin her around, with your manhood still inside her, thrusting as you spin her around. Quite an experimental position, right? Well. you’ll know it’s worth it once you try it. Come one, try it now!

Ballet Dancers

Either supporting her body or placing her in her doll stand, both of you will have to stand, and much like ballet dancers, lift one leg of your doll and using your arms, suspend it momentarily in the air, like how ballet dancers do it while dancing, but you are thrusting against the wall, having the most realistic sex you can achieve as one of the best sex positions you’ve had in a long time now.

The Bridge

As we said earlier, the more we get deep into this list, the more experimental and wilder the positions get. This one is no exemption. Bend your sex doll, with the her head’s behind facing the floor and her body, legs go upward. Now, position yourself on top of her, inserting your stick, creating this bridge image as you do some deep penetration with her. Another new sex position worthy of the name, and worthy of being in this list.

The Spider

This sex position requires you to kneel, then using your upper body strength, lift your love doll and thrust her upward, with her legs over and behind your shoulders as you pound her heart out. Quite complicated, right? That’s why it’s called ‘The Spider’; go figure it out and have a memorable sex-capade with your sexy doll.

The Corkscrew

This sex style would require you to stand up, go behind your love doll as she lies horizontally on the bed and you pound her with realistic sex , with her laying straight and just receiving all your pounding. This might not be the best sex you’ll ever have, but doing a forty five degrees bend can really save you effort and energy, while still giving that same old sexual pleasure.

The Caboose

While you sit on the bed or a chair, back your love doll into your lap, spooning each other while seated. You cannot see your sex doll during this endeavor, which means fantasizing is easier and can add up to your sexual pleasure and excitement.

The Leap Frog

This sex style imitates how frogs have sex. During this phase, your bodies will somewhat look leaping towards one another, much like a cowgirl but instead it’s a leap frog. Your sex doll and you can have sex against the wall, bent your arms and thighs behind your sex doll as you both stand and wait for that much-deserved orgasm.


This sexy style of intercourse lets the female, in this instance your sex doll, to lie back with both of her leg resting on each of your shoulders. Thrust your way fast so you’ll still have the energy needed to reach that sexual climax and explode all over her, reaching orgasm.

Pretzel Dip

Much like a pretzel, entangle both of your thighs, yours and your sex doll as you thrust your way inside her, clasping each other’s body heat as you peak and reach climax. This sex style may be exhausting, but we all know it’ll be worth it especially with what’s in store at the end of the sexual activity.

The Valedictorian

As we reach the climax of this list, we reach the sex style closely resembling to the top of your class. Aptly name, stand and lift your sex doll, using all your upper body strength, and pushing her up and down your stick, her body curved much like a ball, with her hole penetrated by your manhood. Another experimental way of intercourse, but one that’s worth it. You may be familiar with this one since this is also popularly used in porn and adult films. Quite the honor, right? Enjoy your top spot with your top sex doll.

What You Can Do With Your Venus Love Dolls

After knowing the forms you can do with your sex dolls, it’s time now to appreciate what you can actually do with your sex dolls in line with the sex ways, shapes, and forms we’ve listed for you today. Knowing what else you can do with your sex doll broadens your imagination and allows you endless possibilities in terms of the pleasure you can get with your sex dolls. It’s like maximizing the resources you have to work to your advantage, in this case, your sex doll is your resource and doing everything you can do to her will maximize your pleasure and overall experience together.

Customize Your Sex Doll

Having sex with a sex doll is one thing, but being able to build them yourself is a totally different league of its own. With this ability, you are given freedom to distort or conform your sex doll based on your own preferences that might not be available to you when you only buy one for yourself. Aside from exploring your fantasies, building your own sex dolls makes you its ultimate master since through your preferred alterations, you are the only one it can satisfy, to say the least.

Have Your Preferred Sex Doll Position

Sex dolls also allow you to do position you thought were impossible before. For couples, sex dolls allow you and your partner to experiment if a certain position will be effective or not in your sex-capades, thus, improving both of you in your ability to sexually gratify one another. Your imagination would really run wild as you become playful in the positions you do with your sex dolls.

Extremities with Sex Dolls

With your imagination playing a key importance in your experimental journey with sex dolls, you can definitely go to the extremes in terms of satisfaction. Your desired position is up to you; having a threesome with sex dolls, there is no limit in the extremeness of what you can do with sex dolls. What is not conventionally done through normal sex you can definitely achieve with the use of sex dolls

The Good There Is with Sex Dolls

At the end of the day, even with our knowledge of the numerous uses, positive effects and benefits, as well as the freedom to really do anything with them, sex dolls are there for you to utilize correctly still. You need to remember their purpose – to sexually satisfy you in the temporary absence or inability of your partner or for certain situations in life that do not allow you to be with others sexually. But a right amount of discipline and proper mind set is also needed for us to properly use sex dolls.

Crossing the line towards ungrateful and disrespectful acts towards other people would defeat the purpose freely given to us be sex dolls. So, you and me still need to be responsible enough in the ways and means we use sex dolls to pleasure our needs, wants and desires. More than just owning, having, and using sex dolls, it can be sexually pleasing to be ourselves in the good way that will show respect and humanity towards others, amidst our imaginations, preferences, and extremities.

Final Words

So, remember that sex dolls are there when you need them. But also, do not forget the people around you that can help you as well. Sex dolls and their pleasures, benefits, and companionship can only go so far. It is not bad for you to resort to using them, but let us also remember that you can definitely reach out to people who matter to you, who can gratify and satisfy you not only sexually, but as a human being part of this society as well.