From Vaginal, Oral, Anal Sex, Tit job and Blowjob to Companionship; What Can you Get from Your Sex Doll?

Enjoyment and betterment of our lives has been one of the main goals us human beings had since time immemorial. This purpose has made us, people, work wonders through visualizing, conceptualizing, creating and recreating incredible feats up to this day. With the innovation that is technology, all of our realizations about what we want to transpire has become tangible most of the time. However, these realized concepts are no stranger to debates to either support or oppose it. Sex Dolls – real and life-sized synthetic inventions voluptuously created for one sole purpose: sexual satisfaction of men and, in some cases, women as well.


    Although there had been loads of arguments about its creation, there are still those who patronize this industry, due to the many benefits one can get from owning and having lovedolls. So, let us try to identify some of the main uses as well as some of the pros of having a sex doll. What can you really get from your love doll?

Major Uses of love Dolls

    Sex dolls and their uses can be divided generally into three: domestic use, commercial use, and therapeutic use. It helps to know how love dolls can benefit us if ever we need to make a decision of having one. It also helps us understand where our money will go and how this will affect us in the long run.

Domestic Use of love Dolls

Social companionship, sexual adventure and exploration, sexual pleasure, and increased sexual satisfaction are some of the uses of sex dolls in terms of domestic relevance. In general, sex dolls are for their recreational purposes and for long-term usage especially at the comforts of our own homes. Since we are very much comfortable inside our homes, this is also the place where we pleasure ourselves sexually without the fear of others judging us.

Having love dolls can help those of us who are living alone to have a loyal sexual partner that will not judge us and more importantly, can save ourselves from numerous diseases and infections transmitted sexually. Sex dolls can also aid couples among us into a loyal and faithful relationship while allowing them to sexually pleasure one another or both of them using sex dolls in the process.

Commercial Use of Sex Dolls

    With the continued rise of love dolls gave birth to sex doll brothels, now already making its way across Asia, North America, and Europe and are widely spread strongly through numerous media publicities as well as through different social media platforms. Inside love doll brothels, paying customers can be in a room with their choice of human-like sex dolls on an hourly-basis fee.

Somewhat serving as surrogate prostitutes, experts find this very helpful in preventing women to be forced into substitution, with or without their own volition. In addition, women are spared from sexual violence that might result from working in such situations. Using love dolls are commercially efficient while preserving the rights of women.

Therapeutic Use of Sex Dolls

    Used in some institutions, love dolls, or ‘love dolls’ as they term them in these therapies and sessions, are marketed through the health claims, and although case-to-case basis, love dolls can provide healing benefits helpful for anyone recovering from traumatic and unwanted circumstances. Love dolls are used in transitional processes as a patient recover from a previous mishap or accident. Accompanied by professional care and assistance, therapeutic effects are given by sex dolls to their owners.

Although ethicists argue with therapists most of the time, there is no denying that slove dolls aid in the recovery of some patients given the right approach and planning towards using it. With additional research, sex dolls will no doubt be innovating how therapeutic recovery would be in the future.

Pros of Having a Sex Doll

    Now that we know the main uses of sex dolls, owning and making love to them definitely has its effects good for us. From safety to convenience, we can greatly benefit from having a love doll. Here are just ten (10) of the most common ones:

Recreation and long-term use at home

    After purchase, love dolls are typically bought and owned for domestic usage usually for recreation. With its long-term use at home, individuals and couples among us may explore certain aspects of our sexual lives using these life-sized dolls. From having sex with a doll and sex doll positions, to building your own love doll, anyone of us can really enjoy sex dolls depending on our individual needs and wants.


Available all the time

Owning a sex doll allows you to use it anytime, all the time, 24/7. With enough battery or charged power, these sex dolls can make you enjoy yourself whenever you want to. And for you guys with sex drives higher than what your partner has, love dolls help you fulfill these differences, leaving you still satisfied and sexually contented, so to speak.

Promotes faithfulness

    Although love dolls do not reduce infidelity and unfaithfulness across the board, it can still be an instrument for you to be loyal with your partners. If all you want is sex, and your partner is unavailable due to reasons – at work, has headache, is on her period, or is pregnant – you can just turn to your love doll and pleasure yourself without seeking other’s company. In addition, sex dolls will never cheat on you.

Sex Realistic Dolls

Helps improve sexual performance

    Having issues with your partner in terms of sexual performance is very normal among couples. From shyness to insecurity towards learning new stuff, practicing with a love doll can greatly help you improve your sexual skills. Sex dolls provides endless opportunities for you to solve any sexual issues you might have, eventually helping you satisfy your partner’s needs.


No emotions involved

    Since sex dolls are technically inanimate objects, they don’t have emotions and won’t fall in love with you especially if you do not want to be in a relationship. For couples, love dolls won’t really damage your relationship especially if you both agree to it. For singles, love dolls are your escape from any type of emotional attachments or commitments, allowing you to still enjoy life.

Formal look sex dolls

No complaining at all

    In addition to having no emotions, you can be assured that no complaining, nagging, provoking, or judging will come from your sex doll no matter what. Satisfying them will never be an issue since it is the other way around. So, dick size, performance, foreplays, and other factors in bed do not matter at all. Coming right away or having multiple rounds will also never be a problem with sex dolls.

Big Boobs Sex Dolls

Designed for the socially awkward

    Let’s admit it – with women sometimes having very high standards of their ‘ideal man’, not every man can woo women and can be attractive enough to get them to have sex. Sex dolls are very convenient for this people class. It can also prevent those who would stalk females, instead, just have sex with a love doll.

Sexy Doll

Provides pleasure without restrictions

   There are those of us who enjoy having sex without condoms and gain pleasure bursting inside our partners,  people of all genders alike. Sex dolls can give us that endless opportunity of not worrying about these restrictions. Instances of having STD (sexually-transmitted disease), STI (sexually-transmitted infections), or unwanted pregnancies are eventually prevented because of this, keeping us safe and healthy.

Athletic Sex Dolls

Great money saver

    Financial aspects in a relationship like dinner dates, compulsory movies, fancy gifts, holiday or anniversary happenings, among others will never be a factor if you have a sex doll, so it helps you save lots and lots of money. Aside from repairs or buying extra batteries, Love dolls do not really require you to spend that much aside from the initial cost of acquiring it, so no recurring expenses whatsoever. This will allow you to save a lot of money for other things, while making sure you can be sexually happy anytime.

Wear Glasses Sex Dolls

Beneficial for therapeutic recovery

    Surprisingly, believe it or not, love dolls are sometimes used for therapeutic purposes, an unconventional good that can come out of having one.  Some therapists utilize “Love dolls” to help those who have undergone traumatic experiences and heal them through this transitional process. Professional therapeutic care use sex dolls for these case-to-case basis types of recovery therapy.


What You Can Actually Do with Sex Dolls

    With the positive effects already known about owning and having sex dolls, we all still want to know the variety of things we can do with them. Love dolls give us the freedom to sexually do things we might be hesitant to venture with ourselves or with our partners. So, here are some specifics you can actually do in terms of playing and fooling around with these synthetic wonders.

Big boobs sex dolls

Having Sex with a Doll

    The most obvious thing you can do with sex dolls is of course, to have sex with them. Types range from oral , anal, vaginal , tittyfuck love dolls, real doll blowjob – name it, you can definitely do it with your love doll. With a wide array of possibilities, you can definitely explore your sexual fantasies with love dolls.

Fantasy Sex Dolls

Build Your Own Sex Doll

    Having sex with a sex doll is one thing, but being able to build them yourself is a totally different league of its own. With this ability, you are have freedom to distort or conform your sex doll based on your own preferences that might not be available to you when you only buy one for yourself. Aside from exploring your sexual fantasies, building your own sex dolls makes you its ultimate master since through your preferred alterations, you are the only one it can satisfy, to say the least.


  • Sex Doll Positions

    Sex dolls also allow you to do sexual positions you thought were impossible before. For couples, love dolls allow you and your partner to experiment if a certain position will be effective or not in your sexual escapades, thus, improving both of you in your ability to sexually gratify one another. Your imagination would really run wild as you become playful in the positions you do with your love dolls.

Sex Doll

Extremities with Sex Dolls

    With your imagination playing a key importance in your experimental journey with love dolls, you can definitely go to the extremes in terms of sexual satisfaction. You’re your desired positions up to you having a threesome with sex dolls, there is no limit in the extremeness of what you can do with sex dolls. What is not conventional through normal sex you can definitely achieve with the use of love dolls. Like What? Deep every nigh anal sex.

Sexy Dolls

The Good There Is with Sex Dolls

    At the end of the day, even with our knowledge of the numerous uses, positive effects and benefits, as well as the freedom to really do anything with them, love dolls are there for you to utilize correctly still. You need to remember their purpose – to sexually satisfy you in the temporary absence or inability of your partner or for certain situations in life that do not allow you to be with others sexually. 

Crossing the line towards ungrateful and disrespectful acts towards other people would defeat the purpose freely given to us be love dolls. So, you and me still need to be responsible enough in the ways and means we use sex dolls to pleasure our sexual needs, wants and desires. More than just owning, having, and using sex dolls, it can be sexually pleasing to be ourselves in the good way that will show respect and humanity towards others, amidst our sexual imaginations, preferences, and extremities.

    So, remember that sex dolls are there when you need them. But also, do not forget the people around you that can help you as well. Love dolls and their pleasures, benefits, and companionship can only go so far. It is not bad for you to resort to using them, but let us also remember that you can definitely reach out to people who matter to you, who can gratify and satisfy you not only sexually, but as a human being part of this society as well.