Male Sex Doll

A male love doll is an investment in your happiness. And today, you can find lifelike sex dolls that fit your taste: big butts, long penis, good physique, strong muscles to name a few.

Let’s start by checking out the most searched male sex doll of 2021!

ANDY – Muscular Male Sex Doll

Male Athletic Sex DollsAndy will leave you with an amazing sex experience you have never had before. This male love doll can satisfy all your sexual desires with a 6-inch long penis and muscular body. You also have the option to choose between 5 inch and 6 inch penis sizes depending upon your sexual needs.

Standing at 5’3″ (160 cm), Andy is a handsome hot buddy that has a good body and strong muscles. His chisel-shaped abs, a broad chest, and a huge dick can impress any woman and can attract gay man too. What’s more, you can get immense pleasure with his ass too.

Whether you want to hang out with someone handsome or just need a third wheel in your bedroom, Andy is a good choice. He is strong but still submissive when you want him to be. This male sex doll is made of quality material that feels similar to real human skin and is completely safe to use.

Most importantly: This sex doll allows you to customize him according to the look you want. From the body color to penis size, you can decide everything. Also, with his movable joints, you can bend it at any angle to enjoy different positions.

BABAK – Charming Sex Doll

Male Realistic Sex Doll

Babak looks like a movie star. His lean sexy body, a six-pack, and desirable look. What more can a woman dream of? He is ready to give you an amazing sex experience while making you feel at the top of the world.

You will love to spend time with him and love to touch his six-pack abs too. This realistic male sex doll is made of premium-quality material that is hypoallergenic, free from harsh chemicals, non-porous, durable, and easy to clean.

And the detachable penis is easy to clean and very lifelike, making the sex even more realistic.

TITUS – Smart Boy Sex Doll

Human Size Sex DollTITUS is the best male love doll out there. His impressive, healthy, and masculine body is just adorable for any woman and bisexual person.

Not only is TITUS charming, but he’s also loaded with strong muscles and cuteness. Your vagina will love the 6-inch long penis of this doll, and you can enjoy sex for as long as you want.

Apart from the superb physique, this love doll has a realistic mouth and tight ass that you can play with. The movable joints make the doll more flexible and allow you to position it in any posture to enjoy the seal day.

RON – Curly Hair Male Sex Doll

Real Male Love Sex Dolls

Ron, the real human sex doll, is made of high-quality, lifelike material. It also features a steel skeleton that gives it flexibility and stability as well.

If you want a sex partner who is tall, handsome, and good-looking, then Ron is the best choice for you. This cool dude comes loaded with a massive 8.6 inches’ dildo, which gives you unforgettable all-day poundings.

You can play with his long and sexually attractive cock when you do not feel like having deep intercourse. The ultra-realistic penis of this boy sex doll also features a veined shaft and natural-looking balls. You can enjoy numerous sex positions with this realistic male fuck doll.

When you buy Ron from Venus Love Dolls, you will get the option to pick penis size between 6.7 and 8.6 inches. Also, you can order for two penis sizes to fulfill your fantasies. The dildo of this premium quality male sex doll is detachable, and you can easily change it or clean it.

SEXTUS – Cool Stud Boy Sex Doll

Full Size Silicone Sex Doll

If you dream of a handsome stud as your sex partner, then Sextus is what you are looking for. He is a charming stud who has a chiseled jawline and an attractive muscular body to admire. Also, he has a flexible body, and you can bend him at any angle you want to enjoy the desirable sex position.

This sex doll features sexy body that can impress female and bisexuals. If you feel that there is no excitement left in your bedroom, get this boy sex doll to reinvent it.

MAGNUS – Shy Boy Sex Doll

Male Adult Sex Dolls

The woman who likes shy men can find Magnus a perfect sex partner. This realistic male sex doll resembles a shy and average student that wants to hang out with friends. Allow him to be your bedroom partner and enjoy sex all day long.

He is a handsome chunk with a hot and ripped body that can attract any woman in no time. With 5’3″ height, he will feel like a real man and give you a feeling of real sex. Also, it is easy to carry and store. Whether you want a sex doll with a small penis size or a large penis, Magnus is the best option.

At Venus Love Dolls you can get this super shy and handsome male sex doll with 6 inch, 8 inch and 12-inch dildo sizes. To make matters even better, the penis is fully detachable, which not only allows for easier cleaning but can also be used solo.

Besides, this high-quality boy sex doll has anal and oral openings too. Under the skin, there is a steel skeleton which offers great flexibility to this doll and makes it look like a real human in terms of movements.

ZYRUS – Blue Eye Male Sex Doll


Male Luxury Sex Dolls

Are you dreaming of a sexy, handsome, and solid body man? If yes, then Zyrus is exactly like the man of your dream. His attractive physique, charming face, blue eyes, and short beard can take away the heart of any woman anytime.

This human-like sex doll with a 7.4″ + 9″ dildo size can fulfill all your sexual needs. Besides that, this love doll has a tight booty and a anal that you can play with. Zyrus stands at 5’7″ feet tall and weighs around 48kg.

Having sex with this doll will make you feel like real sex, and you would love to use it again and again. The best part is that this doll never gets tired of any sex position for any long. You can enjoy intercourse for long hours.

Further, Zyrus is a bisexual icon that can please people of all genders alike. It is a high-quality love doll for women that causes no harm to your private parts or skin.

JAMES – Hot Muscular Man

Male Athletic Luxury Sex DollsJAMES is a great personality with a hot muscular body, chiseled jaw, long hair, real beard, and mesmerizing blue eyes. He has a handsome, rugged appearance, a person you would love to have sex with and find him attractive.

This sex doll is made of the best material that is safe to use for every woman and man. His height is 5’4″ and features a big dildo with 8.6 inches in length. Also, it comes with a 6.7 inches penis for a woman who wishes to have a sturdy boy with a small dildo.

It feels like a real man and you can enjoy real life sex with this love doll. There is steel skeleton under the sin that allows him to be flexible for different sex positions.

Besides, he also features an anal opening and an oral opening.

MARKUS – Spartan Warrior Love Doll

Real Life Size Sex DollsOne of the popular Spartan warriors on our list is Markus. He has an attractive physique and smart looks that can faint any woman in the street. If you are the one who loves beard man, then you will definitely like Markus.

His beard and yellow eyes make him irresistible to both male and female. Thus, it is one of the best gay sex dolls out there. With Markus, you can live your wildest fantasies and can enjoy sex all day and night.

When talking about height, Markus is 5’4 feet, which makes him look like a real man. He is made out of high-quality material that gives his skin and penis a realistic feeling. Further, the metal skeleton allows you to move its body part in any position and posture to enjoy real sex.

This male sex dollcomes with a detachable cock of 6 inches. Also, you can get one with a 10 inches long penis to meet your sexual desires.

KOUROSH – Cute Male Sex Doll

Real Looking Male Sex Dolls

Kourosh is a cute gay male sex doll, and he is one of the most famous sex dolls in terms of look as well as beauty. His strong muscles and long dick can give you immense pleasure on horny days.He will obey all your demands and fulfill all your sexual needs without asking you a single question.

You can enjoy any sex position with Kourosh. He will not get irritated or will not get tired too. It means you will feel his hard penis for as long as you want to reach the climax during sex.

The strength, style, and look of Kourosh are immensely inviting. Everything about this cute hunk love doll is to fulfill your wildest sexual dreams.

Why Buy Gay Male Sex Doll

Real Life Like Sex Dolls

Male sex dolls aren’t only for sex, but they are also great sex partners who are not too demanding. Well, here are some reasons why buy guy love dolls:

  • They are the best alternative to a human partner in case of a nasty breakup or the loss of a loved one. It offers you emotional as well as sexual support as you work towards getting into another relationship.
  • Male love dolls can spice up your sex life. Couples can enjoy more sex by adding love dolls in their bedroom. In this way, male love dolls can reintroduce lost excitement in the bedroom.
  • Gay love dolls come in different shapes and sizes to meet your sexual needs. There are life-size male dolls made that look like your dream boy.
  • Most importantly, sex dolls won’t judge you on body type, looks, emotions, and more. Also, a woman can use these dolls as a training tool to learn to treat real-life partners.
  • They are safer and convenient to use anytime


Male Sex Doll Buyers Guide

Male Real Love Doll

When you are planning to buy one of the best male sex dolls, keep in mind the following things:

  • Material: male sex dolls come in a variety of materials, but the main point to check their durability and safety. Always choose a boy sex doll that is made of high-quality material like TPE and that causes no harm to you. These types of materials are hypoallergenic and phthalate-free.
  • Features: One of the major benefits of buying a gay sex doll is the freedom to choose features. Remember to pick the lifelike male sex doll that can give you real sex experience for years.
  • Size: Pick the ideal male dolls according to your body size. Also, choose one with desired penis size to live all your fantasies with it. The size decides how you will enjoy your sex life with a gay sex doll.
  • Customization: Last but least, try to get a male sex doll that you can customize according to your sexual needs. Different types of boy love dolls have varying degrees of customization, such as eye color, penis size, body color, and more.

Final Words

Male sex doll is best partner of every woman and man. Whether you want to fulfil your sexual needs or want to hang out with someone handsome, try these sex dolls. They allow you to enjoy any sex position and causes no harm to soft skin of woman.