About YL Doll

The sex doll industry is booming, and YL Doll is a top manufacturer of realistic love dolls. All the YL sex dolls are made of high-quality material and offer an excellent sex experience to users. All dolls of this brand are anatomically correct, including the vagina, breasts, wig, skin, and mouth. Further, they are designed to look and feel like real humans! New faces, different bodies, and new features of YL Doll are appearing on the market regularly. 

Know Everything about YL Dolls

YL Dolls is one of the best manufacturers of sex dolls in the market. It is a China-based company that produces premium-quality lifelike love dolls.  Since 2013, it has been creating high-end sex dolls and has always been committed to staying true to the highest standards for quality. They have always endeavored to comply with the National Health & Safety standards. Furthermore, YL Dolls have continuously been researching and developing their products to improve them and be regarded as one of the frontrunners in the market. With YL Dolls, you can only expect better quality with every new manufacturing of love dolls. They are specialized in many forms of adult toys, female sex dolls, and mannequins. The skin of sex dolls is smooth to touch and feels like the skin of a real human. Further, these dolls are highly flexible to use in any sex position day and night. The highly skilled and professional team of YL Dolls consists of excellent designers and production workers. The company offers excellent customer service as well.

Let’s find out more about YL Dolls!

What are YL Sex Dolls Made From?

YL sex dolls are made of safe, stretchable, and medical-grade TPE material. It is safe for human skin and causes no allergy to you. Further, TPE is a non-toxic material that makes it safe to lick the sex doll’s butts, nipples, pussy, and lips. There are many benefits to buying a TPE sex doll. For many, the most important feature in YL Dolls is a realistic texture. With lifelike texture, the squeezable breasts of TPE sex dolls jiggle and shake with your every movement. Plus, the TPE material is soft to touch and gives you the feeling of having sex with a real human. The pussy of TPE sex dolls feels like a pussy of a real female. Also, you feel great joy while pressing the realistic boobs of the TPE love dolls of YL Doll. In addition to realistic skin, YL sex dolls have a flexible skeleton that offers the freedom to pose the dolls in desired sex position. Moreover, the skeleton of sex dolls is connected by joints to mimic the limitations and dynamic movements of the human body. 

All in all, the sex dolls of the YL Dolls brand are durable, safe, and realistic.

YL Dolls – Points of Interest

Sexy love doll

Here are some features of YL sex dolls that make them number one love dolls in the industry:

  • YL Doll’s sex dolls are lighter than many other full-size love dolls available in the market. Therefore, they are easy to carry, transport and store as well. 
  • The skin, lips, vagina, and anus of these sex dolls are extremely realistic and will give you the most erotic experience.
  • These lovely sex dolls will fulfill your wildest fantasies day and night. 
  • You can choose from a wide range of sex dolls depending upon your needs for skin color, butt size, and breast size. So whether you want a YL Doll 140 cm or looking for a tall and chubby sex doll, the brand offers you everything. 
  • Being made of TPE material, YL sex dolls have no odor and give you a feeling of a real human body. 
  • All of the joints of YL Dolls are movable so that you can pose her in any position you desire.
  • The fingers and toes come with wires in them so that these parts can remain in place and provide the most realistic experience.
  • Last but not least, YL love dolls are extremely photogenic. It means you can click pictures of them to update your social media story with your partner.

Affordable and Cheap Sex Dolls of YL Doll

YL produces real size love dolls that are affordable. The best part is that the brand does not compromise the quality of the sex dolls and offers you the best dolls at the minimum possible price. You can get cheap sex dolls from a height of 128cm to 171cm, which looks like an actual human. What’s more, YL Dolls constantly launches the new and latest sex doll such as anime sex dolls, blonde sex dolls, Japanese love dolls, African sex dolls, and more.Further, YL offers standalone parts of sex dolls like wigs, boobs, and vagina that can be interchanged on dolls of your choice. You can get a realistic full-size YL sex doll for a price range between $ 1700 to $7000 and more depending on your requirements. The torso dolls of YL Doll range from $1100 to $2000. So, all in all, YL Dolls are affordable and anyone can buy them to live their fantasies. 

Live Your Fantasies with YL Dolls

YL doll is one company that never stops surprising you with beautiful love dolls with different body types. You can always find the right sex partner according to your desire with YL Dolls. YL continually comes out with new realistic sex doll tailored toward niche fantasies such as massive tits, anime, elves, and vampires. 

  • African sex doll

African sex doll

Do you love black beauty and dream of having sex with her? If yes, then an African fuck doll is a great choice for you. All African YL Dolls are made of TPE material which is safe to use for everyone. The sexy lips and boobs of ebony sex dolls can make you crazy in bed. Shop for the high-quality black doll of YL Dolls. 

  • European sex doll

Sweet face sex doll

If you are fascinated with the beauty of European ladies, then bring home a realistic European sex doll. The beautiful blonde, sexy body, charming face, and attractive boobs of these women can turn on any man in minutes. With YL Dolls, you can get premium-quality European love dolls that can fulfill your sexual desires. 

  • American love doll

American love doll


When you think of having sex with a smart and attractive blonde, then the American sex doll is there for you. YL Dolls create realistic American love dolls whose skin feels like the skin of humans to touch. You can pose with her in any position to live your fantasy. 

  • Big boobs sex doll

Big breast love doll

Most of the YL sex dolls come with huge boobs and deep curves. If you are a person who likes heavy breasts, YL Doll gives you a chance to buy a sexy big tits woman. You have options from various cup sizes to height for getting the sex doll of your dreams. The breast is so real that you will love to play with her nipples for long hours. 

  • Fuck dolls with huge butts

Big butt fuck doll

Play with round sexy butts of fuck doll while doing vaginal sex with her. The big butts of YL sex dolls can impress any man and can give you immense pleasure. The best part is that you can enjoy anal sex while starring at butts for the incredible climax in sex. 

Get Customized YL Doll

Need a perfect sex doll? If yes, then you can customize the YL Doll according to your desire. The company produces a wide range of sex doll heads with different skin tones, facial features, and wig styles. Most of the sex dolls of YL Doll come with solid breasts, but you can choose from gel-filled and hollow breasts. These feel more realistic and are more squeezable as compared to solid breasts. Another customization option with YL Dolls is that you can choose skin color for sex dolls. Also, there is flexibility to opt for eye colors, breast size,  wig style, nail toenail color, and more. Further, you can go for a sex doll with a fixed or removable vagina. Select from a small, medium, or large areola size, and choose from labia colors to get the sex partner of your dreams. Last but not least, you have the choice to add pubic hairstyles and colors as well. 

Grey hair sex doll

All in all, building a personalized sex doll is fun. When you buy YL Doll from Venus Love Dolls, you get every customization option to create a beautiful sexy lady. The best part is that the customization with us is very quick and simple. 

In addition to having sex with a YL sex doll, you can get a lot more from her. She can satisfy you in bed and can be your best sex companian. 

How Long Does A Sex Doll Last? Read Before You Buy!

How does a YL sex doll last? The simple answer to this question is that it depends on how you use the sex doll and how you care for it. 

There is no doubt that the YL love dolls are durable and last for years, but many other factors also decide the life of your sex doll. Here are a few things that you need to focus on to increase the life of your loving doll. 

  • The lubricant you used

Do you love to use lubricants to reach climax? If yes, then it plays a vital role in how long YL Doll will last. It is better to use a water-based lubricant as it causes no harm to the skin of the sex doll. 

On the other hand, using oil-based lubricants may damage the texture and skin of the love doll. Besides, if you wish to use condoms, make sure to check if it is suitable for water-based lubricants.

  • The way you clean the doll

How would you feel if you were to go for a day without having a bath after sex? Stinking no? The same is the case with sex dolls, though they do not feel sticky, they are untidy after sex. So, it is very important to clean your YL Doll after enjoying intimacy with her. 

But, you only need to use a soft wet cloth and a mild soap to clean the TPE sex doll. It is important to note that harsh detergents and soaps can damage the skin of a love doll. 

  • How you store it

The place and how you store the love doll are essential. Keep the sex doll out of direct sunlight. Further, there should be no humidity in the room where you wish to store your sex doll after use. Moreover, it’s recommended that you store the YL Doll in an upright position to prevent it from damage. Also, it is better to remove every cloth from her before storing it. If your sex doll came without a storage case, it would be wise to get a dust cloth for it. When choosing a dust cloth, make sure it is made of soft fabric and is free from any sharp thing like buttons etc.

Shop for the Cheap Sex Dolls!

YL Dolls understands that different people have different desires and demands for sex dolls. Therefore they create dolls for everyone. Most of the love dolls of this brand are affordable and cost you less for quality products. You can get cheap sex dolls of YL Doll according to your needs and budget. Buy the best sex dolls online from Venus Love Dolls and receive your next-level sex partner discreetly.