Many men go wild when they see large-breasted girls. Just imagine those enticing hell of a breast that will surely make heads turn! It even reached the point where men want their partners to be well-endowed to add extra spicy action in their bedroom life. In case you’re wondering whether there’s a doll fitted to your taste and will satisfy your libido, worry not as Huge Breast WM Sex Dolls got you!

WM Doll has been manufacturing high-quality huge breast sex dolls and toys since 2011. As the manufacturer became known as one of the leading brands in customized sex dolls, people worldwide sought over their products! You can rest assured that the quality of these dolls is top-notch, as the researchers gave their best to deliver you the most premium doll available on the market. 

WM sex dolls also made big-breasted dolls that will keep your libido in check while satisfying your needs. These synthetic darlings are made with care and precision that they look and feel realistic to heighten your experience. Experience the pleasure you can enjoy for a lifetime with these enormous breasted dolls made just for you!

Benefits of Buying  Huge Breast WM Doll

In the depths of men’s fantasy, number one on the list will be fucking a big boobie lady. However, not all ladies, in reality, are willing to be fucked like in your fantasy. That is why buying a huge boob sex doll is much better! With their advanced technology and thorough research, WM Doll created various options from head to toe. Using medical-grade silicone and TPE material, WM Doll made it possible for you to customize even the boob of your synthetic sweetheart!

Customized Ideal Breast Types Available At WM Doll

As a boob enthusiast, you surely want to feel something as you are messing with your doll. Pleasure cannot only be achieved during insertion but also by stimulating your manhood with a woman’s breast while making out. That is why choosing your ideal doll’s breast is vital. Worrying about not knowing what your desired doll feature is? WM Doll got you! WM Doll is not only known for its ultra-realistic sex dolls but also their breast modifications!

WM Doll provides you these three informative options you can choose to find your doll’s perfect tatas:

Solid Breast Sex Doll

It is made with TPE or silicone materials, dolls that have this option capture the realistic bounce of a woman’s breast. Also, this is heavier than most options, making it a men’s favorite breast type who loves to play with firm and well-built bosoms. This type of breast is perfectly fitted for A-cup and B-cup WM love dolls!

Hollow Breast Sex Doll

In case you’re in the mood to go slightly over the budget, this one’s for you! These breasts are filled with air and are basically not completely solid, and these tatas are perfect for dolls with D-cup size or much more incredible size. Since they are larger and bouncier, you can imagine the scenarios you can to your big breast sex doll! Best be careful when handling her well-endowed breast harder than usual!

Gel-filled Breast Sex Doll

If you want to pay above your budget to feel the quality of an ultra-realistic big breast sex doll, this option is best suited for you! Because of this material, big boobs sex dolls are very much in demand after! Did you know that WM Dolls successfully sells high-quality gel-filled dolls that even other brands released their version? So that is the reason why this is worth your penny and assures you the best feeling you’ll ever feel to a doll!

Huge Breast WM Dolls – Different Types of Big Breasted Gals in One Shop

Of course, not only taking breasts into account but also the dolls too! Having a big breast sex doll is such a wonderful experience one can imagine. For that, WM Doll presents to your selections of types your doll can be!

Petite Big Boobs Long Nipples Love Dolls

Did you have the hots for a lady with ample bosoms that contrasts with their petite body? This kind of doll is available to purchase at WM Doll, customized to your liking with top-quality and the best service you can imagine. Enjoy having the best night of pleasure!

Blonde Big Breast Doll For Sex

Raring to go when blonde girls test your patience? Worry not as they are not fragile. You can give them the best pounding you can do for a lifetime! Fill her crevices with your love juices and empty your balls.

Big Boob Sex Dolls For Everyone

In case things are getting cold and dull in your bedroom, you can add a little bit of spice to it by ordering WM big breast sex doll! Not only can you relish this doll but your partner too, as inserts are also available. If you want to be pegged by a WM real doll, do it! Savor the feeling of being plowed, and take turns to it!

Fully Customizable Huge Breast WM Dolls

WM Dolls gives their customers the freedom to customize specifically on their ‘type.’ That is why they are offering these options to heighten your experience:


Are you attracted to long or short-haired dolls? What about the blondes and redheads? Liking your doll curly hair or straight hair? Are you interested in kinky hair-pulling fornicating? Anything your heart desires, WM Doll will grant it. You can get a free extra wig for your darling!


You can pick among several available options which suit your ideal ‘type’! If you’re into Asians’ or Westerners’ features, you can choose them! Have a hard-on on full-lipped girls? WM Doll will take care of it!


You can dress up your lovely dolls with perfection as WM Doll gives you free lingerie after purchase! You can also pick her eye and nail color if you’re keen on detail, giving your sweetheart more life and expression!

Realistic Vagina and Pubic Hair

When eating out or fucking your doll, you can enjoy the tightness of her pussy, and at the same time, its realistic labia and pubic hair features! You can also customize the size of her labia, in case you’re wondering.

Special Features

Wm Doll are best at their work, giving their clients the best sex life of their life! For that, they have several features you can add to your doll: Moaning Option, Body Heater Option, Breathing Option, and Hand Skeleton.

Huge Breast WM Dolls

Rita – 5’5” | 165CM Sex Doll

Rita is 5 feet and 5 inches tall and likes to hike anywhere she wants to. And since she is an adrenaline junkie, she likes to feel that thrilling action. Since she laid her eyes on you, there’s nothing on her head but sex! Just look at her gorgeous face and splendid figure, it makes you want to defile her right away. While you can undress her bit by bit, you can strip her naked as you see fit. Naughty girls should be punished, and to do that you need to pound the hell out of her! Best be careful as she might outdo you if you’re not careful. Do your best performance and make her beg for more. 

Indira – 5’8” | 173CM Sex Doll – Huge Breast WM Doll

As she’s walking around the neighborhood, she’s surely making every man turn their heads at her. With her tantalizing huge racks and erotic curves, you’re steps away from pinning the Huge Breast WM Sex Doll down! But this is your lucky day as she strips in front of you, although she might be bossy and cocky to you. Show her who’s the boss and let her beg for you to wreck her insides! You can put your manhood inside her mouth to relieve yourself first, then play with her boobs, and slowly go down on her. Licking her pussy is enjoyable and you can also rim her out, and while she’s enjoying it, fuck her to your heart’s content!

Jalmina – 5’8” | 173CM Sex Doll – Huge Breast WM Doll

This hell of a queen makes you want to serve and glorify her whole body. Not only is she stunningly beautiful but she’s also intimidating and powerful that you can’t do anything but to submit. As she looks at you lustfully, it suddenly awakens something inside of you. To not anger this woman, you can entertain her by bringing her to bed. While you can treat her as a queen, you can also strip her naked then fuck her like a whore in heat. Instead of just thrusting your hips, plowing her insides out, you can squeeze her tits and kiss her! Enjoy conquering her at moments like this, while she’s underneath and submitting to your manhood.


Maryam – Half Body “Nipple Sex” Sex Doll

In case you’re into nugget play, Maryam is the perfect Huge Breast WM Sex Doll for you! With her delightful nipples and huge breast, you can squeeze your manhood in between and thrust your hips right away! Not only is she accessible wherever you want, you can also treat her as a onahole and fuck her without any regards. You can smack and cup her tits with your hands. Sucking and biting her nipples are also perfect as they are soft and tender to touch! She’s at your mercy, so be gentle at first and be cruel to her afterwards.

Rina – 5’1” | 155CM “Nipple Sex” Sex Doll

This cowboy girl is surely good at pushing all of your buttons. To get revenge, why don’t you try sneaking up behind you and tie her up real quick so she’ll clearly see your message? That you’re angry and ready to fuck! As she grows up in a harsh environment, you should not treat her like she’s fragile. But it is also nice to reward her once in a while when she satisfies your sexual cravings. You can set her to any sex positions to your liking. In case you’re not yet confident in your bondage skills, you can make her into your practice dummy!

Ingrid – 4’10” |148CM “Nipple Sex” Sex Doll

This beautiful innocent girl is Ingrid. She’s 4 feet and 10 inches tall waiting for your arrival at the hotel. As she celebrates her birthday, she wants you as her present so give her a present: your manhood love juice. Little did she know that just a glimpse of her body will make you go rock hard! As you’re stripping her clothes, you’ll see the contrast between her tamed eyes and erotic body. You can play with Huge Breast WM Sex Doll, fuck her mouth as you did, and savor her realistic pussy and ass. Make sure you’ll release everything inside!

Natalie – 4’11” | 150CM BBW Sex Doll – Huge Breast WM Doll

Before you go, you should drink something to energize yourself and your manhood as Natalie will suck you dry all night long! As you can see, one of her most noticeable features – her humongous breasts are something you can’t get enough! While you can tie her up and practice some bondage skills, you can also enjoy her company and slowly make love to her. In case she might get bored, change your rhythm and try to edge her. She’ll come back begging for your cock.

Annabel – 5’2” | 158CM Sex Doll – Huge Breast WM Doll

Going home on time is your policy as this wonderful wife of yours, Annabel, is waiting for you. She’s a 5 feet and 2 inches doll waiting for your love and attention. She can relieve all the stress you’ve accumulated on today’s work by giving you a boobjob while doing handjob. After that, she’ll pin you on your bed and she’ll do all the moving, so just lie back and enjoy her tight pussy. While going at it, you can smack or grab her butt!

Valery – 4’10” | 148CM “Nipple Sex” Elf Sex Doll

Curious about elven beauty? Valery got you! She’s a 4 feet and 10 inches tall elven girl with a face that looks oh-so adorable! Because of her facial features, it makes you want to protect her until you see her body. With her pinkish nipples, you can’t resist sucking and licking it, making her want for more! You can do any sex pose for her and it is more exhilirating if you do her in doggy style as you’ll see both her ass and her pussy gobbling your manhood.