Are you familiar with the lyrics of that very catchy tune? That’s the one song that talked about girls from California? Indeed, there’s something about girls wearing daisy dukes with their bikinis on top. These bombshells are exemplary, especially for all the men out there. But how about sex dolls?
Of course, there’ll be something extra special in what you’ll get compared to the regular bombshell beauties of the California suns. What makes these sex dolls stand out and become a sure hit for sex dolls enthusiasts? Today, we’ll find out. Stick around to learn more.


Things to Love in Your California Sex Doll


What is there not to love about these sex dolls from Cali? They’re perfect! Body, hair, facial features, sexual pleasure, and overall sexual experience – what more could you ask for in a sex doll? These realistic and high-quality sex dolls have it. First, let’s go into the details and cite some factors that make adults linger and crave these synthetic, body-beautiful, sexually appeasing goddesses.

What You Can See and Touch


First and foremost, any of us, let alone adult men, look at physical features at the onset. What we initially see gives us the libido we need to start well as we eventually lead to sex. So, men usually adore CA sex dolls because of the following:

Jugular Tits for Your Pleasure


Of course, who wouldn’t some nice, big, old jugulars you can see and feel while banging your way towards utmost pleasure? Most adult men love sexual playmates with big breasts, fantasizing about themselves as they rub and cum between these vast tities. Adult men love seeing that in adult films, let alone experience themselves with their loyal sex partners.


Big Butts That Cannot Lie

The butt, or the ass if you’re feeling dirty, would probably be one of the aspects adults look for and crave after when it comes to the sexual playtime experience. Patterned from most California girls’ natural, thick, and juicy bottoms, big butts heighten the sexual fantasy adults can experience when having the time of their lives with these sex dolls. The bigger the booty, the juicier it jiggles, or something like that.

Sexy Nipples – Sweet and Juicy


It’s one thing to have big breasts, but the fun gets elevated with big nipples. Imagine having your way of pleasuring your California Sex Doll while sucking and playing with its nipples using your tongue, wet already? Satisfy all your sexual cravings, like most adult men do, with a combination of big tits together with big nipples.

Luscious and Voluptuous Lip


Another reason adults long for a California Sex Doll is because of their luscious and voluptuous lips. Imagine getting the best sucking of your life with lips so delicate and juicy – most adult men crave the gratifying and satisfying fantasy. We wouldn’t want to have some with plump and pouty lips. Not to mention the “lips” you’ll experience down there. More on that later on.



In connection to physical features, body styles are next to what tickles adults’ fancy. May it be somewhat ‘rough on the edges, or simply pretty and preppy, adults find fetish for different body types and styles of a California Sex Doll. Here are some of those freakishly fabulous fetishes:


Whether a sexy and slutty cheerleader or a female varsity player, adults can find their wildest sexual desires and realistic sex with an athletic California Sex Doll. Get your groove on with buff and busty women that can become your most profound and sexiest sporty fantasy.

Curves and Swerves


Some prefer a California Sex Doll that’s curvy and voluptuous, perfect for bumping and grinding your time in the bedroom. Some appreciate the curves and swerves of these sex dolls. These sex doll types are best when you want that sultry silhouette to linger your libido-inducing satisfaction.

Some prefer a California Sex Doll that’s curvy and voluptuous, perfect for bumping and grinding your time in the bedroom. Some appreciate the curves and swerves of these sex dolls. These sex doll types are best when you want that sultry silhouette to linger your libido-inducing satisfaction.

Slender Benders

A slender-bending California Sex Doll is also a thing in satisfying those who want sexual pleasures. This smooth and lean feminine fantasy is perfect for those who seek sexual companions that fit their bodies when doing some grinding. Like petite dolls, slender sex dolls have just the correct number of bumps and waves every time they do the thing.

Small and Petite


Aside from bumpy busts and tantalizing tits, some people warm themselves up with petite sex dolls – more miniature versions of your sex doll dream sequence. Some men desire to lift their partners every time they do it, so this mindset might be why they like this sex doll type.

Male-Female Fantasy


Contrary to popular belief, there are also sex doll fans who want to enjoy, well, “the best of both worlds.” This market focuses on the idea that some of us have dual preferences in terms of sexual pleasures. We should embrace this idea like any other and be happy for those who straddle sexual lines and gender.


Knocked Up

Well, let’s face it – as normal as others are, some can be eccentric and weird with the sexual fantasies they possess. Insert pregnant sex dolls – this version of a California Sex Doll that some enthusiasts enjoy having sex with, even amidst their ‘bumps.’ May it be an extreme case of Oedipus Complex or a normal feeling of lust for someone with baby bumps, who are we to judge. These are their fantasies, and we should respect them, as we want others to respect us – the golden rule, per se.

California Fantasies

A California Sex Doll can provide particularly any sexual fantasy you want to be fulfilled. Now, this category can genuinely be limitless, so we’ve narrowed down our examples to three (3) sub-categories related to a California Sex Doll, such:

Sexy Daisy Dukes with Bikini Tops


When we’re on the topic about a California Sex Doll, this category readily comes into mind. One famous song mentioned ‘daisy dukes,’ is the sexual summation of those who want to fulfill their fantasy of having their groove on with their most desired bombshells – models, actresses, celebrities – you name it, you can probably have a blonde example. Quite a favorite, daisy dukes stay true to the California dream – extreme erotica personified.

MILFs and Cougars

“Mother, I love to f*ck,” need we say more. This kind of sex doll was probably inspired by those adult film stars that, as much as we admit it or not, have crossed our minds at least once or twice in our lifetime. So, desiring to have intercourse with mature sex dolls can genuinely be a hit, much like how massive the reception is to stars of those adult films.

Young, Wild, and Free

On the other end of the spectrum, some enjoy having sexual pleasures with young and sweet versions of a California Sex Doll. Older men mostly gravitate towards this type, but who are we to limit those otherwise. As long as you can achieve utmost sexual satisfaction and gratification, we can all do whatever we want, legally.

Do What You Want with Your California Sex Doll


With the positive effects are already known about owning and having a sex doll, we all still want to see the variety of things we can do with them. In general, sex dolls give us the freedom to sexually do things we might be hesitant to venture with ourselves or with our partners. So, here are some specifics you can do in playing and fooling around with these synthetic wonders.

Have Sex with Your California Sex Doll

The most obvious thing you can do with sex dolls is to have sex with them. Types range from oral sex dolls, anal sex dolls, vaginal sex dolls, titty fuck sex dolls, and real doll blowjobs – name it, you can do it with your sex doll. With a wide array of possibilities, you can explore your sexual fantasies with sex dolls.

Unlimited Sexual Positions


Sex dolls also allow you to do sexual positions you thought were impossible before. For couples, sex dolls allow you and your partner to experiment if a particular position will be influential or not in your sexual escapades, thus, improving both of you in your ability to gratify one another sexually. Your imagination would run wild as you become playful in the positions you do with your sex dolls.

Go to the Sexual Extremes

With your imagination playing critical importance in your experimental journey with sex dolls, you can go to the extremes of sexual satisfaction. You’re your desired positions up to having a threesome with sex dolls. There is no limit in the extremeness of what you can do with sex dolls. What is not conventionally done through regular sex, you can achieve with sex dolls.

Build Your Own

Having sex with a sex doll is one thing but being able to build them yourself is a different league of its own. With this ability, you are given the freedom to distort or conform to your sex doll based on preferences that might not be available to you when you only buy one for yourself. Aside from exploring your sexual fantasies, building your sex dolls makes you its ultimate master since, through your preferred alterations, you are the only one it can satisfy.

Fun and Freedom with Your California Sex Doll

Buying and owning a California Sex Doll, one of the high quality sex dolls, has its perks and pleasures, especially if you want to level up your every sexual experience. With the freedom to sexually do things with these sexual playmates, you are only limited by your imagination. Let’s try to list some of the expected benefits you can get once you become a proud owner of this doll:

Sexual playmate

– More than just sex toys for masturbation, a CA Sex Doll can provide you with the most memorable experience and intimacy that will sexually gratify and satisfy you to your fullest!

One authentic partnership

– Sex dolls are the best companions to fulfill your physical and psychological needs, creating a unique connection you two can only have.

Stay safe from STDs and STIs

– With no risk of having sexually transmitted diseases and illnesses, your California Sex Doll will always keep you safe and healthy while being sexually active.


Just pure pleasure!

– From helping you before having an actual human partner down to couples who want to experiment with their sexual capabilities and wildest fantasies, sex dolls are perfect for providing a guilt-free but a pleasure-full sexual experience!


Enjoyment and betterment of our lives have been one of the main goals we human beings had since time immemorial. This purpose has made us, humankind, work wonders through visualizing, conceptualizing, creating, and recreating incredible feats up to this day.
With the technology innovation, all of our realizations about what we want to transpire have become tangible most of the time. However, these realized concepts are no stranger to debates supporting or opposing them.
With your California Sex Doll in the picture – accurate and life-sized synthetic inventions voluptuously created for the sexual satisfaction of men and, in some cases, women also, your sexual escapades or “sex-capades” will never be the same.
Although there have been loads of arguments about its creation, there are still those who patronize this industry due to the many benefits one can get from owning and having sex dolls.
So, identifying some of the primary uses and some of the pros of having a sex doll can genuinely be essential for you to maximize your service and handle the care of your California Sex Doll. What can you get from your sex dolls?

Tips on Buying Perfect CA Sex Dolls

Everyone wants access to sex dolls with perfect quality – big breasts like the real thing, arms that exude sexiness, be able to create a sex date or sensual party with your sex dolls – the list goes on. Here are some helpful tips for customers in the hope of a perfect purchase of sex dolls:

    • 1. Look for a great sex doll store.

      Finding and being loyal to a sex doll store can give you numerous perks: new sex doll announcements, discount codes and free shipping for products in the cart will save you the search for great dolls in the sex dolls world.

    • 2. Watch out for fake dolls.

      Low quality sex dolls are rampant in the market scene nowadays. In relation to item #1 above, being loyal to a particular sex doll store can save you from getting fake dolls. Such products sell like wild in some odd page or site, on sale for many reasons, but will reach you not in a good condition.


    • 3. Only visit a trusted website of a sex doll company to do business with.

Watch out and be aware of only a legal sex doll store and not fall for fraud so that you can protect your money’s worth. Look for a sign of a peculiar link, unusual mail, suspicious message from an equally suspicious store or company. Be aware of these tips and only do business with a legal company, professional, great delivery and shipping with your sex doll store.

Feeling Good with Your California Sex Doll


Even with our knowledge of the numerous uses, positive effects, and benefits, and the freedom to honestly do anything with them, your California Sex Doll is still there for you to utilize correctly. You need to remember their purpose – to sexually satisfy you in your partner’s temporary absence or inability or for certain situations in life that do not allow you to be with others sexually.
But a suitable amount of discipline and a proper mindset are also needed for us to use sex dolls properly. Crossing the line towards ungrateful and disrespectful acts towards other people would defeat the purpose freely given to us by sex dolls.
So, you and I still need to be responsible enough in the ways and means we use sex dolls to pleasure our sexual needs, wants, and desires. More than just owning, having, and operating sex dolls, it can be sexually pleasing to be ourselves in an excellent way that will show respect and humanity towards others amidst our sexual imaginations, preferences, and extremities.


So, remember that your California Sex Doll is there when you need them. But also, do not forget the people around you that can help you as well. These sexual playmates and their pleasures, benefits, and companionship can only go so far.
It is not bad for you to resort to using them, but let us also remember that you can reach out to people who matter to you, who can gratify and satisfy you not only sexually but also as a human being part of this society.