When you want to have an amazing sex experience, the Japanese-style realistic sex dolls are for you. Their unique temperament, sexy body, charming face, and sensual moves of Asian sex dolls make all men irresistible.

Most vividly, these love dolls are noticeable via their cute faces featuring beautiful tiny eyes. In addition, the vaginas of these realistic sex dolls feel similar to that of real Japanese women.

You will have the best sex of your life when you are fucking Japanese sex doll.

Why Japanese Sex Dolls So Popular?

Life Size Silicone Love Dolls

Japanese love dolls are designed to bring endless pleasure to your sex life. Every man has unique sex needs, and this is where the Asian sex dolls can help. Here are some possible reasons for the popularity of Japanese Sex dolls.

Affordability: Taking care of a love doll is not as expensive as that of a real sex partner. You only need to buy it once and can enjoy sex for days. It demands nothing but gives you everything to satisfy you.
Safety: a real man can easily trust a sex doll as compared to a real woman. Also, a Japanese sex doll allows you to try various sex positions, and she says no when you are in the mood for sex.

Types Of Japanese Sex Dolls

Lifelike Silicone Love Dolls

Japanese sex dolls are exclusive love doll categories composing of quality material with native Japanese resemblance. Similar to real woman, Japanese sex dolls share many erotic features, which make them worthy of the market.

Take a look at the various types of these dolls!

  • Silicone Sex Dolls

These Japanese sex dolls are made of silicone material. This material is safe to use, flexible and is easy to clean. It causes no harm to human skin.

  • TPE Love Dolls

TPE is one of the best materials for sex dolls. It is soft and flexible that gives the love doll a real woman look and feel. When you select a TPE Japanese sex doll, it means you choose a quality product that is safe to use and durable.

  • Small height Japanese Sex Doll

When you have limited space at your home, a mini Japanese sex doll is the best option for you. These dolls are equally sexy, romantic, and  alluring to hang around with. Similar to full-size sex dolls, mini dolls come with impressive boobs, heavy butts, curvy bodies, and many other features.

If you like Asian models, get you one of the Japanese small sex dolls. Silicone and TPE mini sex dolls are some of the best you can find.

  • Japanese Robot Sex Doll

These types of sex dolls come with some advanced features such as eye movement, head movement, sweating, body heat, and more. The main purpose of these dolls is to give you a real human sex experience with expressions and movements.

Japanese robot sex dolls have AI to process the sound and touch function. Like humans, therefore, they respond to specific sex talks as well.

  • Torso sex doll

If you wish to purchase a Japanese sex doll, but unable to spend thousands of dollars, choose a torso sex doll. These dolls with half bodies have everything like breast, vagina, butts, and face to impress you.

Further, they have all levels of sexual features similar to life-size love dolls that give you an amazing sex experience. You can easily store them in a small space and can use them anytime.

How To Choose The Best Japanese Sex Doll

Real Life Like Sex Dolls

So you want to buy a Japanese sex doll to live your fantasies? Great choice! The love dolls are the best investment in one’s sex life. They can provide companionship for years and can give sexual satisfaction at any time in a day. But how do you know which Japanese love doll is right for you?

The love doll industry is growing quickly, and there are myriad of options for sex dolls to choose from. Luckily you have found this complete shopping guide of Japanese sex dolls. So let’s get started.

Body Type

There are different sub-selections of Japanese love dolls to choose from. These include ebony, blonde, big boobs, etc. Your decision of buying a sex doll should depend on your desire for the following things:

  • Flat chest sex doll: Not all men want a big boob woman as a sex partner. If you prefer women with small chests, then opt for a sex doll with a flat chest. These sex dolls cater to men who prefer only a hint of boob.
  • Big ass love dolls: Do you love to play with the ass of a woman? If yes, then choose a beauty with big bums and wide hips.
  • Heavy breast dolls: If you love to suck a woman’s breast and feel immense pleasure in it, go for a Japanese doll with big boobs.
  • Big eyes: Japanese beauty lies in small features and narrow faces. Big eyes with double eyelids are admired. So, you also select a doll with eye makeup that makes the eyes look bigger.
  • Anal hole: Anal sex is something the man enjoys the most. So if you love anal sex, then make sure your sex doll has an anal hole.

The Sex Positions

Real Life Like Sex Dolls

Make sure you buy the love doll with which you can try any of the following sex positions:

  • Doggy style: The sex doll with lifelike butt can help you with a doggy-like sex position. It gives you quick access to the orifices, and you are able to enjoy the 360-degree view of woman parts. Further, it allows you to enjoy the wobbling butts and breasts while doing sex.
  • Standing commando: Choose the sex doll which can stand to enjoy the standing commando sex position with her.Lean her against the wall to enjoy a never-ending lovemaking session.
  • Missionary: For a man who loves slow and mellow sex, a missionary sex position is best to try. Select a Japanese sex doll that can help you with this sex pose. Allow her to lie on the bed facing up and with the legs apart. After this, gently slide in with slow strokes and slide out at the same pace. This will get you in the mood in no time. It’s an entirely different and wild position to try.
  • Spooning: Another great position to try with a sex doll is spooning. It gives you close contact with your sex partner, and you can also play with breasts too. Keep in mind that your sex doll has more than one orifice so that you can enjoy her. Spice up the sex experience by alternating between her vagina, ass, and breasts.

All in all, pick a Japanese sex doll that can offer all types of sex positions. It means buy a doll with movable joints and a flexible body.


Price is another thing that you need to consider while buying a Japanese love doll. There are low-range, mid-range, and high-range love dolls that you can buy. The price of Japanese sex dolls starts from almost $1000 and can go as high as $10000 or more. Decide your budget, and then pick the best doll that falls under your price.


Choose the sex doll that is made of high-quality material like TPE, which is durable and safe to use. TPE sex dolls look like real women and feature soft skin as well as real hair. Having sex with a realistic sex doll makes you feel happy and satisfied as well.

The breast, butts, lips, and pussy everything feels real when you buy a quality sex doll. They typically resemble real women with skin, touch, and feel.


Realistic Silicone Sex Doll

Last but not least, consider the customization option for love dolls. With this, you can get a customized doll according to your desire. For example, you have the option to choose breast size, nipple color, skin color, head size, eye color, butt size, vagina size, and more.

This is how you can exactly get a woman of your dream to enjoy sex with.

Popular Japanese Sex Dolls To Buy In 2021

Let’s take a look at some of the famous Japanese sex dolls to buy in 2021!

LUCILLE – Big Tits Realistic Love Doll
Real Doll Sex Doll

When you want a quiet character, Lucille is a great option for you. She is a quiet and chubby Japanese girl who loves to try every sex position. She has heavy breasts, beautiful eyes, big butts, and attractive curves.

Her height is 5’7,” and her weight is 47kg. This sexy love doll is made of premium quality material which is safe to use for every man and woman as well. Her skin is soft to touch. You can play with her big boobs and can enjoy oral sex for hours.

She features an anal hole that gives you immense pleasure with anal sex. The best thing is that it is easy to clean and store as well.

SZOFIA – Romantic Sex Doll
Life Size Sex Dolls For Men

Szofia is a cute-looking Japanese girl that enjoys spending time with you. She is very romantic at heart and is extremely lovable. Szofia has a stunningly gentle and beautiful body with tender breasts and impressive pussy.

You can bring her home to fulfill all your sex needs as she is very supportive in every position. Sofia is made out of high-quality material and feels like a real woman to touch.

RAMONA – Japanese Cute Love Doll
Big Butt Sex Doll

Here is another Asian girl who enjoys dressing up as a sexy lady and taking on a main role in the bedroom. Ramona is a young woman and has an amazing passion for romance.

You can enjoy sex with her day and night. She never stops you from licking her boobs, butts, and even vagina.

Ramona is made out of premium quality material which makes her skin incredibly soft and realistic. On top of that, she is super flexible and open to experimenting with exciting sexual positions.

NATALIA – Best Japanese Pick
Realistic Love Doll

Natalia is another best Japanese sex doll for a number of reasons. She is beautiful, charming, has a killer body, smooth skin, and attractive boobs.

In addition, her hair and body are very realistic, which makes her look like a real Japanese woman.

Natalia is ready to give to excellent sex experience. You can try any sex position with her and can fulfill all your sexual desires. She has a nice vagina that welcomes your any size penis and gives you the needed warmth to reach the climax.

In all aspects, she is just fantastic. Nataliais definitely the best value in an Asian sex doll you will ever find.

Japanese Male Sex Dolls

Are you looking for an Asian gay sex partner? If yes, a Japanese male sex doll is for you. In addition to Japanese female sex dolls, there are male sex dolls too for satisfying the sexual needs of bisexuals and women.

The sweet face, erect penis, small eyes, muscular body, and impressive hairstyle of these dolls can take away the heart of any woman. Made from high-quality material, these dolls are safe for every vagina and cause no harm to your skin.

Japanese male sex dolls can spice up your sex. Also, a fucking male love doll can bring back hype and excitement lost in your bedroom. Asian male realistic sex dolls give pleasure to both real people of all genders.

So, if you are a woman who wishes to have sex with an Asian boy, then the Japanese male sex doll is a great choice for you. Try one now!

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are various factors to consider when you are looking for the perfect Japanese sex doll. We hope that this guide has helped you to find the best sex partner according to your sexual needs and desires.

When buying any of the Japanese sex dolls, sexual desire consideration is essential. Keep in mind, all you want is a well-suiting sex doll with features you most prefer within your budget.