We all have our own versions of a sexual awakening. It might be your neighbor, a teacher, a distant relative but for some, it might be an anime character . Anime has this provocative yet acceptable aesthetic that leaves just the right amount for your imagination to run wild. That extra cropped top, their skirts shorter than usual, and hair flowing down their butts, what isn’t there to love and lust over? It’s also the thought that this character is designed in a way to your liking, making her hotter and more enticing to you. How about an anime sex doll of your dreams ? if we tell you that you can get this hot 2D rendered babe in 3D form, and you two can do all the things you’ve thought of doing with her?

An anime sex doll Fantasy takes you to the next level in fulfilling your sexual desires and dreams. Gone are the days that you have to rely on hentai to see your favorite babe getting banged, cause you can do that and more to her.

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Standing at 4’5”, this beautiful anime sex doll is more than just some kawaii babe, as she’s a little naughty devil ready to do ride you till the sun rises. Don’t be fooled by her slender figure, ‘cause she is one boss babe. We know you guys are starting to sweat by now!

Matilda knows what she wants, and she won’t stop till she gets it. Better be prepared to hear a lot of “ara ara” cause there’s nothing like a lost little boy to make her feel all hot down there. Who knew sex with anime doll could be this exciting, right?

You are walking in a dimly lit street, you just moved into this new neighborhood and you’re coming from having your first dinner as an independent young man. Little did you know, you were about to have seconds and dessert.

You get lost on your way home, the streets are no longer familiar. You’re quivering in fear, you don’t know where to go. You hear footsteps, they sound like a woman’s, next thing you know you are confronted by a pair of the biggest boobs you’ve ever seen, and the face of a beautiful woman with a particularly hungry smirk. She then looks at you and says to you, “Are you lost, little boy?”


If you had the hots for Tinkerbell while growing up, or for fairies in general, then Diya is the perfect fantasy love doll for you! Beloved by all the animals and other creatures, she is virtually untouchable. Unless she wants to be. This beautiful and tiny anime sex doll stands at 4’10”.

You will for sure have a lot of outdoor adventures with Diya, she enjoys being close to nature while she is in her most romantic and carnal state. You’re exploring the enchanted forest when suddenly a bright ball of energy catches your attention. It then suddenly stops and takes the form of a gorgeous woman, with leaves and branches nearly covering her huge breasts and her own enchanted forest. You are mesmerized by her beauty that you don’t notice the tent growing in your pants. Next thing you know, this woman is right in front of you, looking at you lustfully, you don’t also notice that she’s already naked. She takes your hands and guides them towards her enchanted forest, and the rest is just small noises full of lust and pleasure coming from the forest.


This one is another anime sex doll for our Otakus out there. Lusting over an anime character is nothing new, they just give you what you want in a babe, tiny waist, big boobs, and skimpy clothing. And that is what Isabelle is all about. Isabelle may stand at only 4’5” but she is not a shy lady, she knows all the men that see her want a piece of her, but not all of them can or will get any. She walks around exuding this sexual power, knowing that men would fall on their knees just to get her in bed. But with you, she’s the total opposite. This busty sexy anime sex doll is willing to be all yours.

As much as she may portray herself as a dominant strong woman, in bed she’s just a girl who doesn’t know what to do when her vagina is begging for a pounding. She waits for you in bed with her legs wide open, just yearning to feel you. She’s submissive to you, and in the bedroom, you’re the boss. She will willingly go down on you, and have her bent in positions you want her to be in. She likes it that way, giving you full control as you two moan the night away.


Sex Doll - Venus Love Dolls

This one is for our Lolicon fanatics that just can’t help but thirst over a young looking anime love doll. There is just something with Elina’s eyes that draws you into her, in more ways than one. She has this innocent but curious gaze, that makes you wonder how she sounds when your schlong is down her throat. She’s a 4’6” rookie in bed, just waiting for you to guide her on how to pleasure you and to experience the pleasure that she hasn’t. She’s is basically the hentai anime sex doll of your dreams, the perfect girlfriend to relive and experience your first time in bed, or just your kink for younger ladies.

Elina is a sister to you, but now that she’s a woman, you can’t help but notice how beautiful she is and even possibly more when she’s in bed with you. You know she’s ready, and so are you, you take her to your bedroom and have her sit on your bed, you caress her legs to see if she obliges, she does. It’s her first time for anyone to touch her that way and it makes her go startling. She voluntarily lays on your bed with her legs shaking from the pleasure, but slowly opens up for you to give her the pleasure that she hasn’t had.


Let’s admit it, the elves in most early Earth movies are always the hottest, and Venus Love Dolls has the hottest elf fantasy love doll for you. Juni stands at 4’9” and has this porcelain like complexion that just glows, making her stand out from all the other hot elves. She has this innocent and non-assuming look that drives you  startling and gets you all horned up. She’s not like any of the other elves, besides her glowing complexion, she’s gentle, and more graceful, which makes her even more beautiful in your eyes. Making her the perfect mini anime love doll for you When you first encounter Juni while she tends to the younger elves, you can see that they are fond of her.

She notices you watching her, and her porcelain skin changes to a pinkish hue. Days go by and the two of you steal glances at each other, making the sexual tension between you two grow stronger. One night when the moon was at its fullest you follow Juni to the nearest lake, as she nears the rim of the water, she turns around to you and unrobes herself.


Assassin chicks are a whole different level, it’s both the fear of them killing you and how hot they look killing other people that can make your cock and balls twitch like they have their own mind. Jazlynn is a sexy 5’5” hentai anime sex doll that exudes this aura of mystery that just makes her sexier in your eyes.

Her Eurasian looks give her this  peculiar feel, making you wonder “where is this babe from?”, but like with most assassins, that’s classified. Jazlynn grew up in a top-secret facility posing as an orphanage that trained young orphans to be assassins.

She was the top of her class, is able to dodge bullets with cat-like reflexes, get through laser sensors with her gymnastic abilities, and use her womanhood to get away and get what she needs. Now that’s a flexible anime sex doll. Oddly enough Jazlynn is out to get you, she ambushes you and takes you to her hideaway for interrogation.

You wake up tied to a chair, while Jazlynn circles around you throwing questions at you. You refuse to answer, so she resorts to her secret weapon. She takes her knife out and cuts your clothes off, she kneels down on you and strokes your manhood but stops right at the point where you’re about to blow. Jazlynn knows your weakness, a beautiful woman, and she needs answers from you, she pulls down her panties and sits on your exposed cock, riding you while you confess to her all you know. Little did you know that she’s actually enjoying this.


Elves aren’t all gentle and caring, some are fierce warriors on the battlefield ready to fight for their kind. And there’s nothing like a hot warrior elf to lust over, what more if you got her in anime sex doll form? Zsófia stands at 5’6”, and is not just a warrior elf but a queen warrior elf. After her husband’s death she did not give up, she commanded their warriors like a true ruler of the land. This catches your attention and makes you curious about her, wondering what she does when she’s alone. After a battle, Zsófia goes to her quarters alone and unbothered. You sneakily follow her inside and hide behind a closet.

You watch the warrior queen take off her armor and cleanse her body, this is the first time you see her as a woman. After she cleanses herself, she lays on her bed naked slowly caressing herself between her legs. This astonishes you, you move closer making the cabinet creak. Zsófia grabs her sword and jumps at you, she has her sword right at your neck. She looks down and smirks at you, your dick is poking at her. The sword is down, and she takes your hand and guides you to her bed, she asks you “take out your sword”.

Your kink for an anime sex doll, or a fantasy love doll, can come to life even if it’s a hentai babe alien lady, or a woodland woman, your kinks, and desires can go live here. Make your comic or anime fantasies come to life with the perfect sex doll from Venus Love Dolls.