Sex dolls come in many different shapes and sizes. Depending on how you use your sex doll, it can give you the feeling of having sex with a real person. Also, it can give you the intense orgasm you’re looking for. You can find sex dolls with a lifelike skeleton inside just to help you try out different positions for better sexual stimulation. Though you can reach intense orgasm with your sex dolls and experience unparalleled sexual fantasies, you perhaps need to know the best sex doll positions. If you have a sex doll and are excited to try some new stuff out, we’ll guide you on the best positions to try with your sex doll in bed.

Bend it over sex doll position

This is one of the most popular sex positions couples have been trying for years. To try this position with your sex doll in bed, put your doll in a standing, yet bent, position and start entering her from behind. The doll’s face should be touching the surface of the bed; however, the bend should start at the waist. This is a position that pumps up your libido and provides vaginal and anal penetration. You can add more hotness by putting a pair of sexy high heels on your doll. This position is a must-try if you want to reach penultimate satisfaction.

Standing sex doll position


If you love entering your partner from behind, this is one of the best sex doll positions you can try. Stand your sex doll in the corner of your bedroom and make sure her butt is facing you. Hold her tight from the back. You need to stand your doll in the corner of your room because corner walls will provide the support your doll needs to stand straight. To find a perfect balance, place her hands against the walls, and lift one of her legs to start entering from behind.

Tried & missionary sex doll position


A hot favorite among couples, the missionary position delivers unmatched sexual satisfaction. You can try this even with your sex doll. Let her lie down on the bed facing you and start going deep inside her. However, you may want to hold her legs tight so that she doesn’t start moving awkwardly during sex. All you need is a good quality sex doll and you’re good to go with little or no resistance.


Spooning sex doll position


Undoubtedly, one of the most intimate poses of all time, spooning is an intimate position to help you reach that dream of sexual arousal and satisfaction. As a result, Make your sex doll lie on the bed sideways at a 45-degree angle and lift one of your doll’s legs to go deep. Her arms should be slightly bent. It is one of the hottest positions you could possibly try out.

You’re not limited to only the positions in this post. There are many other positions you can try with your sex doll in bed. Let us know your favorites!


Doggy Style


This is undoubtedly the most favored for deep anal ! Only a big butt sex doll lets you put in all the way in whenever you wish for it.