Paradise – 5’4″ | 163cm Sex Doll




Fully TPE American WM Sex Doll – Slender with Medium Breasts and Big Ass

WM Dolls – Paradise – 5’4″ | 163cm Sex Doll


WM Dolls Paradise – 5’4″ | 163cm Sex Doll has gorgeous American features and realistic skin that feels so soft and smooth. Her realistic eyes, and busty, lusty curves are enough to drive you crazy in the bed. Squeeze her perky, round medium boobs and slap on her firm buttocks. This is all while you enjoy sucking her hard nipples and teasing her vagina with her naughty penis. Paradise – 5’4″ | 163cm Sex Doll lets you enjoy all forms and poses of sex – nipple sex, anal sex, and vaginal sex, and anything you want.

The WM Sex Dolls boasts incredibly detailed and hyper-realistic body parts that a real woman has. She has fascinatingly flowing blonde hair and a pair of charming eyes. Her hard nipples and the valley between her legs deliver the true and fulfilling climax for your sexual desires.

Paradise – 5’4″ | 163cm Sex Doll is made using highly safe, medical-grade and superior fully TPE material. Because of her highly flexible and reinforced body frame, you can enjoy a wide variety of sex poses of your fantasies. The 5’4″ | 163cm American sex doll makes you feel like making hard sex with a real partner naked in your bed. With her soft and lifelike skin, this WM love doll is sure to offer you an authentic sexual and lusty love for the whole night.

Did you get a chance to gaze at her well-cared feet and hands? These are so feminine and realistic. Her tiny waist against her medium breasts can entice any man to grab and hold her boobs tightly from the back. She is available with a realistic wig, super-sexy lingerie, and a lot of customizable features. All in all, we can say that Paradise – 5’4″ | 163cm Sex Doll is sure to put you at ease, full satisfaction, and convenience.

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