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Variety and customization are important for Venus Love Dolls. Even with the wide variety of dolls already offered, we give you an extra edge by offering the ability to create a silicone love doll with a personalized look that makes your experience much more intimate. Customization options include body style, hair color, skin tone, eye color, breast size, and nipple size.

All of our full-size sex dolls are shipped to you in discreet packaging, with the utmost concern for your privacy and your peace of mind. Also, with our satisfaction and a money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Take a look at our offerings at Venus Love Dolls today.

Our dolls are made from CE and RoHS certified silicone and TPE. This gives our dolls a realistic feel and shape. We also keep longevity and flexibility in mind, so that’s why our sex dolls online are reinforced with a high-quality, flexible metal skeleton for extra durability during those long, steamy sex sessions.

When buying your first doll you might be asking yourself, “What material do I choose for my full-size sex doll?” and that’s a very good question. You have the choice of two options, TPE or silicone. TPE dolls are good starter dolls and give some wiggle in the flesh. A full-size sex doll has a more realistic look and feel and replicates a more lifelike appearance, but can be a little more expensive. TPE dolls can retain a better shape than that of the silicone love doll but in terms of maximum pleasure, some believe the silicone love doll offers a better experience overall.

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