If you are planning to buy a transgender sex doll, then opt for Venus Love Dolls. We ship your sex doll in such a way that no one can guess what is in inside the packet. Therefore, no one can know that you have ordered the transgender sex doll to fulfill your sex needs. Thigs will remain personal to you only.
Also, you can order spare parts of transgender sex dolls from us according to your needs and requirements. We feel happy to help you with a desirable shemale sex doll so that you can enjoy sex anytime, any day you want.
We always deliver quality sex dolls to all our customers and never share your information with anyone.
So, order your shemale love doll now!

You can get a customized shemale love doll from us. The customization of transgender sex doll be divided into following two categories.
Basic customization: In this style ofcustomization you have the opportunity to choose our add-on options, which makes the transgender doll close to your expectations. For example, you can choose options such as height, color, and size for your TPE transgender sex partner.
Comprehensive sex doll customization: If you want a shemale doll that only belongs to you, then this type of customization is best for you. We offer many options for every body part of transgender sex doll so that you can customize it from top to toe to meet your sexual needs.

Options Available For Customization of Shemale Love Dolls
When you buy a shemale love doll from, you will get eth following sex doll customization options:

Skin tone
When it comes to transexual love doll, skin tone comes first that affects the appearance of your sex doll. We provide more than four options like blonde, natural, brown, wheatish, black, and more for skin tone of transgender sex doll. You can choose any skin tone according to your desire.

There is option to change the head of the transgender love doll. Head customization mainly includes the eye color, face type, hairstyle, and makeup.
Face: Most manufacturers offer face options, such as cute face, mature facet, teen face, etc. Each face type will add style to your doll.

Eye color: The choices for eye color are brown, blue, green, and black. You can also get special eye color like red with our shemale sex doll.

Hairstyle: Whether you want a tranny sex doll with short hair, long hair, black hair or blonde you can get all from us. Long hair makes a transgender sex doll mature and charming. On the other hand, shot hair makes shemale sex doll look young and lively. You can also get a shemale fuck doll with curly hair and red hair from us.

Makeup: From us, you can also choose a doll face with makeup otiose. The kind of makeup on our dolls last long and give you a feel of real transgender.

You can customize body of doll so that you can get a shemale sex partner according to your needs and budget. We offer body customization for lower body, breast type, and height.
Also, you can get transgender dolls with detachable dildo from us. Also, you choose the size o penis and color for your transgender sex doll.
Now let’s talk about pubic hair. Like the skin color and hairstyle options, you can also select the favorite pubic hairstyle for your customized shemale sex doll from us. It is a good option for you if you feel public hair matters.

Breast type
There are many things or details to consider when you want a transgender love doll with customized breast. From us, you can choose between big boobs, small breasts, tight breasts, solid breasts, hollow breasts, and nipple colors.
Shemale sex doll with big boobs will give you a better feeling when you shake them. On the other hand a sex transgender doll with small breast will be more attractive. The options for breast customization are endless when you pick a transsexual sex doll from us.

Penis size and color
Are you crazy about naughty cocks? We also provide of some options for penis customization of transgender sex doll. You can choose the size of penis and the color of penis according to your desire.
At Venus Love Dolls, we understand that every person has unique sex needs. Thus, we are happy to offer you the customized transgender sex doll at affordable prices.

There are different types of transgender sex dolls and they come in all shapes as well as sizes. Here are some of the types of shemale sex dolls that you can buy from us:

Realistic male sex dolls- These type of dolls have realistic penis and breasts that gives you a feel of real human while doing sex.

Silicone transgender dolls – This type of transgender doll is made from soft and toxic-free silicone that is durable as well as tear-resistant.

TPE transsexual sex doll- TPE is basically a thermoplastic elastomer that feels more realistic and soft to touch. But, TPE sex dolls need more care as compared to silicone sex dolls. TPE gives you a more realistic sex feel and “jiggling” body parts.

In addition to the above, the following are two popular transgender sex dolls that you can order from us:

Christine – 5’4″ Ladyboy sex doll

Do you often dream of ladyboy as a sex partner? If yes, then Christine ladyboy sex doll is a great option for you. It reveals the unique temperament of a transgender that attracts you the most. Our realistic transgender sex doll will be your perfect choice for enjoying real-life sex with transgender. It has a beautiful face, realistic makeup, sexy breasts, and an appealing penis.

Ariel – 5’1″ sex doll

Are you looking for an attractive shemale partner? If yes, then Ariel sex doll is the best option for you. This life-size shemale sex doll is specially tailored for transgender lovers. This beautiful love doll has an attractive chest, soft and delicate skin, a realistic penis, anus, and sexy boobs.
You can choose this transgender sex doll to bring fun to your sex life. It is completely safe to use and causes no harm to your skin.

Transgender sex dolls or shemale sex dolls are the best choices for men and women. This type of sex doll can fulfill the sex needs of both partners. You can choose any type of transgender doll from our list of top-quality transgender love dolls.
All our realistic shemale dolls are made of quality material and are skin-friendly. Plus, you can get customized transgender dolls from us at affordable prices. Check the collection now!

Everything about a shemale sex doll is perfect, including curvy figure, beautiful face, breast size, mouth, and penis. High-quality TPE transgender dolls looks as beautiful as real people. Also, there are realistic male sex doll with heating system to give you a real life sex experience.
Therefore, when you have sex with our transgender love doll, you may feel good and enjoy the real sex. Further, you can also feel skin to skin touch with our human like transgender sex dolls. All in all, it is a great sexual partner for people who have strong sexual desire.
These interesting emotional creatures are ideal dolls for men, women, and transsexual people. People who love the oral sex, transgender sex dolls are perfect. You can plan to buy one to make your bedroom more fun.

Do you feel attracted toward transgender? Are you dreaming of having sex with shemale?
If yes, then shemale sex doll is a great option for you to fulfill your dream and to enjoy transgender sex. You can use the shemale love doll with your partner too. It is a great sex doll for both men and women who want more excitement in their love life.
You can lick breast, suck the cock, or can penetrate the anus when you have the high-quality transgender sex doll. Our full size shemale sex dolls have both breasts and a dick, which will give you immense pleasure as well as satisfaction. Also, these sex partners have chance to switch between a pussy and dick so you can get the best of both worlds in price of single transgender sex doll.
Our realistic male sex doll can help people with premature ejaculation and can add spice in your love life. The best thing is that, male or female both can take advantage of the oral sex with transgender sex doll. All in all, it is a perfect sex partner for both men and women that fulfill are your sex needs.
What’s more, you can have sex with a transgender doll at any time, while a human being may refuse your request.

Shemale sex dolls come with both masculine and feminine body parts, which make them best sex dolls for male and female. Also, these dolls are best choice for transgender people who want to enjoy sex life.
For all your sexual needs, these tranny sex dolls offer more options than any other kind of sex doll. You can ride a cock or can lick nipples, all while enjoying the doll’s beautiful body and breast. Further, you can also choose a shemale doll toy with a hole for anal sex.
Our all transgender sex dolls (customized or non-customized) are easy to clean and are safe to use for everyone.
Now, let’s take a look at the types of shemale dolls that you can get from us!

Here’re some irresistible reasons that make us unique when it comes to buy transexual sex dolls:

Shemale love dolls made of high-quality TPE material

Shemale sex dolls are made from high-quality TPE material that causes no harm to human skin and is totally safe to use for sexual needs. These dolls feature human-like characteristics such as eyes, hair, skin, breast, and penis so that you can enjoy real sex with them.
Further, they have a series of moving joint balls and flexible bones, which allows you to make countless sexual poses. Also, some TPE transgender love dolls offer real mouth, rock-solid cocks, and tight ass to bring real fun in your life.

Our Realistic Transgender sex dolls keep you happy

Realistic transgender sex dolls can help alleviate bad feelings. These days traveling for business and long-distance relationships are becoming common. This is where transgender sex dolls can help both men and women to complete their sexual desire.
Also, if both partners live together but are unable to complete the sexual needs of each other, in that case too, transgender love doll is helpful. At the cost of one, both male and female partners can use it and can enjoy sexual life with our realistic shemale sex doll.
There is no harm in using the shemale real doll to meet the daily sexual needs.

Shemale sex dolls with detachable dildo

Sex has never been so enjoyable and accessible as nowadays. Even if you don’t have a regular sex partner, a TPE transgender sex doll can help you. These realistic shemale dolls give you flawless options for enjoyable oral and penetrative sex.
The best thing is that our shemale love dolls come with detachable dildos. It means you can also use them as a female sex dolls and as a male sex dolls too. The dildo gives you the similar slapping motion that you’ll experience with your real life partner when fully engaged in hot passionate love.
The penis-shaped dildo is the most common style in our transgender sex dolls and in fact detachable dildo makes it best sex doll for men. The best part is that the quality of the detachable dildo is excellent and causes no rashes on skin. Further, the quality of the rubber gives real man detailing of the head, wrinkles, veins, scrotum etc.

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